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23:54 indradg rach: r u online?
00:05 rach yes
00:05 indradg hi
00:05 rach hi :-)
00:05 indradg got a question for u... is the websites table linked to the Koha interface?
00:06 rach I think so yes
00:06 indradg ok
00:06 rach it's if you want to use the current koha templates that you would need to use it
00:06 rach whereas if you are just going to display the marc using that interface, you wouldn't
00:06 rach does that make sense?
00:06 indradg aah... i'm afraid u lost me there :(
00:07 rach Hokay -  now I should confess that I am not a programmer
00:07 rach so I have been known to get a bit confused myself
00:07 indradg i'm not a librarian... just the resident linux tech at our place
00:07 rach but as I understand it
00:07 indradg lol
00:08 rach there are essentially 2 databases and interfaces running at the same time
00:08 rach the simplest is the original "koha" database and interface
00:08 indradg right... i understand that
00:08 rach which has the "nice" displays
00:08 indradg :)
00:08 rach then Paul has given people the ability to actually see the MARC directly as well
00:09 rach and to search it
00:09 indradg and we are using MARC here
00:09 rach so if you were happy to do everything in "MARC mode" (on the catalogue display side of things), you might not need to populate that table
00:09 rach but basically it's pretty ugly to actually display everything that way
00:10 rach does that make more sense?
00:10 rach using MARC is something that everyone does
00:11 rach but not everyone chooses to actually *look* at the MARC
00:11 rach other than to get the data into the system
00:12 rach It doesn't help that the MARC view templates are broken in our version here
00:13 indradg i get u... believe me after from the head lib here and me no one else even wants to know abt MARC :-)
00:13 rach lol
00:13 indradg s/after/apart/
00:13 rach[…]
00:14 chris im pretty sure the websties table is not for cataloguing websites, its for adding links to other
00:14 chris a website is just an itemtype
00:14 indradg u r using the vanilla template there?
00:15 chris but the websites table allows u to associate 1 or many urls with a biblio
00:15 chris ie u can have a book
00:15 chris and then 5 links to reviews
00:15 chris of that book
00:16 indradg ok
00:16 chris its a separate table so that it can handle the 1 to n relationship
00:16 rach urg
00:17 indradg essentially what we are looking for is not just an ILS/OPAC for books, rather we want is catalogue electronic materials we are generating as well as links to online resources
00:17 chris right
00:17 chris those are just different itemtypes
00:18 chris so dont need that table
00:18 chris that table is for linking material about an item
00:18 indradg chris: howdy??
00:18 rach chris - on our site -[…]ype=intra&bib=135
00:18 rach then it's the additional web links?
00:19 chris thats right
00:19 chris its urls "about" the item
00:19 chris rather than the url of the item
00:19 rach all righty
00:19 chris thats the difference
00:19 chris does that make sense indradg?
00:19 chris and howdy :)
00:20 rach so indradg do you know if the MARC tags you mentioned make that distinction?
00:20 rach or is that a useful distinction to you?
00:20 rach I guess it;s like a built in "see also"
00:20 chris thats it rach
00:21 indradg chris: I believe that 856u in repeatable mode cud do the same perhaps
00:22 indradg but I haven't tried it yet with multiple entries
00:23 chris yeah im sure there will be a repeatable field that could do it
00:23 chris i dont know which one tho:-)
00:23 indradg and the marc_subfield_table can prolly hold it
00:23 indradg let me just check it out right now
00:29 indradg urgh... it concats the URLs...
00:29 chris darn
00:29 indradg|%20|%20
00:38 chris russ: i reran the htdig indexer and apart from it refusing to index pdfs
00:39 chris it worked fine
00:39 chris i dont know why its not running nightly, and i dont know why it wont do pdfs anymore
00:39 indradg ok... apparently the Koha.marc_subfield_table is storing all the three URLs separately, *but* the Koha.biblioitems table stores it in the concated fashion :(
00:40 chris woops wrong # :)
00:40 indradg i was wondering :)
00:41 chris ahh it will be because its not storing them in the right table, biblioitem only has one field for url
00:42 chris so if you had 3 urls (that were items) u should have 3 biblioitems
00:42 chris attached to one biblio
00:42 indradg right-o!
00:42 indradg but there is only one field Koha.biblioitems.url
00:43 chris yep
00:43 chris so say u were cataloguing a website that had 3 urls
00:43 chris u should have 1 biblio "chris's website" and three biblioitems
00:43 chris one for each url
00:44 indradg yep!
00:44 chris u might also have some addiotional urls that are about the website, which would go in the other table
00:44 indradg basically we need a 1:n relation to another table
00:44 chris so i think the marc->koha conversion is doing it wrong
00:44 indradg or can we just use the websites table :)
00:44 chris yep
00:45 indradg its designed for 1:n :D
00:45 chris yep
00:46 chris :)
00:47 indradg been around PHP much of the time
00:47 indradg so reading perl code is OK... but seriously hacking it is another matter :P
00:48 chris i feel the same about php :)
00:48 indradg hahaha
00:51 indradg gotta go
00:52 indradg rachel + chris... thanks :)
00:52 indradg ciao!
03:25 rach evening paul
03:25 paul hi rachel
03:27 rach have you heard any more from Pat?
03:27 paul no.
03:27 paul except one
03:28 rach that one seeing if you want to be Kaitiaki
03:28 paul he sended me a mail to give me the kaitiaki role
03:28 rach yep
03:28 paul but I don't want
03:28 rach :-)
03:28 rach yep
03:28 paul (we already spoke of this didn't we ?)
03:28 rach yes - but it was before you went on holiday :-)
03:28 rach so your mind has been wiped clean, by fresh air
03:29 paul lol
03:29 paul (i remembered speaking of this, but didn't remember with who...)
03:29 rach yes it was me
03:29 rach we are busy planning our talk and stand for the library association conference next month
03:30 rach it is going to feature orange fake fur - we'll make sure we take pictures :-)
03:30 paul (/me remembers better when he saw someone in real life... maybe we would organize a real meeting somewhere in the world ;-) )
03:30 paul feature orange fake fur ??
03:32 rach yep
03:32 paul (what does it mean ??)
03:32 rach yes - oh it is Koha's 5th birthday on the 5th of january 2005!
03:32 rach the anniversary of the first day it went into production in a real library
03:33 paul why orange fake fur ? (i don't understand this term at all...)
03:33 rach sorry a disconnected thought
03:33 rach umm - it actually is what you are imagining
03:33 rach orange
03:33 rach material, that looks like fur
03:33 rach it is to draw people into the stand to touch it
03:34 rach and all women like to touch fabric
03:34 rach and then we have a story about Koha being a "small furry mamal - unlike the big dinnosour IILs systems"
03:34 rach it is just something very different, to make Koha "real" - tactile
03:35 rach we have been running tests here, and everyone does indeed come in to touch it
03:35 rach and then you get to talk to them
03:35 rach cheeper than one of those flash back drop print out things
03:37 rach[…]lianza/index.html
03:43 paul GREAT rach
03:43 paul Just 1 suggestion : Koha don't work well on a machine less that 800MHz
03:43 paul (due to lot of packages to compile at run time : MARC::Record & others
03:44 paul )
03:44 paul so saying "486 & +" is ... a little optimistic imho
03:51 rach ah good call
11:09 indradg paul: around?
11:09 paul yes
11:10 indradg hi
11:10 paul hi
11:10 paul you have a question ?
11:10 indradg i wonder if u can help me out with subject based searching
11:11 paul ask your question.
11:12 indradg when I try to search on subject.. shud it list all the subjects which meet the criteria from the OPAC interface... right?
11:14 indradg or am I assuming wrongly?
11:14 paul 1st question : 2.0 or 2.1 ?
11:15 indradg oops! :-P
11:15 indradg 2.0
11:16 paul in the 2.1, i've rewritten a lot of things for subject search.
11:16 paul are you able to look inside mySQL table ?
11:17 indradg yes
11:17 paul is bibliosubject filled ?
11:17 indradg yes
11:17 paul can I access your opac ?
11:18 indradg aah.. no not yet... i am still on internal IP
11:20 paul what do you see when looking at a biblio detail ?
11:20 paul is there some subject ?
11:25 indradg yes.. I can see the subject when I click on a biblio detail
11:25 paul (stay on private chanel)
11:27 indradg ok

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