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06:13 marcelr o/
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06:58 fridolin I opened Bug 33830
06:58 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33830 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Title and author not on same line anymore
06:58 fridolin maybe a unwanted side effect
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08:17 Joubu oleonard: What's the expected style for the sticky toolbars? I am seeing: (no border) and (with border)
08:18 Joubu oleonard: nevermind, there is a specific box-shadow rule for .searchheader. So I guess having the 2 styles is expected here.
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08:39 nikkom Hi
08:44 magnuse hi nikkom
08:54 nikkom You know there was a function named SearchSuggestions in version 21.11.04. We had changed that function and I  added a new field in the query. Now we upgraded our library and I need to do the same thing in version 22.11.04. But in this version SearchSuggestions is removed. Instead of this function there is this lin "$suggestions= Koha::Suggestions->search_limited( $suggestion_only )" My question is how can I add new field in here
08:57 nikkom The field that I added to SQL in the SearchSuggestions function is:  (select DISTINCT lib from authorised_values WHERE category = 'Bsort1' AND authorised_value = U1.sort1) facultysuggestedby,
09:01 nikkom I found  search_limited sub in module Koha/ Bu there is no SQL statement how can I add a new field?
09:01 Joubu what are you doing with the result?
09:02 Joubu U1 is the suggester, so you could loop on the result of $suggestions, and access patron's sort1 with:
09:02 Joubu while ( my $s = $suggestions->next ) { say $s->suggester->sort1 }
09:03 Joubu you have the code, and then you will need to get the lib using the TT plugin for instance
09:05 nikkom I need to take authorised_value of related sort1
09:10 Joubu if you are in a template then use [% AuthorisedValues.GetByCode( 'Bsort1', suggestion.suggester.sort1 ) %]
09:11 nikkom I will try. Thanks
09:30 magnuse Joubu++
09:33 nikkom @Joubu - It is now working thank you very much ....
09:33 huginn nikkom: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
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09:59 Joubu tcohen: about the selenium tests - that's always the same errors. 29565 - we could raise again the timeout value and see if it fixes the problem.
10:00 Joubu the other one is 32671 - I have no idea what's going on there
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11:25 marcelr o/
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11:38 tcohen hola #koha o/ holiday here but I'll be around for 4 hours or so
11:38 tcohen we have a failure on mysql 8.0, the ill_requests.t file
11:39 tcohen DB_IMAGE=mysql:8.0 ktd up -d
11:39 tcohen ktd --shell
11:39 tcohen prove t/db_dependent/api/v1/ill_requests.t
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11:41 Joubu el dia del locro? :)
11:41 tcohen Joubu: si!
11:42 tcohen extrañas el locro? jaja
11:45 tcohen next meeting
11:45 marcelr hi tcohen
11:45 tcohen hi marcelr
11:45 tcohen Joubu: how do I run the meetings script?
11:45 tcohen (sorry :-/)
11:48 tcohen we need a meeting next wednesday
11:49 Joubu no me gusta tanto el locro, pero una vez por ano si! :)
11:50 Joubu perl :D
11:50 Joubu perl --update --page Development_IRC_meeting_25_January_2023 --confirm
11:50 Joubu something like that
11:51 tcohen eah, sorry
11:51 davidnind This is what I used for a previous meeting: perl --update --page Development_IRC_meeting_26_April_2023 --confirm
11:51 tcohen I was missing the --confirm
11:51 tcohen but I recalled (too) that I never had the calendar thing correctly
11:51 tcohen will try now
11:52 Joubu tcohen: pull!
11:52 Joubu we made some changes recently (last couple of months?)
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11:53 tcohen yeah, I read them, related to the new wiki version
11:53 tcohen what sets the minutes on the previous one
11:53 tcohen ¡??
11:53 ZahidIqbal[m] hi everyone
11:53 oleonard Bug 33832
11:53 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33832 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Can't change a patron's username without entering passwords
11:53 tcohen davidnind: it didn't work :-/
11:53 tcohen can someone help me with this?
11:54 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "✘-255 ~/git/koha-meetings [m" (10 lines) at
11:55 davidnind Does anyone know who looks after ? Links at the top for 22.11, 22.05 and Development work, but none of the other links for the different Koha versions work
11:55 tcohen davidnind: it's been ashimema and I lately
11:57 Joubu tcohen: you forgot the "next meeting" section at the last dev meeting...
11:57 Joubu so yes, the script cannot guess it
11:57 tcohen feck
11:57 ZahidIqbal[m] can some help me in authentication failure using api all system preferences rest api's enabled given full access to user then show failure api/v1/patrons/1 in browser
11:58 tcohen ZahidIqbal[m]: are you the one that wrote to the list?
11:58 ZahidIqbal[m] yes in koha list email
11:58 tcohen how are you interacting with the API and what is the expected result?
11:59 ZahidIqbal[m] i donot know where i am wrong
11:59 tcohen ok, but what are you trying to do
11:59 tcohen I'll give you an example, if I put ..../api/patrons/1 on a browser, pointing to a Koha domain
12:00 tcohen I get an authentication failure, because Koha expects, in the browser, a valid session to be active with the right permissions
12:00 ZahidIqbal[m] our cms team is connecting with koha api to get and then post patrons data automatically but they say that error occur authentication failure
12:01 tcohen what kind of authentication are they using against the API?
12:01 ZahidIqbal[m] i have given full rights to user how create api
12:01 tcohen ZahidIqbal[m]: I suggest
12:01 ZahidIqbal[m] i have enable all rest api on system preference using koha version 21.11
12:01 tcohen that you install the Postman tool in your machine
12:02 tcohen and verify the interaction with the API using the credentials you passed your cms team
12:03 tcohen you only need to enable RESTBasicAuth if the CMS is going to use Basic Auth
12:03 ZahidIqbal[m] on internet searching i found out that there is some token but cannot understand how to generate it
12:03 tcohen oh
12:03 tcohen in that case
12:03 tcohen stick to Basic Authentication
12:03 ZahidIqbal[m] i have generate client id secert code
12:03 tcohen but hey
12:03 tcohen you don't usually deal with tokens
12:03 ashimema I can try to revisit the older api docs davidnind, tcohen
12:03 tcohen you let a library do it for you
12:04 tcohen ashimema: I bet it is some change we've made to run different redocly versions
12:04 davidnind ashimema++ Thanks!
12:04 tcohen we talked about making the build explode if any of them failed
12:04 ashimema it's got something to do with the redocly versions
12:04 ashimema bloody annoying
12:04 ashimema yeah
12:04 Joubu ZahidIqbal[m]: curl -v -s -u USER:PASSWORD --request GET  https://IP/api/v1/patrons --header "Content-Type: application/json"
12:04 ashimema indeed
12:04 Joubu that's the easiest to try if basic auth is working
12:04 ashimema too many things as usual
12:05 ZahidIqbal[m] that is code which they will run? Joubu
12:05 ZahidIqbal[m] ?
12:05 tcohen ZahidIqbal[m]: you need to check if Koha and the cerdentials you created are functional
12:05 tcohen that command will let you do that
12:05 tcohen once you figured Koha is ok
12:05 tcohen then the problem is how the CMS people are doing things
12:05 ZahidIqbal[m] tcohen: how to check
12:06 ZahidIqbal[m] how can i run?
12:06 tcohen on a terminal
12:06 tcohen command line
12:06 tcohen on linux
12:06 ZahidIqbal[m] is there any ubuntu package install for the command?
12:07 tcohen sudo apt install curl
12:07 tcohen but you have it most probably
12:07 tcohen ashimema, Joubu: I booked the flights to be in Finland :-D
12:07 Joubu \o/
12:08 magnuse \o/
12:08 ZahidIqbal[m] 👍️Joubu tcohen
12:12 Joubu Is Sam Lau around?
12:20 ZahidIqbal[m] i cannot past the output can anyone help me coping text from virtual machine cmd to desktop
12:23 ZahidIqbal[m] is this ok here is the output when running curl code TCP_NODELAY set... (full message at <[…]lqSIkZNYlCVmiersa>)
12:25 ZahidIqbal[m] Joubu: is this ok
12:26 davidnind Zahid Iqbal: you can use
12:27 ZahidIqbal[m] thanks davidnind i shall try this
12:27 Joubu try http instead of https?
12:29 marcelr kidclamp: please check bug33404 again, added the test with so many mocks
12:29 tcohen PedroAmorim[m]: there's a random failure when running on MySQL 8
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12:30 tcohen DB_IMAGE=mysql:8.0 ktd up -d
12:30 tcohen prove t/db_dependent/api/v1/ill_requests.t
12:31 tcohen ^^ PedroAmorim[m] please take a look
12:31 tcohen soma caching taking place?
12:34 marcelr tcohen: you will like the mocking in Breeding_Auth.t on bug 33404
12:34 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33404 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Authorities imported from Z39.50 in encodings other than UTF-8 are corrupted
12:34 Joubu tcohen: it's a sort problem
12:34 Joubu if you are expecting a given order you need to request it
12:34 Joubu so that the query will have the ORDER BY clause
12:34 Joubu otherwise you cannot rely on it
12:39 tcohen Joubu: you're right!
12:40 tcohen marcelr: I generally like mocking, will take a look shortly
12:40 tcohen :-P
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12:44 PedroAmorim[m] hey
12:44 PedroAmorim[m] do you still need me to take a look at illrequests.t?
12:46 PedroAmorim[m] Joubu: 33786, I did wonder if assigning a variable inside an if statement would be cause for discussion! =)
12:46 PedroAmorim[m] I'll rewrite it
12:47 Joubu PedroAmorim[m]: it's not assigning the problem, it's fine
12:47 Joubu but you need to declare it at some point
12:48 Joubu let your_var=something?
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12:54 PedroAmorim[m] I can understand if it's a matter of preference but the code works, and that variable is only used inside the if anyway
12:55 Joubu "the code works"? :D
12:56 PedroAmorim[m][…]d-practice-or-not
12:56 PedroAmorim[m] I will rewrite the patch
12:58 Joubu I first thought the 2 occurrences where linked, but you actually just use a tmp var
12:58 Joubu were*
12:58 Joubu l.81 and 180
13:00 PedroAmorim[m] yes, one check for the kohaTable prefilter and another to set the table id
13:01 Joubu I would then just add 'let'
13:01 Joubu in front of the 2 occurrences
13:01 Joubu or make it more readable on 2 lines :D
13:01 PedroAmorim[m] this was just to DRY the code inside the get_prefilter_value function
13:02 PedroAmorim[m] because I'm also using it in 30719 (not yet pushed)
13:02 Zahid[m] <Joubu> "try http instead of https?" <- Joubu: it works
13:03 Zahid[m] thanks everyone for helping
13:20 tcohen Glad to hear, Zahid[m]
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13:21 tcohen Zahid[m]: the conclusion, then, is that your setup works, and the other folks need to check what they are doing
13:21 tcohen and you proved Basic Auth works
13:21 tcohen and that's what they should be using
13:21 tcohen not related to OAuth at all
13:21 tcohen don't hide, dcook
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14:23 oleonard What is the purpose of having the option to have strict_sql_modes on or off?
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14:28 marcelr htg
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16:43 oleonard caroline around?
16:44 caroline yes
16:54 oleonard caroline: I was just looking at Bug 33839
16:54 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33839 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Local cover images not showing in search results
16:54 oleonard When you tested did you also have Coce enabled?
16:55 caroline Doesnt look like it
16:55 caroline https://staff-caroline.sandbox[…]in/
16:55 caroline oh, the image is there now https://staff-caroline.sandbox[…].pl?q=shakespeare
16:55 caroline is it possible it takes a while to show up?
16:56 oleonard I don't know, but I was about to say I couldn't reproduce the problem :D
16:56 caroline Ok, I just added an image to the 2nd record https://staff-caroline.sandbox[…].pl?q=shakespeare
16:57 caroline Seems like a "me" problem then!
16:58 oleonard I noticed a JS error in the console for Coce images so I was concerned it was related...
16:58 caroline I reverted the other path on my local installation and the image showed up instantly, but with the sandbox, it seems to require a hard refresh (ctrl+f5)
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19:14 nikkom Hi joubu, I would like to ask another question about SearchSuggestion in v21.11.04. In this function we were taking related values like STATUS or date etc. from filtering form and after filtering  them in this function. What about version 22.11.04? Where are we make those filterings? Because we want to add new filters there
19:14 nikkom Thats why I am asking
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19:31 davidnind nikkom: Joubu is normally finished for the day by now, you may wish to do an "@later tell" to leave a message (for an example, see[…]3-05-24#i_2488223)
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19:37 x-patron Hi all - I'm trying to use the CircAutoPrintQuickSlip preference to be able to printing receipts quicker. The manual says that you can press enter or scan a blank barcode - but what is a blank barcode?
19:38 x-patron I generated a barcode with a bunch of spaces, but that didn't seem to work.
19:44 caroline x-patron, just press enter when you're in the box or click the button
19:44 caroline click in the barcode box; press enter
19:45 x-patron Yes, that works as intended. But I'm looking for a solution that doesn't require interaction with the keyboard
19:46 caroline Click on the "Check out" button next to the box without entering a barcode
19:51 x-patron Cool, that works too - is there anyway to do it with just the barcode scanner?
19:52 caroline Not as far as I know...
19:52 caroline It'd have to be empty, but then that doesn't print
19:58 x-patron That's what I'm encountering. Anytime I try to generate a blank barcode using an online service, it requires me to enter at least one character.
20:11 davidnind Maybe I'm misunderstanding this, but this indicates using a blank sheet of paper for a "blank barcode"[…]printing-receipts - I don't have a scanner, but not sure if that works or not...
20:12 caroline I'm not sure, it has to do the "enter" part, which is usually the end character of the barcode
20:26 x-patron I tried to use a blank sheet of paper, but that didn't work
20:26 x-patron I did find a way to produce a barcode with just ENTER, though.
20:29 davidnind I was trying to find out how you could create a barcode with just an ENTER, hopefully that works. How did you create the barcode with just an ENTER?
20:30 x-patron I don't understand enough of the specifics regarding barcode design/coding, but barcodes are capable of communicating/encoding binary data. These are called escape sequences.
20:31 x-patron I used this free barcode generator and noticed an option for "Evaluate Escape Sequences":
20:33 x-patron They list the sequence for ENTER right in the example section of the 'Evaluate Escape Sequences' - it turns out it's simply \n
20:33 davidnind Thanks! I'd just found that one.
20:33 x-patron I generated the image, printed it out, and tested it. And it worked!
20:33 davidnind Excellent!
20:34 caroline we should add the image to the manual maybe? I wonder if that would be legal
20:35 x-patron For anyone else who may need it, here's a link with the code already generated - save the image, print it out [maybe put it on a Word/LibreOffice document with a simple instruction like 'Scan to Print Quick Slip'], and scan it at the end of a checkout transaction to test it:
20:37 x-patron @caroline - I would imagine that barcode escape sequences are universal enough that the images produced through that particular website aren't under copyright - but that's just my assumption.
20:37 huginn x-patron: I've exhausted my database of quotes
20:39 x-patron Considering that, I think it would be a great idea to include it in the manual. It's an unexplained aspect of the manual as it is currently written and it would help others who are looking to reduce the amount of clicks + keystrokes necessary to simply print checkout receipts
20:39 davidnind caroline: I'm not sure. I'll see if I can figure out how to generate a barcode with escape sequences using free and open source software and an openly licensed font... (in the past I've used Excel with an openly licensed/free barcode font, seeing if this is possible in LibreOffice Calc)
20:39 davidnind x-patron++
20:39 caroline of course! the manual is an eternal work in progress, that's why conversations like this (or the mailing list) are interesting
20:40 caroline davidnind, I tried with the barcode generator in Koha (Cataloging > Barcode image generator) and it insists on numeric values only :/
20:41 davidnind 8-(
20:43 x-patron Cool, I didn't know Koha had a barcode generator - makes sense.
20:49 x-patron I wonder if Koha's inability to accept non-numeric values has to do with it not having Code 128 as a barcode type.
20:59 x-patron It seems like in ASCII, ENTER is referred to as Carriage Return and it has its own code (I think ~013). I tried entering that in the Koha barcode generator using Code9 as the barcode type, but it still didn't work. So I'm not sure it's possible through Koha itself.
20:59 x-patron I already found a workable solution, though. Thank you all.
21:01 davidnind x-patron: I found this resource - different types of barcodes allow different characters, and as you say the Koha barcode generator doesn't have a Code 128 generator[…]barcode-types.jsp
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23:36 dcook @later tell tcohen Your comment about hiding made me laugh hehe. I think I was asleep by then...
23:36 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.

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