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03:16 mtj TriveniChandriki[m]:[…]nYuyMBv/image.png
03:16 mtj ^ ...set your 'overdue fines cap' to a number greater than zero
03:18 mtj ..else your item's maximum fine will always be zero?
03:22 TriveniChandriki[m] Ok sir
03:23 TriveniChandriki[m] Tqsm sir ur helping me lot. You are great sir
04:18 mtj you are welcome 🧁
04:20 mtj dcook_: that strange devscripts problem got fixed in bookworm, with libsoap-lite-perl_1.27-3
04:21 mtj the dep for libossp-uuid-perl got dropped
04:25 mtj[…]libsoap-lite-perl
04:26 mtj ^ manually installing that pkg, should fix the devscripts conflict
04:27 TriveniChandriki[m] Ok sir
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07:29 NikolayGospodinov[m] Hello, everyone. When I create a child record from a parent record. In the child record I see who is the parent. Is there a way to see who the children are from the parent record?
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07:36 alex_ Bonjour
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08:00 magnuse \o/
08:28 TriveniChandriki[m] <mtj> "^ ...set your 'overdue fines cap..." <- Done it sir. For this we have to do one line is there exist we have comment that line. It will show overdue book fine in patron account.
08:28 TriveniChandriki[m] <mtj> "^ ...set your 'overdue fines cap..." <- Again thanku so much sir
08:30 TriveniChandriki[m] #koha thanku everyone many issues fixing for urs suggestions
09:10 cait1 check your circulation rules
09:10 cait1 the fines cap is the max fine that can be put on an item
09:10 cait1 and make sure you have entered all with a decimal dot (not a comma)
09:17 TriveniChandriki[m] <cait1> "the fines cap is the max fine..." <- file we have to change sir. It's working now.
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10:50 tcohen hola #koha
10:50 tcohen kidclamp++
10:50 ashimema morning tcohen
10:53 tcohen hey ashimema
10:53 tcohen jenkins is green \o/
10:53 ashimema I saw.. great work dude!
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11:34 tcohen next meeting
11:35 tcohen next meeting?
11:35 tcohen next meetings?
11:49 tcohen who manages huggin?
11:49 ashimema galen I think
11:50 tcohen gmcharlt:
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12:38 marcelr o/
12:38 tcohen \o
12:38 caroline good morning!
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13:13 emlam Morning everyone!
13:13 * cait1 waves
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13:39 caroline My brain needs help with holds...
13:40 caroline If OPACHoldsIfAvailableAtPickup is set to Don't allow and circulation rules allow on-shelf holds only if at least one is unavailable
13:41 caroline (i.e. we don't want people making on-shelf holds if the copy at their library is available, they can only place holds if the copy at their library is out)
13:41 caroline (if that makes sense)
13:42 caroline would those settings be right?
13:43 caroline Right now, if OPACHoldsIfAvailableAtPickup is set to Don't allow and onshelf holds to if any unavailable, and I have a record with one copy checked out and one copy available, the person at the branch where it is available can place a hold for pickup at their own library
13:44 caroline that is a bug right?
13:54 cait1 let me re-read this
13:55 cait1 it sounds like a bug
13:55 cait1 it should not allow a hold on the available at branch one in any case
13:55 cait1 of onshelf holds
13:55 cait1 because it's pickup branch = item on shelf
13:55 caroline thanks, it's so convoluted my brain is refusing to process it hehe
13:55 cait1 did you check if the available item can actually fill that hold?
13:56 caroline You mean if I place the hold, will it appear on Hold tu pull?
13:56 cait1 just to make sure there is no interferring rule or setting
13:56 cait1 it would make sens eif the system thinks you will get the other item
13:56 cait1 i think if you return the other and it triggers the hold
13:57 cait1 hm no
13:57 cait1 return the available one... and it fills the hold, it should be
13:57 caroline If on-shelf holds is set to 'Yes', the patron cannot place the hold on the copy from their library
13:57 mtj hi JacobOMara[m], i think i spotted a bug with a cherry-picked commit on 22.11
13:57 mtj[…]2b897d2a2e5450f98
13:58 ashimema fire away mtj
13:58 ashimema I caught it go in in the wrong order..
13:59 ashimema but I've since backported the css removal stuff.. so hopefully I got it back to working
13:59 mtj ah, ok
13:59 ashimema or are there still some issues?
13:59 cait1 just a followup to yesterday's questio from perplexedtheta: is it possible to build 22.11.03 packages locally right now? or is there some general issues and better wait for 22.11.04?
14:00 mtj hi cait1, i think its possible
14:00 ashimema it should be possible.. but easier with .04 once it's out
14:00 ashimema our build actually has some extra backports and I think it's possibly those that have been causing us issues here.
14:01 ashimema our last 22.11.ptfs build built though.
14:01 ashimema but it has a custom commit at the top
14:01 ashimema I'm about to rebase i on current 22.11.x to check it without that extra final commit
14:02 cait1 hm so maybe we'll have a go, but don't spend a loto f time on fixing if we run into problems
14:02 mtj ashimema: i think 22.11.x still needs  587ab3d applied
14:02 mtj 587ab3d)
14:03 mtj oops
14:03 mtj[…]8ff2b9369651b7a67
14:03 cait1 .04 schedule for hackfest week still?
14:03 mtj cait1: sounds good to me :)
14:03 ashimema yup
14:04 ashimema we're going to go through the process together.. see if there's anything to refine/improve
14:06 ashimema lol
14:06 ashimema you're commit message and then the patch seem like oposites to me.. haha
14:06 mtj 674 $file_map->{'koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/​prog/js/vue/dist/erm.js.LICENSE.txt'} = 'blib/INTRANET_TMPL_DIR/prog/js​/vue/dist/erm.js.LICENSE.txt';
14:07 mtj Makefile.PL, aah, so thats where the file comes from :)
14:07 ashimema LOL
14:07 ashimema that backport cherry-pick gave i completely different outcomes!
14:07 ashimema wtf
14:09 mtj yeah, a bit weird
14:10 ashimema OK.. I've re-cherry-picked it and it looks better this time
14:10 ashimema just checking with colleagues here that I'm not going to clash
14:14 mtj looks like the patch order for Makefile.PL was mixed-up on 22.11
14:14 ashimema yeah, it was
14:14 mtj ..and some commits got accidentally squashed
14:14 ashimema Jacob jumped the gun on teh follow-up..
14:14 ashimema we'd opted not to backport the build stuff..
14:14 ashimema then he backported the follow-up from you
14:15 ashimema at the time I didn't think it was a big deal..
14:15 ashimema then later I decided we should go ahead with backporting the build stuff.. to keep in line with master a bit better on the build front for this LTS release.
14:15 ashimema and I think it was my second bit that screwed the pooch as it were
14:15 ashimema hopefully all fixed now though.
14:15 ashimema just pushed
14:16 mtj np, the Makefile.PL files look identical for master and 22.11
14:16 ashimema I've also had a chat to the team here about checking dependencies a little more carefully before back-porting.. i take full responsability.. bad teaching on my part 😜
14:16 mtj looks fixed :)
14:17 ashimema takes a whilst to get up to speed on all these things.. I'm super happy with them as a team though.. they're munching through it all and keeping everything moving great :0
14:18 ashimema I've also pushed our .ptfs branch rebased on this lot.. so that'll trigger the PTFS_22.11_D11 test run followed by a PTFS_22.11_BUILD run 🙂
14:18 ashimema which should prove this all works 🙂
14:18 ashimema do you autobuild packages somewhere?
14:18 ashimema I have memory of that vaguelly
14:19 ashimema we have it set up to only try and build the package if all the tests have passed on our branch first 🙂
14:20 ashimema doh.. looks like 22.11.x is failing tests at the minute for other reasons..
14:20 ashimema I best jump on that
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14:24 perplexedtheta o/
15:00 bag joined #koha
15:22 mtj ashimema, perplexedtheta
15:23 mtj thats the pkg build scripts
15:24 mtj $ bash ./
15:28 * mtj apologies for its 'jazzy' style  🎷💨
15:31 ashimema Cool
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15:33 tundunf hi all!
15:36 ashimema Hi tundun
15:57 tundunf quick q: is there any way to choose the number of items to pull in 'reservations to pull'?
15:58 cait1 what do you mean by choose?
15:59 cait1 it shoudl tell you in "patrons with olds" (3rd column) how many items need pulling
15:59 cait1 hm better: the first column "Pull this many items"
16:00 tundunf Ah ignore me! I was misreading the column headings.
16:01 tundunf we've been having issues with bib-level on-shelf reservations and I'm trying to convince colleagues to enable item-level reservations to curb this
16:02 cait1 maybe also have a look at the holds queue report as an alternative for a pick list
16:02 cait1 what type of issues have you seen with bib-level?
16:02 cait1 we mostly do only bib-level holds i think, apart from serials
16:04 perplexedtheta Where I used to work, we did item-level reservations only and it was really effective at halting reservation clashes (we disallowed reservations on items on loan)
16:04 perplexedtheta We only had one branch, and had no serials - only books and equipment
16:05 perplexedtheta Kilometerage will vary from library to library. But we had positive experience with it
16:06 cait1 it means you'll have to wait longer as a patron
16:06 cait1 hm or more: there might be a clash of terminology here
16:06 cait1 reservations sometimes means holds and other times it's bookings on available things
16:07 cait1 if all items of a handbook I need are checked out, the record level will be the quickest way to get me whatever item
16:07 perplexedtheta Ah, en-GB: reservation == hold
16:07 cait1 especially with students it's often hard to tell who will return an item first, even if you see the due date
16:07 cait1 and then there is reserves too...
16:07 cait1 so we probably should check first we talk about the same use cases lol
16:08 tundunf the main problem is that when a reservation is placed on a book with multiple copies, other users aren't available to loan copies on the shelf until the reservation is satisfied.
16:08 cait1 that's configuration
16:09 cait1 I belive you can change that so they can still be checked out
16:09 tundunf ah I see, I'll review our settings! thank you
16:09 cait1 looking for it, give me a moment
16:10 cait1 there this one for not blockign renewals: AllowRenewalIfOtherItemsAvailable
16:11 cait1 i clearly remember the discussion about the user that already has the item in the cart...
16:11 cait1 and that checkout shsould be allowed then - did you verify it really blocks?
16:11 cait1 ah here:   AllowItemsOnHoldCheckoutSCO
16:12 cait1 AllowItemsOnHoldCheckoutSIP
16:12 tundunf Thank you - I'll have a look!
16:12 cait1 i think the in the staff interface Koha just asks what you want to do and you can check it out
16:12 cait1 you are welcome, bbl #koha :)
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16:19 ashimema is there not also an override permission or preference or something cait1?
16:29 tundunf It just blocked me from checking out a copy of a book on the shelf with a reservation on it and I can see that the AllowItemsOnHoldCheckoutSIP was set to "Don't allow", I've switched this to Allow and was able to check out a book at a self-service kiosk
16:30 tundunf Thanks for your help both, I don't know how I missed that syspref :)
16:31 ashimema There's a lot of prefs out there, glad you found it tundunf
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17:32 tcohen PedroAmorim[m]: how did you find the error?
17:33 PedroAmorim[m] was implementing new routes and was having trouble so I ran the swagger-cli validate to fix my own errors
17:33 PedroAmorim[m] after I fixed mine, ran it again and stumbled upon it
17:37 tcohen in this particular case, I'm not sure we can solve it in a good way
17:38 tcohen with OpenAPIv2
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18:11 fridolin hellow
18:11 PedroAmorim[m] hi
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18:12 caroline I have a notice/tt question
18:12 Riccardo Hello,  I am writing to request assistance with the design and implementation of a digital library using the controlled digital lending (CDL) system with Koha as the library management software.  I am interested in using Koha to manage our digital collections and to provide access to our patrons through CDL. However, I am not familiar with the technical aspects of the CDL system and would appreciate any guidance or support in implementing this system.
18:12 caroline There is this line in ACCOUNT_CREDIT
18:12 caroline [%- PROCESS credit_type_description credit_type = credit.credit_type
18:12 caroline -%]
18:13 caroline the notice doesn't print the credit_type_description in French, even though it is translated in
18:13 caroline where is it taking it if not there?
18:15 emlam I think there's a page in the Administration module where debit/credit types can be specified like authorized values - maybe it's pulling it from there?
18:16 caroline I translated it there too and it's still showing up in English on the notice
18:17 caroline Riccardo, if I understand correctly, CDL is basically like lending books, but digital files? I would say to catalog them as records with items like you would for print and check those "items" out
18:27 Riccardo No i need a professional system that control that book's file is unusefull at the end of lending.
18:28 caroline as far as I know, Koha doesn't do that
18:31 Riccardo Ok! Any one know how to do it?  Cost and if it's applicable to a little school library?
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