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01:21 astyles Hi all, hope your days/nights are going ok. Question... I have to re-submit patch for a bug assigned to me. Do I go ahead and use gitbz to attach new patch and then obsolote old one? thanks
01:30 astyles All do people generally do a fresh pull of Koha master before new patch building? thanks
01:32 davidnind astyles: If you are using koha-testing-docker, then git bz attach -e XXXXX HEAD (where XXXX is the bug number, if there is more than one patch then HEAD should be HEAD~2.. if there are two ptaches) - this should automatically obsolete the previous patch(es)
01:41 astyles Hi, yes I am
01:41 astyles And I just re-submitted which did replace the old patch yey 8-)
01:42 astyles I am not followed indentation rules, so corrected 8-)
01:45 davidnind excellent!
01:48 astyles can anyone in community go ahead and sign off on bugs if confident? after bug signed off, is there a final QA before master merge?
02:14 astyles I will track down docs. all good. 8-)
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02:14 davidnind astyles: yes you can sign off other peoples' bugs. I follow the test plan, when happy do git so X, where X is the number of patches. Then git bz attach XXXXX -e HEAD~1.. - and remove the # in from of status so will be updated to signed off
02:15 davidnind here are my KTD notes:[…]kflow-for-testing
07:18 ashimema astyles, https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]elopment_workflow is the page you want
07:19 ashimema But to summarise, yes, anyone can test to signoff and that's really helpful
07:19 ashimema Then there's a more limited, voted for, set of people each cycle who can do a QA run on the bug
07:19 ashimema Finally the release manager may do a further QA round before pushing to master
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16:14 davidnind ashimema++
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21:43 Carlos_ Buenas tardes
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