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00:39 dcook mtj: Hey, that sounds really interesting. I was just looking at[…]cker/-/issues/238 and generating from a template would be much nicer than trying to update every existing Dockerfile...
00:40 mtj hi dcook, agree :)
00:40 dcook mtj: Speaking of packaging, check out my latest comments on bug 32791
00:40 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32791 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Needs Signoff , Log4perl configuration files need a tool for updating on package upgrade
00:41 dcook Have you used the "ucf" utility before?
00:41 dcook It looks like we could actually use it to better manage a lot of our dynamically generated config files like log4perl.conf
00:42 mtj we can reduce 5 branches and 5x8 dockerfiles to 1 branch - 1 dockerfile
00:42 mtj ooh, ucf nice
00:44 mtj i can see where it would be useful
00:51 dcook <3
00:51 dcook mtj: That would be awesome
00:51 dcook And yeah I think ucf would be helpful. At a glance, especially for log4perl.conf, and the zebra files
00:52 dcook Maybe less so ones like SIPconfig.xml but maybe even then..
01:00 mtj how about koha-conf.xml ?
01:00 wahanui i think koha-conf.xml is terrible
01:01 mtj oof, tough crowd 🎤
01:02 mtj adding new lines to config files during upgrades, has always been an outstanding feature
01:36 mtj s/outstanding/missing/
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07:07 marcelr o/
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07:33 reiveune hello
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07:46 Joubu @later tell tcohen I am seeing a change in Koha/Schema/Result/ (fix typo hpld vs hold)
07:46 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:49 marcelr hi Joubu
07:50 Joubu hi marcelr :)
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08:43 cait1 hello #koha
08:43 cait1 so quiet for a Friday?
08:49 marcelr hi cait
08:49 marcelr some exim problems kept me from qaing; oom killer again ;)
09:01 ashimema Morning
09:01 wahanui Morning is always someone's afternoon
09:01 ashimema Hmm, I missed cait
09:13 cait still here, jsut in a meeting
09:14 cait i know mtj wrote up a wiki how to to debug the api issues... but can't find it
09:14 cait someone an idea where that is hiding?
09:15 cait want to post it on the bug someone just filed (libraries list being empty)
09:16 Joubu https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/REST_API_Debug
09:17 cait thanks!
09:17 cait not sure why i didn't find that with rest api and toubleshoot...
09:18 ashimema nie
09:18 ashimema nice
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09:18 mason[m] Gosh.. Its got a terrible name
09:18 ashimema i wasn't aware of that page
09:18 cait Joubu++
09:18 cait mason: i like the name, i just have trouble with the search :)
09:19 mason[m] I couldnt even find it 🤔
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09:20 cait maybe we should add a keyword section for SEO :)
09:21 Joubu I just typed "rest api" in the search box and the autocomplete did the job ;)
09:24 cait Joubu: that would have been too easy i guess...
09:24 cait it woudl be nice to weed our rest api doc pages some
09:24 cait make one that has the correct info
09:24 cait not for the trouble shooting, but for the specs/programming hints etc
09:30 mason[m] We could add some wiki tags to the page, or equiv
10:55 tcohen hola #koha
10:57 tcohen Joubu: ?
10:57 tcohen happy friday everyone
10:58 Joubu hola tcohen
11:04 tcohen what about the typo?
11:08 Joubu `dbic` returns a change in a schema file
11:18 oleonard Hi all
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11:44 cait Joubu: is "don't ktd pull" still in effect?
11:44 cait just getting ready for some QA :)
11:44 Joubu nope, it has been fixed yesterday
11:44 cait thx!
12:02 tcohen Joubu: ah
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12:38 tcohen #koha devs, please tidy your code before submitting, it is frustrating that y'all add new entries in a hash and leave all mis-aligned
12:38 tcohen and please don't add follow-ups for that, just do it inline
12:39 tcohen it doesn't hurt to also sort the keys alphabetically
12:39 tcohen vscode has a really cool shortcut for doing it on the selected block
12:39 tcohen ping me if you need advise
12:41 tcohen khall: stop impersonating John Doe in your commits :-P LOL
13:02 cait tcohen is at it :)
13:03 tcohen ?
13:03 tcohen I'm about to push a change to master
13:03 tcohen that might be disruptive
13:04 cait it's all good - just loved the bossy RM performance
13:05 tcohen haha
13:05 tcohen I'm trying to answer Jonathan's email about 'good enough'
13:05 tcohen my way
13:08 tcohen I'd like to share with someone who has perltidy set
13:08 tcohen the results of a code block
13:08 tcohen because, lately, perltidy is arranging things differently
13:08 tcohen and I need to know if it is me
13:08 tcohen I'm using Koha's shipped perltidy file
13:09 cait I think it's not clear if that should be used or not, I had asked about it a while ago but a lot of people didn't seem to know it existed?
13:10 tcohen should be in the guidelines
13:10 cait tcohen: the wiki says: The offical perltidy style for perl code in Koha is the perltidy  'default' or  'larry-wall' style. There was a customised perltidy style  in Koha for a while, but it was never official or enforced and later  removed.
13:10 cait
13:10 tcohen there are two perltidyrc files in the codebase
13:10 cait that also dosn't make things easier
13:10 tcohen .perltidyrc and xt/perltidyrc
13:11 cait perltidy on next dev meeting agenda?
13:13 cait done: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_22_February_2023
13:14 tcohen cait++
13:15 Joubu I am planning to work on providing a perltidyrc that would meet our guidelines, but I am not there yet
13:15 Joubu that's in my goal list for 23.05
13:16 Joubu and, ideally, use it in the pre-commit git hook, but I had a quick look and it does not seem trivial at all
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14:10 tcohen Joubu++
14:10 tcohen dcook++
14:10 tcohen ashimema++
14:10 tcohen mtj++
14:10 tcohen team_work++
14:19 cait tcohen++
14:26 cait hmI see what Joubu meant ealrier, ther eis a change to RESRVE/OLDRESERVE when you run dbic
14:26 cait on master
14:27 tcohen that's fixed in master
14:27 tcohen 19 minutes ago
14:27 tcohen heh
14:29 cait ah ok,yeah, possibly right after my git pull :)
14:32 tcohen heh
14:33 tcohen Joubu: I love the new yarn commands
14:34 cait documentation?
14:34 cait and don't say in the code please ;)
14:39 magnuse__ gah. my brain is fried/friday. wasn't there a syspref to say "block circ if a patron has more than x$ in fines"? did we move that somewhere else?
14:40 cait maybe we rnaemd it
14:40 cait switch to english and searchf or fine
14:40 cait that's how i do it :)
14:41 magnuse cait++
14:41 cait tcohen: can you tell me the new yarn command or do I need to kill my devbox? I just set up all the acq stuff
14:41 magnuse noissuescharge and maxoutstanding
14:41 cait sounds about right
14:42 Joubu cait: `yarn build`
14:42 Joubu it does all the things
14:42 cait thx!
14:43 ashimema alternatively if you like perl ./build-resources.PL also does the same
14:43 cait that fixed my display :)
14:44 ashimema though it adds :prod so does all the minificaiton steps which I think build plain build doesn't
14:45 cait but honestly, please mail about those or so? :)
14:53 tcohen writing something
14:54 paulderscheid[m] Hi, quick question. Is the borrowernumber of a logged in user stored somewhere in the mojo object?
14:54 Joubu search for stash koha.user
14:54 wahanui joined #koha
14:55 Joubu my $patron = $c->stash('koha.user');
14:55 Joubu sorry wahanui
14:55 paulderscheid[m] Ahhhhh
14:55 * cait holds hands over her ears
14:55 paulderscheid[m] I knew it. Just forgot where.
14:55 paulderscheid[m] Joubu++
15:38 ashimema humm
15:38 ashimema did ktd break with the remove from srouce control paches
15:38 * ashimema has pulled ktd etc
15:38 ashimema I can't start a new ktd.. we hit errors in the yarn build
15:40 cait git pulled too?
15:40 ashimema yup
15:41 ashimema seems permissions related
15:42 ashimema sorted
15:42 ashimema at some point my build files ended up owned by the wrong user..
15:42 ashimema outside the container I did a 'sudo chown -R` and that sorted it
15:43 cait soudns familiar :)
15:43 oleonard GOTTA chown your clone, man.
15:43 cait heh
15:43 cait although I didn't have this issue pop up for a while now
15:50 caroline "chown your clone" LOL XD I'm dying!
15:51 cait oleonard: native speaker check: not modifiable
15:51 cait ?
15:52 cait i was wondering if maybe "write-protected" mith work nicer?
15:52 cait i think we don't use modify a lot
15:52 ashimema I like
15:52 oleonard "can't be modified" feels easier to say, but "not modifiable" isn't incorrect.
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16:09 cait tcohen: did you leave an atomicupdate?
16:09 cait bug 30642
16:09 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30642 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, matt.blenkinsop, Pushed to master , We should record the renewal type (automatic/manual)
16:10 Joubu impossible, there is a git hook for that...
16:10 ashimema cait
16:10 ashimema bug 29822 is all your now
16:10 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29822 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Signed Off , Use table column selection modal for DefaultPatronSearchFields preference
16:10 ashimema I've done the majority of what you want.. but I have failed at getting tests to pass
16:10 ashimema switching to pipe breaks the functionality
16:11 ashimema he did.. he knows and is on the case
16:12 cait ashimema: thanks, just wanted to alert, was working on something else with a database update
16:13 cait i migh thave to pospone bug 29822 a little, working on bug 11844 :)
16:13 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=11844 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Failed QA , Additional fields for order lines
16:13 reiveune bye
16:13 reiveune left #koha
16:30 tcohen cait, Joubu: yes, I haven't tweaked my KTD so I have my .ssh/ and .gnupg available in the container, so...
16:31 tcohen I lost the atomitcupdate things when tried to merge --ff-only the patches from Joubu's branch
16:36 ashimema arent the git hooks also meant to work from outside the container
16:36 ashimema I thought I read that in the merge request
16:36 * ashimema hasn't tried yet
16:39 caroline thankful for the yarn convo I spied earlier today... I updated my master and jumped a bit at what the intranet looked like... yarn build restored it to a normal-looking look
16:39 Joubu ashimema: yes
16:40 Joubu the hook is copied to .git/hooks/ktd/pre-commit, so "within" koha repo
16:41 ashimema 🙂
16:49 * cait is happy to report a sign off on bug 11844
16:49 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=11844 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , Additional fields for order lines
16:49 cait anyone for QA? :)
17:15 ashimema see ya
17:16 ashimema * see ya #koha
17:27 cait have a nice weekend all!
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17:35 davidnind I'm getting a permission error when starting up KTD (have cloned a fresh Koha, changed the permissions for Koha to my  local user (just in case),  git pull for KTD, ktd pull, and then ktd up)
17:35 pastebot "davidnind" at pasted "KTD permission error when starting up" (547 lines) at
17:40 pastebot Someone at pasted "[10:38] <ashimema> did ktd bre" (9 lines) at
17:41 emlam Whoops I've never used pastebot before ^_^;;
17:41 emlam ashimema also had a permissions-related issue with KTD earlier. May or may not be the same thing?
17:42 emlam Other than that I got nothing, but figured I'd at least mention in case it helps
17:44 davidnind thanks emlam - I saw ashimema's comments, my normal permission change (sudo chown -R david:david koha) didn't seem to help
17:44 davidnind the past tool is really useful sometimes!
17:46 davidnind paste even!
17:48 emlam indeed
17:49 emlam sorry I can't help with the KTD issue, though
17:57 tcohen looking
17:58 tcohen davidnind: can you sudo chown -R <your user> koha/
17:58 tcohen on your host computer?
17:59 tcohen then ktd down ; ktd up
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18:15 tcohen davidnind: did you solve the issue?
18:19 davidnind tcohen: I have just tried that again, same error
18:19 tcohen I don't manage to see an error
18:19 tcohen permissions on your local repo solved?
18:19 davidnind
18:20 davidnind don't think so, even did a press clone of Koha
18:20 tcohen can you run this outside ktd
18:20 tcohen ls -l koha/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/css/calendar.css
18:21 tcohen also
18:21 tcohen on koha-testing-docker
18:21 tcohen grep KOHA_IMAGE .env
18:24 davidnind no calendar.css file: ls: cannot access 'koha/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/css/calendar.css': No such file or directory
18:24 tcohen that's correct because that was removed in master
18:24 tcohen git status?
18:25 davidnind grep KOHA_IMAGE .env: KOHA_IMAGE=master
18:26 davidnind git status for koha: all OK (On branch master  Your branch is up to date with 'origin/master'.  nothing to commit, working tree clean)
18:26 tcohen I found a problem but should be the other way around
18:28 davidnind css folder = drwxrwxr-x (the same as other directories in the prog fodler)
18:31 davidnind thanks tcohen for helping, will be back later (driving to Dunedin, "the Edinburgh of the South")
18:32 tcohen ok I'm submitting a fix
20:39 davidnind tcohen++
20:43 cait caroline++
20:43 caroline :D
20:43 caroline cait++ for fixing all the things
20:55 cait not all... but I find enough easy stuf these days :)
20:55 cait and remembered you said i could cc you on translation related ones
20:56 caroline yup! It's my pleasure to test them
20:58 cait I'll be happy to see the claims one fixed, that one bugged me forever
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