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03:27 dcook @later tell tcohen Take a look at bug 32791 for a log4perl config tool...
03:27 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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07:37 reiveune hello
07:37 wahanui hey, reiveune
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07:41 alex_ Bonjour
07:41 wahanui hello, alex_
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08:50 paxed anyone encountered problems with AllowRenewalIfOtherItemsAvailable taking too much resources? looks like a large consortium is encountering timeouts if that's on
09:07 Joubu lot of holds on the same record?
09:08 Joubu paxed: looks at this block in C4/
09:08 Joubu 2968         if ( C4::Context->preference('Allow​RenewalIfOtherItemsAvailable') ) {
09:08 Joubu I would remove the 2 as_list to use iterator
09:08 Joubu 2969             my @possible_holds = $fillable_holds->as_list;
09:08 Joubu 2977                 -not         => { itemnumber => $itemnumber } })->as_list;
09:10 paxed Joubu: perhaps? it's a bit consortium, so there's bound to be some popular books with, like, 1000+ holds
09:10 paxed big*
09:15 paxed ah, apparently the problem is external services using koha via API, not the intranet. (we don't have OPAC)
09:16 paxed so, the API takes too long to respond
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10:33 Joubu 'CONSTRAINT ON UPDATE SET NULL' in kohastructure, that seems very wrong!
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13:34 ashimema That did indeed seem rather odd
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13:49 kidclamp Joubu: is it to reduce memory usage? or improve speed? as_list vs iterator
13:51 Joubu memory, you don't fetch all of them at once, but one by one
14:34 emlam khall: around?
14:35 khall emlam yep!
14:36 emlam Hi! I have a (hopefully quick) question about bug 32558 before I sign off
14:36 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32558 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Allow to process multiple jobs simultaneously up to a limit
14:37 khall sure! what's up?
14:39 emlam The diff for the patch has configuration tags for max_processes in debian/templates/ and etc/koha-conf.xml, but I didn't see those mentioned in the test plan.
14:39 emlam I tested them anyway just to see, and changing the value didn't seem to have an effect on whether/how many forked subprocesses the worker created
14:39 emlam Just wanted to check if I'm missing something?
14:40 emlam I know enough for that to seem odd, but not enough to actually be sure whether it makes sense or not
14:42 emlam or if there's a quirk of KTD that I don't know about or something
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14:59 khall emlam you edited the sites working koha-conf.xml?
15:01 khall emlam I just tested and it's working for me
15:01 khall you need to edit /etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml
15:02 emlam Ohhh okay! I just edited koha/etc/koha-conf.xml
15:02 emlam That explains it
15:02 emlam Thanks!
15:02 khall emlam here's the bottom of my koha-conf.xml where I added, with line numbers for context:
15:02 khall np!
15:02 khall emlam thanks for testing!
15:03 emlam np!
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15:39 trivveni Pay selected fine generates 500 error. can help anyone
15:43 caroline trivveni, what version of Koha are you using?
15:43 trivveni 21.05.07
15:43 caroline do you have access to the logs?
15:44 trivveni i am checking log
15:46 trivveni Template process failed: undef error - DBIC result _type  isn't of the _type Branch at /home/ubuntu/kohaclonemks/koha-tmpl/intr​anet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/members/ line 133.: /home/ubuntu/kohaclonemks/members/,
15:49 trivveni can you help me on this
15:50 caroline I'm not sure... maybe someone else can help
15:50 trivveni thanku
15:50 caroline trivveni, do you have several branches in your system?
15:50 trivveni yes
15:51 trivveni Pay selected fine generates 500 error. can help anyone
15:52 caroline I'm really groping in the dark, but do you maybe have account debit types limited to one branch and it's not your current branch
15:53 trivveni in system preference i have to change
15:54 caroline In Administration > Debit types
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15:58 triveni No limitation for branch
15:59 triveni Pay selected fine generates 500 error can help anyone
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16:01 triveni Pay selected fine generates 500 error can help anyone
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16:05 triveni Pay selected fine generates 500 error anyone help me
16:08 reiveune bye
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16:20 caroline oleonard, are you there?
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18:16 oleonard caroline still around?
18:55 caroline oleonard, I just came back from lunch
18:56 caroline Someone else answered my questions in the end... it was regarding bug 32341
18:56 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32341 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, hammat.wele, Failed QA , Some OPAC tables are not displayed well in mobile mode
18:58 caroline I was wondering what the smallest / narrowest we got down to when working for mobile. I was testing with the "Galaxy fold" setting in chrome and some things were very wonky, but I was told it is way too narrow to count
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19:05 oleonard_ I keep forgetting to /away myself
19:06 cait[m] it doesn't sound like we want you to remember that
19:38 hammat_ Hi! cait around?
19:41 hammat_ I'm working on bug 27113 and your/RM comment will help me to move forward, it's about to using REST API or if this could be an exception?
19:41 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=27113 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ivan.dziuba, In Discussion , Elasticsearch: Autocomplete in search
19:42 cait[m] i was hoping soe of the other devs would weigh in on that point
19:42 cait[m] tcohen: are you still around maybe?
19:42 tcohen I just got in, actually
19:47 tcohen what's up?
19:57 hammat_ This is about the bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=27113, I would like to know we should use the REST API or not and it will be considered as an exception
19:57 huginn Bug 27113: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ivan.dziuba, In Discussion , Elasticsearch: Autocomplete in search
21:08 cait[m] tcohen ^
21:09 cait[m] the patch now uses the old svc
21:16 caroline I added the hackfest to the koha calendar, are there specific times? I just added the event for the week
21:16 cait[m] i think it starts moday at 9 am and ends friday after the last has left :)
21:17 cait[m] at least according to Paul's email, so maybe having as a full day event is the easiest
21:17 caroline I'd like to also add my event of screenshot updating
21:17 caroline I guess I could add it on the whole day too
21:17 cait[m] do you have access to the spreadsheet?
21:18 caroline I don't know what it is, so I'm guessing no?
21:18 cait[m] if not, maybe ask paul about it - there is a list of topics collected there
21:18 caroline Ok I can email him
21:18 cait[m] it's for the participants to plan the week, dinners, lunches, topics
21:18 caroline I don't think I'll be there in person though
21:19 caroline But Aude confirmed she will be there representing the docs team :)
21:28 tcohen cait[m]: I never liked that dev
21:28 tcohen not the purpose and the goal
21:28 tcohen just how it is done
21:28 cait[m] then we need to communicate what is not good about it
21:28 tcohen and didn't come up with something better than what I mentioned
21:29 cait[m] hammat_ is trying to revive it, so he needs information
21:30 tcohen https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=27113#c49
21:30 huginn Bug 27113: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ivan.dziuba, In Discussion , Elasticsearch: Autocomplete in search
21:30 tcohen That comment is what my concerns were
21:31 tcohen I'd support anyone reviving this valuable dev
21:31 tcohen and am open to zoom or chat about it
21:31 tcohen just didn't have the bandwidth by then
21:31 tcohen to come up with a spec of how it should be implemented
21:32 tcohen and sorry for the language, when I say 'hated' I mean that it was too overwhelming to think of a good alternative to propose
21:33 tcohen hammat_: what timezone are you at?
21:35 tcohen roadmap?
21:36 tcohen hammat_, caroline: Let's add that development to the roadmap[…]p_for_Koha_v23.05
21:36 tcohen and schedule a proper talk about options to make it real ofr 23.05
21:37 hammat_ tcohen: i am at 21:37
21:38 caroline tcohen, ok! I'll add a new section 'Searching'
21:40 caroline tcohen, hammat_ works pretty much on our schedule, so afternoon/evening for him
21:40 tcohen 18:40 here
21:40 tcohen and I usually leave the desk at 17
21:40 caroline blou and I are on eastern, so 16:40 here
21:41 caroline pick a day and I'll gather everyone
21:41 tcohen so I'm two hours ahead
21:41 tcohen coolios
21:41 tcohen sorry I couldn't help earlier on that bug, really
21:41 tcohen why no one invented infinite time yet
21:42 cait[m] it's a shame... I'd like some too
21:42 cait[m] or something to stretch it a little
21:43 tcohen gotta leave
21:43 tcohen ttyl caroline
21:44 caroline tcohen, ping me whenever or email, we'll work around you schedule

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