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00:03 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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07:48 alex_ Bonjour
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07:57 reiveune hello
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08:25 cait good morning #koha
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09:05 magnuse \o/
09:25 magnuse anyone else run into bug 32556?
09:25 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32556 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , borrower_message_preference_id reaches limit
09:28 cait ew
09:28 cait that's a bad one - is this an old/big installation?
09:30 magnuse maybe 5 years
09:30 magnuse about 16k borrowers
09:32 magnuse looks like the quick fix may be to dump the database, alter borrower_message_preference_id to unsigned there and then load the database back in
09:34 cait doesn't sound like a 'quick' fix to me
09:34 cait the proble is that those tables are also so intertwined
09:34 magnuse quick as in "not changing how that whole part of koha works" ;-)
09:34 cait I had noticed it always recreates all entries instead of updating, but never thought about id limits
09:35 magnuse me neither
09:35 cait I wonder if you coudl alter these tables... changing the ids to lower them? but it might actually be harder to do
09:39 magnuse or change the column to be BIGINT?
09:39 wahanui magnuse: that doesn't look right
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09:40 Joubu magnuse: another solution would be to set the attributes only if they have been edited
09:40 magnuse yeah
09:40 Joubu so far we are deleting them all, then add the ones from the form, whatever were the changes
09:41 Joubu IIRC the tricky part is coming from the "library limits"
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09:42 Joubu well, that would not fix your problem, but prevent it from happening too soon
09:43 magnuse true
09:52 cait I think magnuse needs the immedaite fix, but the code shoudl be improved too
10:45 cait hm I am trying to run translation updates
10:45 cait but I get stuck :(
10:45 cait [10:42:47] 'po_update_installer_unimarc' errored after 36 ms
10:45 cait [10:42:47] Error: File not found with singular glob: /kohadevbox/koha/misc/translat​or/po/si-installer-UNIMARC.po (if this was purposeful, use `allowEmpty` option)
10:45 cait someone seen this?
10:45 cait using the gulp process
10:47 Joubu ls /kohadevbox/koha/misc/transla​tor/po/*-installer-MARC21*|wc -l
10:47 Joubu 92
10:47 Joubu ls /kohadevbox/koha/misc/translat​or/po/*-installer-UNIMARC*|wc -l
10:47 Joubu 90
10:47 Joubu looks like 2 UNIMARC are missing
10:47 cait orr.
10:47 cait any idea how to fix?
10:48 Joubu create the file?
10:48 Joubu touch /kohadevbox/koha/misc/translat​or/po/si-installer-UNIMARC.po
10:48 cait i#ll try that
10:56 cait it seems to run ok now with the 2 files added
10:56 cait should I report the missing files?
10:57 cait well it runs, there are a ton of errors about the UNIMARC files
10:57 cait misc/translator/Koha-installer-UNIMARC.pot:865: invalid multibyte sequence
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11:30 librarian hello
11:31 librarian I am trying to upload MARC records by staging, but everytime I do so multiple items are created for single record in holdings
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11:37 oleonard o/
11:49 tcohen hola #koha o/
11:49 tcohen rangi[m]++
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11:59 cait librarian: still around?
11:59 cait librarian: do you have multiple 952 fields in your data maybe?
12:00 cait yo need only 1 952 peritem, if you split the subfields on multiple, that will get interpreted as multiple items
12:03 oleonard Hi cait
12:04 librarian yes
12:07 librarian but i need all those fields from barcode, home branch, price,  etc. if i do not use 952 fields what i should use?
12:11 magnuse librarian: 952 is the way to do it, but if you want to add only one item, make sure you have one 952-field, with subfields for barcode, price etc.
12:11 magnuse ...and not one 952-field with a subfield for barcode, and another 952-field with a subfield for price, for example
12:12 tcohen Joubu: I'm migrating the jeknins server to the portainer one
12:14 Joubu tcohen: ok!
12:15 tcohen until I finish and the DNS domain is changed
12:15 tcohen is the place
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12:40 librarian ok
12:40 librarian thanks cait
12:42 librarian i did not to join items in marc editor, now i did and problem isfixed
12:51 cait hi oleonard
12:51 wahanui hi oleopard
13:47 magnuse kia ora oleonard
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14:32 marie-luce Happy New Year everyone
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14:37 lukeg hi Koha. Happy new year!
14:42 cait happy new year lukeg
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17:05 oleonard Did something change as of 22.05 that would throw off holds filled statistics?
17:05 oleonard https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]led_in_date_range
17:07 cait[m] hm using a timestamp can be  dangerous...
17:08 caroline I was going to say the same... i was looking if there was a better date to use
17:08 cait[m] i'd check if it auto-updates if anything change and then look if there have been updates to old_reserves
17:08 caroline but it doesn't seem like it
17:09 caroline maybe waitingdate?
17:09 oleonard That makes sense
17:09 cait[m] or the expiration_date - if that is now the pickup one - I know we have 2 fields but onfuse them
17:10 caroline reports with timestamp often break bc any update will make the timestamp the same date, it's pretty crappy
17:10 oleonard Bad news for the library branch that was going to put down that they had 200,000 holds filled in Dec :D
17:10 caroline lol!
17:11 caroline very busy branch! all the people wanting their books for their vacation
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17:42 reiveune bye
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18:13 rangi[m] davidnind[m]: fixed and shifted it to https thanks for the heads up
18:13 rangi[m] tcohen: ill do the dns change now
18:13 tcohen oh, thanks!
18:13 tcohen rangi[m]++
18:14 oleonard rangi[m]++
18:14 davidnind rangi[m]++ Thanks!!
18:15 rangi[m] speaking of dns, im paying for a bunch of domains we dont use like .info .net .org
18:15 rangi[m] theyve just renewed so we have a year to think about if we want to keep them (we were holding them so the rascals couldnt squat on them too)
18:16 rangi[m] i also own so i should set up to point to the helsinki site while im here
18:19 rangi[m] tcohen: dns for jenkins changed now
18:27 rangi[m] tcohen: DBD::mysql::db selectrow_hashref failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'groups   groups is a reserved word now, so i have to backtick whereever that occurs, so please let me know any ive missed
18:27 tcohen thanks! will check ASAP
18:28 rangi[m] its most likely just reports now
18:28 rangi[m] hopefully
18:28 tcohen requesting the SSL cert for jenkins
18:28 tcohen handled in traefik
18:30 tcohen done!
18:31 tcohen
18:32 rangi[m] nice :)
18:32 rangi[m]
18:32 rangi[m] saved searches should be fixed now too
18:33 rangi[m] im off to the cricket today, but i think things are working enough that any issues can wait until after eh? people can use git-bz etc ?
18:35 rangi[m] ah yes i see some added. cool. ill be around later to fix any other little weird things. I was gonna got to 22.04 but i think ill stick with 20.04 for now, enough things broke that i dont want to do it again for another couple of years :)
18:35 rangi[m] and 20.04 is in support for a long time still
19:09 tcohen yeah, rangi[m]
19:10 * tcohen hopes we don't need to switch away from bz in two years
19:11 rangi[m] (i was talking about ubuntu :) but yeah theres no real active work being done on bz for about a year now)
19:12 davidnind rangi[m]: was able to sign off a bug, and things seem to work as expected
19:13 rangi[m] thanks davidnind[m]
19:45 * Dyrcona has had "fun" with Ubuntu 22.04, fwiw.
19:46 * Dyrcona upgraded for newer C++ compiler features. Got some other unexpected features, too. :)

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