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00:19 Kolvir Is there a way to downgrade a koha installation to the previous version? I'm having database errors with 22.11 that I can't seem to resolve. I have koha configured, but no books cataloged yet, so there isn't a worry to lose that data.
00:23 davidnind Kolvir: You would need to reinstall, as there is no way to downgrade. Not that I can probably help, but what database errors are you having + how did you install? I don't run a production version, but have had no database errors running the latest Koha in a development environment for testing.
00:27 Kolvir Installed using debian packages, same with the upgrade. I've sent it to the mailing list too, but need to get cataloging very soon. Upgrade to [18:24:07]: Bug 14783 - Allow patrons to change pickup location for non-waiting holds ERROR: {UNKNOWN}: DBI Exception: DBD::mysql::db do failed: You can't specify target table 'systempreferences' for update in FROM clause at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 739 Added new system prefe
00:27 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=14783 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, bjorn.nylen, Needs documenting , Allow patrons to change pickup location for non-waiting holds
00:36 davidnind Looks like going back to 22.05.x looks like the best bet - you could always try the fix in bug 32470...
00:37 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32470 major, P1 - high, ---, michael.hafen, Needs Signoff , (Bug 14783 follow-up) Fix mysql error in db_rev for
00:41 Kolvir I'll give that a try, ty. Really don't want to reinstall, but may have no choice. Didn't have a backup yet as there really isn't any data.
00:42 Kolvir but the config took a long time to do, especially being a new user.
00:52 davidnind Always best to have a backup - particularly with upgrades. Sorry to hear that it hasn't been the greatest experience...
02:26 tuxayo > but the config took a long time to do
02:26 tuxayo Already worth a backup then, sorry that you are hitting issues Kolvir
02:28 tuxayo Would it be very long to redo the config on you already have it done on an install. Making a config the 1st time and tuning stuff is one things, manually copying to another instance is another. And would be quicker.
02:28 tuxayo *on an install?
02:28 tuxayo *is on thing,
02:28 * tuxayo should proofread more
02:31 tuxayo Kolvir: «I'm having database errors with 22.11» What are those errors by the way?
02:31 tuxayo It's not the same as the upgrade error right? You seem to be talking about errors in the usage of Koha, after the upgrade.
02:34 tuxayo How did you got MySQL as opposed to MariaDB on Linux Mint?
02:37 tuxayo Ah ok MySQL is still packaged. Know that since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystem (the devs of MySQL) , most of the Linux distros favored MariaDB and most sysadmin followed.
02:39 tuxayo Though MySQL is still libre/open source and still developed. But as less people is using it with Koha, it's more probable to have bugs there and less people would be interested in fixing them. But it's still a goal to have it supported.
02:40 tuxayo Oh, the Oracle acquisition of Sun Microsystems history is fishy![…]_and_acquisitions
02:41 tuxayo «As part of the negotiations with the European Commission, Oracle committed that MySQL server will continue until at least 2015 to use the dual-licensing strategy long used by MySQL AB, with proprietary and GPL versions available.»
02:41 tuxayo «The antitrust of the EU had been "pressuring it to divest MySQL as a condition for approval of the merger". But, as revealed by WikiLeaks, the US Department of Justice, at the request of Oracle, pressured the EU to approve the merger unconditionally.»
02:41 tuxayo «The European Commission eventually unconditionally approved Oracle's acquisition of MySQL AB on 21 January 2010.»
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07:25 marcelr o/
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07:29 reiveune hello
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07:41 alex_ Bonjour
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10:13 paulderscheid[m] Morning #koha
10:16 marcelr hi paulderscheid[m]
10:16 paulderscheid[m] Hi marcelr
10:16 marcelr anyone able to confirm that background jobs still work on current master?
10:16 marcelr especially stage marc for import
10:32 marcelr htg; bye #koha; afk a bit longer
10:32 ashimema We generally find background jobs unreliable since their introduction here..
10:33 ashimema we often plain kill rabbit and that helps a bit
10:33 ashimema i've not had time to dig into it though.
10:35 cait1 I just had a problem report for staged imort in 22.11
10:35 cait1 looks like a background job issue - do you have a bug yet marcelr? I'd forward that
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11:02 kidclamp yeah, we killed rabbit for all our instances
11:03 ashimema interesting to know
11:05 cait1 kidclamp: ugh?
11:05 cait1 which version kidclamp?
11:06 kidclamp 21.11 and up
11:07 cait1 no noticeable issues right now in 20.11... but it hasn't been used for much there
11:08 cait1 what problems do you see?
11:16 kidclamp it just got hung frequently - then all the jobs would pile up, then we'd have a lot of work to do
11:17 cait1 it's good to know... something to discuss maybe?
11:17 cait1 ifyou can#t make it work it's probably causing issues for a lot of people
11:30 oleonard o/
11:31 kidclamp https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32481
11:31 huginn Bug 32481: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Rabbit times out when too many jobs are queued and the response takes too long
11:31 kidclamp I thought I had filed that before, but it was one of the bigger problem we identified
11:34 tcohen hola #koha
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12:25 oleonard Did something change in how we run the qa tool in KTD?
12:26 oleonard "qa: command not found"
12:29 tcohen it is expected to run inside kshell
12:30 tcohen we mistakenly provided the command on the root user
12:30 tcohen causing pain and suffering to people
12:31 oleonard tcohen: If I run it from kshell I'm told "Not a git repository"
12:31 cait1 did you run qa -v 2?
12:32 oleonard Yes
12:32 tcohen oleonard
12:32 tcohen it needs to be run inside /kohadevbox/koha
12:32 oleonard If I check out my branch under kshell I'm told "fatal: detected dubious ownership in repository at '/kohadevbox/koha'"
12:32 tcohen exactly
12:32 oleonard Exactly what?
12:33 tcohen that's because you've been using the root user to run qa == pain and suffering
12:33 tcohen you need to chown your clone
12:33 tcohen to your user
12:33 tcohen do it outside ktd
12:34 tcohen chown -R oleonard:oleonard ~/git/koha
12:35 tcohen running some git commands as root, breaks permissions of your git repo.
12:35 tcohen it goes unnoticed while you use teh root user
12:35 tcohen it is not a KTD+kshell thing
12:35 tcohen you probably face the same error outside ktd when checking out on your clone
12:36 oleonard I thought the "-v 2" was now default for qa
12:40 oleonard tcohen: What else should I be doing inside kshell? :D
12:47 tcohen -v 2 is default
12:48 tcohen oleonard: it is weirdly explained here[…]mands-and-aliases
12:48 tcohen it is a bit hidden deep in the docs, but it splits root vs. kshell correctly
12:49 tcohen should be moved a bit up
12:49 tcohen where's infinite time when we need it
12:49 oleonard Seriously.
12:50 tcohen this is the actual qa alias:
12:50 tcohen[…]stance_bashrc#L20
12:50 tcohen -v 2 --failures
12:50 tcohen included for the same price
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14:12 magnuse huh, on 21.11.11 i get errors like "Can't locate C4/ in @INC" and "Bareword "dt_from_string" not allowed" from isn't that Very Weird?
14:15 magnuse must be some local "fix"...
14:25 liliputech magnuse: as far as I can tell we don't have such errors in our libraries!
14:26 magnuse good, it must be something local
14:27 ashimema I think C4::Debug was removed at some point
14:27 ashimema And we've required explicit mention of methods in the use statement for a while
14:28 ashimema So I reckon it's local stuff magnuse
14:28 ashimema Should be fairly easy to fix I would think though..
14:28 magnuse yeah, sorry for the noise :-)
14:28 ashimema No worries
14:29 ashimema We like to help fix stuff when we can :-)
14:35 magnuse :-)
14:40 oleonard So much noise! You woke me up magnuse!
14:41 magnuse well, maybe it was about time? ;-)
14:46 oleonard Maybe.
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16:08 reiveune bye
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16:13 cait1 oh just noticed: translation strings have been updated!
16:19 cait1 but that will ahve to wait - have a nice weekend #koha
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16:28 liliputech evening koha!
16:30 Saru IDENTIFY
16:31 Saru Hello everyone, I am new to Kona and wanted to ask some basic questions to see if Koha is a good fit for our small temple library
16:32 Saru How can I schedule a demo of the software ?
16:33 caroline Saru there are demo sites here
16:33 caroline If you need support, you need to contact a support company in your area
16:42 Saru Thanks Caroline, I tried that but the support company link takes me to a login for those already a member with no links provided for new users. It seems to be a closed loop, which is why I ended up here :)
16:42 caroline Saru do you mean the demo sites? The login information is in the table
16:46 Saru oh goodness, thanks Caroline, I got in :)
16:47 caroline Great!
18:51 tuxayo cait++ for the table in the wiki showing how LTS version works.
18:51 tuxayo https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ning#LTS_Releases
18:53 tuxayo I finally proofread the changes to the LTS proposal page and Koha_Versioning page, thanks a lot cait , all looks good :)
20:05 tcohen have a great weekend y'all
20:24 ashimema You too tcohen
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22:47 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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