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05:22 dcook_ bug 20596
05:22 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20596 normal, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Needs Signoff , Authority record matching rule causes staging failure when MARC record contains multiple tag values for a match point
05:22 dcook_ I think I might need a beer after that...
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07:43 magnuse \o/
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07:54 alex_ Bonjour
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07:59 reiveune hello
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08:23 cait hi #koha
08:24 magnuse kia ora cait
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08:46 paulderscheid[m] Morning #koha
09:12 cait morning all :)
09:34 paulderscheid[m] Quick question: There was a package in the Koha namespace for throwing errors. Where is it?
09:34 paulderscheid[m] Can't find it in the docs.
09:35 paulderscheid[m] Nevermind, I searched for Error instead of Exception 😵
10:15 paulderscheid[m] The new wiki is cool.
10:35 tcohen morning
11:25 mtj hie #koha
11:26 mtj hi tcohen: i saw your msg ^
11:27 mtj ..i wonder if there is another way to build/compile CSS, Vue etc?
11:35 paulderscheid[m] mtj: If this is about node-sass we maybe could switch to stylelint but ultimately oleanord should be on board.
11:36 paulderscheid[m] s/oleanord/oleonard/
11:41 mtj hi paulderscheid[m] :)
11:41 * ashimema is keen for those changes
11:42 ashimema but I think this is more about our general build process and fitting it into the packaging routines...
11:42 ashimema so we no longer have to commit the built blobs
11:43 mtj aah right ^
11:43 ashimema at least I 'think' that's where the question came from
11:44 ashimema I know we're keen from dev side to stop committing the built css and built vue/js.. it would be cleaner to just commit the source files and then compile/build them on release time
11:46 tcohen hi mtj
11:46 mtj hiya tcohen
11:46 mtj ashimema: these commits? -> 9de934a96ed22dabc33533e6ac238446cf488118
11:47 tcohen and ad3744532598cae181567975899200dcf170cba8
11:48 tcohen I'm having existential doubts about the importance of getting rid of those commits, to be honest
11:48 tcohen it is complicating things more than needed me feels
11:48 ashimema fair enough
11:48 mtj ooh, 1.5M file ... koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/js/vue/dist/main.js
11:48 ashimema if that's the case I'm not too too worried..
11:49 tcohen we could build all the things and add them once per cycle
11:49 tcohen on the tagged commit
11:49 tcohen once per release I mean
11:49 tcohen if we want to save space
11:49 tcohen then we keep the conversation, of course
11:50 tcohen heh
11:50 mtj main objective is to save space in the git repo?
11:50 tcohen mtj, did you think about the possibility of building from the tarball?
11:51 tcohen for generating those assets, you would need to
11:51 tcohen yarn build
11:51 tcohen yarn build --view opac
11:51 tcohen yarn build_js
11:51 ashimema save space and reduce conflicts
11:51 mtj tcohen: yes, i had a little think... it should be possible :)
11:52 * ashimema seems to remember doing stuff with make for building packages..
11:52 ashimema but it's been a while
11:52 ashimema building feels like a task make could/should be doing
11:53 tcohen mtj: I've been pondering about adding the required tools to the release-tools docker image...
11:53 tcohen so rmaints can just
11:53 tcohen koha-release tarball
11:53 tcohen and get everything bundled on the tarball
11:53 tcohen hence my question heh
11:53 mtj ashimema: agree ^
11:53 mtj tcohen: i think its a great idea
11:54 mtj i couldnt hurt to add the functionality?
11:54 ashimema make includes adding build dependancies right.. so grabbing yarn and friends isn't entirely beyond imagination
11:54 mtj it couldnt hurt to add the functionality
11:54 tcohen oh, I thought it was a typo
11:55 * ashimema like that as it allows for 'standard' and 'dev' type installs to still function..
11:55 tcohen you really meant make
11:55 tcohen that's the right place, correct
11:55 ashimema well.. certainly standard.. dev would likely mean youd still need manual extra's.. but as a dev you'd kinda expect that
11:56 mtj i really need to add that jenkins 'tar build' job back
11:56 oleonard paulderscheid[m], ashimema, I'm completely on board with switching to stylelint. I just can't make it happen myself any time soon.
11:56 ashimema I have dev resource now.. but need guidance to help plan our work
11:57 ashimema we have a bunch of projects I'm lining up.. stylelint and sass changes could be added
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12:15 mtj tcohen: the packages are built using the debian/build-git-snapshot script
12:16 mtj, would be easy to add any extra 'yarn' steps to that
12:16 tcohen it would be covered by make, right?
12:24 mtj yes, i think so
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12:31 mtj build-git-snapshot calls pdebuild, which calls dpkg-buildpackage...
12:34 mtj ...which calls debian/rules, which calls /usr/bin/make
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14:58 tuxayo hi !)
14:58 tuxayo * :)
15:01 thd (   : - [) )
15:01 tuxayo ^^
15:01 tuxayo #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 14 December 2022
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15:02 kidclamp #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
15:02 tcohen #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
15:03 tuxayo rmaints?
15:03 ashimema #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS-Europe
15:03 tcohen qa_team
15:03 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
15:04 tuxayo #info Victor Grousset, Tuxayo Ltd., France
15:06 tuxayo qa_team is cait, marcelr, khall, kidclamp,  lukeg, aleisha, fridolin, ashimema, tuxayo, nugged, petrova, Joubu and dcook
15:07 tuxayo #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_14_December_2022 Today's agenda
15:07 tuxayo #topic Announcements
15:07 cait sorry for being late
15:07 tuxayo anything to announce that doesn't fit better in the other topics?
15:07 cait @info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
15:07 huginn cait: Error: The command "info" is available in the Factoids and RSS plugins.  Please specify the plugin whose command you wish to call by using its name as a command before "info".
15:08 oleonard #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, Ohio, USA
15:08 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
15:09 tuxayo #topic Update from the Release manager
15:09 tuxayo tcohen: 🎙️
15:10 tcohen Things are moving a bit slow
15:10 tcohen school ended for the rest of the year so figuring how to organize the little kids
15:10 tcohen I've been focused on KTD and jenkins
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15:10 tcohen particularly, I made jenkins notifications work again
15:10 cait tcohen++
15:10 liliputech tcohen++
15:11 tcohen and I added the QA team on CC for failures (so more eyes there)
15:11 tuxayo tcohen++
15:11 tuxayo Should there already have been emails sent?
15:11 tcohen nope
15:12 tcohen no pushes :-D
15:12 tcohen I only tweaked the 'master' tasks
15:12 tcohen I created an email alias for rmaints and the qa team
15:12 tcohen on my own domain
15:12 tcohen I will be using that
15:12 tuxayo thanks :)
15:12 tuxayo And almost all is green :)
15:12 tcohen we should rather have something in
15:12 tcohen but this will work for now
15:13 tuxayo > we should rather have something in
15:13 tuxayo ++
15:13 cait oh I wonder, didn't we have a christmas/winter theme for the dashboard?
15:13 tuxayo I guess mason also get the failures?
15:13 tuxayo > winter theme for the dashboard?
15:13 tuxayo Ah, maybe!
15:14 tcohen I expected more movement after the release, tidying things on the new interface revamp
15:15 tcohen but that is not the case, so I might start pushing new things soon
15:15 cait same, but I think everybody is tired and busy - holidays coming up
15:15 tcohen on the other hand, we are in the process of reviewing our build pipeline
15:15 tuxayo How is the .00 ? Anything terrible found?
15:16 tcohen and there was some consensus about not pushing generated code like CSS, vue-related stuffs
15:16 cait tuxayo: check QA emails ;)
15:16 tcohen to the repo
15:16 tuxayo > check QA emails
15:16 tuxayo Ah yes, I'm late on them!
15:16 tcohen so I've pushed a couple CSS fixes, but in master you need to build it yourself
15:17 cait is there information on the wiki for that yet?
15:17 cait maybe also an email would be good
15:17 cait how does it work?
15:17 cait when I am yarn building now
15:17 tcohen the main problem is we haven't come up with a proposal yet
15:17 cait i always have to stash clean before SO as the untracked files get in the way
15:17 tcohen cait: you need to
15:17 tcohen yarn build
15:17 tcohen yarn build --view opac
15:17 tcohen and
15:17 tcohen yarn build_js
15:18 cait I am pretty sure right now i liked the commited files better
15:18 tcohen for a complete working build
15:18 tuxayo > but in master you need to build it yourself
15:18 tuxayo The new yarn steps when starting ktd also do the CSS?
15:18 ashimema Sorry, I'm on the school run so catching up and site
15:18 ashimema Slow
15:18 cait are these files added to an ignore file automatically?
15:18 cait and is there a shortcut to run all 3?
15:18 tcohen they are in .gitignore
15:18 cait will ktd come up with them pre-built?
15:18 cait ok
15:18 oleonard I was just thinking a shortcut for all three would be a great idea
15:18 ashimema Winter theme for dashboard was something catalyst/rangi usually did.. I think it still exist but would need a rebase
15:19 ashimema Merge requests welcome. I can review
15:19 tcohen I will submit an alias for that
15:19 cait maybe an option for restart_all
15:19 tcohen fyi: it should be run on the kshell
15:19 cait ktd --kshell or one level deeper?
15:19 ashimema Submit requests to ktd cait
15:19 ashimema We're still working on it all
15:20 ashimema I intend to help tcohen more asap.. been struggling to keep up with assigning work to our new team here
15:20 tcohen ktd --shell -> kshell
15:20 cait you don't need to with yarn bulid now
15:20 tcohen cait: that's correct
15:20 tcohen BUT
15:21 tcohen beware you are generating files as root user
15:21 cait hm
15:21 tuxayo Is it bad? They aren't commited
15:21 cait had the same thought :)
15:21 * ashimema wonders if there would be a was for ktd --kshell to dump you straight in at kshell.. not sure what requires root now
15:21 cait and still: please document and send an email to list
15:21 tcohen you probably won't be able to delete them outside ktd
15:22 tuxayo > not sure what requires root now
15:22 tuxayo Oh that changed!
15:24 tuxayo I'll try using only the non root user and see if anything goes wrong
15:24 ashimema Some commands probably do.. but I'm thinking a nice improvement would be to try and only require the env we have inside kshell and dump the user there instead of root
15:25 tcohen restart_all and other stuff requires root
15:26 tcohen running the qa command outside kshell results in bad permission problems on the git repo
15:26 tuxayo > outside kshell
15:26 tuxayo So in root?
15:26 ashimema Yup
15:26 tcohen right, if you perform a checkout as root (outside kshell) then some refs on the git repo (that are not evident with git status)
15:27 tcohen will be owned by root and working with git outside KTD will fail
15:27 tcohen with some weird errors
15:27 ashimema Yup
15:28 ashimema I would say for now the rule of thumb should be do it inside kshell.. if you hit a permission issue exit out to root
15:28 tuxayo So first steps would be make a ticket to have restart_all/reset_all to work on the kohadev user (by using sudo or something) and another to have ktd --kshell to dump you straight in kohadev user. Is that it?
15:28 ashimema For those that don't fully grasp it, that's a fair default modus operandi
15:29 ashimema Yeah, that's the idea I was just spitballing tuxayo
15:29 ashimema Anywho, let's take that discussion off meeting I reckon
15:30 tuxayo =>[…]cker/-/issues/270
15:30 thd weird dev environment => weird errors
15:31 tuxayo #action tuxayo open tickets on ktd for the basic stuff needed to easily work on the non-root user
15:31 tuxayo tcohen: other updates?
15:31 tcohen nope
15:31 tcohen QA all the bugs!
15:31 tuxayo ^^
15:31 tuxayo #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
15:32 tuxayo lukeg , Wainui ashimema
15:32 tuxayo liliputech:
15:32 ashimema We're getting back up to speed at ptfs-e
15:32 ashimema We're 2 days behind right now due to company Xmas meeting this week . I will catch us up tonight
15:33 ashimema I fixed a bunch if issues with koha-push script too
15:33 ashimema And git hooks
15:33 ashimema It's was a baptism of fire for our new Devs, but they're enjoying it and getting onboard fast
15:34 tuxayo Your new recruits doing RMaint with you are Matt and Jacob is that how it is?
15:34 ashimema Correct
15:34 tuxayo ashimema++
15:34 tuxayo Then send welcome to them :)
15:34 ashimema Pedro will also come in board when he goes full time in January.. right now he's contracting for us part time whilst he serves his notice
15:35 ashimema Will do, they're flying back from Edinburgh right now.. else they'd be here
15:35 tuxayo Pedro is the person that helped for ERM IIRC
15:35 reiveune bye
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15:35 cait oops
15:36 ashimema Yup
15:36 cait sorry, got distracted for a moment
15:36 tuxayo Many good news, ptfs-e++
15:36 tuxayo #topic Updates from the QA team
15:36 tuxayo qa_team?
15:37 tuxayo qa_team is cait, marcelr, khall, kidclamp,  lukeg, aleisha, fridolin, ashimema, tuxayo, nugged, petrova, Joubu and dcook
15:37 cait as tcohen has said, things have been a little slow
15:37 cait queues are filling up, but at least a bit slower than usual too
15:37 cait please check QA emails, I tried to include urgent stuff or things people asked for help for
15:38 cait other than that... please QA all the bugs!
15:38 ashimema QA has been slow from me.. again it's because I'm upskilling the team right now so a bit swamped
15:38 tuxayo Last patch testing session has been better in terms of attendance that the others.
15:38 ashimema Awesome
15:39 tuxayo I'll wait for January to plan others
15:39 tuxayo ashimema and tcohen visit on the call was lovely ^^
15:39 ashimema I reckon we should promote new year's resolutions of attending those bug testing sessions ;)
15:39 tuxayo That's how I'll advertise it :P
15:39 ashimema tuxayo++
15:40 ashimema It's a great initiative
15:41 tuxayo Still not reaching parity of signoff bug vs when I'm directly doing it.
15:41 tuxayo But there is also the outreach value
15:41 tcohen gotta go feed the kids
15:41 tcohen laters
15:42 tuxayo And some stuff we where able to team on for testing and being with librarians allowed to understand tricky stuff :)
15:42 tuxayo #topic KohaCon24 bidding
15:42 ashimema That's great :)
15:42 tuxayo «Set the rough schedule» «Find a volunteer to oversee the process and trigger actions»
15:42 ashimema Really helpful to have the right people in the room together sometimes
15:43 tuxayo yes!
15:44 tuxayo Knowing the quirks of patch testing tools and workflow + the more advanced uses of Koha doesn't leave much people that can a fair share of the patches
15:44 tuxayo So, it's a follow up to the last general meeting
15:45 tuxayo (about the KohaCon24 bidding)
15:47 tuxayo I found the logs!
15:47 ashimema Super organised
15:47 tuxayo «So start in January the bidding so if someone wants to host in January 2024»
15:47 tuxayo Start early to allow already bids to have time
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15:48 tuxayo And let the big run for 2 months
15:48 tuxayo And see if we have a proposal at the next general meeting in april
15:49 tuxayo Any chance/refinement to the plan?
15:50 ashimema Still on school run and losing feeling in fingers
15:50 tuxayo > losing feeling in fingers
15:50 tuxayo due to cold?
15:51 thd cold is presumed
15:51 tuxayo Let's keep the above plan. Any volunteer to oversee the process and trigger actions?
15:52 thd ... where ashimea is located.
15:53 tuxayo What would be needed besides making the wiki page using the template and announcement email using paste ones?
15:56 thd Prompting on email if there is no or little response.
15:56 tuxayo Anyway, I still have to call for volunteer on the mailing list as planned in last weeks meeting and I'll ask for the step also there.
15:56 tuxayo #action tuxayo call for a volunteer on mailing lists to open the bidding for KohaCon24 and confirm the task list for that.
15:56 tuxayo #topic Status of roadmap projects
15:57 tuxayo Do we have anything for now about roadmap projects?
15:57 thd Possibly agreeing to alter regional rotation for the year if no response forthcoming.
15:58 tuxayo thd: that was already considered I think when we where out of proposals, but we have a lot of time for now
15:58 thd gmcharlt had sent a message indicating that Equinox was still interested in hosting the wiki which is good for infrastructure distribution.
15:58 tuxayo thd: "roadmap projects" any news about wiki email notifications?
15:58 tuxayo nice
15:58 thd However, gmcharlt is always super busy so no further response.
15:59 ashimema sorry.. home now and reading back
15:59 thd tcohen has been starting to set up the SMTP server for the server where the wiki runs.
16:00 tuxayo So Equinox would attach a server to our portainer thing?
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16:00 tuxayo great :)
16:00 tuxayo Thanks for the news
16:00 thd What Equinox might do needed discussion.
16:01 thd However, many people have trouble with the human bandwidth required for discussion.
16:01 tuxayo ^^
16:01 cait for Kohacon: Basically that, mails to the mailing lsit, wiki page and adding to agendas for next steps or if any decisions need to be made
16:01 tuxayo thanks cait!
16:01 tuxayo anything else thd? Or someone else about roadmap stuff?
16:02 cait doesn't need to do the hard stuff, but makes ure it doesn't get out of sight and progresses
16:02 * thd does not know why the mail system connected to portainer, etc. had stopped working.
16:03 thd However, virtualising everything creates weird problems as we discussed previously in this meeting.
16:03 tuxayo > had stopped working
16:03 tuxayo IIRC it wasn't working on this server since before. But it wasn't a problem since the wiki wasn't there.
16:03 tuxayo #topic Actions from last meeting
16:04 tuxayo cait Update wiki page for LTS: completed, see https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]workflow_proposal
16:04 tuxayo cait++
16:04 thd It had not been a wiki problem when the wiki was not there so a smaller problem became larger.
16:05 tuxayo See also https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Koha_Versioning
16:06 tuxayo next: «Deferred until after the 22.11 release»
16:06 tuxayo tcohen to schedule/call a "CSRF day" to work on related patches together
16:06 tuxayo tcohen to draft proposal for master→main change and draft of action list
16:06 tuxayo oleonard ashimema draft in the developer handbook how to form our modals. With template of a simple case and a case with form inside.: focus is currently on staff interface redesign changes, see the  draft style guide:
16:06 tuxayo[…]-styleguide-draft
16:07 tuxayo #action tcohen to schedule/call a "CSRF day" to work on related patches together
16:07 tuxayo #action tcohen to draft proposal for master→main change and draft of action list
16:08 tuxayo #action oleonard ashimema draft in the developer handbook how to form our modals. With template of a simple case and a case with form inside.: focus is currently on staff interface redesign changes, see the draft style guide:[…]-styleguide-draft
16:08 tuxayo #topic General development discussion (trends, ideas, ...)
16:08 tuxayo «git-bz is stuck on Python 2 which went end of life on January 1st 2020… should we start to consider alternatives?»
16:09 tuxayo I email nugged to ask if with Helsinki Uni they have their Python 3 fork of git-bz published somewhere
16:10 tuxayo So hopefully git-bz won't be an issue
16:10 tuxayo « git bz attach -e BUGNUMBER HEAD~X.. (where X = number of patches (davidnind) »
16:10 tuxayo «I've always done it this way when signing off patches as it is what I was told to do»
16:11 tuxayo «There was some discussion on IRC on using -e or not, and obsoleting patches[…]-10-20#i_2457161»
16:11 tuxayo «Just seeking guidance on best practice, including whether old patches should be obsoleted (by adding the obsolete tag) to make the bug "cleaner"»
16:11 tuxayo «There maybe a number of scenarios where different options are preferred (for example, sign off vs. passed QA)»
16:11 tuxayo Ah ok, marking the comment with the obsolete tag so it's hidden. And not just obsoleting the attachement.
16:17 tuxayo After a quick read there doesn't seem to be a way to have the patch comments also obsoleted with git bz (to have them collapsed for old patches). But for the most tech tinkerers here, there is a script that can be ran with stuff like the Greasemonkey Firefox extension:
16:17 tuxayo I never used -e , is that an alternative to interacting with ticket via the web ui?
16:18 tuxayo Is there something that is much faster to do there?
16:21 tuxayo @later davidnind: not much workflow feedback on your git-bz question[…]2-12-14#i_2467175  likely koha-devel would have a wider reach.
16:22 huginn tuxayo: I suck
16:22 tuxayo @later tell davidnind: not much workflow feedback on your git-bz question[…]2-12-14#i_2467175 likely koha-devel would have a wider reach
16:22 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
16:22 tuxayo #topic Review of coding guidelines
16:23 tuxayo #action tuxayo defer "SQL8 of our coding guidelines state that SQL should not be in .pl, but should be in the module in C4 or Koha. This would mean that SQL in the Koha namespace is allowed and there is no mention of DBIC in the coding guidelines right now. (Deferred from previous meeting(s).)"
16:23 tuxayo #topic Set time of next meeting
16:23 tuxayo «Should the next meeting be the 28th (straight after Christmas for countries that observe this) or 11th January?»
16:23 tuxayo «Should it then be in a timeslot more suitable for Oceana-Americas?»
16:24 tuxayo For 2nd question, David N will plan a date in january. For now we can plan here any date for this timeslot.
16:24 * thd prefers Jan.
16:25 tuxayo Ah yes, that was the idea.
16:25 tuxayo (finally the calendar loaded)
16:26 tuxayo Not much hope for January 4th. The 11 then?
16:26 thd yes please
16:26 ashimema 11th is better
16:27 tuxayo Great, thanks!
16:27 tuxayo #info Next meeting: 11 January 2023, 15:00 UTC
16:27 tuxayo #endmeeting
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16:27 huginn Log:            https://meetings.koha-communit[…]14-15.01.log.html
16:27 tuxayo Thanks all for attending :)
16:40 tuxayo Does anyone know a simple workflow to have non technician submit a patch to Koha (no testing it, suitable to trival/string patches)
16:40 tuxayo For now I have: using gitlab to fork Koha (and make it a mirror so it's a viable work) and then use the web ui to edit stuff and download the patch and attach it manually in BZ
16:41 cait tuxayo++
16:41 tuxayo Still quite some work but less than: making a linux VM, installing ktd, using git (😱😱😱😱😱) and git-bz
16:43 tuxayo (and then keeping the local git repo up to date and ktd images to be able to it a few months later)
16:43 tuxayo 😵‍💫
16:44 tuxayo Any improvement or other workflow that could lower the barrier of entry for non technical people to submit trivial patches?
16:44 ashimema I did just that with a colleague myself recently tuxayo
16:45 ashimema forked on github
16:45 ashimema then built patches for them from their pull request
16:45 ashimema it was a bit of a pain
16:46 tuxayo > built patches for them from their pull request
16:46 tuxayo no need for pull request, add .patch in the commit url. Or was there complications?
16:47 ashimema I just did it on the fly.. not really used github/gitlab all that much so wasn't aware you could just add .patch to url
16:47 ashimema anywho
16:49 tuxayo > wasn't aware you could just add .patch to url
16:49 tuxayo Ah, GitLab has a button!
16:49 tuxayo[…]d606c2eb374f2d551
16:49 tuxayo options => send patch via email
16:49 ashimema lol
16:49 ashimema nice
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17:12 cait document in wiki? *cough* :)
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17:35 tuxayo That was my plan ^^
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17:54 acupp Is anyone out there today?
17:55 caroline I think some people are around... ask your question and maybe someone will know the answer :)
17:57 acupp Say I have two items of the same work.  I edited the item record for one to say Withdrawn.  Patrons still see that we have two copies on hand.  How do I make it so that patrons don't see items where the Withdrawn status field has the value "Withdrawn?"
17:57 caroline acupp, I usually use the OpacHiddenItems for that purpose
17:58 caroline the OpacHiddenItems system preference I mean
17:58 caroline in the pref, enter
17:58 caroline withdrawn: [1]
17:59 acupp Are you talking about 942n?  I do that if I'm withdrawing all the items, but in this case I'm not doing that.
18:00 caroline no, I'm takling about the OpacHiddenItems system preference
18:00 acupp Oh.  Then can you lead me to that system preference?
18:01 caroline Go to Administration, search for OpacHiddenItems
18:02 caroline[…]l#opachiddenitems
18:02 caroline I also have this, but it's in french... you can probably google translate it[…]-elagues-a-lopac/
18:08 acupp So what I need to do is enter items.withdrawn: [Withdrawn], right?
18:08 caroline simply enter
18:08 caroline withdrawn: [1]
18:12 acupp Maybe I'm dense, but I don't see how that works.  It seems like what that does is hide item records where the field has the value "1."
18:13 caroline yes, unless you have changed drastiacally your WITHDRAWN authorised_values, if the item is withdranw, the field value should be 1
18:13 caroline You can check the values in Administration > Authorized values > WITHDRAWN
18:14 caroline The value for Withdrawn should be 1
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18:16 caroline If you have access to your database, you can also check the withdrawn value SELECT withdrawn FROM items WHERE barcode = 'xxxxxx';
18:24 acupp I did Admin-->Authorized values--> Withdrawn.  The value is "1"  That makes me think my framework is wrong.  What I have is a dropdown, and the only options are to leave it blank (vast majority) or select "Withdrawn."
18:25 caroline acupp, No that is correct. Authorised values have a "value" and a "description". What you see everywhere is the "description", but what is saved in the database is the "value"
18:26 caroline It is the same principle as itemtypes for example... you will have your item type "code", which will be something like BK, and the item type "description" which will be "Book"
18:29 acupp I don't understand why it works, but it does.  Withdrawn: [1] gives me the desired result.  I'm just trying to understand why it works.  Why don't I have to put items.withdrawn?
18:31 caroline OpacHiddenItems already looks in the "items" table. So you don't have to specify that. The column you are checking against is "withdrawn", and then the value to be checked is 1
18:33 acupp ah okay
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