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06:59 magnuse__ \o/
07:00 cait[m] morning stretches?
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07:12 reiveune hello
07:22 cait[m] bonjour reiveune
07:24 magnuse__ yup
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07:45 alex_ Bonjour
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08:02 shohl hi! i am currently trying to set up z39.50 as described here https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]50_and_SRU_Server
08:02 shohl it seems like something is running on port 2100, but curl gives an empty response
08:03 shohl (curl: (52) Empty reply from server)
08:07 shohl ah, nevermind - it was the old log4perl config
08:13 * cait1 waves
08:58 paulderscheid[m] Morning #koha
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10:06 cait morning paulderscheid[m] :)
10:08 cait 2022-12-08. PTFS Europe partners with Single Homeless Project. (PTFS Europe) PTFS Europe has announced that as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility it will now commit to donating at least 5% of its profit every year to charitable causes. The first charity to be selected is Single Homeless Project based in London which will be supported by a donation of £10,000 < awesome :)
10:08 cait ptfs-e++
10:08 ashimema 😄
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10:49 davewood looks like GetMarcBiblio is going away ... our internal tool depends on it and im looking for the recommended way yo replace it. (https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]bug.cgi?id=29697)
10:49 huginn Bug 29697: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, RESOLVED FIXED, Replace GetMarcBiblio occurrences with $biblio->metadata->record
10:50 davewood well ... i will give $biblio->metadata->record a try ... is it still the best practice to save changes using ModBiblio or can/should this be done using the record directly?
11:18 davewood thats possibly new -> "Invalid data, cannot decode metadata object (, biblionumber=369, format=marcxml, schema=MARC21, decoding_error=':8: parser error : PCDATA invalid Char value 31 <controlfield tag="001">00aD000015937</controlfield>
11:32 cait[m] hi davewood  - sorry not much help here - you might want to check with Joubu or kidclamp maybe
11:33 davewood GetMarcBiblio doesnt show the "invalid data" error/warning
11:34 davewood thanks cait :)
11:35 tcohen hola #koha o/
11:39 ashimema Hi #
11:40 ashimema koha
11:40 tcohen ptfs-e++
11:40 ashimema I'm in meetings next couple of days
11:40 ashimema so wont be around much 🙂
11:40 cait[m] days!
11:41 ashimema Social Responsibility is of greater and great significance in our company.. we want to remain 'the good guys' and as we grow we're geting that written more formally into all our stuff.. including stuff like the above?
11:41 ashimema I love working for such a socially aware and thoughtful company 🙂
11:42 ashimema company christmas meeting.. was fun getting here.. might be even more fun getting home as most of the UK travell infrastructure is in strike or down due to snow at the minute...
11:42 ashimema 😄
11:42 ashimema there are worst places to be stuck.. we're at the royal college of surgeons library in edinburgh
11:43 cait[m] oooh Edinburgh
11:43 cait[m] have been there a couple of times, always loving it
11:45 davewood Ahh Edinburgh, fun times, until some drunk dudes figured out we were from austria and started doing the Hitler greeting and yelling "Heil!" But other than that, great city. :)
11:46 ashimema dang.. that' awful, sorry you had that experience davewood
11:51 davewood long time ago and I dont think it has to do with edinburgh, same can happen anywhere
12:09 tcohen hi all
12:10 tcohen I'll be setting a 'test' wiki site, so we can test the script
12:10 tcohen who has admin rights on hte wiki?
12:10 ashimema I do.. but not the server.
12:10 ashimema and it seems a lot of 'admin' stuff has been disabled on serverside config
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12:11 tcohen what do you mean admin stuff?
12:11 tcohen pm
12:13 oleonard o/
12:14 tcohen \o
12:15 ashimema honestly, it's been a while since I did much in mediawiki in any depth so I'm not too worried
12:15 ashimema but I am in the admin group of users.. very few of us are.. so I can do things like delete pages and stuff which it appears almost no-one else can..
12:16 ashimema but I can't add others to the group or manage other peoples permissions.. I'm sure that's something I could do when I was a similar level in other mediawiki instances..
12:17 tcohen I know nothing about mediawiki, thd?
12:18 tcohen @later tell thd we need to chat about the wiki and some changes
12:18 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
12:21 ashimema it may well just be how mediawiki has changed over the years
12:22 tcohen yeah, it's been a major upgrade for us, jumping several versions ahead
12:23 ashimema indeed
12:58 tcohen thd: maybe we need[…]nsion:Admin_Links
13:04 magnuse ptfs-e++
13:12 cait tcohen: I have special pages and Unused categories - maybe we already ahave it?
13:12 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]cial:SpecialPages
13:13 cait ah ok, the unused was just an example... hm
13:29 tcohen cait++
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15:31 cait tcohen++   :)
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17:32 * ashimema is considering a 'This week in Koha' blog thingy.. to highlight cool goings on in the world of Koha dev
17:33 cait I struggle sometimes fr the QA mails
17:33 cait there is lots of cools tuff, but some I am not involved with or you miss taking a note in the right moment and forget
17:33 ashimema yeah.. I'm thinking an entirely different tact.. trying to drum up interest in fun things to play with..
17:34 * ashimema reads 'This week in Gnome' and some of it is very droll whilst other bits are fun and interesting
17:34 ashimema yeah.. that is hard
17:34 ashimema in the gnome world, they us a matrix bot..
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19:13 davidnind ptfs-e++
19:27 reiveune bye
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20:21 davidnind Apologies to the next development meeting attendees - I put the meeting in the calendar on the wrong day (a  day early!), it should now be showing correctly
21:05 tcohen @later tell mtj hi, saw you launched Koha_Master manually, please pm me about the things you are testing/changing in KTD/jenkins
21:05 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
22:17 caroline Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off queuing when running bulkmarcimport or link_bibs_to_authorities? I'd rather run a manual reindex after I'm done than have a gazillion queued jobs
22:18 caroline should I turn off the service, delete from background_jobs and start the service again when I'm done?
22:18 caroline I doN,t know enough about rabbit mq to know if doing this would break something
22:25 cait[m] me neither - it sounds like it should work, but you might want someoe to confirm if htere is an easier way
22:32 caroline thanks cait[m]! Today is go live day for one library so I don't want to try anything, but I will try something on my next test migration...
23:42 cait[m] @later tell tcohen plase have a look at hte follow-up on bug 14783
23:42 huginn cait[m]: The operation succeeded.

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