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04:17 eugene_ test
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04:27 eugene_ Good day koha community! I am trying out docker to try to get involve in Koha development. I followed[…]ha-testing-docker. My machine is ubuntu 20.04. I am already in this part "git clone[…]ommunity/Koha.git koha". It seem the command line does not move. Any way I can check if the command is working? Thanks!
04:27 eugene_ It is stucked with Cloning into 'koha'...
04:37 mtj hi eugene_, perhaps try using a mirror repo instead?
04:37 mtj git clone
04:48 eugene_ thanks mtj! It seems this one is working
05:35 mtj congrts eugene_
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06:56 ashimema It's always a pleasure to see when you've commented on a bug dcook. Always insightful and helpful :-)
06:56 ashimema Thanks
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07:16 marcelr hi #koha
07:16 SupportLibrary[m] Good morning
07:18 SupportLibrary[m] If i May ask. For field 000 subfield i want to create New plugin. Is it possible and from   where? Thanks.
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07:36 davewood I upgraded one of our servers 'apt upgrade' and got this warning: "Connection to the memcached servers '__MEMCACHED_SERVERS__' failed. Are the unix socket permissions set properly? Is the host reachable?" ... but the only file that contains 300: <memcached_servers>__MEMCACHED​_SERVERS__</memcached_servers>
07:36 davewood is /etc/koha/ ... and thats just the template source right?
07:37 cait I think you might be able to ignore that
07:38 cait if it only shows up during the update process, I think I remember we had that happen too
07:39 marcelr davewood: check memcached_servers in your actual koha-conf.xml
07:39 cait it's bug 22217
07:39 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=22217 normal, P3, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , error "Connection to the memcached servers '__MEMCACHED_SERVERS__' failed" during install
07:39 cait "What's happening? debian/scripts/koha-translate set KOHA_CONF (for non-dev installs) to /etc/koha/, ecause our LangInstaller module needs some paths from there (like intrahtdoc). The problem is that this koha-conf does not have a valid memcached config, and so we reach Koha::Cache without correct values and get the warning.  We definitively can ignore this warning, but it would be better to remove it of course. Howeve
07:39 cait r I have no idea how to clean that" (Joubu)
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07:40 davewood alright, thanks alot
07:40 reiveune hello
07:40 cait hello reiveune :)
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07:47 alex_ Bonjour
07:48 fridolin SupportLibrary[m]: hi, you mean a cataloguing help ? aka a value builder
07:49 fridolin this must be done in source code
07:49 fridolin there is actually no hook from Koha "real" plugins
07:49 SupportLibrary[m] Aha okey
07:53 SupportLibrary[m] Where in the source code i can find them?
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09:29 fridolin SupportLibrary[m]: there they are[…]ing/value_builder
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09:53 ashimema bug 30254
09:53 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30254 critical, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , New overdue fine applied to incorrectly when using "Refund lost item charge and charge new overdue fine" option in circ rules
09:54 marcelr hi ashimema sounds complicated..
09:55 ashimema cait's on it I think..
09:55 cait I am trying
09:55 ashimema I was just using the bot to tell me what the number meant 😜
09:55 marcelr cait++
09:55 ashimema quicker than pasting into a browser..
09:55 ashimema hehe
09:55 marcelr yeah bonus points
09:56 ashimema I'm currently working through the code for expanding av's in the API for Tomas..
09:56 ashimema complex but elegant I think if the  take so far..
09:56 ashimema wrapping one's brain around this stuff is always a bit fun
09:56 * marcelr breaks his head again on a minor 2fa issue
09:57 ashimema haha.. those are equally challenging
09:57 cait we are all having fun togehter, isn't it nice?
09:57 ashimema we seem to hit lots of hard ones at the moment hehe
09:57 marcelr its so cool
09:57 ashimema I'll need some easy one's for my new team.. haha
09:57 ashimema I intend to get them into the flow of signoffs from day one
09:57 cait I alreay offered you to make a list
09:58 ashimema indeed
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11:00 SupportLibrary[m] <fridolin> "Support Library: there they..." <- If i want to create New value Who can i uplode it to koha
11:00 cait you can't
11:00 cait but you can place it in the directory on the server
11:00 cait and it will show up in the list of configurable value builders
11:01 marcelr bbl
11:03 SupportLibrary[m] cait: Okey
11:07 cait sorry, didn't finish the overdues one  - not sure I'll be able to come back to it this week.
11:08 ashimema you can submit it though.
11:09 cait hm?
11:09 ashimema create a bug on bugzilla and submit a patch.. it'll then go through a testing and quality assurance process 🙂
11:09 cait ah yes
11:09 cait of course, we can stlil add new value builders, we do actually al the time
11:09 cait bye all!
11:53 eugene_ Hello! Anyone around? another question re: docker koha for development
11:54 oleonard Ask away eugene_. If someone is around who can answer maybe they will
11:59 tcohen hola #koha
12:00 oleonard Hi tcohen
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12:31 marcelr o/
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12:33 eugene_ what again are "GIT_BZ_PASSWORD=
12:33 eugene_ GIT_BZ_USER=" Is this for gitlab? github? or koha bugzilla? Thanks!
12:34 tcohen bugzilla
12:34 tcohen BugZilla credentials
12:35 eugene_ oh.. thanks tcohen!
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13:00 eugene_ Hi again! I am having trouble with "ktd up", I am getting the following error message:
13:00 eugene_ Command 'ktd' not found, did you mean:
13:00 eugene_ command 'std' from snap std (1.0.1)
13:00 eugene_ command 'kxd' from deb kxd (0.14-2)
13:00 eugene_ command 'atd' from deb at (3.1.23-1ubuntu1)
13:00 eugene_ command 'td' from deb textdraw (0.2+ds-0+nmu1build3)
13:00 eugene_ command 'kid' from deb python-kid (0.9.6-3build1)
13:00 eugene_ command 'rtd' from deb skycat (3.1.2+starlink1~b+dfsg-5build3)
13:00 eugene_ See 'snap info <snapname>' for additional versions.
13:09 eugene_ ooopss. it seem i need to source ~/.bashrc
13:26 ashimema hmm..
13:26 ashimema I can't seem to build the opac scss at the moment
13:26 ashimema `yarn build --view=opac` is still how we do it right?
13:29 tuxayo hi #koha :)
13:34 eugene_ hmmm.. I am stuck with koha-es-1         | [2022-11-03T13:16:41,476][INFO ][o.e.l.LicenseService     ] [OrIrSLd] license [aca06cde-3baa-4af2-8510-b740bddc69cf] mode [basic] - valid
13:34 eugene_
13:43 SupportLibrary[m] <cait> "you can't" <- where to find this directory?
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14:13 oleonard ashimema: Are you getting an error from yarn?
14:18 tcohen ?
14:19 tcohen yarn build?
14:21 ashimema I got it
14:22 ashimema needed to update npm modules..
14:22 ashimema probably testing erm threw it out at some point
14:22 tcohen ah
14:22 tcohen doesn't ERM require newer nodejs?
14:22 ashimema I lost some of the bootstrap font stuff our build depends on somehow
14:22 tcohen it requires node 14
14:22 tcohen and we have 12
14:22 tcohen don't we?
14:23 ashimema ha.. yeah.. I do get some funky messages about node being old/incompatible.. but the build does run fine for me.
14:23 tcohen and Koha's gulpfile might need tweaking
14:23 ashimema indeed
14:23 ashimema holy moly.. only 5 bugs in the queue... and 5 enhancements!
14:24 ashimema 10 bz's total in the QA queue.. not sure I've ever seen it that low!
14:24 ashimema midn you.. whenever it's got close before I've switched to SO to bump it back up.. haha
14:25 tcohen don't worry
14:25 tcohen it will grow a lot for tomorrow
14:26 tcohen LOL
14:27 ashimema haha
14:32 marcelr ashimema: bug 31937
14:32 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31937 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Prevent from locking too many accounts
14:32 marcelr that should be very easy
14:32 ashimema ooh.. that doesn't sound good.
14:32 ashimema will take a look.. just going into a call now.
14:32 marcelr its a theoretical issue that i experienced though
14:34 tcohen marcelr: why you remove ->get_from_storage on bug 31894?
14:34 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31894 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, stefan.berndtsson, Passed QA , Extend Hold hooks with more actions
14:35 marcelr because we have stored 1 line above it
14:35 tcohen we do that to prevent plugins from messing with the object the next plugin might use
14:36 marcelr that doesnt work?
14:36 tcohen or affect the action_logs
14:36 marcelr it will be done one time
14:36 marcelr so how could you prevent that
14:36 tcohen right, I think it was about action_logs
14:36 tcohen and I'm mixing thoughts from the past
14:36 marcelr np
14:37 marcelr i am doing that constantly
14:37 marcelr this is all just copy-pasting code that needed attention already
14:39 tcohen yes but
14:40 tcohen I still feel we need the get_from_storage, so it is a different object in memory
14:43 marcelr is it a different object?
14:44 marcelr i asked stefan to test without the storage and it was fine like expected
14:45 tcohen it is fine because plugins are whatever they want to be
14:45 marcelr yeah but the plugin expects a Koha object
14:45 tcohen get_from_storage generates a new object, yes
14:46 tcohen a fresh object from the DB
14:46 marcelr hmm
14:46 marcelr let me test a bit with it now
14:47 tcohen thanks!
14:47 marcelr such statements deserve a comment btw?
14:49 tcohen like # get a fresh object to pass the plugin to avoid side effects
14:49 tcohen ?
14:52 marcelr avoid side effects or create them ?
14:52 marcelr it is just how you look to it
14:53 marcelr the plugin mangles with object2 and the caller continues with the older object1
14:53 marcelr making it a mess?
14:53 marcelr object1->store could remove all things from the plugin again
14:55 marcelr do we have a clear use case that demonstrates why this is such a good pattern ?
14:56 tcohen I'm not sure where this all started
14:57 tcohen but I remember we originally passed the object_id
14:57 tcohen and let the plugin do whatever they wanted
14:57 tcohen and somehow felt silly to force fetching the object on the plugin side
14:58 tcohen and we started passing hte object
14:58 marcelr if you use the plugin, you should trust it anyway so why not pass the referenced object
14:58 tcohen and then we found the need for get_from_storage
14:58 tcohen if you have time, do the code archeology work
14:59 marcelr yes well thats the crux: we do not know the need anymore
14:59 tcohen what I'd say, is this dev should follow the current pattern
14:59 marcelr even though it is a silly pattern?
14:59 tcohen and changing it should happen on a different place, and I agree we should re-think it
14:59 * ashimema will read back after his call..
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15:01 marcelr tcohen: do you want to rush this report into 22.11 still ? there were a few btw
15:03 tcohen adding more hooks?
15:03 tcohen I was about to push without your follow-up
15:03 marcelr yes he wrote four and one is in FQA stil
15:03 marcelr still
15:03 tcohen but then you jumped in and I asked
15:04 tcohen they all have the chance on 22.11
15:05 marcelr you can push without the follow-up but i am not convinced that you do the right thing; you just copy/paste
15:05 marcelr the last follow-up
15:06 marcelr the first follow-up is the same thing: people copying code where the rollback is done before another data change
15:07 marcelr i will ask the qa team in a mail about it; maybe kyle or julian still knows?
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15:21 marcelr tcohen: we have PERL 30 Pass references when adding a new plugin hook, but it is not dealing with what we do here with another copy of a reference
15:21 marcelr it is about passing \$barcode instead of $barcode
15:21 marcelr coding guidelines
15:23 marcelr htg, cu
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16:29 reiveune bye
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16:48 tuxayo khall & khall_ : hi :) BWS sandboxes broken it seems. Blocked to "provision pending" since 10 min
16:51 tuxayo JesseM: do you also maintain the sandboxes or is that just Kyle?
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17:14 kidclamp it's largely kyle, Ill ping in slack
17:18 tuxayo kidclamp: It's not a hurry, there are still the other sandboxes.
17:18 tuxayo «it's largely kyle» Now I'll know who to email in the future.
17:18 tuxayo At the patch testing session I just had a librarian from Lewiston ID and we tried using your sandboxes :)
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19:31 reks Howdy, I was wondering if it were possible to create a form element in a sql query to search more than one barcode. Currently I found something like "WHERE   i.barcode LIKE <<Enter Barcode>>"
19:31 reks But I am only able to enter one barcode at a time.
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19:45 * caroline waves to huberto
19:46 * huberto waves to caroline
19:50 huberto Hello everyone! My name is Olivier and I work (and live!) with Caroline.
19:56 davidnind[m] hi huberto (from New Zealand)!
20:41 huberto I am getting an error while trying to access an API endpoint that was created using one of our plugins.
20:41 huberto I get the following error message:
20:42 huberto "Expected  - got text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/​xml;q=0.9,image/avif,image/webp,*/*;q=0.8."
20:42 huberto path: "/header/Accept"
20:43 huberto This is a plugin that worked fine in v21 but apparently is having issues in v22. I could not find anything related to the Accept header in the changelog, the IRC logs, the mailing list or even Mojolicious' code base.
20:44 huberto Note that the information could still be out there and I'm using the wrong keywords / keyphrases.
20:44 huberto Everyone here is stumped, so any help is appreciated :)
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22:04 dcook @later tell ashimema Aw that was so nice of you to say ^_^
22:04 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
22:04 dcook @later tell ashimema Likewise I always value your comments (esp on bugs)!
22:04 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
22:38 tcohen o/

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