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06:25 ashimema I found rmaint much more difficult when I started to get patches out of order.. I found the easiest way was to devote an hour each morning to it to try and keep up with the branch I was tracking.
06:26 ashimema I automatically created a to-do list from the git log nightly so I'd come come into work with a fresh set of bugs to look at each day.
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10:04 Shailendra joined #koha
10:04 Shailendra hi , i am trying to install koha but stuck
10:05 Shailendra The following packages have unmet dependencies:
10:07 Shailendra koha-common : Depends: libnet-oauth2-authorizationserver-perl but it is not getting to be installed
10:07 Shailendra E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
10:07 cait weekends are very quiet here - most people working on Koha are not around
10:07 cait if you don't get a reply, maybe try the mailing list next or another time
10:07 cait (I don't know the answer)
10:08 Shailendra monday the koha people will be available on this forum
10:09 cait well, more Koha people, yes
10:09 Shailendra ok great
10:09 cait or Sunday night... dependig on where you art, we start the week off with nz
10:09 Shailendra thanks
10:09 Shailendra i am from HINDUSTAN
10:22 cait :)
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23:46 mtj looks like the problem is this... ->[…].nz/msg27452.html
23:47 mtj ...installing/upgrading on an old version of ubuntu, needs 'bionic' added to apt repo line

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