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02:35 tcohen @later tell cait you're not using docker compose v2
02:35 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
02:37 thd tcohen: Are you awake and possibly available?
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06:03 jajm tcohen: i just rebased all patches (only 1 minor conflict), it should apply nicely
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06:08 reiveune hello
06:15 dcook Whoa people are awake..
06:15 * dcook thinks that tcohen also never sleeps
06:24 ashimema Morning
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06:54 alex_ Bonjour
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08:40 domm[m] Is ElasticSearch 7 suppported by a Koha release? if not yet, will it be in 22.11? I know that it works, but I cannot figure out from Bug 25439 if ES7 is already in master
08:40 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25439 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , [Omnibus] Prepare Koha to ElasticSearch 7 - ES7
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10:19 oleonard Hi all
10:20 oleonard ashimema around?
10:22 ashimema hi
10:28 oleonard I'm trying to test Bug 30200 so I can add a follow-up and it's not working for me
10:29 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30200 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, lari.taskula, Passed QA , Add customizable tabs to interlibrary loan requests list
10:31 ashimema go on
10:31 oleonard ashimema: Did you test using sample data and the example configuration in the bug report?
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10:31 ashimema good question..
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10:32 ashimema I think I used a backend I already had installed..
10:32 ashimema it was a little while ago.. haha.. anything further back than a few days and my brain has lost it..
10:32 ashimema are you having issues?
10:33 oleonard It either doesn't work or it breaks the DataTable, depending on my testing steps. I'll try again with the sample data.
10:34 ashimema ☹️
10:34 oleonard (we should have ILL enabled by default in the sample data!)
10:35 ashimema yes... I agree
10:35 ashimema but that would also entail having a backend installed
10:35 oleonard "Uncaught TypeError: can't access property "name", row.capabilities[row.status] is undefined"
10:35 ashimema I really want to dig back into ILL some time.
10:36 ashimema that doesn't look good at all
10:37 ashimema I can try in a k-t-d from scratch if you like..
10:37 ashimema help with narrowing it down.
10:39 oleonard Well hang on...
10:39 oleonard Master doesn't like that data from the test plan either, same error.
10:39 ashimema oh..
10:39 ashimema that's not good
10:40 oleonard I'll do some more digging
10:43 ashimema ah...
10:43 ashimema is that coming from ysearch use by any chance
10:43 ashimema I think a bunch of backends need updating for some changes in core recently
10:44 ashimema it rings a bell
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10:45 oleonard ashimema: I'm using FreeForm. Does that matter?
10:46 ashimema shouldn't do.. that's the one I tend to use for testing too
10:56 oleonard Okay, Koha doesn't like it when you change an ILL request's status directly via the db. Should something be updated beyond the illrequests table?
10:56 ashimema erm...
10:57 ashimema this is where my ILL knowledge dries up I'm afraid
10:57 oleonard It's weird... if I change a request's status via the interface it doesn't break, but if I change it in the db it does.
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10:58 oleonard HOWEVER... Either way Bug 30200 isn't working for me... Even if the DataTable isn't broken the tabs don't work.
10:58 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30200 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, lari.taskula, Passed QA , Add customizable tabs to interlibrary loan requests list
10:58 oleonard I'll post my findings to the bug report
10:58 * oleonard crying, All I wanted to do was update the tabs to Bootstrap :(
11:02 ashimema thanks oleonard..
11:03 ashimema I bet there's a rebase issue somewhere in it ☹️
11:03 ashimema or rather.. just master has moved
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11:21 marcelr o/
11:22 marcelr @later tell tcohen: please check 30571 again (only last patch)
11:22 huginn` marcelr: The operation succeeded.
11:23 marcelr bug 12758 for anyone, qa team ?
11:23 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=12758 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , Failure when loading or parsing XSLT stylesheets over HTTPS
11:23 marcelr qa team
11:23 marcelr qa team?
11:23 wahanui qa team are the real gatekeepers, send cookies their way
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11:25 marcelr qa_team
11:26 marcelr qa_team?
11:26 wahanui qa_team is cait, marcelr, khall, kidclamp, kohaputti, lukeg, aleisha, fridolin, ashimema, tuxayo, nugged, petrova, Joubu and dcook
11:26 marcelr that was the one
11:35 tcohen o/
11:35 marcelr \o
12:16 marcelr thx tcohen
12:43 tcohen thx to you, marcelr
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13:59 tuxayo Hi #koha :)
14:01 tuxayo #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 12 October 2022
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14:01 tuxayo #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_12_October_2022 Today's agenda
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14:02 tuxayo #topic Introductions
14:02 ashimema not sure it'll help or not oleonard.. but we updated all our ill backends today for 21.11 compatability:
14:02 tuxayo #info Victor Grousset, Tuxayo Empire
14:02 ashimema ooop
14:02 ashimema #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
14:02 * tuxayo is starting to get paid for Koha work!
14:02 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
14:03 * ashimema is currently going through CV's.. PTFS-E are hiring.
14:03 tuxayo Great to hear that your job offer got candidates :)
14:04 tuxayo rmaints?
14:04 wahanui rmaints are lukeg, liliputech and tuxayo
14:04 tuxayo qa_team?
14:04 wahanui qa_team is cait, marcelr, khall, kidclamp, kohaputti, lukeg, aleisha, fridolin, ashimema, tuxayo, nugged, petrova, Joubu and dcook
14:04 nugged #info Andrew Nugged, National Library of Finland, HELSINKI
14:05 tuxayo #topic Announcements
14:05 tuxayo Anything to announce that doesn't fit better the other topics?
14:05 kidclamp #info, Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
14:06 khall #info Kyle M Hall, ByWater Solutions
14:06 lukeg #info, Lucas Gass, ByWater Solutions
14:06 tuxayo nugged: maybe you can quickly sum up the stuff you said in the other meeting slot two week again for the people that weren't there at this time slot.
14:07 tuxayo Or i can just post the link to the logs were you started informing us about next KohaCan last time:[…]2-09-28#i_2452713
14:08 tuxayo *KohaCon
14:08 tuxayo Moving on?
14:08 nugged yes
14:08 nugged so - we confirmed the dates,
14:08 ashimema excellent
14:08 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
14:08 marcelr #info Marcel de Rooy, Rijksmuseum
14:09 nugged and last Friday I personally inspected booked "rooms" in University building
14:09 nugged Dates:
14:09 nugged (CONFIRMED) 14-16 August 2023 (14-18 with workshops and extras).
14:09 nugged recommended trip: Sat 12 Aug .. Sun 20 Aug.
14:09 nugged as said here:
14:09 nugged
14:09 tuxayo nugged++
14:09 nugged some FAQ section updated because of Perl Community requests
14:10 nugged but I still working with Perl Community part. Allowed to their Slack now not as Guest but member & will have announce talk maybe (I am trying and doing my best) no later next week
14:10 nugged to start those movements as well
14:11 nugged then I'll start coming to bigger players to ask for participation (PTFS-E, BibBlibre, of course ByWater, so on) and our Core team members, getting some feedback and coordination
14:11 nugged I _hope_ through october having full agreements/OKs & form up the final plan and start work on ogra- steps on December.
14:12 * ashimema has added it to the Koha Calendar now
14:12 nugged If anyone of you already know some gathering (Perl or Koha or Library-IT related where it's good for me to come and announce the Conference) – tell me please, I will be glad (Zoom/etc)
14:12 nugged I mean - I will come with talk on meetings you will have so if someone already can propose some to me - PM me.
14:13 nugged then - let's say - let's put in meeting schedule my report once more in here in IRC on our next IRC meeting.
14:13 kidclamp :q
14:13 tuxayo «Should Perl people be concerned about "Koha" everywhere? NO. You won't get bored if you don't want to get around Koha»
14:13 tuxayo Ha ha ha. Great, we don't want to scare people with book stuff :P They might end up sucked into Koha anyway. He he he.
14:14 nugged Final thing: yes, I want to be as much as possible visitors from Perl world, as well from Koha world, even if those are non-crossed entities (we will work on that further :) )
14:14 ashimema excellent
14:14 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
14:14 tuxayo Great information page!
14:14 nugged (final thing cont): so I am asking all to prep to VISIT Helsinki! :) Beer & fun from me guaranteed! :)
14:14 nugged that's it for now.
14:15 nugged PM me for any more you want me to do on this or ideas.
14:15 tuxayo Thanks the update!
14:15 nugged ashimema: and yes, we should put "PTFS-E" HR booth there in lobby as well as others.
14:15 tuxayo «heal post-covid anthropophobia and huggophobia.»
14:15 tuxayo 🤗++
14:16 tuxayo Moving on if nothing to add.
14:16 nugged Yes, I want us to make something really impressive and unusual. Will lay all my extra time on that.
14:16 nugged yes. Moving further.
14:16 tuxayo ++
14:16 tuxayo #topic Update from the Release manager (22.11)
14:17 tuxayo Is El tcohen around?
14:17 ashimema he was a moment ago
14:18 thd He has been very busy.
14:18 kidclamp one sec, we distracted him
14:18 tuxayo ^^
14:18 tcohen #info Tomas Cohen Arazi
14:18 tcohen hi all <.<
14:18 tuxayo tcohen: 🎙️
14:18 tuxayo hi ^o^
14:18 tcohen re-reading, sorry
14:19 tcohen Hi all, I'm back from a short vacation
14:20 tcohen I've been pushing a lot, and I'm about to push the 'staff revamp'
14:20 tcohen so we have time to fix things
14:20 tuxayo > I'm about to push the 'staff revamp'
14:20 tuxayo wooooow 🤩🤩🤩🤩
14:20 tcohen I want bug 31378 in, and more eyes are needed tehre
14:20 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31378 new feature, P5 - low, ---, agustinmoyano, Needs Signoff , Add a generic OAuth2/OIDC client implementation
14:20 tuxayo team++
14:22 tcohen bug 26635 should be in too, I will focus on that the rest of the week, as it is a blocker for serious API usage
14:22 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=26635 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, agustinmoyano, In Discussion , Expand authorised values in REST API call
14:22 ashimema tcohen++
14:22 tcohen #action khall offered to restore progress bars if peple file bugs, depending on bug 31666 for that
14:22 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31666 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Pushed to master , Add job progress bar to
14:23 nugged > and more eyes are needed tehre
14:23 nugged <tcohen> - I'll get back Slava to it to check too.
14:23 ashimema khall++
14:23 tcohen khall++
14:24 tcohen About ERM: I'm in talks with PTFS-e and ByWater about that.
14:24 tcohen it has a chance as an opt-in experimental feature imho
14:24 tuxayo Talks about what? ^^"
14:24 tcohen about the progress and the state it is at
14:24 tuxayo Great!
14:24 tcohen i.e. if it is gonna be pushable soon
14:24 tuxayo Ah yes!
14:25 thd khall++ # verbose console output is the best progress bar
14:25 tcohen jonathan had concerns about some decisions he made on vue integration
14:25 * ashimema has been working through the erm code the past few days.. generally happy with what I see..
14:25 tcohen which are legit and need to be considered, that's why it is important that PTFS hired someone to pick and continue that work
14:25 tuxayo > an opt-in experimental feature imho
14:25 tuxayo For a new and independent module that seems safe.
14:25 ashimema few little fixes here and there..
14:26 ashimema but.. I'm no vue expert.. that's where we fall down.. none of us are really... so it makes it hard to guide/advise/review
14:26 ashimema but.. it does all feel pretty solid from my perspective at the moment
14:27 tcohen ptfs++
14:27 tcohen Joubu++
14:27 tcohen bywater++
14:27 tuxayo > I'm no vue expert.. that's where we fall down.. none of us are really
14:27 tuxayo If stuff still makes sense without being an expert, that great. It means it won't be much of an entry barrier.
14:27 tcohen #action tcohen will send an email with release dates this week, won't differ from usual release dates
14:28 tcohen this time there are lots of strings for sure, with big refactoring on templates, but it is just a guess
14:28 tuxayo > PTFS hired someone to pick and continue that work
14:28 tuxayo ptfs++
14:29 * tuxayo promises they won't submit massive string changes this time.
14:29 tuxayo (at the last moment)
14:29 tcohen heh
14:29 tcohen tuxayo++ # translatability
14:30 tuxayo I still will do something about the breadcrumb strings at some point.
14:30 tcohen questions for the RM?
14:30 tcohen tuxayo bug 31670
14:30 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31670 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, isobel.graham09, NEW , Fix inconsistency with breadcrumbs in the Patrons module
14:30 tcohen cait++ # always
14:31 tuxayo That could be done at the same time. Thanks tcohen, I'm noting it my "notes for follow up patches"
14:32 ashimema breadcrumbs are a mess.. I have no idea if my daughter will get a let up at school though to take a look.. might grab them myself if she doesn't
14:32 ashimema isobel.graham09 = ashimema's daughter 😜
14:33 tuxayo he he
14:33 tcohen isobel++
14:33 tuxayo isobel++
14:33 tuxayo Send congrats for the nice patches in the last months.
14:33 tuxayo #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
14:34 tuxayo rmaints?
14:34 wahanui rmaints are lukeg, liliputech and tuxayo
14:34 tuxayo rmaint?
14:34 wahanui it has been said that rmaint is definitely a great job to find all kinds of things to fix and clarify in translations, system requirements, CI among others.
14:34 tuxayo I have some catch up before string freeze. And some requested patch to monitor if they come upstream.
14:35 tuxayo *patches
14:35 tuxayo Not much to add otherwise
14:36 tuxayo #topic Updates from the QA team
14:36 tuxayo qa_team?
14:36 wahanui rumour has it qa_team is cait, marcelr, khall, kidclamp, kohaputti, lukeg, aleisha, fridolin, ashimema, tuxayo, nugged, petrova, Joubu and dcook
14:37 tuxayo Tomorrow, patch testing session with french speakers. Crossing finger. I also have to send a poll for an English speaking session quick.
14:37 oleonard tuxayo++
14:37 ashimema tuxayo++
14:38 ashimema doing a great job getting more people onboard tuxayo
14:38 ashimema qa wise.. I've been a bit low on numbers recently.. just overly busy
14:38 ashimema marcelr++ and cait++ for picking up the slack so it's not so noticable
14:39 tcohen tuxayo++
14:39 tuxayo Any additional hints for channels to reach librarians and system librarians using Koha? (Internationally) I addition to the general list and Koha US list.
14:39 ashimema QA emails have been taking a difference approach of late.. highlighting nice things that have gone in to help motivate the team.. cait++
14:40 tuxayo > great job getting more people onboard tuxayo
14:40 tuxayo Still not sure about that, but the potential is definitely here.
14:40 ashimema there's also now more sections.. old bugs, interesting bugs and bad bugs.. not always present in every email.. but cait is generally doing great things.
14:40 tuxayo Need to keep going
14:40 marcelr tuxayo Koha user group in NL/BE
14:41 marcelr cait++
14:41 tuxayo marcelr: yes, that's what we need! I'll ping you about that later.
14:41 ashimema there isn't really a single user group in the UK.. there are a few that are just getting up and running.. but not ready for contributing much yet..
14:41 marcelr sure
14:42 ashimema coms channels aren't yet disassociated from ptfs-e.. we're trying to wean them off of us and make them more independant basically.
14:43 marcelr coms?
14:43 ashimema communications
14:43 tuxayo communications I guess
14:43 tuxayo I'll keep ccing you ashimema and people from Interleaf to relay messages.
14:43 tuxayo Moving on?
14:44 ashimema ta
14:44 tuxayo #topic Status of roadmap projects
14:44 tuxayo
14:46 tcohen we already talked about most of it on the RM section
14:46 tuxayo thd, tcohen: news about the wiki?
14:46 tcohen the only thing that I didn't mention is thd's wiki migration
14:46 tcohen that is blocked because of my own lack of time
14:46 tcohen thd++
14:46 thd tcohen and I have been missing times when we are both not too busy or sleepy to connect a customised MediaWiki Canasata to Koha infrastructure .
14:46 tuxayo Everyone needs rest from time to time :)
14:47 tcohen thd: do you think we can defer the ES stuff for after the migration?
14:47 thd I tried stalking tcohen yesterday but that was not nice.
14:47 tcohen or you think we shuold do it all together?
14:47 thd ElasticSearch is the easy part.
14:47 tcohen ok
14:48 thd The whole wiki indexes in 5 min. with 1 GB RAM.
14:48 tcohen #action tcohen and thd will arrange a date in the next few days
14:48 ashimema ++
14:48 ashimema it all feels sooooo close
14:49 thd It supports good customisations with extensions depending on ElasticSearch which I have customised.
14:49 ashimema 22.11 is uber close too.. yikes..
14:49 * ashimema just made the realisation
14:49 marcelr feel the freeze
14:49 tcohen heh
14:49 tuxayo > 22.11 is uber close too
14:49 tuxayo Yes, not enough time to rebase and finish a dev of mine T_T still gonna do it like it's possible so at last the thing is submitted.
14:50 ashimema there's never enough time :(..
14:50 thd ElasticSearch does not seem to be a problem when it can be so easily reindexed if with few resources if anything goes wrong.
14:50 tcohen thd: I only asked because it is just another moving piece adding complexity to the migration
14:51 tcohen but we will sort it out, for sure
14:51 tcohen tuxayo: moving on?
14:51 tuxayo #topic Actions from last meeting
14:52 thd I have tamed it with a special script for reindexing and customised Extensions such as AdvancedSearch which depend on ElasticSearch.
14:52 tuxayo «tcohen to schedule/call a "CSRF day" to work on related patches together»
14:52 tcohen damn :-D
14:53 tuxayo #action tcohen to schedule/call a "CSRF day" to work on related patches together
14:53 tcohen nugged and team started that, and we got distracted by other urgent stuffs
14:54 tuxayo #action cait /Katrin to update LTS wiki page with current information from last dev meeting
14:54 tuxayo Page not updated. And Katrin sent apologies for not being able to attend today.
14:54 tuxayo «ashimema will file a bug making Koha::Object::public_read_list throw an exception »
14:54 nugged tcohen: that means - one more "re-start" day for CSRF? (me: yes, if so).
14:54 tuxayo «Not required, see commit:[…]f93766ecc6da11216»
14:54 ashimema I commented.. we decided it wasn't required
14:54 tuxayo So that's done :)
14:55 ashimema yup 🙂
14:55 tuxayo «tcohen draft proposal for master→main change and draft of action list »
14:55 tcohen I haven't had the chance to review Joubu's proposal to shrink the repo, which was part of the plan
14:56 ashimema one for next cycle now I reckon
14:56 georgew joined #koha
14:56 tcohen I would like to be able to talk to Joubu about that plan
14:56 ashimema especially with Joubu out for now.. he had dug a lot in that area
14:56 tcohen before moving forward
14:57 ashimema agreed
14:57 ashimema I think we can live one more cycle
14:57 tcohen what ashimema said
14:57 tuxayo tcohen: I have a side proposal: run on our git server `git gc --prune=now --aggressive` locally it skrink my repo down to 700 MiB
14:57 tuxayo Hopefully that will do the same and will affect the download size
14:58 tcohen tuxayo: I think we have that cron-ed
14:58 ashimema I believe so
14:58 tcohen Joubu's proposal had to do with removing translations from the main repo
14:58 tcohen which take most of the (historically) used space
14:58 tuxayo Great! Yikes it would be much worse without that cron then.
14:59 tuxayo > which take most of the (historically) used space
14:59 tuxayo ++
14:59 ashimema we shoudl probably encourage shallow clones.. but I'd need to remind myself how they work before recommending it.
14:59 tcohen I've gotta run
14:59 tuxayo When to ask again about the master→main thing?
14:59 tcohen shallow clones take server's CPU
15:00 ashimema ah.. ok
15:00 tcohen tuxayo: right after the release
15:00 ashimema +1
15:00 tuxayo tcohen: CPU: Not for very long I guess?
15:00 tcohen we need to measure it, for sure
15:00 ashimema next topic?
15:00 tcohen we could encourage people to pull from Gitlab as well
15:01 tuxayo #action tcohen [WAIT after 21.11 release] draft proposal for master→main change and draft of action list
15:01 tuxayo «thd give their two cents on bug 31150 in order to tilt the scale to on side.»
15:01 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31150 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , _on or _date for DB date columns?
15:02 tuxayo «to tilt the scale to on side» <= I failed english XD it was late for my defence
15:02 marcelr or or xor
15:02 tuxayo Moving one, it was just a minor reminder for thd
15:02 tuxayo «tuxayo ask on the mailing list « are we supporting MySQL? (either 5.7 or 8.0) - CI only tests MySQL 8 on main/master. » »
15:02 tuxayo Done on koha-devel today
15:03 * thd retracted his perception of ambiguity unless we rename every use to $date_time
15:03 tuxayo «tuxayo can for volunteers on the mailing list to «Update coding guidelines with the replacement of jQueryUI Datepicker with flatpickr - introduced in bug 29239. And document the usage in the wiki. cc Aleisha who had trouble with using flatpickr for the detail of what is missing» »
15:03 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29239 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , [OMNIBUS] Replace jQueryUI's timepicker with flatpickr
15:03 tuxayo Done on koha-devel today.
15:04 tuxayo «tuxayo maybe create a ticket for updating the guidelines about flatpickr»
15:04 tuxayo bug 31741
15:04 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31741 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Update coding guidelines with the replacement of jQueryUI Datepicker with flatpickr
15:04 tuxayo #topic General development discussion (trends, ideas, ...)
15:04 thd We merely need some coding guidance that a variable with date only should be $date_only
15:04 tuxayo «Bug 31674 - We need a template/guideline around how to consistently form our modals»
15:04 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31674 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, NEW , We need a template/guideline around how to consistently form our modals
15:05 ashimema I raised that one.. whilst reviewing the staff client refresh and whilst working on some other code.m
15:05 tuxayo So coding guideline that links to somewhere (to be written) part of the developper handbook with the template?
15:05 tcohen gotta leave
15:05 tcohen laters!
15:05 ashimema We are generally really inconsistent with things...  We need a style guide for a lot more things..
15:05 tuxayo o/
15:06 ashimema Including examples .
15:06 oleonard I can work on some updates to the wiki
15:06 ashimema I've already suggested I work on it with oleonard assuming that's still ok oleonard
15:06 ashimema Perfect
15:06 wahanui Perfect is, like, the enemy... (of what I forgot)
15:07 ashimema A nice simple modal dialogue for starters.. then another example for a modal that includes a form
15:07 ashimema Those two I think would cover most use cases..
15:08 ashimema I would help if we could link to the right bootstrap docs too.. I constantly find myself confused with which bootstrap versions where using where
15:08 ashimema Anywho.. that's enough explanation for today I reckon
15:08 tuxayo Then this? : #action oleonard ashimema draft in the developer handbook how to form our modals. With template of a simple case and a case with form inside.
15:09 * ashimema wants to pick off components one by one for this.. clear guidelines of breadcrumbs would be good too.. tcohen raised that above
15:09 oleonard tuxayo: Yes
15:09 ashimema Great tuxayo
15:09 tuxayo > pick off components one by one for this.. clear guidelines of breadcrumbs would be good
15:09 tuxayo Similar to the needs with flatpickr
15:09 tuxayo But for now modals, then
15:09 tuxayo #action oleonard ashimema draft in the developer handbook how to form our modals. With template of a simple case and a case with form inside.
15:10 tuxayo «git-bz is stuck on Python 2 which went end of life on January 1st 2020.. should we start to consider alternatives? »
15:10 ashimema This is a bigger discussion.. maybe postpone it .
15:10 tuxayo Python2 It's still in Debian and Ubuntu but for example Arch dropped it. Now it's an unofficial package harder to install.
15:10 tuxayo Ok
15:10 oleonard +1 postpone
15:11 ashimema With tcohen gone and me about to go.. it's something we can consider during the next cycle again
15:11 tuxayo #action tuxayo postpone «git-bz is stuck on Python 2 which went end of life on January 1st 2020.. should we start to consider alternatives?»
15:11 nugged git-bz related: we use own patched version
15:11 nugged to be Py3 compatible
15:11 tuxayo !!!
15:12 tuxayo nugged: please publish it somewhere! :D
15:12 ashimema Oh nice.. submit that patch to Koha ;)
15:12 thd Python 2 forever :)
15:12 ashimema That would make me very happy
15:12 tuxayo lol
15:12 nugged that what I also wanted to ask because we thought everyone on P2 and only we "kill it everywhere in MacOSes :)"
15:13 tuxayo merge requests welcome ^^ :
15:13 nugged good
15:13 nugged we'll put our draft for critics tomorrow
15:13 tuxayo > kill it everywhere in MacOSes
15:13 tuxayo ?
15:13 ashimema We can always advice on using the right branch for your distro if we're worried about breaking back compat
15:14 nugged tuxayo: there's no P2 anymore in some environments
15:14 tuxayo yes, that's the problem
15:14 nugged ok noted, changes will be proposed.
15:14 tuxayo > because we thought everyone on P2
15:14 tuxayo Every Linux distro ships with a P3 install in parallel of P2
15:15 tuxayo #topic Review of coding guidelines
15:15 thd There are still major enterprise programs at big businesses running Python 2.
15:15 tuxayo nugged: thanks again
15:15 tuxayo « SQL8 of our coding guidelines state that SQL should not be in .pl, but should be in the module in C4 or Koha. This would mean that SQL in the Koha namespace is allowed and there is no mention of DBIC in the coding guidelines right now. »
15:16 tuxayo IIUC, it means only .pm are allowed to have SQL
15:16 ashimema arch python3 is only available in the aur now.. and is slightly challenging to compile due to failing tests
15:16 ashimema but anyway.. a python 3 version of git-bz would be awesome
15:16 tuxayo But DBIC schema file should be also allowlisted.
15:16 * ashimema has to runn
15:17 tuxayo > arch python3
15:17 tuxayo *arch python2
15:17 tuxayo > a python 3 version of git-bz would be awesome
15:17 tuxayo ++
15:17 oleonard I think we'd better wrap it up we keep losing people :D
15:17 nugged ++
15:18 tuxayo #action tuxayo postpone «SQL8 of our coding guidelines state that SQL should not be in .pl, but should be in the module in C4 or Koha. This would mean that SQL in the Koha namespace is allowed and there is no mention of DBIC in the coding guidelines right now.»
15:18 tuxayo #topic Set time of next meeting
15:19 tuxayo Next meeting for the oceania-americas timeslot has been decided last time. I'll go get it
15:19 tuxayo For next meeting this slot: 16th november?
15:19 tuxayo There will be (and already have been) winter time changed in some countries in the mean time.
15:20 oleonard Is there a need to have more than one between now and the release?
15:20 tuxayo > 16th november?
15:20 tuxayo 9th, I jumped a week
15:21 tuxayo > Is there a need to have more than one between now and the release?
15:21 tuxayo Since we split in two time slots, we can do that for releases.
15:22 oleonard Anyway... 9th is good for me
15:22 tuxayo #info Next meeting: 26 October 2022, 22 UTC
15:22 tuxayo That's for oceania-americas
15:23 tuxayo > Anyway... 9th is good for me
15:23 tuxayo Ok, if needed when can do the 2th of november and the 16th
15:23 tuxayo *we can do
15:24 * thd is never awake on the 2th of November.
15:25 tuxayo Still planing the 9th then
15:25 tuxayo > There will be (and already have been) winter time changed in some countries in the mean time.
15:25 tuxayo So what about 15 UTC? It means 16 in france, 10 new york, 7 in LA
15:25 oleonard +1
15:25 tuxayo 12 argentina
15:26 thd +1
15:26 tuxayo I never realized part of the US couldn't attend these meetings now.
15:26 tuxayo Let's settle for that then
15:27 tuxayo #####info Next Americas-Europe slot meeting: 9 November 2022, 15 UTC
15:27 tuxayo #endmeeting
15:27 huginn` Meeting ended Wed Oct 12 15:27:48 2022 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
15:27 huginn` Minutes:        https://meetings.koha-communit[…]-10-12-14.01.html
15:27 huginn` Minutes (text): https://meetings.koha-communit[…]2-10-12-14.01.txt
15:27 huginn` Log:            https://meetings.koha-communit[…]12-14.01.log.html
15:27 tuxayo Thanks all for attending ^^
15:27 oleonard tuxayo++
15:28 oleonard Thanks very much for chairing tuxayo
15:28 thd tuxayo++
15:29 tuxayo Do we have more meeting items than in the past? I recall it was rare we went over 1h15min and now it's often >_<
15:29 * thd may not be awake on the 9th of November this year.  The day after election day.
15:29 tuxayo And I don't see obvious ways to speed up.
15:30 caroline tuxayo, maybe because there are no more regular general meetings so those topics are bumped into the dev meeting?
15:30 ashimema Mmm, not sure
15:30 tuxayo Ah
15:30 ashimema Could be
15:30 tuxayo > And I don't see obvious ways to speed up.
15:30 tuxayo Except in the end having the stuff with the two meeting slots and timezones calculations ready.
15:30 thd We do have more individual items, actions from previous meetings, etc. than at some point in the past.
15:31 tuxayo Good point Caroline
15:31 tuxayo thd: ok so there is that.
15:31 ashimema I think there's less general chatter outside of meetings than there used to be too.. so we end up with more chat about things in the meetings because that's when people are around
15:32 ashimema Me goes back to kids duties
15:32 thd There are more items which would not have been in general meetings.
15:32 tuxayo > less general chatter outside of meetings than there used to be too
15:32 tuxayo I wonder why
15:33 thd Some items carry over longer because people are busy and not available at a particular meeting but we generally defer those quickly.
15:35 thd More work that people have to do on Koha keeping them focused outside of IRC and more child care responsibilities which are both good things.
15:37 * thd does less child care because his friends with children moved.  But there is always always other extra work and eldercare to take time away from IRC.
15:43 tuxayo marcelr: so there is a Koha user group in NL/BE! :D
15:43 tuxayo Haven't found it yet after a quick search
15:51 tuxayo I guess I can also relay in the German and Spanish speaking lists.
15:56 tuxayo kidclamp: IIUC, this list is still working but people have shifted to the KohaUS Google Group, is that correct? http://lists.bywatersolutions.[…]pipermail/kohaus/
16:00 reiveune bye
16:00 reiveune left #koha
16:23 cait joined #koha
17:16 lukeg joined #koha
18:32 tcohen oleonard: around?
18:36 kidclamp hmmm jzairo would knowo beter than me
18:46 fridolin joined #koha
18:53 tuxayo thanks, I'll ask them
19:00 oleonard kidclamp: jzairo knows if I'm around?
19:00 kidclamp she would know about the mailing list, tuxayo
19:00 kidclamp it's not always about you oleonard!
19:01 tuxayo lol
19:01 kidclamp by which I mean *hugs(
19:01 tuxayo The timing of emails was confusing
19:01 kidclamp by which I mean *hugs*
19:01 tuxayo *messages
19:01 oleonard 🤔
19:22 tcohen wait for it
19:23 tcohen \o/
19:29 oleonard \o/
19:37 tcohen jajm++
19:37 tcohen oleonard++
19:37 tcohen biblibre++
19:37 tcohen ashimema++
20:19 ashimema Holy moly, tomorrow's is going to be cool when I pull master
20:19 ashimema Shiny
20:19 ashimema tcohen++
20:26 caroline joined #koha
20:26 lukeg joined #koha
20:46 * tcohen is stressed by background jobs reliability
20:56 caroline joined #koha
21:23 mtj new staff theme looks noice
21:24 mtj domm[m]: you mention ed ES7 support before...
21:24 mtj "Is ElasticSearch 7 suppported by a Koha release?"
21:25 mtj i think the plan is that ES7 is recommended for the upcoming release (22.11)
21:28 mtj ES7 tests are passing on all supported releases, so that looks promising :)
21:35 mtj the ES7 patches were added mid-cycle, and its important to not accidentally force users to upgrade from ES6 to ES7
21:40 mtj koha 22.11 will be using the ES7 version of libsearch-elasticsearch-perl by default (7.715)
21:43 mtj currently you get the version of libsearch-elasticsearch-perl supplied by your OS' debian repo
21:46 mtj so short version.. you should be able to run ES7 on all koha versions
21:47 mtj you'll just need to make sure you have  libsearch-elasticsearch-perl 7.* installed
21:48 mtj which comes with debian stable ...[…]lasticsearch-perl
21:48 mtj libsearch-elasticsearch-perl (7.30-1)
21:50 mtj so, if you install any koha+es7 on debian stable, you are good :)
22:39 mtj dcook: is bug 17704 ready to go?
22:39 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=17704 major, P3, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , Fix OAI breakage when using HTTP::OAI 4.03+
22:47 dcook mtj: No idea. Last worked on it over 2 years ago.
23:37 tuxayo > wait for it
23:37 tuxayo OMG it was Bug 30952
23:37 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30952 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Pushed to master , New design for staff interface
23:37 tuxayo confetti!
23:37 wahanui o/`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
23:38 tuxayo > its important to not accidentally force users to upgrade from ES6 to ES7
23:38 tuxayo > koha 22.11 will be using the ES7 version of libsearch-elasticsearch-perl by default (7.715)
23:38 tuxayo Will this force users to upgrade?
23:39 tuxayo Is that needed? for now 6 and 7 can be supported simultaneously.
23:39 tuxayo mtj ^^^
23:45 mtj tuxayo: users are supposed to set their ES version, in koha.conf - but many may not have?
23:45 mtj <elasticsearch>
23:45 mtj <client>6_0::Direct</client>
23:45 mtj </elasticsearch>
23:46 tuxayo I totally missed that. I though we managed to avoid that. (config)
23:47 mtj if you dont have it set... libsearch-elasticsearch-perl will use its default
23:49 tuxayo I think I was confused around here: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=25669#c27
23:49 huginn` Bug 25669: normal, P5 - low, ---, kevin.carnes, Needs documenting , ElasticSearch 6: [types removal] Specifying types in put mapping requests is deprecated (incompatible with 7)
23:50 tuxayo So we avoided the dynamic version check to not have performance issues. And I though we avoided having to set the version in config file also.
23:50 tuxayo And that ES 8 would force us to do one of the above but it can wait.
23:52 mtj if you dont have your ES version defined, it seems to 'just work'
23:52 mtj but its a good idea to have it set explictly
23:52 tuxayo > if you dont have your ES version defined, it seems to 'just work'
23:52 tuxayo Regardless of the ES 6 or ES 7?
23:54 dcook bug 31756
23:54 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31756 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Biblionumber not numerically sorting natively when using Zebra
23:54 dcook I'm going to post a patch to that soon but I think it'll be a good one to get into Koha ASAP..
23:57 mtj dcook:  the OAI stuuf seems to work with OAI v4,11
23:58 dcook mtj: Sweeeet
23:58 dcook It probably just fell off my radar in 2020
23:59 mtj tuxayo: you can see the differences between versions of libsearch-elasticsearch-perl
23:59 mtj[…]lasticsearch-6.81
23:59 mtj[…]asticsearch-7.717

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