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05:40 marcelr hi #koha
05:53 ashimema Morning
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06:13 marcelr hi ashimema
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06:28 reiveune hello
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06:59 ashimema This looks awesome[…]-with-update-refs
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08:15 davewood I have another question regarding the koha-create script. We have a customer "" so I want to create a koha instance "foobar", the script however uses and the $1 of koha-create as koha-sitename=library ... "library" is then used in various places of the script to generate filesystempaths, DB user/database, ... this seems VERY unflexible when you have another customer
08:15 davewood "" ...
08:15 davewood ... since these will have conflicting koha-sitenames now.
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08:19 davewood if i use `koha-create ... foobar` instead and afterwards fix the places where it doesnt make sense (e.g. opac/intra domainnames which are then would that be the way to go?
08:19 davewood I'd much rather like to fix the koha-create script
08:20 davewood fix = make it more flexible
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08:30 marcelr davewood: open a bug report or even submit a fix
08:30 marcelr describe the problem clearly and stay in scope
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09:03 cait davewood: jsut because many seems to miss this... diy ou check koha-site.conf for the diffferent configuration options of koha-create behaviour?
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09:30 davewood cait: yeah but I dont think this can solve the issue.
09:30 marcelr bbl
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09:39 tundunf hi all!
09:39 ashimema 🙂
09:42 * cait waves
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09:47 domm[m] Sorry to bother you with another how-to-contribute question: I have a local branch which we've been working on for some time. I now want to create a patch and attach it to the bug. Should I first fetch upstream/master and rebase our dev branch? Or is it OK to base the patch on a weeks old checkout of master?
09:48 ashimema you should do a rebase
09:48 ashimema that way you can be sure that people grabbing the patch to test it should be able to apply it without issue
09:49 cait and also break anything into granular steps whenever possible
09:50 cait maybe multiple feature branches based on master if it's more than one feature
09:51 domm[m] ok, I assumed so, but couldn't find anything in https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ubmitting_A_Patch etc
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10:32 ashimema oleonard around?
10:32 oleonard Yes, it's dark and chilly, must be morning for me
10:33 aravindiitd[m] is there any api to communicate with KOHA reports
10:33 ashimema any thoughts on a modal workflow in the OPAC that would work along similar lines to the current holds flow.. i.e. where I have a feature that triggers a modal but requires a login to work
10:34 ashimema I've tried a few things, but right now they all feel messy somehow..
10:34 ashimema wondered if you'd hit anything like it..
10:34 ashimema i.e. I want to trigger a login and get back to the page I was on once logged in, with it autotriggering the original modal for the feature they'd clicked..
10:35 ashimema I now have at least two cases where I want to achieve that.. the trusted self checkout stuff and the report a concern stuff
10:36 oleonard What have you tried that feels messy?
10:36 ashimema like this aravind iitd[…]-reports-services
10:36 ashimema well.. I tried binding on whether we're logged in or not and displaying the login modal instead of the features modal.. but doing that then directs the user to their user page and completely looses context
10:37 oleonard Ah, so the core of the problem is that the OPAC lacks proper redirect options?
10:37 ashimema likewise, I tried redirecting the button to the full login page but of course.. that does the same
10:37 ashimema yeah.. there's no redirect options
10:37 ashimema which is a bit of a pain
10:39 oleonard So I guess you don't want to... uh... fix that? :)
10:41 ashimema well.. when I last went down that ally I got told it was a feature not a bug 😉
10:41 ashimema I suppose I should probably role up my sleaves and have another go
10:42 oleonard It's absolutely not a feature that's ridiculous
10:43 ashimema haha.. okies
10:43 ashimema any preference on implimentation?
10:45 oleonard I don't think so
10:45 ashimema Currently contemplating should I create a simplified login page with redirect or an api that just returns the cookie and leaves you where you are otherwise..
10:45 ashimema The former might bring us closer to OAuth as an idenity provider
10:45 ashimema s/idenity/identity/
10:46 ashimema that is oh so tempting in it's own way
10:46 oleonard You've moved above my pay grade now :)
10:46 ashimema hehe
10:47 ashimema like authenticating via google.. you get an uber simple google login page with no fancy periphery and once logged in your redirected back to wherever you were.. be that a google site or a third party
10:47 ashimema out of scope.. bad ashimema
11:09 magnuse__ ashimema++
11:09 ashimema ?
11:10 magnuse__ with zebra it was possible to trigger indexing of a record by inserting the biblionumber into the zebraqueue table. is there a similar trick for elasticsearch?
11:11 magnuse__ ashimema: for working on auth :-)
11:11 ashimema ah.. coolios
11:12 ashimema hmm.. not sure magnuse
11:17 oleonard magnuse__: I like the idea of getting someone's attention with karma and then springing a question on them :D
11:18 magnuse__ hehe, that was not the plan, i promise! :-)
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11:27 binammar hey
11:27 binammar guys i have a problem in my koha
11:28 binammar i use koha in hyper-v
11:28 binammar and i have this problem whenever i wanna ues koha
11:28 binammar System maintenance The Koha online catalog is offline for system maintenance. We'll be back soon! If you have any questions, please contact the site administrator
11:28 binammar anyone?
11:28 wahanui anyone is free to give it a shot :-)
11:32 binammar anyone ?
11:32 wahanui rumour has it anyone is free to give it a shot :-)
11:33 binammar .
11:33 oleonard binammar: That probably means you need to run a database update
11:33 oleonard Either that or you've manually enabled maintenance mode
11:33 oleonard binammar: When you visit the staff interface does it prompt you to upgrade?
11:34 binammar i cant even use the admin panel
11:34 binammar coz i see the same thing there
11:35 oleonard The staff interface doesn't have a "maintenance mode" screen, so it sounds like you're either hitting the wrong URL/port or your Apache config is messed up
11:35 oleonard What has changed recently in your setup? An upgrade?
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11:37 marcelr o/
11:38 binammar all was ok and in one point i saw this messeg + i deleted koha and i Installed a new one its the same thing so if the apache is messed up it wouldve be fixed after i Installed the new one
11:39 oleonard It's worth double-checking your Apache config though.
11:39 binammar nothing changed  all was ok and the sec days this come up
11:39 binammar and i didnt change anything
11:39 binammar or update anything
11:41 oleonard binammar: If you try the OPAC URL and the staff interface URL and they both lead to the same page, you have a configuration problem.
11:42 binammar i did a backup and i installed a koha in the VM and i Uploaded the backup there and all was ok working like there is no problem
11:42 binammar oh
11:42 oleonard I can't explain why you have this problem, I can only suggest what I know how to suggest to solve it
11:43 binammar ok can you suggest
11:43 oleonard binammar: Did you install Koha using Debian packages?
11:43 domm[m] uff, so, submitted our first big patch (including a minor DB change) to add geosearch to Koha. I hope I submitted the patch correctly this time: bug 31652
11:43 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31652 new feature, P5 - low, ---, domm, Needs Signoff , Add geo-search
11:44 binammar no i didnt but i will try installing koha using Debian
11:45 oleonard that's very cool domm[m]. I would test if was able to get Elasticsearch running :D
11:48 magnuse domm++
11:54 domm[m] oleonard: It was rather easy with koha-testing-docker + ES7
11:58 tcohen o/
11:58 marcelr hi tcohen
11:58 tcohen hey marcelr
11:58 wahanui i think marcelr is just amazed that next is faster than count
11:59 tcohen well, count needs to calculate the resultset, right?
12:16 tcohen marcelr: what else?
12:17 oleonard domm[m]: The last time I tried KTD + ES7 it didn't work and there was no one around to ask about it.
12:17 oleonard I'll have to try again and throw around some karma to lure people :D
12:20 tcohen domm[m]: oleonard has one of those new fancy ARM Apple chips on his computer
12:20 oleonard Actually I was trying with my older desktop, but yeah I can be difficult ;)
12:23 tcohen windows?
12:23 wahanui windows is the only thing one can see through nowadays in France :-'
12:25 oleonard Intel Mac at the moment
12:26 tcohen oh, that works flawlessly here
12:27 tcohen oh, no. I don't use ES
12:27 tcohen shuold try
12:28 oleonard XD
12:31 marcelr tcohen: the last patch of 30571. What do you think?
12:34 * tcohen looks
12:34 tcohen should we somehow store that data somewhere?
12:34 tcohen or print?
12:35 tcohen I like that we can be more resilient on this changes
12:36 * tcohen had several emails about 21.11 upgrade getting stalled
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12:45 marcelr a z3950 target without a host isnt worth storing tcohen
12:46 marcelr the other ones are preserved
12:46 marcelr note these records cannot be created via interface
12:46 marcelr so sounds like edge cases
12:47 marcelr and when you upgrade, you always make a backup; so they are not lost either?
12:47 tcohen I agree marcelr
12:47 tcohen I was thinking more of a pattern we can tell devs to follow
12:48 tcohen Joubu has adopted using a new table like _bad_*
12:48 marcelr ok
12:48 tcohen and moving things there, with a nice message about that
12:48 marcelr or a logaction ?
12:48 marcelr with an ugly message :)
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13:17 * tcohen thought of the logaction
13:28 marcelr i am not really sure whether we should start with bad_* tables btw
13:31 tcohen it makes more sense on things like patrons or circ
13:31 tcohen on configurations we could do action_logs
13:32 tcohen or even print a WARNING: during upgrade
13:38 marcelr do you want me to do something with the hosts == NULL or can we just leave it as-is now
13:38 marcelr host
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13:41 tcohen marcelr: can you print the deleted ones?
13:41 tcohen no
13:41 tcohen forget about htat
13:41 tcohen it's fine
13:42 marcelr great; go and push the thing !
13:45 ashimema oleonard.. hope you like bug 31699
13:45 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31699 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, NEW , Add a generic way to redirect back to the page you were on at login for modal logins
13:54 tcohen \o/
13:54 tcohen ashimema++
13:59 * ashimema is kinda surprised it was that easy and that we've not done it before
14:00 marcelr what to do when  [% tn('hold pending', 'holds pending', holds_pending ) | html %]  does not work like expected?
14:01 marcelr wondering if that holds_pending is correct btw
14:01 marcelr no it is correct
14:02 marcelr one of these unfinished projects?
14:06 * oleonard hides at the mention of unfinished projects
14:10 marcelr it is hard to finish a project, thats for sure
14:11 marcelr and nicer to start a new one !
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14:22 caroline Is there a bug on bz to prevent strings such as "%s, "dt_created_on": "%s", "dt_modification_time": "%s", "dt_action": "%s" }%s,%s %s ] } %s %s %s %s %s %s [%%~ action_block = ' to be considered as translatable strings?
14:24 marcelr translation is just one large bug
14:24 marcelr sorry
14:24 marcelr I18N drives me crazy
14:25 caroline It works well most of the time!
14:26 caroline It's just that I had a new person translating and she translated what she could in the above string and it broke the page
14:27 caroline What would a string like "dt_created_on" be called? A variable?
14:27 marcelr %s should be fine
14:27 marcelr thats a kind of variable reference
14:27 marcelr never touch these %s; do not remove them
14:28 marcelr they are substituted
14:28 caroline yea no, that part is ok. It's more the "dt_created_on" part
14:28 marcelr i guess you got to look in the misc/translator code to be sure what it skips
14:30 marcelr caroline: is 1 hold pending translated on your opac main page ?
14:30 marcelr as part of the summary block on the right
14:31 caroline let me check
14:31 caroline in master?
14:31 marcelr or your prod version
14:31 marcelr i am looking at 21.11 and master
14:38 marcelr caroline: in master I see it working btw
14:38 marcelr tested de-DE
14:39 caroline Yep, I was trying it in 22.05 and it seems ok
14:39 marcelr my 21.11 seems to be another thing
14:39 marcelr thx for the trouble
14:39 caroline
14:40 marcelr right caroline++
14:40 caroline our clients are in 21.05 so if there was a problem there, we would have heard about it
14:40 marcelr its all configuration :)
14:41 marcelr and we just have 368 ways to do it !
14:41 caroline of course!
14:44 marcelr hmm i may have found it already
14:44 marcelr see you later #koha
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15:54 tcohen bye all
15:54 tcohen cya next week
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