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05:58 reiveune hello
06:58 ashimema Morninh
06:59 magnuse_ \o/
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08:13 marcelr hi #koha
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08:14 cait good morning #koha
08:17 marcelr gutentag cait
08:26 cait goedemorgen marcelr
08:33 cait tcohen: could we do a release notes draft?[…]tes/-/tree/master I love a sneak peek
08:35 cait wonders if she is brave enough for complicated circ bugs...
08:43 reiveune bye
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08:44 cait hm
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09:25 cait marcelr: let's crush the QA queue? :)
09:25 marcelr good plan cait, but i also need to crush a few other things :)
09:25 cait orr...
09:27 * cait feels like a lonely hulk now
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09:47 * ashimema just squashed three support tickets..
09:47 ashimema time for a cuppa to celebrate!
09:48 ashimema * rabbitmq is a pain
09:51 ashimema there you go cait:[…]
09:53 cait thanks  ashimema++ !
09:53 cait I guess we could already stop now: It includes 6 new features, 204 enhancements, 305 bugfixes.
09:54 ashimema hehe
09:55 cait paulderscheid[m]: back home?
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10:21 cait hi oleonard :)
10:22 oleonard Happy Monday
10:22 oleonard Getting cold there yet cait?
10:24 cait yeah we had some grey, cold and rainy, but should be nicer the next few days
10:25 cait how is it where you are?
10:27 * cait waves at kidclamp
10:28 kidclamp hi all
10:30 cait NSO on bug 17170?
10:30 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=17170 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Add the ability to create 'saved searches' for use as filters when searching the catalog
10:30 kidclamp nah, signed off
10:32 oleonard cait: Nights are getting colder, making it harder to get out of bed :)
10:33 cait the colder is one thing, the darker gets me...
10:33 cait kidclamp: can i trade you for some of my patches? ;)
10:33 kidclamp sure
10:34 cait got 5 in the queue, have your pick :)
10:36 tcohen hola #koha
10:37 cait hi tcohen :)
10:47 marcelr thx cait++ #30571
10:47 marcelr hola tcohen kidclamp
10:48 cait you are welcome
10:49 tcohen hallo, marcelr
10:54 oleonard cait++
10:54 oleonard Thanks for the QA!
10:54 kidclamp cait++
10:55 tcohen so, nice things to push to master this morning
10:56 * cait sends tcohen cookies
10:57 cait off for a bit
11:34 jajm hi all, i want to generate fake data for koha (biblio, item, patron, ...), do you know if there is a script/plugin somewhere that does that ?
11:34 tcohen jajm: Joubu had a plugin
11:36 jajm ?
11:37 tcohen I think so, yes
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11:51 tcohen bbl
11:54 cait kidclamp: thx for the follow-up on bug 22115 - the nowrap class is cool :)
11:54 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=22115 minor, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Passed QA , Table of checkouts doesn't respect CurrencyFormat setting
11:54 cait probably need that in other spots too - but always a bit intimidated by the datatables code
12:04 cait kidclamp++
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12:24 tundunf hi all!
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12:33 cait hi tundunf
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12:43 cait hi marie-luce :)
12:50 tcohen qa_team?
12:50 wahanui rumour has it qa_team is cait, marcelr, khall, kidclamp, kohaputti, lukeg, aleisha, fridolin, ashimema, tuxayo, nugged, petrova, Joubu and dcook
12:50 tcohen can I get a quick QA round for bug 31666
12:50 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31666 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Add job progress bar to
12:50 ashimema hola
12:50 cait yes?
12:50 tcohen khall is willing to work on putting all progress bars back once we push this one
12:51 cait I like a good progreess bar
12:51 * tcohen hates the link to background jobs
12:51 tcohen khall++
12:51 * ashimema is currently working through testing UI issues to try and help jajm close a few off 🙂
12:51 tcohen ashimema++
12:51 tcohen jajm++
12:52 tcohen biblibre++
12:52 tcohen bywater++
12:52 tcohen ptfs++
12:52 tcohen cait++
12:56 cait I'll finish a few started things first, but will add that to QA mail right way
13:10 tcohen thanks, cait!
13:17 cait davidnind++
13:18 cait davidnind[m]: hiding in the background, signing off stuff!
13:18 davidnind[m] 😀
13:20 cait davidnind[m]: i am just rebasing my manual patch set
13:21 cait it clashes a little bit with the sentence heading fix
13:21 davidnind[m] thanks cait - I was going to have a go at it, but I'm not that great at rebasing...
13:22 ashimema cait++
13:22 ashimema davidnind++
13:23 cait it sho
13:23 cait uld be ok now
13:23 cait[…]erge_requests/591
13:27 caroline cait++ davidnind++
13:27 caroline finally we'll have less warnings yay!
13:28 cait let me knw if you need help with rebasing
13:28 cait and all links will work as a sie effect :)
13:29 davidnind[m] Thanks cait - looks good to me, merged!
13:30 davidnind[m] caroline: I'll merge your one shortly
13:30 ashimema caroline++
13:36 caroline I edited the wiki page to remove the old way of linking sysprefs https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]-_Tips_and_Tricks
13:36 davidnind[m] caroline++
13:36 davidnind[m] thanks caroline!
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13:45 * cait waves at jzairo
13:45 jzairo hi cait!
14:46 lukeg joined #koha
14:46 lukeg hi
14:46 wahanui hi, lukeg
14:50 tcohen hi lukeg
14:50 tcohen oleonard: around?
14:50 oleonard Yes
15:00 bag joined #koha
15:00 lukeg oleonard: Have you ever seen this warning when validating HTML?
15:00 lukeg Self-closing tag syntax in text/html documents is widely discouraged; it’s unnecessary and interacts badly with other HTML features (e.g., unquoted attribute values)
15:00 lukeg <input type="hidden" name="op" value="add_biblio" />↩
15:00 oleonard Yes, and I looked into it. Apparently it's a new feature in the validator which folks aren't sure they'll keep
15:01 oleonard I'm not going to worry about it yet
15:01 lukeg OK, me neither then ;)
15:01 cait does  "Holds waiting past pickup-date" work?
15:01 cait or pickup date?
15:02 oleonard pickup date
15:02 cait and generally sounds ok? Idea is to use as a new tab headig on the hold waiting report with bug 31500
15:02 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31500 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Add ability to specify MaxReservesPickupDelay at the patron category level
15:23 cait lukeg++ thx for the help :)
15:43 tcohen oleonard++
15:46 cait bbiab
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16:15 cait caroline: i am curious about running the manual build with all our patches pushed :)
16:15 rangi[m] joined #koha
16:16 caroline I'm trying it now on my branch :) only 9 warnings! (that I'm trying to correct rn)
16:22 cait leavig those to you then :) but 9! whoop!
16:22 cait is that with the change to the conf?
16:23 caroline yes!
16:24 caroline It's also great because it highlights references that were untranslatable, e.g. :ref:`Stage MARC Records for Import`
16:24 cait exactly
16:24 cait and also links that were broken because the heading didn't exist
16:25 ashimema it should build automagically
16:25 * ashimema will read back
16:26 * cait feels like we should break the circulation editor into tabs...
16:27 ashimema bug 30979 seeking testers again
16:27 cait the table is not a bad idea, but it's too many in a row
16:27 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30979 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Add ability for OPAC users to checkout to themselves
16:27 * ashimema thinks it's really cool
16:27 cait we could easily group article requests on a tab for eample
16:27 cait recalls
16:27 cait holds...
16:27 wahanui holds is a scary area
16:27 cait fines
16:27 cait just dreaming
16:31 tcohen can someone remove the leading 'your ...' from tabs in the OPAC?
16:31 * tcohen only has cookies and beer to offer
16:32 cait I am a fan of that idea
16:32 cait i am willing to do it
16:32 cait (I already remove them in translations)
16:32 cait oleonard: would you agree?
16:33 oleonard I'm fine with that
16:33 cait i'll file when I am finished with my current bug
16:34 tcohen \o/
16:35 tcohen cait: I removed them on translations as well
16:35 tcohen cait++
16:35 ashimema awesome
16:36 ashimema file any bugs like that and stick academy on them.. I'll get my Izzy to attack them any time she's keen to top up her pocket money 😜
16:37 ashimema wow. there's 81 bugs in there now
16:37 ashimema I best get her keen again soon 😜
16:38 ashimema time for me to clock out.. have a good evening #koha
16:39 cait caroline++ davidnind++
16:43 tcohen I've been very busy last week with the OAuth/OIDC work
16:43 tcohen and want to say that I'm very happy with all of you
16:43 tcohen filling my queue with awesome stuffs and bugfixes
16:43 tcohen great work everyone
16:43 tcohen qa_team++
16:43 tcohen koha++
16:46 cait do we want to change the headings too?
16:49 tcohen ?
16:49 tcohen 'Koha community rocks' would be fine
16:49 cait the heading on the page is alos 'Your summary'
16:49 cait lol
16:50 tcohen I'm not sure about that one
16:51 cait I'll propose without for now
16:51 tcohen yeah
16:52 cait there you go: bug 31672
16:52 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31672 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Remove 'Your' from tab descriptions in OPAC patron account
16:53 ashimema Nice one
16:54 tcohen nice
16:54 cait so... you said cookies?
16:55 tcohen alfajores?
16:57 cait always heh :)
16:57 cait I'll collect next year i hope
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17:51 cait can someone remind me of how I make a unimarc ktd?
18:17 cait oh the sudden quiet..
18:17 cait tcohen:  maybe?
18:20 cait tcohen: i am rebasing the itemtype desription patch
18:22 tcohen hola
18:22 wahanui what's up, tcohen
18:22 tcohen reset_all_unimarc
18:22 tcohen ?
18:22 tcohen otherwise you can set
18:23 tcohen it through env
18:23 tcohen like it
18:23 tcohen in
18:23 tcohen KOHA_MARC_FLAVOUR=unimarc ktd up -d
18:23 tcohen (or the .env file)
18:24 tcohen @later tell oleonard ping me when you're around plz
18:24 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
18:24 tcohen jajm: around?
18:24 cait tcohen: I tihk that doesn't give you the right env
18:24 cait but i can try
18:24 cait bug 7960 is rebased
18:24 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7960 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, Patch doesn't apply , Choice to not show the text labels for item types
18:26 cait I am trying with the env now, thx :)
18:27 cait obv I am dong it wrong? too many arguments
18:29 tcohen can you zoom?
18:29 cait KOHA_MARC_FLAVOUR=unimarc ku -d did not work
18:29 bag cait: stand on one foot and sing - that does the trick for me :P
18:30 tcohen right
18:30 tcohen cait: haven't you installed the new fancy 'ktd' command?
18:30 cait ah huh?
18:30 tcohen[…]3eGZEcEVTeFBYUT09
18:31 cait my koha-testing-docker says it's up to date
18:32 tcohen cait: I can zoom right now
18:32 cait on my way
18:33 cait might take a omment... says it requires an update (zoom)
18:33 tcohen I can wait for the QA team manager
18:34 cait it's downloading 130 mb
18:35 AndrewFH joined #koha
18:35 AndrewFH tcohen++ for pushing fun bugs today :)
18:35 AndrewFH aw drat, I seem to have forgotten how/if karma works in here
18:36 cait that works :)
18:36 cait unlike my zoom update
18:36 cait unsafe thrid party?
18:37 tcohen dpkg -i zoom*.deb?
18:38 tcohen we can use other means to communicate? goto?
18:38 cait I am home :) 8.30 pm
18:38 cait give me a sec, i am figuring it out
18:38 ashimema can you use Jitsi cait
18:39 ashimema another reason to go with matrix/element.. Jistsi video calling is built right in
18:39 ashimema anywho.. I should go back to being a scout leader
18:41 tcohen LOL
18:42 ashimema koha grows fast right now:[…]dd41ff66b2754723c
18:42 ashimema nice one tcohen
18:42 ashimema bye...
19:01 bag cait++
19:01 bag tcohen++
19:05 oleonard joined #koha
19:06 oleonard tuxayo around by any chance?
19:06 oleonard Or tcohen?
19:06 wahanui tcohen is the man you want to thank
19:06 oleonard Okay wahanui ... thanks tcohen !
19:13 bag ha! that’s great
19:13 tuxayo oleonard: hi :)
19:13 cait tcohen++
19:15 oleonard tuxayo: I wondered if you'd seen Bug 29603. I think it should be a candidate for 21.05
19:15 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29603 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to master , Fix responsive behavior of facets menu in OPAC search results
19:16 tuxayo cait: tcohen : For the record if that helps regarding the desktop client, I always use the web version of Zoom and it works okay. Even thought I was happy until 2 months ago where never had to use Zoom ^^
19:17 cait tuxayo: I ended up doing that, but missed the link the first time since I already had an older zoom version installed
19:17 tuxayo oleonard: I will certainly see it when oldstable (21.11) backports it.
19:17 tuxayo But I would have skipped it.
19:17 tuxayo So I'm noting to backport it.
19:18 oleonard I mention it to you because liliputech isn't around and I don't want to forget :)
19:20 tuxayo cait: yes, I guess the link doesn't apear if the client is installed. It's shown as the last resort.
19:21 tuxayo oleonard: I suppose liliputech will backport it since it's severity is "normal"
19:22 tuxayo We might need to ping then if we notice it has been skipped for some reason.
19:22 tuxayo *them
19:22 cait tuxayo: they hide it a bit, but it was there...
19:32 cait tcohen++
19:32 cait looks like i can use the kdt command now - but unimarc installation doesn't work
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20:01 tcohen ktd++
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22:29 uhusiano Any help on a broken upgrade from 22.05.04 to 22.05.05
22:30 uhusiano am getting ERROR: {UNKNOWN}: DBI Exception: DBD::mysql::db do failed: Cannot change column 'branchcode': used in a foreign key constraint 'reserves_ibfk_4' at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line
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