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00:14 thd The troublesome problem with form fields in high contrast black and white themes is input boxes with reversed background or foreground for contrast but somehow not reversing both background and foreground.  Strongly outlining the bounding box would be good.  Even with everything working otherwise the location of the input box often requires guessing.  Preserve your vision.
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06:00 marcelr hi #koha
06:21 marcelr @later tell tcohen "29144 rebased; ready to go?"
06:21 huginn` marcelr: The operation succeeded.
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07:11 marcelr @later tell davidnind[m] "could you plz check 29554 again?"
07:11 huginn` marcelr: The operation succeeded.
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07:13 severineq Hi #Koha :)
07:28 fridolin severineq: hellowe
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08:01 _orex good morning, I have an issue with elastichsearch after upgrade to koha 22.05.04, it gets the error Index 'koha_' needs to be recreated.... and i can't recreate via '-r' -d
08:01 _orex I remember an url that recreate the index, but I am not able to find it again, any body knows how to fix this, pleasE?
08:02 davewood _orex: im probably not able to help out, but what does 'cant recreate via ...' mean exactly?
08:03 _orex after upgrading, I guess mapping has changed, and koha is not able to add new recods ro elasticsearch
08:04 _orex it is koha related, not ES, becuase I have configured a new ES server and gives same error
08:04 _orex sorry recrear via means  sudo koha-elasticsearch --rebuild -d -r
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08:39 mtj hi _orex, what debian and es versions?
08:46 mtj what koha version did you upgrade from?
08:46 mtj were you running ES before your koha 22.05.04 upgrade?
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08:56 _orex Debian 10 and ES 6.8
09:04 mtj _orex: would you consider testing the problem on deb11?
09:06 _orex yes I have also on my mind , I will do tomorrow... but fixed this situation in the past, with an url that recreated the index.. but I am not able to remmeber... i am getting old hahahah
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10:41 mtj hi tuxayo, i have a problem getting 21.05/es7 tests passing :/
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11:30 marcelr o/
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11:34 mtj hi marcelr
11:35 mtj tuxayo: the good news is that es7 tests looks to be "almost passing"
11:36 mtj so... might just have to release 21.05.18 as ES6 compatible only
11:37 mtj perhaps attempt to sort ES7 for next 21.05 release
11:38 ashimema hmm.. I can feel my pocket getting lighter...
11:38 ashimema bugs for pocket money may not have been such a good plan:
11:38 ashimema https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_status=Pushed%20
11:38 ashimema to%20oldoldoldstable&bug_status=Needs%20docume​nting&bug_status=RESOLVED&bug_status=VERIFIED&​bug_status=CLOSED&bug_status=BLOCKED&chfield=a​ssigned_to&chfieldto=Now&email1=isobel.graham0​​quals&list_id=422461&query_format=advanced
11:44 mtj ashimema: its a good investment 🐨
11:49 ashimema 🙂
11:54 mtj tuxayo: adding bug 28610 fixes ES7 jenkins tests
11:54 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28610 critical, P5 - low, ---, kevin.carnes, RESOLVED FIXED, Elasticsearch 7 - is now an object
11:59 magnuse ashimema++
12:01 mtj tuxayo: its marked as 'Pushed to 21.05.17', but seems to be missed
12:01 mtj hi magnuse
12:01 magnuse kia ora mtj
12:01 tcohen hola #koha
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12:39 tcohen reminder: please add descriptions to tests :-D the selenium tests are really hard to track as-is
12:39 tcohen https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ed_test_case_484/
12:39 tcohen how are we supposed to find the problem
12:39 tcohen ??
12:57 ashimema tcohen++
12:57 ashimema I totally agree
13:01 ashimema the only one in your queue right now is Bug 30619 - Add the option to email receipts as an alternative to printing
13:01 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30619 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, isobel.graham09, Passed QA , Add the option to email receipts as an alternative to printing
13:01 ashimema oop..
13:01 tcohen o/
13:07 oleonard When we call the Koha.Preference template plugin are we doing a db call?
13:08 magnuse oleonard: hopefully it hits memcached or something?
13:08 oleonard return C4::Context->preference( $pref );
13:10 oleonard I'm wondering if it would be more efficient to do preference checks once in the template and set a variable.
13:15 oleonard tcohen? ashimema? Any opinion? ^^
13:18 tcohen oleonard: preferences are cached during the request lifetime. and many are loaded by just calling C4::Auth::get_template_and_user
13:18 tcohen so I wouldn't worry too much
13:18 oleonard Thanks
13:18 ashimema what he said 🙂
13:19 ashimema i've been down exactly that path asking the same question as it happens oleonard.. certainly not a silly question
13:20 oleonard I try to think in those terms with jQuery... Setting a variable rather than doing repeated DOM checks. The template triggered that instinct.
13:28 tcohen mtj: can you fast track a -2 package for 21.11.x
13:28 tcohen including the follow-up on https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30976
13:28 huginn` Bug 30976: normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Pushed to stable , Cover images for biblio should be displayed first
13:31 mtj tcohen: si
13:34 mtj tcohen: shall we have a v21.11.11-1 tag?
13:34 mtj tcohen: are you ok to push tag?
13:39 tcohen @seen liliputech
13:39 huginn` tcohen: liliputech was last seen in #koha 5 days, 22 hours, 41 minutes, and 6 seconds ago: <liliputech> have a nice one, C U on tuesday!
13:40 tcohen okç
13:41 tcohen hmmm
13:41 tcohen there's been several pushes since the 21.11.11 tag
13:56 mtj tcohen: no probs, ill add the tag to a local repo
14:19 mtj hi tcohen, look ok?
14:19 mtj[…]/heads/21.11.11-2
14:26 marcelr cu later
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16:28 oleonard I don't know if anyone is still around but I have a sandbox up with the staff interface redesign and my search bar updates:
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17:54 MarkHofstetter hi I try to build debian packages for 22.05.x (basically) and I get this error: #   Failed test 'use C4::Search;'
17:54 MarkHofstetter #   at t/00-load.t line 46.
17:54 MarkHofstetter #     Tried to use 'C4::Search'.
17:54 MarkHofstetter #     Error:  Base class package "Auth::GoogleAuth" is empty.
17:54 MarkHofstetter #     (Perhaps you need to 'use' the module which defines that package first,
18:33 caroline oleonard, the checkout isnt selected by default?
18:33 oleonard Yes it
18:33 oleonard is a known bug
18:33 caroline ok, sorry!
18:33 oleonard No problem, I mention it in the commit message bug you have no reason to have seen it
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19:16 tuxayo ashimema: «bugs for pocket money» LOL, that's why some patches are marked as sponsored by you!
19:19 tuxayo mtj: thanks for finding out, probably got things mixed up, patch is indeed not in the branch.
19:25 tuxayo tcohen: «the selenium tests are really hard to track as-is» The full logs tell that it's during de «add items» test.
19:26 tuxayo Looking at the line of the failure we indeed could have more comments so people who don't write Selenium test could have an idea of the step that failed.
19:26 tuxayo[…]c_workflow.t#L254
19:31 tuxayo «The full logs tell that it's during de «add items» test.»
19:31 tuxayo Oops, "checkout" actually ^^" time_diff("blabla")  is called after
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22:43 mtj hi tuxayo, shall we include bug 28610 for a v21.05.18-2 release?
22:43 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28610 critical, P5 - low, ---, kevin.carnes, REOPENED , Elasticsearch 7 - is now an object
22:45 tuxayo mtj ES 7 support isn't advertised so unless I'm missing something we can wait next release
22:46 mtj tuxayo: ok, ill push release now
22:47 tuxayo mtj++ thanks ^^
22:47 tuxayo btw, do you have libraries that use ES?
22:51 mtj only ES6, currently
22:55 tuxayo mtj: Do you have plan regarding ES6 being EOL for a while and the latest releases of ES7 being non-libre according to Debian, Fedora and the OSI?
22:55 tuxayo Like about upgrading to ES7 when there is enough confidence in Koha's support (what's missing to get that confidence when all the patches will be on all branches?) or waiting for OpenSearch support.
23:06 mtj we have tests passing for ES7 and OS7
23:07 mtj ..on koha dev and stable
23:08 mtj so thats promising
23:17 mtj looking at jenkins, weve only have ES7 tests passing since july-15
23:18 mtj the paint is still wet for ES7
23:20 mtj OS7 passing just 3 weeks ago
23:25 mtj we have OS7 passing on 21.11
23:26 mtj and probably passing on the next 21.05 release, when bz28610 gets added
23:30 mtj perhaps we aim to have koha 22.11 'offically' support ES7 and OS7

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