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07:24 cait good morning #koha!
08:22 cait is ashimema a ghost again?
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10:36 oleonard_ Hello all and also ghosts
10:45 cait oleonard: we are in inclusive community after all :)
10:47 cait confirmed, ashimema IS a ghost again
11:00 oleonard I feel like if we were putting together a team for a heist a ghost would come in handy
11:02 cait that's true
11:02 cait cannot be so easily detected, unlike other bugs :)
11:03 cait this specific ghosts sends some unhappy vibes tho, I believe it would prefer to be visible again
11:06 oleonard Ah yes, unfinished business...
11:13 cait maybe we shoudl hold a seance
12:03 oleonard I've been playing around with some compromise designs for the header search:
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14:04 cait lots of space :)
14:04 cait oleonard:  i like it that you brought the tabs back
14:05 oleonard I just don't see it working otherwise
14:05 cait same
14:09 ashimema hello
14:09 wahanui hello, ashimema
14:10 ashimema wow
14:10 ashimema only took half a day to get back online this time..
14:13 ashimema hmm,
14:13 ashimema still wondering about that search stuff oleonard
14:14 oleonard ashimema: ?
14:15 ashimema bringing back the tabs is sorta nice.. but it feels somehow wrong just increasing the header height
14:15 ashimema I wondered about going more radical with the header rework and actually moving the links to modules to a left bar instead..
14:16 ashimema similar to how the new gmail ui looks
14:17 ashimema that gives more horizontal space to place with.. but doesn't hugely help with the search widget we have
14:21 cait mostly people will work at bigger screens, not sure we need the header to be super 'slim'
14:30 ashimema it's the general alignment change I find disturbing
14:30 ashimema I already don't like the 'cardnumber over branchname next to register name'
14:30 ashimema on the right..
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15:42 oleonard Another idea:
15:49 cait oleonard: i like that better than the first
15:49 oleonard That doesn't sound like an enthusiastic endorsement! :D
15:51 cait actually I think we are getting somewhere :)
15:51 cait maybe we could make a mock-up witht he search options and branches options for catalog search?
15:52 cait it hink that woudl display nicely why we need the space
15:52 cait branches pull down on simple search just went in
15:52 oleonard Yeah
15:56 ashimema keep going oleonard.. I'm liking the iterations here 🙂
15:56 ashimema oleonard++
15:58 cait and oleonard++
15:58 cait sorry, too many meetings today
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16:08 cait I coudl imagine us having a nicer advanceds earch as a modal or so for some modules
16:08 cait a more advanced patron search would be nice, there are a lot of things you can't search for (restrictions is an example)
16:08 cait bye all :)
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19:25 wajasu my librarian looked under home->tools for Plugins, but its under Home->Administration->Plugins in 22.05
19:25 wajasu[…]ugins.html#set-up
19:42 tuxayo hi :)
19:43 tuxayo wajasu: indeed! That's worthy of opening a ticket with the category "Documentation"
19:43 tuxayo https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?product=Koha
19:52 caroline_crazycatlady Just so you know, it appears under tools after you have at least one plugin installed.
19:55 tuxayo ah :o
19:55 caroline_crazycatlady It's still weird because it used to be under tools even with zero plugins, hence the confusion
19:58 wajasu well maybe one can add (located under Adminstration prior to a plugin being installed)  :)
20:00 caroline_crazycatlady Sure, the whole thing should probably be rewritten... I don't think you need to change the conf file anymore either
20:19 wajasu here's one.  i notices that i had file not found for color.css so i created a blank one in the opac...  i think that is default in the preferences.
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21:40 wajasu is it possible to use mpm-event, so that i can use http2/alpn?  Or is that Work In Progress.
21:41 wajasu maybe a permissions issue.
22:02 wajasu well, i just removed the colors.css  from the OpacAdditionalStylesheet so the header link isn't generated, thus file not found for every opac search page load.  i had brought that forward from old 3.x koha version.

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