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01:02 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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18:44 wajasu pulled latest master. kul.  i see zebra showing a parse error on a biblio. maybe that's bydesign for testing. just sayin.
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20:38 tuxayo > maybe that's bydesign
20:38 tuxayo :8: parser error : PCDATA invalid Char value 31
20:39 tuxayo <controlfield tag="001">00aD000015937</controlfield
20:39 tuxayo Something like that wajasu ?
20:41 pastebot "wajasu" at pasted "my kul koha-testing-docker jun31 2022 with latest pulled docker images" (41 lines) at
20:43 wajasu i'm just ignoring that. what i'm try to do is get my new deb11 working with my old database being restored after i got rif of upgradedatabase issues.
20:43 wajasu the staff interface works, but the opac-search inteface returns a connection timeout browser at frist keywork catalog search.
20:44 tuxayo wajasu: Same error, that might be expected. I know there is at least one biblio corrupt in some way in testing date
20:44 tuxayo It's likely that one
20:44 wajasu since its test. that expected.
20:44 tuxayo Same output when indexing with ES also. So it's the Koha code that outputs it. Maybe it's a new warning
20:45 wajasu but my opac timeout is prventing me from going live.  version 22.0503.000 on debian 11
20:46 wajasu i started to try to get my database in the ktd/kul at master but that throws exception because of missing column from the 22.06 update.
20:47 wajasu so i'm in the process of using KOHA_IMAGE=22.05, then load my db, then see if it comes up
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22:10 wajasu ok 22.05.02 works.
22:17 wajasu oh now i discover there is an alias cp_debian_files.  i was shutting the who thing down and rebuilding to get that to happen. time waster :)
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