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03:49 mtj tcohen: thanks, space is fixed now :)
04:40 wajasu i've got the koha-remove and koha-create working a bit better.  added stopping of long_tasks, z3950 responder to koha-remove.  added starting of long_tasks, z3950 responder(if enabled), plack(if enabled), sip(if enabled)
04:43 wajasu i can't discern memcached_servers for koha-create, but i could look at /etc/koha/sites/$instancename/koha-conf.xml for memcached-servers and if set, add it to the koha-create automatically if not provided.
04:43 wajasu not sure about how to handle flushing the cache though. this is getting more complex.
04:44 wajasu these things snowball.
07:01 mtj hi wajasu, great to hear about your koha-remove stuff
07:02 mtj i had thought about a 'koha-remove --force' option...
07:03 mtj something that was aggressive enough to allow the following to succeed...
07:04 mtj # koha-remove -f lib1 ; koha-create --create-db lib1
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11:46 patrezza Hi can you please tell me if this software can also manage booking of equipment/rooms across a day
14:27 ashimema <tcohen> "lukeg: it looks like jenkins..." <- patrezza I'm working on such a development at the moment.. but it's not yet ready for submission and Koha has nothing akin to it yet
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17:21 wajasu well, i am getting along with making koha-remove and koha-create better.
17:22 wajasu my current issue is the zebra indexer, that gets started launches for a second instance that i create
17:24 wajasu i think i need to add "instance" support, because the use C4:Context is not not sufficient and the second instance can't connect to the db to read zebraqueue.  i think.
17:26 wajasu maybe if i add an -i <instance> option, then I can  use C4::Context("/etc/koha/sites/$​instancename/koha-conf.xml");
17:26 wajasu so that the dbh being used will use that user/pass.
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