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05:53 reiveune hello
05:53 wahanui hello, reiveune
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06:50 alex_ Bonjour
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07:51 * cait2 waves
08:06 * liliputech waves @ cait2
08:33 ashimema morning
08:47 ashimema lliputech.. I'm slightly confused by the git tags..
08:47 ashimema we appear to have a 21.11.07 and a 21.11.09 but not 21.11.08 ?
08:48 ashimema for reference in the future, when you need to do a quick post release change.. you can release it as -1.. so 21.11.07 would/could become 21.11.07-1
08:48 ashimema but it doesn't really matter so long as things are communicated well 🙂
08:49 liliputech ashimema: yup, lots of fails on my first release --'
08:49 ashimema no worries at all
08:49 ashimema the first is always the hardest
08:49 liliputech haha, indeed
08:49 ashimema if you go back over the history you'll see a few issues with my first releases too 😜
08:50 ashimema and the second.. and some others no doubt.. haha
08:50 ashimema I did a few from he middle of a field as I screwed up my dates and was on holiday camping
08:51 liliputech hopefully my next one will be better, with only one tag gap :p (a perfect would be great)
08:51 liliputech haha, well, I'd better report the release for a few days rather than doing it in the middle of a camping field ><
08:51 ashimema hehe
08:52 liliputech I mean, I wouldn't bring my PC to a camping field, unless it is CCC :) (and even then...)
08:58 ashimema haha
09:21 tuxayo >  when you need to do a quick post release change.. you can release it as -1.. so 21.11.07 would/could become 21.11.07-1
09:21 tuxayo Thanks ashimema I wasn't sure adding dashes wouldn't have bad consequences like for packaging and places that might not expect a dash. Should the -1 be only for the tag?
09:21 tuxayo Now I know next time someone struggle with a release to not advise them to bump the number ^^"
09:23 ashimema I think the -1 is actually pretty standard for this sort of thing.. if you look back there's a fair few following that style
09:24 ashimema pretty sure it plays nicely with package building etc
09:24 cait2 it's also what I remember doing when I was RMaint
09:24 ashimema 🙂
09:24 ashimema as I said.. it's not a problem this time around 🙂
09:30 tuxayo Should the -1 be only for the tag in the end? We don't even need to pass the version to -1 to the release notes or tarball scripts. We can just overwrite.
09:33 cait2 i thin it wuld not show on in release notes etc. maybe only tag and packages
09:33 cait2 iirc
10:07 liliputech .
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12:15 cait2 I was wondering - who adds new contribs to history now and when?
12:16 Joubu By RM when releasing
12:18 cait2 ah ok - we used to do it right after pushing, that had me wondring
12:19 Joubu yes but it is not trivial to regenerate it correctly, see
12:20 Joubu part "Update history.txt and contributors"
12:22 tcohen hola #koha
12:34 mtj hey #koha
12:35 mtj hi tcohen, Joubu,  what do yall think about an option for KTD to run just ES tests?
12:36 mtj ...perhaps 'enhance' the LIGHT_RUN var to have more options?
12:37 mtj this would be useful for using KTD to test ES6/7 stuff
12:38 tcohen I'm all for that
12:38 tcohen how can I help?
12:38 tcohen plus, how are we with the Search::Elasticsearch version problem for master/buster
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12:40 lds hi
12:40 wahanui hi, lds
12:58 mtj hey lds
12:58 mtj tcohen: im gonna have a go at Search::Elasticsearch now
12:59 tcohen mtj: thanks mtj
12:59 mtj the deb10/buster version is ok for ES6, its deb11+ versions that wont do ES6
13:02 mtj tcohen, Joubu... chould we add a LIGHT_RUN=2 option for ES tests only? for a quick fix...
13:03 mtj ...we could then add a better solution later
13:05 mtj perhaps rename the option from LIGHT_RUN to RUN_TYPE?
13:06 mtj RUN_TYPE=all, RUN_TYPE='elastic,selenium' etc..
13:08 Joubu cannot we run a docker command instead?
13:09 mtj hmm, i dont think so
13:11 mtj ..i think we will a change to ktd's files/, to just run ES tests
13:12 Joubu that's too specific IMO
13:12 Joubu then you will need to add selenium tests, etc.
13:13 Joubu it could be better to accept a list of (test) files
13:13 mtj aah, thats a nice idea
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13:16 tcohen hola Joubu !
13:16 Joubu o/
13:20 mtj we should try to sort a template file for ktd too
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14:42 cait2 Joubu: can you run the script for the nex tdev meeting?
14:42 cait2 not showing up on the wiki
14:44 tcohen hi cait2
14:44 Joubu cait2: who is in charge of that?
14:45 Joubu I prefer someone else to take over
14:45 cait2 um no idea really
14:45 cait2 i just wanted to put something on agenda :)
14:47 Joubu done
14:48 cait2 hm maybe we messed up somewhere
14:48 Joubu next meeting exists: Development IRC meeting 13 January 2021 - section will not be updated
14:48 cait2 wiki still says 22june
14:48 Joubu it's either the script or manually..
14:48 cait2 so.... to figure out first what we did set the date to
14:48 Joubu it's why the script exists, to update everything
14:48 cait2 the date above is in the past
14:48 cait2 there must have been a typo
14:48 cait2 also ... January?
14:49 irc tdev?
14:50 Joubu cait2: ok, wait a minute
14:50 Joubu don't create it
14:50 cait2 doing nothing
14:56 Joubu cait2: done
14:56 cait2 thank you!
14:57 cait2 Joubu++
15:09 irc *t*dev?
15:10 irc Joubu: can you run the script for the nex tdev meeting?
15:10 irc Ah, *next*, got it.
15:11 cait2 are you named irc on purpose? :)
15:11 irc I think it is just a username of the server
15:11 irc On my last irc server that is
15:11 irc Just moved over the conffile
15:21 cait2 so... who are you?
15:40 reiveune bye
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16:20 mtj hi Joubu, would you be willing to patch ktd to accept a list of (test) files?
16:23 wajasu since i am using ktd. I added an escape to the PS1 to set the title of the terminal window to the git branch.
16:24 wajasu is that something that you guys would want. if you write a bug and assign it to wajasu, i'll work it. you can then take it or leave it.
16:25 wajasu i have alot of windows open and work multiple bugs, so its easier to see which window and bug is which.
16:25 wajasu its just a change to the .bashrc PS1
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16:32 tcohen next meetings
16:32 wahanui next meetings is https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Next_IRC_meetings
16:32 tcohen Joubu++
16:32 tcohen cait++
16:32 tcohen thank you so much
16:33 tcohen :-D
16:49 mtj hi wajasu: you can create the bug/issue yourself at ...[…]ha-testing-docker
16:51 tcohen wajasu: submit a pull request we can review
16:51 tcohen I personally work with the code outside KTD
16:51 tcohen hm, I'm wondering
16:52 tcohen if you are using something like bash_git_prompt
16:52 tcohen maybe we should just make it available inside, and then we could make KTD inherit the host system PS1 when we do ktd --shell
16:52 tcohen that way we don't hardcode any opinionated shell prompt
16:52 tcohen just a thought
16:53 tcohen looking forward to that pull-request :-D
17:24 mtj tcohen: i have new Search::Elasticsearch packages, that need testing
17:27 mtj im looking for a quick solution to get the ES stuff tested
17:29 mtj ..we currently have ES builds taking 80 minutes.. to test 30 seconds of ES specific tests
17:40 tcohen if we need to test this only because of this breakage
17:40 tcohen we can just do it locally, I guess
17:40 tcohen once the images are rebuilt
18:00 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9_ES6 build #4: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 24 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]_Master_D9_ES6/4/
18:25 fridolin joined #koha
18:27 fridolin yellow
18:27 fridolin wahanui: yellow
18:27 wahanui fridolin: sorry...
18:28 irc Whatis KTD?
18:28 cait koha-testing-docker
18:28 wahanui koha-testing-docker is probably even more awesome...
18:28 irc Got it
18:30 irc Whatis ILS?
18:31 irc "This project provides a dockered solution for running a Koha *ILS* development
18:31 irc environment"
18:32 cait integrated library system
18:33 ashimema @later tell davidnind thanks for testing the email receipts bug, you've made my daughters day :-)
18:33 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
18:35 irc So what's the reason chosing debian as main platform? It says ubuntu is unsupported, is ubuntu for 32 bit installations?
18:35 irc *curious*
18:36 cait Ubuntu is supported
18:36 irc Can it be run for example on RHEL too?
18:36 cait where did you read it was not?
18:36 cait it would be painful
18:36 ashimema The wiki I bet..
18:36 cait the requirements page lists Ubuntu
18:37 ashimema Ubuntu and Debian are regularly tested against and we maintain packages for them.. you could build a package for redhat or install from source though
18:40 irc Cait, Here: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]d_recommendations
18:40 irc Operating system: 64-bit Debian is recommended, 32-bit Ubuntu is unsupported
18:40 cait 32-bit ubuntu
18:40 cait not 64-bit
18:41 irc Then it should say, IMHO, Operating system: 64-bit Debian or Ubuntu is recommended, 32-bit Ubuntu is unsupported
18:41 cait not really
18:41 cait because we do recommend Debian before Ubuntu
18:41 irc OK
18:45 cait where are you from irc?
18:45 tcohen irc: are you a bot?
18:46 fridolin ah indeed we should rephrase, cause Debian 32 not supported also
18:46 irc cait: Sweden 🇸🇪, Europe 🇪🇺
18:46 fridolin a bot will always say no ^^
18:46 fridolin funny nick :D
18:46 fridolin tuxayo: there ?
18:46 wahanui well, there is something very wrong there
18:47 fridolin here is a real bot wahanui
18:48 irc tcohen: if I were a bot, what service would you like me to offer The koha community?
18:48 fridolin some funny chitchat ^^
18:49 tcohen irc: I would like a bot detection service
18:49 irc CTCP Version request upon join and match common irc bot software in the reply?
18:52 irc sijobl: cool, you are running ircII
19:11 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master build #2087: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 10 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_Master/2087/
19:13 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9_ES6 build #5: ABORTED in 1 min 42 sec: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]_Master_D9_ES6/5/
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19:34 tuxayo fridolin: hi :)
19:39 fridolin yeye tuxayo , seen y email ?
19:40 tuxayo just answered
19:40 fridolin ah indeed
19:40 fridolin double-chan chating ^^
19:41 fridolin tuxayo: OK i change wiki and notify Mason, cc Dev ML
19:42 fridolin I remember trying to boot on a 32b computer a 64b USB-key
19:42 fridolin ... in my old days ...
19:43 fridolin and playing a 8bits Atari with floppy disks ^^
20:32 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U18_ES6 build #4: STILL UNSTABLE in 1 hr 19 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Master_U18_ES6/4/
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21:29 davidnind[m] caroline++
21:31 davidnind[m] Thanks for the  acquisitions chapter changes, bringing this up to date with master (and related changes)!
21:57 wajasu tochen: i'll eventually do the pull request.  once i get my library up again.  should be done with the libary this week. and i can do the pull and some testing.
21:59 wajasu i also thought it might be useful to have a koha-version command. so whenever we get into a discussion on what version a tester is running against, they wouldn't need to know how to run or look into some code.
22:00 wajasu or maybe the equivalent of the web about sysinfo tab. :)
22:03 wajasu tcohen: mispelled.

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