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00:29 tuxayo @later tell Joubu Thanks about vscodium and the info about BibLibre sandboxes.
00:29 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
00:32 tuxayo kidclamp: ByWater demo is broken (catalogue search), people installed like 30 plugins so that might be the cause ^^"
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01:01 KeithS Can someone point me to a guide to moving an existing koha installation to a new server? I know how to backup and restore the mysql database. My question is related to the data in the /var/lib folder which koha backs up to the tar.gz files
01:07 KeithS identify
01:09 kidclamp tuxayo - it is supposed to reset every few hours - I will let systems know
01:10 tuxayo great ^^
01:10 kidclamp KeithS: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]e_Debian_packages
01:11 kidclamp you would want to use koha-dump and koha-restore
01:55 KeithS Thanks
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17:22 wajasu testing my script to make a debian11 koha image with 22.05. installed koha-common, etc.
17:24 wajasu tried koha-create --create-db library --defaultsql backup.sql  but got problem related to bug30899
17:25 wajasu maybe i should try 22.05.01 since that was backported
17:50 wajasu tried changing sources.list.d/koha.list with that update version.  Ah, but no Release file.
18:00 wajasu first time that i tried an update/upgrade of koha. hmm.
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20:09 irc Is any1 from imCode here?
21:34 tuxayo irc: what is imCode?
21:38 tuxayo @later tell wajasu did you put "22.05.01" in your koha.list? If so, revert it that's the cause of your issue, you should put exact minor version in koha.list
21:38 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
21:39 tuxayo @later tell wajasu did apt update && apt upgrade already proposed the 22.05.01 upgrade?
21:39 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
22:26 irc tuxayo: a software company in the Nordic that developes koha for some libraries
22:27 tuxayo cool, you work there irc?
22:28 irc tuxayo: nope
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22:40 MattP Hello, Is there anyone on that can assist me with a question on the global system preferences?
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22:42 Vonmp Is anyone on available to give some Koha Admin advice?
22:48 tuxayo MattP, Vonmp in public chats, don't ask to ask. Just state your question and hopefully someone with answer
22:49 tuxayo Otherwise is unconsciously asking people to take commitment on a problem before knowing it's nature.
22:51 Vonmp I am running 21.11, I am attempting to edit the OPAC system preferences, specifically appearance.  The manual suggests I can edit the areas such as OPACNav and OPACCredits and etc but those preferences are not visible to me.  I am logged in as a Superlibrarian.
22:51 davidnind[m] also, it is a bit quieter here on the weekends...
22:52 Vonmp Sorry guys, I don't do internet chat very often and am less familiar with proper or expected protocol.
22:52 davidnind[m] Vonmp: the manual hasn't been updated yet with the changes that were in 21.11 - just looking now at what was changed....
22:53 davidnind[m] it is also a bit quieter here in the weekends...
22:53 wahanui okay, davidnind[m].
22:54 davidnind[m] Vonmp: the system preferences where moved into a tool that is now under Tools > Additional tools > HTML customizations
22:55 davidnind[m] actually, that should read the system preferences were replaced and combined into a tool
22:56 Vonmp davidnind[m]: Thanks for that.  I had missed it, I appreciate the assistance.
22:56 davidnind[m] with the HTML customizations tool you can choose the dispaly location, such as OpacNavRight, opacheader, etc...
22:58 davidnind[m] I've added updating this section of the manual to my to do list....
22:58 Vonmp Very grateful for the help.  I have been trying to figure this out for several hours.
23:00 davidnind[m] that would have been very frustrating, apologies for that!

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