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07:57 cait good morning #koha
07:57 udkoha_ good morning cait !
07:59 cait did you  see my question yesterday about why kohadevbox and not koha-testing-docker?
07:59 cait I just switched from kohadevbox to ktd, because ktd is much better maintained
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08:01 udkoha_ yes, i've seen it this morning - we first tried docker but the db is not persistent
08:02 udkoha_ even the kp alias did not work to make it persistent
08:04 udkoha_ and after stopping the container we always had to drop the db manually - pretty annoying - we made a bug report - but it was still there - one year old but no solution up to now
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08:05 cait1 persistant - you want to keep the same db instead of having the sample data  auto-loaded?
08:05 cait1 I wonder if this is not a solved problem somehow or easy to solve
08:05 udkoha_ yes !
08:05 udkoha_ we wonder too ;-)
08:05 udkoha_[…]cker/-/issues/179
08:05 cait1 i think most use it for developing or QA like me and then it doesn't matter to reset (although I like a somewhat aged test database sometimes)
08:06 cait1 too early for the experts to be around, but maybe we could try bringing it up again later today
08:06 udkoha_ would be great - cause we like docker for testing other software too !
08:07 cait1 it does work pretty great since I switched, but I am still mastering the details
08:07 udkoha_ another IRC newbie question: is there a way to hide all the jenkins messages in a daily log?
08:07 cait1 I also need to figure out how to do some things like spin it up with some quite old versions that I need to work with
08:08 cait1 maybe there is an option in the IRC client like hiding things by keywords? I haven't looked into that
08:09 cait1 I am mostly happy to see the work QA did go into Koha
08:09 cait1 :)
08:10 udkoha_ indeed I found a way in Quassel - context menu on a nickname , ignore ,
08:12 udkoha_ ah, and the web interface offers turn off filtering by nick - sorry
09:01 Joubu udkoha_: You can create a shared/custom.sql file at the root of you koha src dir. It will be loaded into the DB when the container starts
09:01 Joubu it's not exactly what you are asking for, but it may answer your needs as well
09:06 cait1 you could maybe regularly replace it with a new dump as configuration progesses
09:07 cait1 Joubu: will it be used instead of the sample database then and reindex automatically?
09:11 Joubu yes, that could work. I've never tried however.
09:25 udkoha_ thanks for your suggestions - but I want to keep the work for a while - and at the moment I risk to loose all when I stop the container
09:26 udkoha_ perhaps a plain VM with Koha inside (setup of a fresh new koha - not kohadev - server) would be better
09:27 udkoha_ i primarily want to debug the running koha server by using remote debugging & komodo perl IDE
09:28 cait1 it maybe depends on what you want to do
09:28 cait1 hat kind of changes are you afraid to lose?
09:29 cait1 installed plugins, configuration settings etc.?
09:31 cait1 if you plan on working on Koha's code I think a gitified installation like the ktd or kohadevbox is probably tehe best option, I know tcohen is also a big fan of using ktd for plugin development, maybe that's something to investigate
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10:12 tcohen hola #koha
10:13 tcohen you can have several URI-mappings in komodo
10:14 tcohen ktd definitely works with komodo's remote debugging
10:18 cait1 hi tcohen :) you are the person we needed
10:18 cait1 any ideas about persistance too?
10:19 cait1 keeping the db etc over multiple ktd sessions is the idea I think
10:19 cait1 udkoha ^
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11:32 tcohen we should be able to do something about that
11:32 tcohen I haven't worked on that because I didn't need it
11:32 tcohen but, the idea, is that we should combine
11:32 tcohen - using a volume to store some configs, maybe
11:33 tcohen - make the script check if the DB is already populated and skip initializing things
11:43 cait the second part does not sound too hard, not sure about the first bit?
11:45 cait actually not sure how hard any of this is to do :)
11:55 ashimema cait around still
11:59 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D12 build #93: SUCCESS in 36 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D12/93/
12:05 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D10 build #547: STILL UNSTABLE in 42 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_D10/547/
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12:23 cait1 back now
12:26 cait1 ashimema:
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12:43 ashimema cait1 pong
12:45 ashimema Wanted to say thanks for looking at the email patches.. and ask if you agree the switch to 'welcome' notice replacing the acctdetails feature entirely should be done as an online follow-up on the password removal bug to make the release notes clear and consistent
12:48 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "package MyApp; use Mojo::Base" (25 lines) at
12:54 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D10 build #548: STILL UNSTABLE in 33 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_D10/548/
13:16 cait1 ashimema: that is a very long sentence
13:16 cait1 online follow-up?
13:17 cait1 ashimema: Hm I think we could remove the ACCTDETAILS from the bug descriptions easy enough
13:17 cait1 but I think i'd do the rename on a separate bug
13:18 cait1 or you will create conflicts/rebase needs with the other bugs now that have already passed QA
13:25 ashimema yeah.. I can handle the rebases
13:26 ashimema if we do it inline we can make the release notes read "Replaced ACCDetails feature with a new Welcome email feature" and then add details as to why we drop accdetails for security and clarification..
13:27 ashimema if we do it separately, we'd end up with notes split over two bugs.. but achieving the same thing I suppose
13:27 ashimema the follow-up I'm considering is basically removing the existing acctdetails notice and completely replacing it with the welcome one I added in the other bug
13:28 * ashimema was sorta hoping someone might improve the default notice text I put in there
13:30 ashimema oh.. I never posted that bit
13:30 ashimema lol
13:49 cait1 if you ask...
13:49 cait1 you might receive - but not I can
13:49 cait1 but not sure I can do it....
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14:00 ashimema andrew helped me in slack 🙂
14:00 ashimema about to submit to the bug you added
14:00 ashimema thanks cait
14:00 udkoha_ cait and tcohen: oh, just seen your answers - thanks - than we will take again a deeper look on ktd. And good to hear that you perhaps can find a solution to fix the persistance bug to keep the db content
14:00 ashimema thanks cait1
14:01 udkoha_ concerning the  several URI-mappings in komodo: is there an example? we normally don't use Komodo - so we are not so familiar with it, we like VS Code or PHPstorm more
14:02 udkoha_ VS code and the Perl::LanguageServer is ok for normal perl script but unfortunately remote debugging of CGI or PLACK scripts is not supported by Gerald Richters VS Code plugin
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14:14 tcohen \o/
14:15 tcohen udkoha_: integrating the LanguageServer with KTD is a nice project for the Marseille Hackfest
14:15 tcohen what do you think? :-D
14:15 tcohen I use komodo only when debugging
14:15 tcohen because I love VSCode :-D
14:18 tcohen udkoha_: around?
14:18 udkoha_ yes
14:18 tcohen
14:18 tcohen that's what I have :-D
14:19 tcohen for Koha
14:19 tcohen but you can add more mappings
14:19 tcohen hope it helps
14:19 tcohen if you are coming to the hackfest, we can see it in person
14:19 udkoha_ ah, I see - I will try it
14:20 tcohen then
14:20 udkoha_ Marseille might be too early for us perl newbies this year- Koha kickoff is planned in april
14:20 tcohen if you want to debug from a test file
14:20 tcohen you run it like 'prove_debug' instead of 'prove'
14:20 tcohen and if it is plack
14:20 udkoha_ and concerning  integrating the LanguageServer with KTD: this will not work - I asked Gerald Richter
14:20 tcohen koha-plack --stop kohadev
14:21 tcohen and then start_plack_debug
14:21 tcohen I asked too, and the answer was vague, but it seemed it could work
14:21 Joubu Plack::Middleware::Camelcadedb worked for me on IntelliJ
14:22 udkoha_ cool - thanks for the commands - I will try them
14:22 tcohen the plack server is just a perl script, we just need to launch it in a different way
14:22 tcohen Joubu: looking forward to seeing that in action soon!
14:23 tcohen udkoha_: nothing should prevent us from exposing the LanguageServer from the container for VSCode to contact it
14:24 udkoha_ sounds interesting, I understand Gerald so that there is no way to find the IDE debugger listening on a port
14:24 udkoha_ and does IntelliJ  supports perl syntax?
14:25 udkoha_ ah, I see - it does
14:25 tcohen Komodo listens on port 9000 on the host machine, and those aliases contact it on the port
14:25 tcohen maybe I'm not getting something
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14:26 tcohen but I've been fighting OpenAPI bugs since 6 am so... brain melted
14:26 udkoha_ yes, I know and it worked with plackup very well - I had to change the port, cause it was already used
14:26 tcohen udkoha_: was that conversation public somewhere so I can understand the challenge?
14:27 tcohen we can add an sshd daemon in KTD if that's the problem
14:28 udkoha_ no, if I remember correctly than I got the answer cause I made a comment to his Gerald Richters youtube video about Perl::LanguageServer
14:29 udkoha_ let me try your proposed way - I even never played around with the commands mentioned above
14:29 tcohen hehe, you got me interested on making VScode work now
14:30 tcohen[…]eServer/issues/35
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14:35 udkoha_ oh, I missed this issue from you ! :-)
14:36 udkoha_ I made this issue:[…]Server/issues/129
14:41 tcohen +1
14:41 tcohen there are ways to launch plack in a non-forking context
14:41 tcohen (probably heh)
14:42 udkoha_ perhaps I make a YT video if I get all working
14:46 tcohen udkoha++
14:46 tcohen if you are in Europe, please consider reaching us at Marseille
14:46 udkoha_ germany is not so far away
14:46 Joubu did you manage to get a good perl support with vscode?
14:47 tcohen Joubu: define 'good'
14:47 Joubu like simple stuff an IDE is supposed to provide you
14:47 Joubu the "go to sub/method definition" didn't even work when I tried
14:47 tcohen the only thing I lack is remote debugging
14:48 Joubu the ctags were not generated apparently
14:48 tcohen jumping to definitions works
14:48 Joubu and the main perl module is no longer maintained (last commit from 2019)
14:49 tcohen it works very nicely
14:49 tcohen for that stuff at least
14:50 tcohen I abandoned komodo because they explicitly said they are broken on macos, and it lags with Koha's size
14:51 tcohen so looking forward to see IntelliJ wor kin Marseille
14:52 Joubu I abandonned intellij because you need the "ultimate" version for JS support
14:53 Joubu
14:53 Joubu this does not seem a very active projct..
14:57 tcohen it works like a charm ofr me
14:57 tcohen sublime-text had nice Perl support too
15:01 cait1 canwe have a ban on saying Marseille? :(
15:01 cait1 otherwise loving the conversation going on :)
15:35 * ashimema looks at Marseille flights
15:36 udkoha_ yes, and sublimetext works with xdebug,, ,[…]-on-ubuntu-20-04/
15:37 udkoha_ bye for today
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16:01 reiveune bye
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19:02 tuxayo @later tell udkoha no need to know perl well to attend the hackfest, there are also always a big share of librarians and system librarians
19:02 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
19:04 tuxayo @later tell udkoha dropping the db on ktd is done with shutting down ktd with the "kd" command. Not ctrl-c
19:04 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
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19:06 tuxayo @later tell udkoha about «insert the test-values after restarting the docker-container» You can create shared/custom.sql in the koha code dir and put any SQL you want to be automatically executed when starting ktd.
19:06 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
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19:23 Wallless hello
19:24 Wallless I have a little issue with koha, if I manually query table items there some items , but when I use the koha web to search i.e. by tittle these are not found
19:24 Wallless any suggestion please ?
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21:01 Wallless hello
21:57 tuxayo Wallless: can you query the biblionumber of the example item?
21:58 tuxayo Let's say it's 1234 then can you try staffURL://cgi-bin/koha/reserv​e/
21:58 Wallless tuxayo, yes, I did a connection to the mysql I can query , for some items, then I search on the web and are missed
21:59 tuxayo oops, I meant
21:59 tuxayo staffURL:///cgi-bin/koha/catalo​gue/
21:59 Wallless tuxayo, I did the query in the CLI
21:59 tuxayo So the direct URL for the record (not item) doesn't work?
22:05 Wallless the URL works, but found nothing
22:06 Wallless while I see there in the items* tables doing a manual query to the SQL
22:12 tuxayo Wallless: It's not even about the items right? It's about the bibliographic record that isn't accessible. And so the item aren't too.
22:12 tuxayo *it's items
22:13 Wallless yes, I tried to find by title, author, biblionumber on web and still missing, but I can query on the tables and is there
22:14 tuxayo What does your URL to test the direct access look like?
22:14 tuxayo the one with koha/catalogue/
22:15 Wallless /cgi-bin/koha/​dx=callnum&q=IVM%2F2021%2F6-3
22:17 Wallless curiosly this happens with all catologue modify/updated/accesed on 2022-02-24 only
22:19 Wallless those with dateaccessioned 2022-02-22 or 2022-03-08 are ok, I can find from the web search on the catalogue
22:19 tuxayo Wallless: can you try in the staff to go to a working bibliorecord and then in the URL replace the biblionumber (biblionumber=XXXX at the end of the URL) by the biblionumber you found in the items table. For one of the malfunctioning items.
22:19 Wallless but no those with dateaccessioned 2022-02-24 , these only are the missing
22:20 tuxayo And they try the same in the OPAC.
22:20 tuxayo Something like http://SERVER:OPAC_PORT/cgi-bin/koha/opac-​
22:20 Wallless ok, will do
22:32 Wallless ussing catalogue/ and , missing these items
22:33 Wallless I guess are only visible when I do a SQL query directly
22:33 Wallless may be some field is not ok for the items accessed on Feb 24, but I am unable to find what is the difference
22:34 Wallless I did also several queries to search if some field has something strange, in biblio and items tables
22:34 Wallless but still not found the mistake
22:50 Wallless I found something, searching in opac by bliblionumber is there !!! , but all other search by tittle, author... returns nothing , except I do SQL queries in the CLI
22:50 Wallless how is possible to find it by biblionumber but not by title ?
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