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13:47 udkoha hi all. we want to understand the internals of koha. kohadevbox seems to be a good way. BUT ... on this page I found to links to gitlab. one for kohadevbox and one for koha.testing.docker.  in the wiki somebody wrote, that kohadevbox (using vagrant, ansible etc.) is not very well maintained.  so we tried docker. but there the database is not persistent - so what would you recommend?
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13:48 udkoha if docker would be fine - how can we use remote debugging with komodo / xdebug ? how can we connect to our IDE running outside the docker container?
13:50 udkoha another question concerning debugging: someone wrote that debugging of koha running in a plack env is not possible - but when I run a standalone plack hello world with plackup xdebug-debugging using komodo worked without any problems
13:50 udkoha so what
13:50 udkoha is true?
13:57 udkoha let's ask it in other words: if we are coming from PHP web development, using IDEs and xdebug with remote debugging and if we have poor perl experience what would be a good and easy to understand way to learn how koha works internally? using data::dumper all the time seems a little bit old-fashioned ;-)
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18:34 tuxayo udkoha: hi :)
18:35 tuxayo about persistence for koha-testing-docker: the kp alias should allow to Start the whole thing, with mysql persistence
18:36 tuxayo (I guess/hope mysql is written for historical reasons, most have switched to MariaDB)
18:39 tuxayo udkoha: it certainly wasn't possible some time ago and required to disable plack. That's great that managed to debug with plack. Did you do something similar as this?
18:39 tuxayo https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]g.cgi?id=18964#c5
18:39 huginn Bug 18964: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, CLOSED FIXED, Add a --debugger flag to koha-plack
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