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00:00 oleonard Hi Guest806 :)
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01:16 aleisha hi can someone please help me with this message that i posted in the mailing list?[…]ruary/057406.html
01:17 aleisha this analytical records error has come up for a few of our clients and we can't seem to figure out why
01:17 aleisha if it's useful i can paste the marcxml from the records we're seeing it with
01:18 aleisha i'm sure the answer is in this error in particular
01:18 aleisha Unknown qualifier ZOOM for query: Host-item=(Holy living and dying = )
01:18 oleonard Hi aleisha. I've seen that in our production system but we haven't investigated because we don't use Analytical Records. We just hide the error message :(
01:19 aleisha thanks oleonard its reassuring to know it's not just us!
01:19 oleonard Started when we moved to v21.05
01:19 aleisha maybe i will just suggest we do that too :/ yes same when we upgraded a few libraries!
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07:40 ashimema[m] morning
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07:43 reiveune hello
07:44 ashimema[m] are you sure this is with 21.05 oleonard
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07:46 ashimema[m] @later tell aleisha I would say it's coming from here:[…]ha/, but oleonard said it started with 21.05.. that's not in 21.01
07:46 huginn ashimema[m]: The operation succeeded.
07:47 ashimema[m] @later tell oleonard are you sure your getting that ZOOM error with 21.05.. not 21.11 ?.. I think the code causing it is only in 21.11
07:47 huginn ashimema[m]: The operation succeeded.
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07:56 alex_a Bonjour
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09:07 cait1 good morning #koha
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10:15 cait1 one day... we shoud switch serial.status to not be numeric
10:15 cait1 because i don't know how often I need to look up those numbers!
10:17 ashimema[m] lol
10:27 cait1 and   MISSING_NEVER_RECIEVED => 41 - I think should be RECEIVED, but it's consistent at least :)
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11:28 oleonard Hi all
11:28 oleonard ashimema[m]: Our issue with the analytics error message started with v21.05.x for sure. I don't know whether we have the same ZOOM error
11:30 ashimema[m] I found it was 21.05
11:31 ashimema[m] the query has been the same for years, but when it's executed has changed (i.e on page load, vs on clicking the link)
11:31 ashimema[m] only mention of similar errors is from dcook in 2016!
11:31 oleonard Poor dcook :)
12:28 cait1 maybe we should not execute it if easyanalytics is used? or 'ignore' those 773 on existence of the item number?
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13:22 jzairo hello
13:23 oleonard Hi jzairo
13:24 jzairo hi oleonard
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14:49 * cait1 waves
14:50 ashimema[m] hmm, surprised bug 30003 is still languishing for QA attention
14:50 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30003 major, P5 - low, ---, jake.deery, Signed Off , Register entries doubled up if form fails validation on first submission
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14:50 ashimema[m] for a new contributor and a trivial simple patch.. I'm kinda surprised no-one has picked it up...
14:50 * ashimema[m] can't as he helped the contributor code it as they're from ptfs-e
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15:37 ashimema[m] cait1 around?
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15:41 cait1 kind of
15:41 ashimema[m] still working on the welcome email/account details password email bugs?
15:41 ashimema[m] or am I OK to take over on QAing them..
15:41 cait1 for the bug? I missed my QA time yesterday - probably won#t get to it before Thursday
15:42 cait1 looking
15:42 ashimema[m] I'm thinking.. get the first one through and make bugs for the next steps
15:42 cait1 I' am ok with you QA-ing
15:42 ashimema[m] 🙂
15:42 cait1 we have an external sign-off
15:43 ashimema[m] you've already done most of the hard work going through the bugs and outlining the plan 🙂
15:43 cait1 hm?
15:44 ashimema[m] comment 21
15:44 ashimema[m] you've done the history crawl and linked all/most of the relevant bugs
15:44 cait1 oh!
15:44 ashimema[m] the code here is simple to QA.. then I'll follow up on each of those bugs with the various bits to keep it moving in the right direction 🙂
15:44 cait1 but there is no comment 21 on ubg 30003
15:44 cait1 *head scratch*
15:44 ashimema[m] oh
15:45 ashimema[m] I was talking bug 27812
15:45 ashimema[m] welcome email
15:45 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=27812 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Remove the ability to transmit a patron's plain text password over email
15:45 cait1 oh!
15:45 cait1 yes yu can qa that too of course!
15:45 ashimema[m] yeah.. 30003 needs someone else.. should be a trivial one for someone
15:45 ashimema[m] hehe
15:45 ashimema[m] hugs
15:45 ashimema[m] sorry for confusing you
15:45 cait1 maybe I was missing a bit of the log here
15:45 cait1 ah no, scrolling error
15:45 cait1 sorry, still deep in subscirption data...
15:46 cait1 that's all so confusing ugh.
15:49 cait1 ashimema[m]: I was thinking we could the make a new bug as step 3 - to trigger sending the email manually
15:49 cait1 I believe that might work better than having it trigger on some ominous change of fields in the patron
15:49 ashimema[m] yup
15:50 ashimema[m] totally
15:50 cait1 i think noone ever quite understood that bit without looking at the code first :)
15:50 ashimema[m] though actually, I also think a 'Someone changed your password' type notice as it's own distinct thing is a good idea too
15:50 ashimema[m] yeah..
15:50 ashimema[m] it's not trivial
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16:09 oleonard When I try to add an item to an order it says I'm not filling out the mandatory subfields, but I can't see any that are blank
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16:11 reiveune bye
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18:49 oleonard git++
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