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01:19 mtj hi tuxayo, i think we add mojo::jwt now, to anticipate the sec patches
01:34 mtj tcohen, Joubu, perhaps we can use this to test sec patches on 'private' builds ->
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05:05 gary Oh no him again, allowed itemBarcodeFallbackSearch in a brand new vanilla setup, importing books ok if I search books in the catalog they appear, if I search in checkout, nothing, have I missed an important setting when important?
05:06 gary when importing..
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07:28 reiveune hello
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07:46 alex_a Bonjour
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08:12 matts hello
08:13 cait1 good morning #koha
08:22 magnuse \o/
08:34 fridolin _o/
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10:23 nlegrand Bonjour !
10:28 davewood im working with cronjobs/ and ned to extract the ISBN number for overdue books.
10:29 davewood hello everyone btw. :)
10:29 davewood it doesnt look like i can get the ISBN via config params for that script but i dont know yet where in the koha DB tables the ISBN is stored.
10:30 davewood perhaps I have to get the MARC21 value and find the ISBN there?
10:38 Joubu Did you try <<biblioitems.isbn>>?
10:46 davewood like so ... -itemscontent="issuedate,date_due,title,subt​itle,author,itemcallnumber,biblioitems.isbn"
10:46 davewood oh, i am creating CSV files.
10:47 davewood not using the template/html stuff
10:47 davewood failed to mention that
10:48 davewood i tried with biblioitems.isbn as mentioned above, doesnt work
10:49 Joubu reading the code I don't think you will be able to access biblioitem's attribute if you use -itemscontent
10:54 davewood I came to the same conclusion. im adapting the code anyways, where would be a good place to look?
10:55 Joubu I would suggest you to use the Template Toolkit syntax
10:56 pastebot Someone at pasted "[% FOR i IN items %] Itemnumbe" (5 lines) at
10:56 Joubu try that ^
11:16 davewood i went the csv route already for other adaptions. but i feel like the TT way might have been the saner approach.
11:19 davewood i did get the ISBN by changing the sql statement[…] to include biblioitems.isbn ... after that `-itemscontent="...,isbn" works.
11:24 Joubu heh yes, that's another solution
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11:36 oleonard Hi #koha
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12:16 marcelr o/
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12:46 magnuse hiya oleonard and marcelr
12:49 marcelr hi magnuse
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13:03 schnydszch later when oleonard goes online, ask him re: bugzilla 11873
13:04 marcelr use @later tell
13:05 marcelr @later tell schnydszch look the line before
13:05 huginn marcelr: The operation succeeded.
13:05 schnydszch @later tell oleonard re: bugzilla 11873
13:05 huginn schnydszch: The operation succeeded.
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13:06 nlegrand re
13:10 marcelr Joubu: dont change stuff now on 915 please
13:11 Joubu I don't :)
13:39 oleonard schnydszch: Yes?
13:40 schnydszch regarding bugzilla 11873 I saw that it blocks 27750 29155 and 29940
13:41 schnydszch it seems 29940 is what we need to sign off moving forward?
13:42 oleonard Those other bugs require that 11873 be approved before they can be
13:42 schnydszch oh
13:42 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
13:42 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master build #1895: FIXED in 1 hr 7 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_Master/1895/
13:44 schnydszch copy oleonard, that's good to hear. I thought it's the other way around. well status is Signed off
13:53 davewood I wrote some code that helps with incorporating core code changes that cannot be put into plugins or merged upstream. could that be of interest for the koha community? i'll give a quick example:
13:55 davewood I changed ... so i copied the original file to out git repo and rename it to cronjobs/ i also copy the modified file and name it and then i create a patch file named cronjobs/
13:56 davewood we do that with all the files that we modify and cannot merge upstream or manage in a plugin, ...
13:57 davewood if we setup a new koha instance we run a script that goes through all these orig/modified/patch files and checks if the changes can be applied to the original koha source. the output is a bashscript that creates symlinks and/or copies files to the correct place. after checking if the bashscript looks sane you can run it and hopefully everything works.
13:58 oleonard davewood: Why not create a branch of Koha with your changes?
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14:16 davewood because out sysop approach at the moment is to use debian packages. so we update/install koha via apt, then apply our customizations. at some point we might rethink our ways. :)
14:22 Joubu keep your ways but build your own packages ;)
14:30 cait1 that's what we do :)
14:31 nlegrand Ho.
14:31 nlegrand It means now I'm more community than you are cait1? How weird.
14:32 cait1 if you count logos, indexing changes and such as a bad fork, than maybe :)
14:32 cait1 our changes are small and we avoid core
14:32 cait1 so my rebase usually takes an hour with rerunning translations being the worst of it
14:33 cait1 davewood: building your own packages from you git branch can help quite a bit tracking such changes and dealing with conflicts, but overall the most important is probably having a good workflwo and being aware of the changes/differences to standard
14:37 nlegrand cait1: I wouldn't dare saying you're forking badly. “Bad fork” stands for what WE have done before :D
14:55 davewood cait1: thanks for the input. if the number of koha instances grows we will think about it more thouroughly.
15:33 cait1 nlegrand: but you got out of it now?
15:35 nlegrand cait1: yep, in June, now I slighlty patch two or three files, with very few lines, it's 99.99 % community code.
15:35 nlegrand cait1: all the mess moved to plugins and javascript.
15:36 nlegrand which is where mess belongs to.
15:36 nlegrand at least homebrew mess.
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16:19 jsalvane Hello everyone!
16:20 jsalvane I'm new around here. I'm a librarian from argentina, trying to install koha in Archlinux, is there anyone who can help me?
16:25 oleonard Welcome jsalvane
16:25 oleonard Sorry I don't know anything about installing on Archlinux!
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16:39 reiveune bye
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16:49 cait1 nlegrand: sounds great :)
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21:24 tuxayo jsalvane: hi fellow Arch Linux user :) (well I mostly use EndeavourOS now)
21:24 tuxayo You might be able to install Koha on Arch Linux by using cpan to install the perl deps (I think)
21:26 tuxayo Otherwise, spinning a Debian or Ubuntu container would be way easier. It depends on your constraints and objectives to see if there is a solution you really need and thus deal with the tradeoffs.
21:27 tuxayo «using cpan to install the perl deps»: there is an up to date cpanfile.
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