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04:48 gary Hi all, struggling to install one missing perl module Test::DBIx::Class any tips?
04:48 gary using sudo cpan worked for all the others missing
05:29 tuxayo gary: not needed unless you want to run the automated tests. Like when working to developing & testing patches.
05:29 tuxayo Weird that cpan didn't do the trick tough.
05:30 tuxayo *though (<-I think ^^")
05:32 tuxayo gary: any leads with your record import issues?
06:06 gary I was hoping making sure all the packages would fix it, just sat back down again to loo
06:06 gary look
06:06 gary might just start again
06:12 tuxayo Anything in the log when you do the imports?
06:12 tuxayo gary: You can also try to import your file in a demo with the same MARC flavor as your's : https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]emo_Installations
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06:14 gary how do I reach the logs again? I foolishly did'nt note down the great advice the other day
06:39 gary starting from scratch again
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06:59 reiveune hello
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07:20 marcelr hi #koha
07:23 ngospodinov Hello, everyone. I am addressing you with the following problem: A user has received within one day the same email more than once. When he checks his account in the system, it shows that only one has been sent. How to proceed. Thanks in advance.
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07:43 gary Having blownup the instance and started again I am finding exactly the same issue, missing perl added first and still not showing any JOb progress importing converted MARC. I may be doing something very simple wrong!
07:45 cait gary: theprogess bar doesn't always work
07:45 cait it doesn't mean that it isn't importing
07:45 gary Ah, ok I will wait and see then!
07:45 gary thanks cait
07:46 cait if you have a lot of data to load, there are also CLI tools for the staged import and a bulk import option
07:46 cait but yes, wait :) and maybe check on the import tables in the db if you are impatient to see if things are moving on
07:46 gary Oh, how might I check the DB for dummies please
07:47 cait you are importing bibliographic data?
07:47 gary yes
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07:50 matts hello !
07:51 gary hello
07:52 gary cait Will the DB updates show up in logview as 1/24/2022 07:36Gary Mortimer (51)CatalogAddItem 12 from Biblio 2 ??
07:54 gary I think I am wrong
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07:57 alex_a Bonjour
07:57 cait1 if you have the log turned on... but no I don't think so, because they go into 'staged' first, not into the catalog
07:57 cait1 they only go into the catalog as the second step
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08:03 tuxayo ngospodinov: hi, what type of email was it that was received twice? If it's those generated by misc/cronjobs/ or a similar script, then if for some reason the cron job is run twice (time changed on the server or something else weird) then duplicate email will ensue.
08:07 gary Ok Cait, they are sat there staged and I will wait, will they start appearing one by one if I search?
08:11 tuxayo gary: As you have 100 records it shouldn't be long. So something is wrong.
08:13 tuxayo So you are the same person from the other day, I did recognize your nickname ^^
08:13 tuxayo The command to see all the logfiles at once is:
08:13 tuxayo tail -fn0 /var/log/koha/kohadev/*
08:15 gary thanks tuxayo, the records have gone in but I will save that handy hint
08:15 tuxayo plack-intranet-error.log is the main one but there are several others that can thus the blanket command. In this case especially
08:15 gary Big batch now....
08:15 tuxayo worker-error.log
08:15 tuxayo and worker-output.log
08:16 tuxayo how big?
08:16 tuxayo > the records have gone in
08:16 tuxayo great! Right it's was about lack of RAM last time. It's odd
08:16 tuxayo that it didn't work on your previous attempts today now that you had enough ram.
08:17 gary Yeah, I made the machine a 4gb one this time and am using an ubuntu install
08:17 gary I think I may have been being impatient as the progress bar does not always work
08:18 tuxayo For 100 record (and a comparable number of item) it should be that long. How long did it take when it worked?
08:18 tuxayo *it shouldn't
08:23 gary less than 10 minutes, I was not paying attention. 2900 going in now
08:54 gary humm seems to have stopped again, I wonder if I should up the memory to 8gb
08:55 gary I can't see that log file directory either
08:58 tuxayo gary: oops, kohadev is the name of my koha instance
08:59 gary I still can't find them, I thought that /var/log/koha
08:59 tuxayo check in the logs for the same message:
08:59 tuxayo[…]2-01-21#i_2401166
08:59 gary let me try again
08:59 tuxayo oh, that's strang
09:00 tuxayo is /var/log/koha empty in the VM?
09:01 tuxayo Note that if the issue is memory usage it might not be report well depending how how the issue was "resolved"
09:02 tuxayo if it's the system that killed the process filling the ram then there should be something in the system logs `journalctl -r`
09:02 gary No its my fault found it now
09:02 tuxayo webserver timeout?
09:03 tuxayo Because if it's one or two minutes long then you can't do that from the UI
09:03 tuxayo like cait said «if you have a lot of data to load, there are also CLI tools for the staged import and a bulk import option»
09:05 gary can you point me at the CLI tools please, sorry to be a pain
09:14 mtj hi gary: its possible to break your koha if you use cpan to install perl modules
09:16 gary Well that's me! I tried to install only the ones it asked for.....
09:18 gary I set this up on another laptop with zero issues so I am a little bewildered, perhaps blow it up again and go back to an older version
09:18 tuxayo gary: Sorry I don't know much about record import. But perhaps someone will.
09:18 mtj koha has a problem with newer versions of Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI and Json::Validator
09:19 mtj ^ so, just make sure you dont cpan install those modules
09:19 tuxayo mtj: indeed, I'll try to remember that didn't shock when it was mentioned earlier. Anyways it's mostly the automated testing stuff I think.
09:20 mtj gary: i think cpan installs to /usr/local/share/perl, so check in there to confirm :)
09:21 tuxayo gary: you where able to import all those record on another laptop? how long it was?
09:21 mtj its a little misleading, but Test::DBIx::Class is only used by the testing scripts, and not needed for production
09:22 mtj it should really be identified as such, to not cause confusion
09:22 tuxayo gary: So what was the issue when you said you found it?
09:23 tuxayo mtj indeed, I wonder how often people are confused by that
09:23 gary it was memory I thought
09:24 gary Yeah all the other records work in a machine at school that I have had running for at least 8 months
09:24 tuxayo with 8G for 2900 record that's unlikely
09:25 gary yesterday I was trying 2 and am now up at 4
09:25 tuxayo And checking the RAM usage in the VM after you start the process could confirm that
09:25 gary but maybe thats not enough
09:27 gary 30% of memory is what its sitting at
09:28 mtj gary: perhaps rename/move your /usr/local/share/perl dir, and restart koha (or reboot) - to make sure your cpan modules are not causing you problems
09:30 gary bit above my paygrade but will try
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09:35 gary ok so renamed, and rebooting what next?
09:36 gary I see now I have done that the previous missing perl is now missing again
09:40 mtj yes, all those missing modules are not required for production
09:45 gary ok so what should I check now?
09:48 mtj gary: as i understand you have another woking koha, which is a good start
09:48 gary I do
09:49 gary Its a VM one causing me issues
09:49 gary BRB have to pick up school children
09:49 mtj try importing your marc files on both systems, and try to detect the differences
09:49 gary the VM is for the school I teach at because I am afraid the other laptop will die
09:50 mtj alos, compare config files in /etc/koha and /etc/apache
09:50 gary Not sat near the other one sadly
09:50 mtj compare OS and koba versions, etc
09:50 gary must go for now
09:52 mtj try and build a VM that is the same OS and koha version as your working system
10:28 gary will do that
10:37 paxed hm. there's no way to make stuff like saved reports select from an alternative server? we've got two servers, and the slave one is sitting idle
10:39 marcelr sql replication ?
10:39 paxed yup
10:40 paxed saved reports would be ideal for it, as it doesn't really matter if the db is few minutes behind the master
10:40 paxed and then very heavy reports wouldn't affect koha usage
11:45 gary Ok watch out for a big paste, something I am doing wrong I am sure ---
11:45 gary Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`koha_library`.`items`, CONSTRAINT `items_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`homebranch`) REFERENCES `branches` (`branchcode`) ON UPDATE CASCADE) [for Statement "INSERT INTO `items` ( `biblioitemnumber`, `biblionumber`, `cn_sort`, `cn_source`, `damaged_on`, `dateaccessioned`, `datelastborrowed`, `datelastseen`, `homebranch`, `itemlost_on`, `itype`, `more_subfields_xml`, `onloan`, `permanent_location`, `repl
11:48 paxed item homebranch does not exist in branches.branchcode
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11:50 gary Do I need to layout the csv exactly as here[…]
11:53 gary these are my home branch descriptions =952  \\$bCLIFTON  =952  \\$yCLIFTON
11:53 gary I am beginning to wonder how on earth I managed earlier this year, lockdown time I guess!
11:55 gary it pulled in three books and stopped
11:57 paxed i don't know how you're importing those items in koha, but all the values used in item homebranch need to exist in koha as branches before the import
11:58 gary Ah, I just tried another 3 and it worked fine, maybe I need to try 10 at a time
12:02 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
12:02 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D12 build #67: FIXED in 41 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D12/67/
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12:14 cait1 gary: sorry, was in meeting all morgning - after staging committing them to the catalog is a separate step
12:15 cait1 gary: not sure someone told you already :) you first upload and match, when they are all staged and you are happy with matching against existing records, you commit them to the catalog (there is a button)
12:15 cait1 and then they shoudl show up
12:16 gary Yes I upload, then match then I press the go and three went in, 10 did'nt I have just tried 5 and they did'nt and I will try another three now
12:16 gary Transaction aborted: Broken FK constraint. Rollback failed: DBIx::Class::Storage::txn_rollback(): Refusing to roll back without a started transaction at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-b​in/tools/ line 253 at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-b​in/tools/ line 253
12:17 gary that was the 5
12:17 cait1 gary: you are also importing items?
12:17 cait1 about the FK constraint ... there could be some things, but there are some things to look out for
12:17 gary by that you mean, hang on 952$y
12:17 cait1 you need $y to match an item type code exactly (case sensitive like you have it in koha) same for $a AND $b and the branchcode
12:18 cait1 yes, things like that
12:18 gary 952 a b
12:18 gary I have those 3
12:18 cait1 ok, that's good
12:18 cait1 do you import 952 c or 8?
12:19 cait1 in the past Koha didn#t give a good error when these didn't match config, so just something to check maybe
12:19 gary no I don't
12:19 gary what are in those
12:19 cait1 you don't need them - location and collection
12:19 cait1 are optional :)
12:19 cait1 just something that shoudl match too, when you do use them
12:19 gary Ok but can put them in blank?
12:19 cait1 you can just leave the subfields out, that's ok
12:19 gary ok
12:20 gary this is what I have 245$a100$a260$c260$b300$a020$a952$a952$b952$y952$2
12:20 cait1 oh
12:20 cait1 are your 952 on mulitple lines?
12:20 gary yes
12:20 cait1 ok, it should only be one line per item
12:20 cait1 so one item is 952$a $b $....
12:20 gary oh
12:20 cait1 so that could be an issue for sure
12:21 cait1 i believe there are some hints on how to fix this with marcedit maybe in the manual
12:21 gary so if I just put 952 $a $b $y $2  -- like that in one column?
12:22 gary then do I write the values in the single column?? in the right order
12:23 gary looking at the manual now
12:27 cait1 yes, you shoudl actually do that with other fields doo I think
12:27 cait1 like if you had 245 a b and c
12:28 cait1 because 245 is marked as 'not repeatable'
12:28 cait1 260 is repeatable, not sure if it affects display to have them in separate
12:28 gary 952 is the only one like that
12:28 cait1 gary: not sure what you mean with column
12:28 cait1 ok, was looking at your list, 260 stood out too
12:28 gary well on the spreadsheet, oh yes you are right
12:29 gary I guess it all happens in marcedit
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12:32 marcelr o/
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12:35 vfernandes hi #koha
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12:37 vfernandes I'm trying to create an OPAC plugin (opac_js method) with some special characteres (ã, é, í...) and i'm getting encoding problems
12:37 Joubu vfernandes: add "use utf8;" at the top of the module
12:39 vfernandes ok, let me try... i was using decode_uft8 method
12:41 vfernandes it works... thanks Joubu... that's easier than using the method decode
12:42 gary Ok really banging head on desk, links broken[…]o-add-koha-items/ is there anyone here that I could by a beer or several for to help me make this list of 2900 records importable!
12:43 marcelr bywater?
12:43 gary Thats just one of the try this broken links outthere
12:43 marcelr ok sorry
12:45 gary I don't understand how to merge the 952$ fields a b and y into one unit in MArc Editor its above my paygrade!
12:47 marcelr i dont really know marc editor
12:58 gary I will gladly buy beer for somebody that does! This is driving me nuts having one instance that works that I set up last year sometime and now one that does not. I cannot remember what I did before
12:58 cait1 have you checked the manual?
12:58 cait1 I am sure I saw a step by step somewhere for this problem
12:59 cait1 (it happens quite often)
12:59 cait1 next meeting here :(
13:01 gary the marcedit manual yes, maybe I have not come across it yet
13:09 gary is there a discord group or anywhere else I might make my cry for help?
13:10 Joubu you can try the mailing list
13:14 gary I just emailed bywater, I guess America has awoken!
13:19 Joubu gary:[…]o-add-koha-items/
13:19 Joubu And the video is there:
13:19 cait1 gary: ah I meant the koha manual
13:20 cait1 (back from meeting)
13:21 cait1 gary: maybe this here is also helpful:[…]import-into-koha/
13:21 gary thanks cait1 and joubu
13:24 cait1 I was thinking here, but it is not the tutorial I had in mind, still helpful maybe:[…]nuary/035302.html
13:24 cait1 hm not that one... but that one too maybe (helpful that is)
13:24 cait1[…]el-data-into-koha
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13:55 gary Back to the next school run for me and then mow the lawn a little to think and!
13:55 gary and hope bywater respond ;-)
14:01 gary I just noticed at the end of the video the narrator added the .mrc ending to the import file, did'nt just hit save as I have been, 100 records with the $952 marc edit trick added
14:01 gary I need to pick up children so lets see if that works when I get back again
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14:52 SVdP looking for anyone that has converted a "PrimaSoft Handy Library Manager" to KOHA
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16:03 oleonard Hi #koha
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16:50 reiveune bye
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19:36 fridolin hi there
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20:11 bag hiya fridolin
20:12 fridolin hello bag watsup ?
20:15 bag Today is the dogs birthday ;). he’s turning 11 yrs old - he’ll get some ice cream for a treat tonight :D
20:15 bag what’s your weather like there fridolin ?
20:16 fridolin whouuuuffy birthday
20:16 fridolin weather is havy rain, tropical rain
20:16 fridolin normal for this period
20:17 fridolin but we managed to go to the beach on sunday morning
20:17 fridolin its alwayts between 25°C and 30°C
20:19 caroline @bag give Aloo a big birthday belly rub from me :)
20:19 huginn caroline: I've exhausted my database of quotes
20:19 bag will do :)
20:20 bag cold here fridolin - it was 0 this morning
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20:48 gary Oh no, he's back! The 952 video worked books in, my next problem is that the word search in checkout is not picking them up. Do I have to refresh/index anything to make it better?
21:05 davidnind gary: you could try a reindex:  koha-rebuild-zebra -f -v kohadev (where kohadev is your instance/library name)
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21:26 * cait waves at bag
21:26 cait garwhat do you mean with search in checkout?
21:26 bag hiya cait
21:26 cait and happy birthday to Aloo
21:26 bag Aloo++
21:26 cait :)
21:27 cait Aloo++
21:27 cait @karma Aloo
21:27 huginn cait: Karma for "Aloo" has been increased 3 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 3.
21:27 cait 3 interesting
21:28 bag the other must be from indrinal
21:42 cait hm... is it onrmal i need to use sudo to edit my files when using ktd? *feels like I am doing something wrong*
21:43 cait ook, it works now... I think
21:45 cait or not... can't save...
22:20 cait this behaves so oddly ... my commits are not saved either and ugh.
23:07 mtj hi cait, are you using git on your repo, outside of docker?
23:07 mtj ..thats mostly how i do it
23:11 cait yes
23:11 cait but things are still odd :)
23:11 mtj if so, then docker/ktd should not affect git's ability to commit a file
23:12 cait hm
23:12 cait my SYNC_REPO points to /home/katrin/git/koha
23:13 mtj does 'git status' look ok?
23:13 cait but the repo looks odd... several files owned by root and not sure ho that would happen
23:13 cait it's more a permission issue
23:13 cait I am not allowed to commit (permission error)
23:14 mtj ^ yeah,. that was mt 1st guess
23:14 mtj my
23:14 cait how would that happen?
23:14 mtj its probably not caused/related to ktd/docker - but a coincidence
23:15 cait so what should I do to fix?
23:15 mtj $ chown -R katrin:katrin  /home/katrin/git/koha
23:15 cait it looks like they are all mixed up
23:15 cait -rw-r--r--   1 root   root    68831 Jan 24 23:40 Makefile.PL
23:15 cait -rw-rw-r--   1 katrin katrin    131 Jan  6 13:36 MANIFEST.SKI
23:16 cait i have no idea how that happened if there was no automatism or so at work
23:16 cait i've fixed hte permissions, hoping it stays that way
23:17 mtj cool, hopefully fixed :)
23:18 cait yep, thx for taking the time mtj
23:18 mtj i have no idea how the root:root perm happened
23:18 cait me neither :)
23:18 cait especially as it seemed quite random on the files
23:19 mtj pass... lets call it fixed, unless it happens again
23:22 mtj cait: how are you finding ktd, is it working ok for you?
23:23 cait haven't had much chance to play :(  but I always hope to find more time soon :)
23:25 mtj ah yep, understood
23:26 davidnind I find when working on files from within KTD  (after applying patches, etc) that the permissions get changed to root, so I do the chown from outside KTD reasonably often (normally after a pull or before I start KTD up)
23:29 cait aha!
23:30 cait davidnind: thx, that helps :)
23:30 cait ... but should it do that?
23:32 cait it seems like a bit of a hassle
23:33 cait mtj: ^any idea about this behavior?
23:46 mtj cait: hmm, the default user in ktd is 'root', so yeah, its probably causing the permission problem
23:46 mtj ..when you edit/save a file in ktd, the file perms are set to root
23:49 mtj oops, thats not quite true - editing an existing file as root, does not change the perms
23:51 davidnind joined #koha
23:52 mtj i have a few existing files/dirs in my dev koha repo that are root too

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