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09:19 semarie hum. in 21.11.01-1, the search page seems wrong: the main link on title is .../
09:19 semarie and I have the same on opac
09:21 semarie the number in url is the "Numéro de notice" (maybe notice number when untranslated ?)
10:26 semarie it is odd. the xslt is getting marc:controlfield[@tag=001] as biblionumber, so the behaviour I am seeing now seems right, but I get a 404 on the page
10:27 semarie the problem seems that my 001 isn't the biblionumber... but it worked before
10:33 semarie ah, it could be related to Bug 12561. it removes non-XSLT views. so if I were still using that, I might to work as before
10:34 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=12561 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Pushed to master , Remove non-XSLT views
10:46 semarie so I think I have to reconfigure some parts of cataloguing to correctly set 100 to biblionumber, and next regenerate biblio tables (with
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11:12 semarie I would appreciate any help on how to achieve this
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16:05 cait semarie: are you using UNIMARC or MARC21?
16:55 semarie cait: UNIMARC
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16:58 cait semarie: sorry we keep missing each other - I think 001 = biblionumber is standard for UNIMARC, but there might have been older frameworks around at some point
16:58 cait where do you have your biblionumber?
17:01 semarie in the "Liens Koha => MARC" entry, I am seeing biblio.biblionumber in field 90, subfield 9 . but I am not able to see it inside a MARC view
17:02 cait have you set it to visible?
17:02 cait that could be a reason for trouble as the marc framework visibility settings take more effect in newer versions
17:02 cait your biblionumber field should be set to visible in OPAC and everywhere
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17:04 semarie where is the configuration of field visibility ?
17:05 cait in Administratoin > Bilbiographic MARC frameworks > Marc structure...
17:06 semarie ok. so it is marked "ignored" (so invisible)
17:06 cait hm yeah, it should not be ignored
17:06 cait make it tab 0 and visible
17:06 cait but the visibility settings are further down
17:06 cait the 4 checkboxes
17:07 semarie should I make bibioitems visible too ? (in 90.a)
17:07 cait hm actually, leave ignore
17:08 cait but make it visible
17:08 cait i just checkedin my installation and i also have ignore, but the checkboxes set for opac, editor and collapsed
17:08 cait same settings for biblioitemnumber
17:09 cait i mean tab = ignore seems to be correct, but updating the visibility is good
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17:11 semarie if ignored (and visible), I can't see it in marc view. with tab=0, I am seeing it as 90.9
17:11 cait 90.9?
17:12 semarie biblionumber is 090.9 and biblioitems is 090.a
17:12 cait yes
17:12 cait did the change on visibility help your problem in any way?
17:12 semarie no :)
17:12 cait ook, i tdidn't hurt either :)
17:13 cait I tihnk the 001 might be hardcoded in the stanard unimarc xslt
17:13 semarie the xslt template is expecting the bibionumber to be somewhere else.
17:13 cait while the old templates looked up the mappings
17:13 cait yeah
17:13 cait i think you can either try to move to 001
17:13 cait or update the xslt files
17:13 semarie I had to go now. sorry about that
17:13 semarie bbl
17:13 cait if you decide to move to 001... that's certainly more complicated
17:13 cait no problem
17:13 cait good luck
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18:26 semarie updating the xslt files is the simpler, but I will have to redo it at each update (and I am using debian package)
18:26 semarie move to 001 is way more complex
18:27 semarie changing the currents notices is doable via scripting (without too much problem i think), but reconfiguring koha to use 001 instead of 090.9 is a bigger problem for me
18:28 semarie regarding biblioitems, should it be move to another field to ? I have it in 090.a currently
19:29 cait I think in Koha you need to change hte Koha to MARC mappings
19:29 cait and maybe have a look at your indexing
19:29 cait and you for sure will have to reindex after
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