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02:43 mtj tcohen, i think the other wiki problem is that there are some old/incorrect 'koha on ubuntu' wiki pages - that should be removed and re-directed to the 'koha on debian' page
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04:14 fridolin helllllo
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07:53 alex_a Bonjour
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08:40 Xekhz hello bounjour
08:41 Xekhz Im in need of some assistance configuring koha to search in different kohas in diferent machines.
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09:57 Dim_ Hello, bonjour
09:57 Dim_ I'm training on the administration of Koha. I installed it, it works but I am having problems (no search results, koha> Unimarc links problem). I can't find answers on the web. Can someone give me some advice?
10:10 Xekhz try reindex zebra
10:19 Dim_ Thank you, i try this
10:33 Dim_ arf, not better
10:36 Xekhz did it index ?
10:47 tcohen good morning
10:47 Dim_ yes, but : Record didn't contain match field in (bib1,Local-number)
10:48 Dim_ perhaps that the problem
11:23 tcohen what are you trying to do, Dim_ ?
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12:01 Dim_ I follow this :
12:06 Dim_ I don't understand, I've some records, I can loan them but they do not appear in the catalog
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12:50 tcohen Dim_: it seems you have an indexing issue
12:50 tcohen what Koha version?
12:52 Dim_ It's
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13:24 xekhz anyone here ?
13:25 xekhz where can i post questions to the community
13:26 tcohen there's a mailing list
13:26 tcohen or here
13:26 tcohen but better on the list
13:29 xekhz I have a question , how can a koha instance search on many differente koha instances and display the result in the OPAC
13:29 xekhz kind of and agregator.
13:33 tcohen it can't
13:33 tcohen in theory, the pazpar2 integration is still there, but haven't seen any maintenance in the area in the last.. 10 years?
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14:30 xekhz but if we can use SRU to querie libraries and get and XML, it would be just applying a stylesheet to the returned xml and have a pretty page
14:40 tcohen xekhz: totally
14:41 xekhz my question is , how can i in OPAC querie other koha instances, is there some javascript i can use ?
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16:24 tcohen xekhz: it would need development
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