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06:37 ashimema Morning #koha
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06:58 reiveune hello
06:58 wahanui privet, reiveune
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08:01 alex_a Bonjour
08:01 wahanui niihau, alex_a
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08:03 cait1 good morning #koha
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08:42 ashimema morning
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09:22 Joubu Has KohaCon21 started already?
09:36 davidnind My calculations say it is about 2:35 pm ish in Islamabad, Pakistan - so it has started.
09:41 Joubu I haven't found a link for the live stream
09:43 cait1 maybe you'd have to register?
09:43 cait1 but there is no online option and it asks for a lot of things
09:45 tcohen hola!
09:46 Joubu asking them by email
09:50 cait1 thx
09:50 cait1 Joubu++
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09:56 domm hey, is there a way to force patrons to upgrade / change their password?
09:57 Joubu mtj: did you disable Koha_Master_D11?
09:57 Joubu domm: no
10:01 cait1 domm: onyl thing you can do is take their password away
10:01 cait1 then they have to... but it's not really nice
10:02 cait1 domm: bug 21309
10:02 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21309 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Enforce password change on login
10:11 domm ok, thanks, thought so...
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11:29 oleonard o/
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12:32 tcohen \o
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13:45 Joubu Got a reply:" We don’t have today the online streaming and we will upload all the presentation along with videos on channel soon "
13:59 oleonard :|
14:16 cait1 thx for checking Joubu
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14:47 cait1 Joubu++
15:10 kidclamp oleonard: could you look at bug 29686
15:10 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29686 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Needs Signoff , Adapt OverDrive for new fulfillment API
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15:15 oleonard Already on my list kidclamp!
15:15 kidclamp thank you!
15:15 kidclamp oleonard++
15:42 oleonard Now I'm distracted because the book I checked out during testing is broken, and OverDrive directs me to contact my library for support.
15:42 oleonard I AM THE LIBRARY! </dred>
15:43 oleonard And guess what, OverDrive... It's not my problem! It's your book! GRR
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15:47 cait1 lol
15:47 * cait1 hands oleonard the box with gingerbread (seasonal cookie jar)
15:55 oleonard
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15:56 oleonard kidclamp: Should that commented-out block of code in overdrive.js be removed?
16:06 kidclamp yes, as well as the console.log ;-)
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16:37 cait1 hi jzairo :)
16:37 jzairo hi cait :)
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16:39 cait1 jzairo: sent you a pm
16:52 cait1 kidclamp++ jzairo++ :)
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17:07 reiveune bye
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17:10 Crak69 hi all
17:11 oleonard Hello
17:11 Crak69 i am a newbe to koha and i am trying to get the koha-testing-docker to work
17:12 oleonard Running into trouble?
17:12 Crak69 but running the command 'ku-mdb' i get a perl error that EMAIL is not found
17:13 Crak69 koha_1       | Can't locate Email/ in \@INC
17:14 Crak69 so, the other containers do run but not the main because of the perl error
17:14 oleonard In your Koha repo do you have master checked out?
17:15 Crak69 yes
17:16 Crak69 in the .git/config it says url = ... branch "master"]
17:16 Crak69 irc is cool by the way :)
17:16 Crak69 haven't used it for ages
17:17 cait1 always friendly people here too :)
17:17 Crak69 i c :)
17:17 cait1 sadly I am not help with koha-testing-docker :(    bye all - cya tomorrow
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17:19 Crak69 i also had a problem with the volume /prove ...i guess it is something for jenkins? i just created a local prove dir inside the koha-testing-docker and changed the docker-compose.yml to point to it
17:19 oleonard Crak69: is it different if you do just 'ku' ?
17:19 Crak69 i'll give it a
17:19 oleonard I'm not an expert on this either unfortunately
17:20 Crak69 no worries :)
17:20 Crak69 so kind that you help
17:21 Crak69 i am on a mac...maybe it could cause problems too
17:22 oleonard That's what I use too
17:22 Crak69 ku same problem :(
17:23 Crak69 koha_1       | Running [sudo koha-shell kohadev -p -c 'PERL5LIB=/kohadevbox/koha .... Can't locate Email/ in @INC
17:23 Crak69 looks like there is some kind of import missing
17:23 Crak69 but i am not an expert in perl
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17:25 oleonard If it were me I'd nuke it and start over. docker container prune; docker-compose pull; ku
17:25 oleonard I find it to be touchy. It often fails to work on the first try.
17:27 Crak69 ok
17:27 Crak69 i will try it again
17:28 Crak69 does not work
17:29 Crak69 'docker container prune; docker-compose pull; ku' -> same perl compilation error
17:30 Crak69 the thing is...i only need a  SIP2 server to testing purposes
17:31 davidnind have you been doing kd to shut things down when things fail? docker-compose pull generally always clears issues up for me
17:33 Crak69 no
17:33 Crak69 control-c
17:33 Crak69 davidnind: i will give it a try again
17:34 davidnind you need to to do kd to shut things down so things startup with a fresh setup
17:35 Crak69 ic
17:35 Crak69 but it does not help :)
17:35 davidnind to get into the container when things are running I use kshell (or shortcut for docker exec -it koha_koha_1 bash)
17:36 Crak69 but the container is not running...
17:36 davidnind here is my  koha-testing-docker cheat sheet for what it's worth
17:36 Joubu Crak69: the branch of your Koha src repo is not master
17:36 Crak69 Joubu: how do you know?
17:37 Joubu hum nope, master requires Email::Mime, so maybe your koha-testing-docker is not up-to-date
17:37 davidnind rings a bell now- I had something similar when trying to run 21.05
17:37 Joubu did you pull recently?
17:37 Joubu (sorry haven't read the IRC logs)
17:38 Crak69 git pull -> says 'aktuell' sry, is german
17:38 Joubu `docker-compose pull`?
17:39 Crak69 maybe i have a bad config
17:39 Crak69 Running [sudo koha-shell kohadev -p -c 'PERL5LIB=/kohadevbox/koha​:/kohadevbox/qa-test-tools perl /kohadevbox/misc4dev/ -v --opac-base-url http://kohadev.localhost:8080 --intranet-base-url http://kohadev-intra.localhost:8081 --marcflavour MARC21']...
17:39 davidnind did you copy env/defaults.env to ../.env  in docker-testing-koha
17:39 Crak69 i changed .env -> KOHA_INSTANCE=kohadev
17:40 Crak69 sry
17:40 Crak69 .env -> KOHA_DOMAIN=.localhost
17:40 Crak69 yes, i copied the defaults.env
17:43 Joubu Crak69: sorry I have to go. Email::Mime is a new dependency, what's happening here is that you are using either an outdated docker image, or a wrong one (one for an older version of Koha)
17:43 davidnind you can post the output after ku to
17:44 Crak69 thank you guys for your help
17:44 davidnind which branch of the koha repository do you have checked out?
17:44 Crak69 master
17:44 Joubu so double check the git branch of the Koha repo and the KOHA_IMAGE env var
17:44 Crak69 KOHA_IMAGE=master
17:45 Crak69 in .env
17:46 Crak69 to mix it up...there is the Koha repro -> and the koha-testing-docker repro ->[…]esting-docker.git
17:47 Crak69 i updated my .zshrc to get the environment and the alias
17:49 Crak69 i think i setup everything as suggested in the readme
17:50 davidnind for your Koha repository use would use[…]ha-community/Koha
17:51 davidnind for koha-testing-docker use[…]ha-testing-docker
17:52 oleonard Crak69: Are you verifying that Koha's master branch is checked out by navigating to your Koha git repository and checking which branch is checked out?
17:52 Crak69 cat .git/config -> [remote "origin"] url =
17:52 Crak69 [remote "origin"] url =[…]esting-docker.git
17:53 oleonard That says which repo you're using, but it doesn't say which branch is checked out.
17:53 Crak69 my iterm extension does
17:53 Crak69 both are master
17:53 Crak69 and git status does as well
17:54 davidnind you are using the wrong repository for koha-tetsing-docker
17:54 Crak69 both are up to date
17:54 oleonard[…]ommunity/Koha.git
17:54 davidnind it hasn't been updated since 2020 and is a fork of the main one
17:54 Crak69 ahh
17:55 oleonard As of right now the last commit in master is 1eb6a02c2f1265cef30788f141efd527eaff58d5, "Bug 29115: Fix syntax errors in club hold functionality"
17:55 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29115 normal, P5 - low, ---, joonas.kylmala, Pushed to master , Placing a club hold is not showing warnings when unable to place a hold
17:56 Crak69 let me clone[…]ha-testing-docker then i give it a new rey
17:56 Crak69 try
18:02 davidnind I would also try a docker system prune --volumes to make sure you don't have any old images hanging around (unless you use docker for other things...)
18:02 Crak69 :)
18:02 Crak69 koha/koha-testing:master        "/bin/bash /kohadevb…"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>8080-8081/tcp   koha_koha_
18:03 Crak69 i owe you all a beer
18:03 Crak69 thank you so much!
18:03 davidnind glad we could help!
18:04 Crak69 i would have never been able to see that i used the wrong repository
18:04 Crak69 and i do not know why i used the wroi
18:04 Crak69 wrong
18:05 davidnind it didn't cross my mind until you pasted the git repositories you were using...
18:05 davidnind we should probably document it some where :)
18:05 Crak69 u got eagle eyes
18:05 Crak69 yes, documentation sometimes helps
18:06 Crak69 the documentation only says 'get a clone of the source of koha'
18:07 Crak69 -> Requirement: The SYNC_REPO variable needs to be defined and contain the full path for a Koha's git repository clone.
18:07 Crak69 maybe for an absolute beginner like me it is not precise enough :)
18:08 davidnind you can either use your own local clone of Koha (from[…]mmunity/Koha.git) and point to it using SYNC_REPO
18:09 davidnind otherwise koha-testing-docker will download it each time you start things up - which will slow things down a lot
18:09 Crak69 yes
18:09 Crak69 now things get clearer for me
18:10 Crak69 now i can start to setup the 'SIP2 Server'. i certainly will get into struggle as well :)
18:11 davidnind I've tested a few bugs for SIP2, but not lately
18:12 davidnind SIP2 is setup and running by default and you can access from within kshell
18:14 davidnind as long as you understand how to use SIP2! (I rely on the steps I'm given in the bug)
18:19 Crak69 afaik SIP2 is done by telnet and then you can put in a line of text with defined commands mentioned here[…]s_protocols.xhtml
18:20 Crak69 davidnind: 'i relay on the steps i'm given in the bug' can you please explain?
18:20 Crak69 davidnind: do you have a 'gist' or so?
18:22 oleonard Crak69: davidnind refers to the process of testing a patch, where the bug report will include instructions for testing
18:22 davidnind thanks oleonard
18:22 Crak69 oleonard: ok, thank you
18:23 Crak69 isn't there some kind of unit test?
18:23 davidnind here is my cheat sheet for koha-testing-docker (KTD) but I haven't covered SIP2:
18:24 Crak69 davidnind: cool!!!
18:25 davidnind all the tests for Koha are under t/ I think, so for sip2 it would be: prove t/SIP/Sip.t
18:26 Crak69 there is prove again
18:27 Crak69 is prove a testing framework for perl?
18:35 davidnind I just follow what is in test plans :-D but I think prove is a Perl thing (prove -help or man prove)
18:36 davidnind here are some notes for a bug related to SIP2: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]g.cgi?id=26871#c6
18:36 huginn` Bug 26871: major, P5 - low, ---, joonas.kylmala, Pushed to oldoldstable , L1 cache still too long in SIP Server
18:39 davidnind there are some SIP2 package commands for Koha: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ian_packages#SIP2
18:39 davidnind and that's about the limit of my SIP2 knowledge!
18:39 Crak69 :)
18:40 Crak69 thats far more then i know :)
18:42 Crak69 ok, thats enough for today...thank you all so much for your help :)
18:43 Crak69 left #koha
19:16 cait ... and looks like they were German too
19:16 cait huh :)
19:17 cait davidnind: i must save those cheatsheet links
19:50 davidnind cait: maybe I should create a guide/tutorial to setting and using KTD...
19:50 cait we are going to make the switch soon... so if you do, please let me know
19:52 davidnind I'll need testers :)
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20:34 fridolin hi, reboot and BRB
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21:12 rangi_ /ws 12
21:12 rangi_ heh
21:27 cait hey rangi!
21:28 cait davidnind: sound good to me :)
21:28 cait davidnind: I just updated the documentation page on the website adding the links for the 22.05 development
21:29 cait the 20.11 german manual loos great now:
21:31 cait the others not so much yet, but I hope soon :)
21:47 AndrewFH joined #koha
22:12 davidnind cait: thanks!

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