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01:01 Astorian Hi everyone. I'm just learning about Koha now and am considering setting up a private library. As I'm learning about it, I'd like to demo it. Will I be able to with the Live-dvd located here:
01:01 Astorian
01:01 Astorian Or will I need a hard drive to install it on?
01:06 davidnind Astorian: the LiveDVD is a really old version of Koha (v 19.05), so I wouldn't recommend that approach
01:07 davidnind And they are not supported by the community (see
01:17 Astorian @davidnind Thank you. I only want to test out the waters with it but don't want to install it on a hard drive just yet but it looks like I may need to.
01:17 huginn` Astorian: I've exhausted my database of quotes
01:17 davidnind Depending on your skill levels with Linux (Debian or Ubuntu) and server applications in general:
01:17 davidnind 1. Use one of the demo sites (NOTE: these are typically reset each day, so any setup and data would be lost)
01:17 davidnind 2. Use a local virtual environment (such as VirtualBox or VMWare) and install Koha locally using either Debian (https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Koha_on_Debian) or Ubuntu (https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]buntu_-_packages) (instructions need updating for the latest release 21.11)
01:17 davidnind 3. You could use the Docker environment we use for testing and development - koha-testing-docker ([…]a-testing-docker) , but it is not designed for running a library, just development and testing
01:18 Astorian I will look into the virtual environment! Thank you.
01:22 davidnind Another alternative which I didn't post is using one of the testing environments you can spin up for testing Koha (provided by Koha support companies) - these can be a bit fiddly, but would probably stay up for a day or so
01:22 davidnind Just trying to find the link....
01:29 davidnind Here it is - Sandboxes: - Try the PTFS Europe or ByWater Solutions ones (the BibLibre ones don't seem to be working right at the moment, looks like only PTFS Europe ones are available)
01:41 Astorian Thank you for your help david. I'll have more questions for the community as I become familiar with the software.
01:48 davidnind Ask here on IRC or the mailing list - depending on the time zone it can be a bit quite, particularly during the weekends..
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