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01:58 dcook @later tell ashimema It would be interesting to use branches instead of patches.
01:58 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
01:58 dcook Looking at[…]ha-community/Koha and I'm surprised that Javascript makes up 45.1% of Koha apparently..
01:58 dcook That seems unlikely..
01:58 dcook Although I guess we do embed a number of libraries so maybe..
02:01 dcook Ohh Wainui seems to have an account on Gitea... interesting
02:02 dcook Or a repo rather
02:03 dcook Probably couldn't have repos for every contributor though..
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06:35 ashimema Interesting.. not sure how that happened..
06:36 ashimema It was likely a mistake rather than a deliberate action.. I hadn't noticed that she had her own fork on there
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06:55 ashimema Indeed, having a full forked repo for every contributor could be a bit big.. but perhaps allowing for branch creation on the main repo and merge requests could work
06:56 ashimema Must admit, I've not delved deep on gittea yet for this sort of thing
06:56 ashimema dcook^
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07:20 alex_a Bonjour
07:32 reiveune hello
07:32 wahanui salut, reiveune
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07:54 Joubu dcook: RM and RMaints have an account on Gitea, it's managing push permissions
07:54 Joubu ho, repo you said
07:54 ashimema Wainui actually has her own repo too Joubu
07:54 ashimema not just account
07:54 ashimema I would put money on that just being a mistake
07:55 Joubu creating repo should be turned off
07:56 ashimema indeed
07:58 Joubu was turned off for most of us (the first accounts we created)
08:01 Joubu I sent her an email
08:03 Joubu @later tell oleonard Could you try again the whole flatpickr patch series please? applying 29478 and friends
08:03 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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08:45 magnuse \o/
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08:45 * magnuse wonders why we have both accountlines and account_offset tables. isn't it basically the same info in two tables?
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08:55 Joubu magnuse: account_offset links fees and payments
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09:00 magnuse Joubu: tried with a more complex example, and i think it makes more sense now. thanks!
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09:25 * cait waves
09:25 magnuse \o/
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09:34 ashimema the biggest issue with offsets is that it holds a few 'extra' lines I don't think it really should..
09:34 ashimema or.. it's misnamed
09:35 ashimema it should either be 'account_actions' and keep recording 'creations' and 'adjust increases'..
09:35 ashimema or keep it as offsets and only record the actual offsets.. i.e. how Line A effects Line b
09:36 ashimema it's the 'how' that offsets really gives us
09:57 cait so many bug mails...
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10:04 ashimema morning
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11:00 cait what do i need to do o have the auto renewal notice show up in message preferences?
11:00 cait testing bug 29456
11:00 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29456 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Signed Off , "Auto renewal" and "Hold reminder" notice shown as "unknown" on the patron category list view
11:03 cait found it AutoRenewalNotices
11:11 tcohen goood morning
11:11 ashimema morning
11:16 * cait waves
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11:32 cait a little late question... but do we need title to be mandatory on html customizations? they don't show
11:32 cait I'll file it for discussion
11:33 ashimema I wondered that one too
11:33 ashimema then prompty forgot to report it
11:33 cait I am here now :)
11:33 ashimema sorry.. I'm only half here..
11:33 ashimema meetings
11:33 wahanui meetings are https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Next_IRC_meetings
11:34 cait I emant I got it
11:34 cait don't worry, I'll file
11:34 ashimema 🙂
11:34 ashimema thanks
11:34 ashimema link it to the code one 😉
11:34 cait will do
11:34 cait but i think a see also will be enough
11:34 cait this should be an easier fix
11:34 ashimema yup
11:37 cait bug 29515
11:37 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29515 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Don't require title for HTML customizations
11:40 Joubu isn't the title display on the list view?
11:40 Joubu *ed
11:40 cait hm
11:40 Joubu I think it's the only thing displayed in the list actually
11:41 cait just having a look
11:41 cait it does display, but maybe we could make it not mandatory
11:41 cait actually seeing the location and language is enough
11:41 * ashimema is keen to do that visual bug
11:41 cait ok, language i s not there, but the location is enough
11:42 Joubu it's not that easy, you will need to update the DB struct
11:42 cait for the title?
11:42 Joubu it's marked as not null
11:42 Joubu ha but varchar default ''
11:42 cait ah i was just wondering about that
11:43 ashimema bug 29424
11:43 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29424 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Replace the table on 'HTML customisations' administration with a visual alternative.
11:43 cait that would be a bit like wordpress right?
11:43 ashimema kinda, ish
11:43 cait i'd love that, but we might want to provide a well accessible option in parallel
11:44 ashimema I wasn't thinking of going as far as wordpress
11:44 cait maybe a pull down to pick from - it would not be too long right now as we are no onger having entries per language
11:45 cait we also have some in patron accounts and sco
11:45 cait so probably need something for start page... and maybe don't make all of them visual
11:45 ashimema remember it's two features
11:46 ashimema I don't think news lends itself to the visual option I was suggesting
11:46 ashimema but 'blocks' does
11:46 ashimema and 'pages' I see as it's won thing again
11:53 cait yes, i was only talkin about blocks :)
11:53 cait not news
12:03 oleonard Some blocks are deliberately configured to exclude the title even if it's present, but others were intended to have it be optional. But it doesn't look like it's working
12:03 oleonard For instance OpacHeader has "blocktitle => 0" but OpacLoginInstructions doesn't.
12:04 oleonard So theoretically OpacLoginInstructions should show the title if it's there.
12:08 cait oh interesting, i didn#t know that
12:08 cait but optional would work, right?
12:08 oleonard yes.
12:08 oleonard If it were optional we could eliminate the "blocktitle => 0" and let the user add it or not.
12:09 oleonard That would be better.
12:09 cait wondering
12:09 cait what exactly does it add?
12:09 cait a heading of a certain kind?
12:11 oleonard Yes
12:15 cait hm does that work with accessibliity?
12:15 cait thinking about the hierarchies work
12:16 cait ah, it probably is part of the template, nm
12:16 ashimema 🙂
12:17 ashimema love that we think about accessibility without having to consciously think about it.
12:17 oleonard The heading would come out of html_helpers to it probably wouldn't be correct. May need to be a style thing instead.
12:18 cait updated the bug about our conclusion that it could be optional
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12:42 jzairo hello!
12:47 cait hi jzairo :)
12:48 jzairo hi cait :)
12:52 cait oleonard: i have the weird breadcrumb bheaviour on master now :(
12:53 oleonard ?
12:53 Joubu oleonard: are you working on the blocktitle bug?
12:54 oleonard Not at the moment
12:54 oleonard Feel free if you'd like
12:55 cait oleonard: the one where the > moves to a weird position
12:55 cait but actually... let me check something
12:55 * oleonard is trying to do an XSLT customization with typical results
12:55 cait let me know if i can help
12:55 cait I just spent 3 days updating our XSLT files...
12:56 cait oleonard: i figured it out, but it's really weird
12:56 cait using the CSS files form master - all is good
12:56 cait when I run yarn build --view opac
12:56 cait I get the display issue
12:56 cait are the files out of sync or is my yarn thing outdated or so?
12:58 cait
12:58 oleonard I don't see the same problem here
12:58 cait did you run the yarn buld?
12:58 cait so odd :(
12:59 cait Using firefox
12:59 Joubu bug 29518
12:59 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29518 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, In Discussion , Title not display additional contents
12:59 cait Joubu: I had already made a bug
12:59 cait quite confused now - we wanted to make it optional?
12:59 oleonard cait: I think that bug is for what I pointed out... that title sometimes should show but doesn't
12:59 cait bug 29515
12:59 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29515 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Don't require title for HTML customizations
12:59 cait oh
12:59 Joubu not the same thing
12:59 cait ok sorry
12:59 cait it's me
13:00 cait trying to focus... but failing
13:00 oleonard cait could you do 'yarn css --view opac' and post the resulting opac.css?
13:01 cait yes
13:02 cait i as just about to figure out how to share my changed css
13:02 cait give me a moment
13:03 cait oleonard:
13:05 ashimema oleonard.. do we have a guidline for button colours?
13:05 ashimema as in.. the resolve claim button in the resolve modal is blue
13:05 ashimema which surprised me
13:06 oleonard ashimema: In fact just yesterday I started gathering modal window comparisons to prepare to try to settle on a guideline
13:06 oleonard
13:06 ashimema haha
13:07 ashimema clearly we're on the same wavelength here 🙂
13:07 ashimema I'll leave it as is for now
13:08 cait unrelated tihng...
13:08 cait can I send or get someone to send it? :)
13:09 oleonard #vote send
13:09 ashimema send it
13:09 ashimema sorry cait.. I've only just got out of meetings
13:09 ashimema but it looks good to me
13:10 ashimema the submission button on the resolve modal also contains a somewhat hidden feature
13:10 cait koha, koha-devel..?
13:11 oleonard I suppose both wouldn't hurt
13:11 ashimema if the API is going slow you'll see a spinner in the submission button on submission whilst it's waiting for the response and before the modal closes.
13:11 ashimema both cait
13:11 cait i never trust you people if you don't have any remaarks about my English etc.
13:15 oleonard I would say something if there were anything that stood out
13:16 Joubu cait: wait
13:17 Joubu KohaCon22!
13:17 cait yes, doubl echecking
13:17 cait thx!
13:17 cait i just realized january 8 is saturday
13:17 cait next general is january 12, so at least it's before that
13:18 ashimema oleonard... more on modals
13:18 * ashimema uses paste
13:18 Joubu cait: shouldn't we link to the wiki page with the requirements?
13:19 cait it is linked
13:19 cait processes
13:19 cait See  Processes for KohaCon for rules previously established for proposal eligibility, voting, etc.
13:19 Joubu indeed
13:19 cait should i bold it? :)
13:19 cait I was tempted already to do that
13:20 Joubu we are missing "don't change the dates" after you announced them
13:20 pastebot "ashimema" at pasted "Should I prefer one over the other for populating a modal" (14 lines) at
13:20 Joubu :D
13:20 cait i tihnk ti was more... communicate any changes and don't ut on holidays :)
13:21 ashimema oleonard that paste above is for you 😉
13:21 cait Joubu: i tihnk with quarterly General meetins we need to change the agenda
13:21 * ashimema is going for coding consistency
13:21 cait the updates on releases with the versions will be outdated too often :)
13:22 cait and actions from last meeting... hm
13:22 oleonard ashimema: I usually do the latter, but I think that's because I need to define the click event anyway
13:22 ashimema interesting
13:22 Joubu cait: actions from last meeting could stay, I will remove the release list
13:22 ashimema I've generally done the former
13:22 ashimema lol
13:23 cait yeah, it's just this time most of those actions don't fit
13:23 ashimema what's an example of needing to define the click event?
13:23 oleonard ashimema: I don't think it makes much difference.
13:23 cait will probably be better next time
13:23 ashimema okies
13:24 cait i sent it
13:24 cait i don't want to know about any typos now!
13:25 oleonard cait your CSS is definitely different than mine, and I'm guessing it's a dependency version thing, not sure though
13:25 cait oh darn
13:25 cait the link is wrong
13:25 cait it links to this year's
13:25 * cait cries
13:25 cait i hate mail clients
13:27 cait do I sent a correction or will people notice?
13:28 Joubu if you don't, somebody else will, do it :D
13:28 cait hm the weird thing is - if you receive as text it's right
13:29 cait my link on koha is right, on koha-devel it's not
13:29 cait same email
13:29 cait i think I'll risk it
13:29 * oleonard resigns forever as proofreader
13:29 cait oleonard: was not your fault - the paste was just text, I had copied from the email and that had mismatch of link and url
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13:41 cait oleonard: i think that's likely... but it's really odd
13:41 cait (now back to yarn.. i am being difficult today)
13:42 cait i am trying to see if i can maybe update things
13:42 cait could be a kohadevbox issue... as you are all using koha-testing-docker?
13:44 cait oleonard: could you tell me which yarn version you have?
13:47 cait oleonard++ updated yarn... it looks good now
13:48 Joubu oleonard: do you think you will have time today or tomorrow to have a look at the flatpickr bugs?
14:20 cait bbiab
14:30 oleonard Sorry, was afk. Yes Joubu I will have time today
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14:36 Joubu oleonard: thanks!
14:41 oleonard "runtime error: file http://.../xslt/MARC21slim2intranetDetail.xsl element call-template. The called template 'showISBNISSN' was not found."
14:42 oleonard ...which implies that it can't find MARC21slimUtils.xsl, but the file is there...
14:46 Joubu no
14:46 Joubu it's saying it cannot find the showISBNISSN "template"
14:46 Joubu did you include the utils xslt?
14:46 Joubu koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/​en/xslt/MARC21slimUtils.xsl:    <xsl:template name="showISBNISSN">
14:46 Joubu that ^
14:47 oleonard I did include it
14:52 Joubu (ofc I misread your second line and thought it was the same filename, hence the nonsense..)
16:02 reiveune bye
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16:16 cait oleonard: did you solve your XSLT issue?
16:16 oleonard No, I'm very confused. I just keep double-checking the file names to make sure everything is correct
16:18 cait does showISBNISSN exist?
16:18 cait i seem to remember it's only in opac or staff
16:18 cait also, sometimes I get an import error when it's actually a syntax error
16:19 cait not sure if you already did, but can you share what you have as changes?
16:19 oleonard At the moment all I've done is copied the unchanged files to a remote server
16:19 cait you copied the utils one too?
16:20 oleonard I do see showISBNISSN in the copy of MARC21slimUtils.xsl I uploaded.
16:20 cait or did you change the path?
16:20 cait ok
16:20 cait what's the full error in the log?
16:20 cait last time i had the import one the real one was hiding a big above
16:23 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "XSL error" (6 lines) at
16:32 cait hm
16:32 cait i was wondering if you needed to change the utils path to a URL too
16:34 cait :(  wish I was more helpful - we always include hte custom files in the package, so never tried remote
16:39 oleonard Maybe I did the ritual dance incorrectly
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17:10 oleonard kidclamp around?
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18:25 kidclamp oleonard-away: tag
18:31 oleonard I'm it?
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