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00:32 khall joined #koha
00:54 tuxayo kidclamp or khall still arround?
01:30 tuxayo nevermind, I've found what I need, you will get an email soon about some backports
01:35 kidclamp Thanks Victor
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10:52 jasee Hello
10:52 wahanui hi, jasee
10:52 jasee How to make the Koha/Zebra search ignore hyphens?
10:53 jasee If i search authorties "Al-Khulaifawi, Akram Abdul-Dawood" with hypens i can't able to search
10:53 cait joined #koha
10:54 jasee When i removes hypes like "Al Khulaifawi, Akram Abdul Dawood" , i got the exact result.
10:56 jasee could you please help how to fix the issue. Zebra version 2.0.59 and koha version 20.05
10:57 jasee Please check my quries
10:57 cait joined #koha
10:57 jasee I can able to search old koha version without any issue.
11:04 jasee hello
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