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05:03 chriss joined #koha
05:47 dcook tfw you find a bug that has been in Koha since the feature was first introduced nearly 10 years ago...
06:12 dcook Then again maybe it's something else all together..
06:14 dcook Ohh looks like Joonas may have broken it more recently..
06:14 dcook Ah never that easy..
06:15 dcook Actually looks like Joubu broke it :p
06:15 dcook bug 27715
06:15 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=27715 critical, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Pushed to oldoldstable , Possibly SQL injection in virtualshelves
06:16 dcook Annd it's already been fixed
06:16 dcook Dont' know why I couldn't find that when just searching bugzilla
06:16 dcook And it's only Monday :|
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06:42 marcelr hi #koha
06:51 dcook morning marcelr
06:52 cait joined #koha
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06:56 lds joined #koha
06:57 marcelr hi dcook
06:57 wahanui hi dcook are you around?
06:57 dcook heh
06:58 marcelr dcook: never ending journey?
06:58 dcook Feels like it
06:58 alex_a joined #koha
06:59 alex_a Bonjour
06:59 wahanui hello, alex_a
06:59 marcelr i will finish this little idea now
06:59 dcook I intended not to comment anymore heh
06:59 dcook I wasn't going to look at the bug report again after the first few days, but I'm just too opinionated :(
06:59 marcelr yeah but i responded to obsoleted comments :)
07:01 * dcook hides forever
07:01 dcook heh
07:01 cait joined #koha
07:01 dcook Curious if anyone uses the OpacBrowser preference. I wonder what HEA says..
07:01 dcook Hea*
07:02 dcook 400/11400...
07:02 cait joined #koha
07:03 dcook I swear I find a new (old) Koha table every few months..
07:04 dcook I think the system preference description might just be plain wrong..
07:04 paul_p joined #koha
07:05 dcook Or maybe just misleading..
07:06 cait1 joined #koha
07:06 dcook https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]unning_the_script
07:07 dcook Only works for French and Dewey apparently..
07:07 cait1 that's a realyl old one
07:07 dcook So old haha
07:08 dcook I think I need to take my brain out today and put it in a jar..
07:28 * magnuse waves to dcook
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09:33 cait1 help?
09:33 wahanui rumour has it help is appreciated for bugs and keeping jenkins happy
09:34 cait1 i have a 16.11.09 branch in a kohadebox with a corresponding database
09:34 cait1 and Koha keeps insisting on loading  TT plugins that don't exist in this version
09:34 cait1 and i am realyl stuck
09:34 ashimema hum
09:35 cait1 i am not sure where it gets the idea from really - can only assume it's some cache, or files related to kohadevbox
09:35 ashimema grep for $raw in the template dir?
09:35 cait1 i did
09:35 cait1 nothing
09:35 ashimema humm
09:35 cait1 it should not be there
09:35 ashimema USE raw
09:35 cait1 no you misunderstand
09:35 cait1 it oes not exist in 16.11
09:35 cait1 koha still wants to load it
09:35 cait1 and dies
09:35 ashimema pass
09:35 cait1 it was added in 2018
09:36 cait1 so now i ADDED it
09:36 cait1 and it asks for ASSETplugin
09:36 cait1 which is another it shoudl not even know about
09:36 cait1 i wonder if this has something to do witht h files gitify copies or so?
09:36 cait1 it gets "newer" information from somewhere
09:37 cait1 i've even tried commenting out the template cache line in koha-conf.xml... no change of course
09:51 tcohen good morning
09:57 oleonard Hi #koha
09:57 cait1 we figured it out: here it comes
09:58 cait1 translated templates in German sticking around as untracked files
09:58 cait1 my cookie was probably set to German, so it tried using them and they of course have the raw
09:58 cait1 and.. git grep did not look in those
10:05 cait1 it's always stuff like this you lose most time, isn't it?
10:05 ashimema 'fraid so
10:05 cait1 ashimema++ tcohen++
10:38 ashimema cait1 did you look much at bug 24718 ?
10:38 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=24718 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, Patch doesn't apply , Introduce hour-based holds
10:38 * ashimema is trying to wrap his head around it..
10:39 ashimema it meantions 'bookings' but I'm not sure I understand how it does that
10:39 cait1 not yet
10:39 cait1 tbh... i feel booking should probably not also be put onto hold
10:39 cait1 s
10:40 cait1 if that's the idew
10:40 cait1 if it's overnights that need a certain return time - that would be nice
10:40 ashimema well.. we have a client who needs bookings and I was going to do it entirely separately
10:40 ashimema but wnated to scan BZ first to make sure I wasn't overlapping with anyone elses work
10:40 cait1 makes sense
10:40 ashimema then I saw this.
10:41 ashimema it looks more like it just introduces time/hour handling in existing reserves..
10:41 ashimema honestly.. I'm not sure I have my head wrapped around 'future holds' enough to really get it
10:41 cait1 future holds just start in the future
10:41 ashimema mm
10:42 cait1 so different beast
10:42 ashimema I don't see any clever circulation enhancements in this one
10:43 ashimema for me 'bookings' should either block checkout, or reduce the due date of a checkout, for booked materials such that the item would be back at the library ready for fulfilling the booking.
10:43 ashimema at least that how I think it would work
10:43 ashimema reserves, to me, feels much more about joining a queue and waiting
10:44 ashimema with no guarantee the item will actually be there at any given time?
10:44 ashimema am I conflating concepts?
10:46 cait1 no i think that's it
10:46 cait1 a booking guarantees a certain ... loan period
10:46 cait1 not period
10:46 cait1 hm
10:46 cait1 my english is failing
10:47 ashimema hehe
10:47 cait1 you are guaranteed to have the item at a certain time
10:47 cait1 not for a certain length of time
10:47 cait1 you are not joining a queue, but you are booking a time slot
10:47 ashimema indeed
10:47 cait1 so the system needs to determine free time slots
10:47 ashimema indeed
10:47 ashimema I don't see that in Aleisha's code
10:47 cait1 so renewals and the holds system will get in the way
10:48 cait1 because i ma not sure how you can make the queue work well together witht he time slots
10:48 ashimema still seems like a nice enough feature.. just not what I think of as bookings
10:48 ashimema I think me developing a distinct bookings code wouldn't block her dev.
10:48 ashimema that's what I'm aiming for.. making sure I'm not blocking her :)
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11:41 oleonard Is GoogleOpenIDConnect supposed to work in the staff interface?
11:41 oleonard The system preference descriptions aren't very specific.
11:42 khall oleonard I'm only seeing references to it in the opac templates
11:43 khall oleonard https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=10988
11:43 huginn Bug 10988: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, vanoudt, CLOSED FIXED, Allow login via Google OAuth2 (OpenID Connect)
11:43 khall I think it's always been opac-only
11:47 oleonard Thanks khall, I should have grepped before asking
12:09 marcelr who is signing off bug 28935 please?
12:09 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28935 is not accessible.
12:10 marcelr 2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
12:10 marcelr should be doable
12:50 marie-luce joined #koha
13:03 marcelr kidclamp++ any chance that we can make your signoff a qa stamp? oleonard is testing too
13:06 ashimema sorry I threw problems into that one.
13:06 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:06 ashimema ended up rather harder to achieve and scope crept all over the shop
13:06 ashimema glad it's been simplified and split
13:06 ashimema agian..
13:09 Oak joined #koha
13:15 oleonard kidclamp: Not sure if I should add my signoff or wait so they can go on in reverse? Does the order matter ??
13:15 kidclamp works for me, I think the order is fine oleonard
13:16 kidclamp marcelr: do you approve of my followup?
13:22 marcelr will have a look
13:23 marcelr yeah sure oleonard++
13:23 khall_ joined #koha
13:23 marcelr could you change status nick?
13:29 ashimema looks great to me too
13:29 sophie_m joined #koha
13:34 marcelr ashimema: is the column set of any practical value on 28999, or should we just discard the whole thing now?
13:35 ashimema just reading it now as it happens
13:35 marcelr ok just pushing :)
13:35 ashimema I want to take a look and discus with tomas too with regards how we might apply at the object level for wide scope
13:35 ashimema it's all nice and insteresting code.. I like it
13:36 ashimema just not sure how best to utilise in koha
13:36 marcelr the allowlist is not much more than a hash slice
13:36 marcelr but the clou of columnset is perhaps the place where to centralize them
14:02 oleonard GoogleOpenIDConnect is confusing... Should it *require* using Google for login, or not? it doesn't block login via regular Koha account.
14:07 oleonard I guess I just don't understand why the "Log in to your account" link at the top doesn't offer a normal login, but the login form does.
14:09 oleonard I guess it should allow both... "If you do not have a Google account, but do have a local account, you can still log in"
15:02 cait1 zebra--
15:02 cait1 oleonard: the latter would fit how other things do it
15:02 cait1 but never used Google auth
16:58 cait1 oleonard: still arond maybe?
17:00 khall joined #koha
18:07 oleonard cait1: A little
18:29 cait1 i fixed that one, thx oleonard :)
18:29 cait1 i had a weird issue with pull downs not opening up
18:30 cait1 was a miplaced yui-class (old old templates here)
18:30 cait1 now i am stuck with not being able to upate po files... always something new
18:33 cait1 Can't locate in @INC (you may need to install the LangInstaller module)  - in kshell when running perl translate update de-DE (i need to update the po files)
18:33 cait1 if someone has an idea
18:34 tcohen Add C4/Installer to PERL5LIB
18:37 cait1 how do I do that?
18:37 cait1 and why C4/Installer?
18:37 cait1 is in misc/translator
18:39 cait1 tcohen: don't go away :)
18:39 tcohen ah, that
18:39 wahanui ah, that is true, of course
18:40 cait1 ... so how? :)
18:40 cait1 i am a little scared to break it totally trying to add
18:43 cait1 hm i modified .bashrc for vagrant... adding /home/vagrant/kohaclone/misc/translator - it didn't explode yet
18:45 cait1 tcohen++
18:45 cait1 that seemed to do the trick
18:46 nugged joined #koha
18:51 cait1 thx all :)
18:51 cait1 bye!
18:51 cait1 left #koha
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