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06:01 fridolin hi there
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06:53 magnuse bonjour!
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08:05 Joubu tcohen, mtj: suggestions on * add a CI or dev_instance flag in ktd config
08:05 Joubu * remove those dependencies from Dockerfile
08:05 Joubu * install them on run
08:05 Joubu not the correct copy buffer
08:05 Joubu tcohen, mtj: suggestions on[…]cker/-/issues/263 ?
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08:17 marcelr hi #koha
08:17 marcelr i need bug 20472 for quite some time already; will have to rebase xth time
08:17 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20472 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Patch doesn't apply , Add digital scan as optional format to Article Requests
08:35 cait1 marcelr: maybe mailing listß
08:35 cait1 ?
08:35 cait1 I am intersted in the feature, but have barely time at the moment for testing :(
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08:44 ashimema oh.. I can take a look marcelr
08:45 ashimema though it's currently 'does not apply' ?
08:46 ashimema aha, I see.., you're working on it
08:46 ashimema poke me when your done and I'll try to take a look.
08:58 ashimema cait1 around still?
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09:33 marcelr ashimema: thx, you are welcome. Back to NSO
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09:41 cait1 around again, was in a meeting
09:41 cait1 ashimema: what's up?
09:46 marcelr bug 20310 needs attention please
09:46 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=20310 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Article requests: Can we redirect article records without items to host record?
09:52 ashimema I was going to ask your opinion on acquisitions documentation
09:52 ashimema cait1 ^
09:52 ashimema I ended up adding a merge request though:[…]erge_requests/531
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09:55 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 28606: Remove $DEBUG and $ENV{DEBUG} <[…]00e9e5464768e1332>
09:55 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 28600: (bug 18989 follow-up) Resolve variable scope issue <[…]8599ba00661ed8be9>
09:55 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 28601: Fix 'Home' breadcrumd on <[…]2b53e8d0bde1f9d5b>
09:55 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 28571: Remove C4::Auth::_session_log <[…]6f9d8f13ed4696f85>
10:09 ashimema nice feature marcelr.. signed off.. (you need a little follow-up for some missing filters for QA however 😉 )
10:11 Joubu @later tell oleonard can you have a look at 28611 please?
10:11 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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10:26 marcelr thx ashimema that was fast
10:26 marcelr will add filters
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10:30 ashimema no worries.. the code was nice and clear and it was easy to test.. nice little improvement :)
10:33 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9_MDB_Latest build #621: UNSTABLE in 34 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]9_MDB_Latest/621/
10:38 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U20 build #135: UNSTABLE in 38 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U20/135/
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10:47 oleonard o/
10:48 oleonard Joubu?
10:49 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D11 build #328: UNSTABLE in 53 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_D11/328/
10:50 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D10_CPAN build #364: UNSTABLE in 51 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ter_D10_CPAN/364/
10:51 Joubu oleonard: yep
10:51 oleonard I'm torn about Bug 28611...
10:51 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28611 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, In Discussion , Incorrect Select2 width
10:52 oleonard I think the solution might be too much for the problem it solves.
10:52 Joubu too much?
10:52 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U_Stable build #201: UNSTABLE in 55 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ter_U_Stable/201/
10:53 oleonard I think the same-width inputs makes the form more difficult to use
10:53 Joubu do you think it's nice to have selects and inputs with the same length?
10:53 Joubu ha
10:54 oleonard I think the rhythm of the different widths helps the eye associate the form fields with the labels.
10:54 oleonard I share your frustration with the Select2 width problem, because it seems like there should be a built-in solution and there seems to be none.
10:55 Joubu There was a topic on the French list, and they sent a screenshot that was really ugly
10:55 Joubu like if the longest word is short (and is selected), you just see "Medi..." and it's missing more than half of the word
10:57 Joubu then we need something more complicated, a JS function that will go over the options, pick the longest, calculate its width, and set that width (+x?) to the select
11:07 * oleonard brb
11:07 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #1691: UNSTABLE in 34 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_D9/1691/
11:07 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9_My8 build #600: UNSTABLE in 1 hr 10 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]aster_D9_My8/600/
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11:21 * oleonard curses Docker and its refusal to launch
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11:40 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #1692: STILL UNSTABLE in 33 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_D9/1692/
11:41 tcohen morning
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11:49 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master build #1692: UNSTABLE in 58 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_Master/1692/
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13:32 marcelr does anyone else know about access to LOC ?
13:32 marcelr or no access
13:33 oleonard Z39.50?
13:33 marcelr yeah
13:33 oleonard Yeah Z39.50 doesn't work for me either
13:34 marcelr they should be awake right?
13:34 oleonard Yes
13:34 marcelr luckily i cant blame koha then
13:37 * oleonard calls the president's red phone
13:39 Joubu lukeG: 28614 - what is the error in the Koha log files?
13:40 marcelr With Joe Bye Then
13:44 lukeG Joubu: I added the error I am seeing to the bug report
13:50 Joubu lukeG: answered :)
13:50 Joubu it's fixed, you need to update ktd and pull the latest docker images
13:51 lukeG Joubu: Thanks! trying that now
13:52 marcelr Joubu: didnt investiage further, but this morning I saw few succesful mails from master without an from_address in the message_queue table. Expected?
13:53 Joubu lukeG: I actually sent an email to koha-devel last week, but it is not in the archive :-/
13:55 Joubu marcelr:
13:55 Joubu 1361     my $from_address =
13:55 Joubu 1362          $message->{'from_address'}
13:55 Joubu 1363       || $branch_email
13:55 Joubu 1364       || C4::Context->preference('KohaAdminEmailAddress');
13:55 Joubu from _send_message_by_email
13:55 Joubu but IIRC we set it when we enqueue it
13:57 marcelr or even later
13:57 marcelr when sending iirc
13:58 Joubu The 4 lines I pasted are executed when we send it by email
13:58 oleonard Joubu: I've come around. I'm in favor of your Select2 patch.
14:01 Joubu oleonard: you persuaded me :D What about the JS code to dynamically set the correct width?
14:01 Joubu (that sounds ugly and borring to write however)
14:03 oleonard Joubu: I think we should want that from the next Select2 upgrade, but I'm not sure we want to mess with it ourselves yet.
14:03 Joubu kidclamp: can you confirm you picked those ones -
14:03 Joubu oleonard: it's not working with the new version either
14:03 oleonard Yeah I noticed :(
14:04 Joubu we can go with this patch: push it quickly and get feedback during the next months
14:04 kidclamp Joubu: no, we got one of those, but not all
14:05 kidclamp kyle going to update and I will redo
14:05 Joubu I am flagging the important ones with the 21.05 kw
14:05 kidclamp are they critical for this one?
14:06 Joubu 28616 is, but khall_ told me he picked it
14:06 Joubu 28586 - claims cannot be resolved
14:06 Joubu 28600 - who knows... but side-effects possible
14:07 Joubu (side-effects possible without the fix)
14:07 Joubu I let you decide :D
14:07 kidclamp yes, we will update
14:07 Joubu bookmark the links please :)
14:07 Joubu ^links^link^
14:08 Joubu oleonard: 28611 - I don't think it's ready for SO. IIRC there was other places to modify (other edit item forms)
14:08 oleonard I wanted to express my support :)
14:08 Joubu yes, thanks! :)
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14:30 cait1 support for any preliminary fix that makes it wider
14:30 cait1 it's barely readable on our test one in some cases what's selected :(
14:31 cait1 re Select2 discussion
14:36 marcelr bug 26302 is ready for testing :)
14:36 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=26302 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , OPAC XSLT Results: List variable number of itemcallnumbers
14:49 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_U18 build #13: SUCCESS in 34 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_21.05_U18/13/
14:56 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
14:56 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_U16 build #14: FIXED in 41 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_21.05_U16/14/
15:01 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_U_Stable build #14: ABORTED in 45 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]1.05_U_Stable/14/
15:03 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_U20 build #15: UNSTABLE in 49 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_21.05_U20/15/
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15:23 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_D9 build #11: SUCCESS in 1 hr 6 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_21.05_D9/11/
15:35 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_D11 build #20: SUCCESS in 38 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_21.05_D11/20/
15:37 reiveune bye
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15:52 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_D11 build #21: SUCCESS in 48 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_21.05_D11/21/
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16:14 jim_ hello
16:16 oleonard Hi jim_
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17:01 cait1 bye all :)
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17:04 tuxayo hi RM assistants ^^ if you are around tcohen ashimema
17:04 tuxayo The release tools are missing the team for this release right?
17:04 tuxayo[…]/config.yaml#L856
17:12 jim_ has anybody upgraded to 21
17:22 oleonard Most folks won't update to 21.05 for a while jim_
17:23 oleonard Do you have a question about upgrading?
17:27 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_U_Stable build #15: FAILURE in 2 min 21 sec: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]1.05_U_Stable/15/
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17:57 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_U16 build #15: SUCCESS in 32 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_21.05_U16/15/
18:04 oleonard How are patron attributes searchable?
18:05 oleonard Based on keyword, if the attribute's data has the keyword?
18:06 oleonard Okay, yes. So that means there's not really a way to search based on an attribute tied to a yes/no authorized value. :(
18:07 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_D9 build #12: SUCCESS in 41 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Koha_21.05_D9/12/
18:12 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
18:12 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_U20 build #16: FIXED in 47 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_21.05_U20/16/
18:33 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_U18 build #14: SUCCESS in 1 hr 8 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_21.05_U18/14/
18:45 koha-jenkins Project Koha_21.05_D11 build #22: SUCCESS in 38 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_21.05_D11/22/
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19:01 * cait waves
19:01 cait tcohen: hello
19:01 cait just saw Joubu's mail about lib directory - anything I need to know for kohadevbox?
19:02 cait ah i tihnk apache.. hm
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23:52 tuxayo The CI likes to start twice the Debian build ^^

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