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02:23 tuxayo Are these the right places to link an authority?
02:23 tuxayo
02:24 tuxayo Is the default auth framework linkable somewhere?
02:24 * tuxayo discover authorities for bug 25030 ^^
02:24 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25030 normal, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Signed Off , IncludeSeeFromInSearches not honoured in Elasticsearch
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10:23 ashimema morning
10:25 ashimema @later tell oleonard I've come up with an alternate solution to bug 28187.. would be interested to know if you agree with it.. I'm never sure about changing _tables.scss.. it feels like a generated source file from somewhere.. but looking at git it appears it's been fixed before so should be OK?
10:25 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
10:26 ashimema no marcelr today?
10:45 oleonard Cool ashimema I'll take a look
11:10 * cait1 waves
11:10 cait1 Germany had a holiday yesterday, maybe other places too
11:12 oleonard What holiday cait1?
11:19 cait1 ascension i think?
11:19 cait1 yep, translator suggests ascension day
11:19 cait1 we have a lot of christian holidays around here still, especially in the south
11:21 * oleonard did not know that one
11:28 cait1 devs: just so you are aware - translators just got hit with 9000 new strings for 21.05 :)
11:28 cait1 (was 100% before)
11:28 oleonard Wow
11:32 cait1 so when I nag aboutyou using the same word in 5 variations... or something like that.... next time - that's why :)
11:36 * ashimema is kinda glad he doesn't translate
11:39 oleonard If someone wants to magically make me fluent in a second language I'd love to have a go.
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11:45 oleonard No takers on that one eh? Oh well...
11:46 ashimema if only I could find that magic.. I'd love to speak another language.. even just passably and not fluent
11:48 oleonard Me too... but I guess neither one of us would love it enough to study XD
12:29 tcohen hi all
12:32 tcohen Joubu is offline today, should we call it 'push all the things friday'?
12:32 oleonard We should call it "QA all the things Friday" so that his inbox is full on Monday.
12:33 tcohen it's been a fix things week for me, so it would be fair to QA a bit
12:33 oleonard It's been a redo the same damn patch four times week for me
12:36 tcohen can I join forces with you and get it sorted?
12:36 ashimema hugs
12:36 ashimema teamwork for the win..
12:37 * ashimema is also happy to join that force if needed
12:37 oleonard No, I'm good. It's a dumb thing I just didn't think through properly the first 2 times :D
12:38 ashimema hehe
12:40 * oleonard kept trying to be too clever about it
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14:08 oleonard ashimema: Looks like lukeG beat me to it, but I too think your solution for 28187 works
14:08 ashimema :)
14:08 ashimema thanks
14:10 lukeG yes, it works nice :)
14:10 ashimema :D
14:11 ashimema sorry for being pick lukeF
14:11 ashimema lukeG even
14:25 cait1 :)
14:37 oleonard tcohen still around?
14:46 ashimema hmmm
14:46 ashimema is paying for stuff broken in master
14:46 * ashimema wonders if it's his data, his patch.. or it's just broken
14:56 * oleonard hates being dependent on obsolete projects
15:01 cait1 hm i have been askedif koha supports oEmbed
15:01 cait1 anyone anything about that?
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15:03 ashimema not that I know of
15:03 ashimema first I've heard of it
15:04 cait1 so it's not me :)
15:04 cait1 well not only me
15:04 cait1
15:09 cait1 got asked if Koha supports that, use case is displaying digitzed cover images
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16:28 cait1 have a nice weekend all!
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18:02 tuxayo hum, I have someone trying koha-testing-docker and they get "fatal: not in a git directory" after the gitifying step.
18:02 tuxayo[…]DxjJY74gSP2uMaXc7
18:03 tuxayo That's a good occasion(←frenchism?) for me to learn about and
18:20 tuxayo Maybe it's the previous attempts that left bad stuff and since they were crashes, "kd" wasn't ran. Trying with "kd" before starting up again.
18:34 oleonard I often find that my first try to "ku" doesn't work
18:50 lukeG joined #koha
18:52 tuxayo And the subsequent don't due to unclean state due to aborted start ^^"
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