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03:01 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
03:01 wahanui Congratulations!
03:01 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D10_CPAN build #272: FIXED in 1 hr 11 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ter_D10_CPAN/272/
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07:27 alex_a Bonjour
07:36 cait1 Bonjour alex_a :) hi #koha
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07:38 alex_a Guten Morgen cait1 !
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07:51 reiveune hello
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08:32 magnuse \o/
08:44 ashimema monring
08:44 ashimema cait1 around still?
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09:57 nlegrand Bonjour !
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10:33 oleonard Hi #koha
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10:57 cait ashimema: doing online traning this week
10:57 cait so... i am done for today but not sure i'd define myself as "around" :)
11:02 ashimema I wanted to quiz you about translations and the breadcrumb
11:04 oleonard o/
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11:34 cait1 ashimema: i am really torn there - i think probably you ar e right and we should multi-line them
11:34 ashimema Yeah.. I'm a bit torn too
11:35 ashimema I think you're right for other cases.. I wasn't really aware how the strings get split for multi-line blocks..
11:35 ashimema but actually.. in the breadcrumb case it feels like the split on 'slug' is a right thing to do
11:36 ashimema but... I'm not 100% sure on contextual needs so am needing guidance really
11:36 ashimema what do you think about the breadcrumbs oleonard
11:37 ashimema I've querying whether we should have a guideline regards splitting/not splitting them over multiple lines (in code layout)
11:37 oleonard Are we talking about a particular bug?
11:37 ashimema a particular bug highlights it
11:37 oleonard Does the line split affect translations?
11:37 ashimema just digging out the number
11:38 cait1 it can
11:38 ashimema bug 27583
11:38 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=27583 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , Clarify how cash management fits together
11:38 ashimema comment 5
11:39 cait1 i kinda thought at the time we had a guideline fo rit... but hten later got quite confused
11:39 cait1 so don't take it too serious yet
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11:40 ashimema I think we should add a guideline.. I'm not taking it personally at all.. but yeah, with a guideline it'll be much clearer for us devs to know which way to jump ;)
11:40 oleonard Can we leverage the new translation context option to improve things?
11:40 cait1 not sure
11:40 ashimema personally, I feel like splitting by slug actually enhances translatability.. and if/when extra context it needed we can use the new tools as you say oleonard
11:40 cait1 I can't think of something in this case
11:40 ashimema but.. I don't translate.. so I'm a poor person to give recomendations
11:40 cait1 yeah i think i'd go with that ashimema
11:41 ashimema I'm sure there are subtleties I'm missing
11:41 cait1 the problem is not the module names
11:41 cait1 it's hte last bits
11:41 cait1 that can be a little hard to tanslate... but with context when we need it that would work
11:41 ashimema so yeah. those need the context stuff adding
11:41 ashimema once I look up how to add them ;)
11:41 cait1 i think i'd not add them right now
11:42 cait1 because that also moves them out of the staff po and into the messages po
11:42 cait1 i'd do it when needed
11:44 ashimema oh, interseting
11:44 ashimema I wasn't aware that was the case
11:45 cait1 yeah, they get pulled on the fly then
11:45 ashimema okies
11:45 oleonard Is that a problem?
11:46 cait1 no, it's ok
11:46 cait1 but i think ont necessary to do the work and contextualize all the things right away
11:48 MarkHofstetter hi, has anybody experience how to integrate e-books from a 3rd party provider - ILL doesn't seem to fit right for me because it's not really seemless
11:49 cait1 what's the goal? i mean integrate how?
11:49 cait1 the most common is getting the metadata and loading them with links to the provider
11:49 ashimema well.. I'd be happy to replace my followup with the contextualising of the last slug.. could make a good example for a guideline if that's what we think would be most helpful
11:49 cait1 but not sure if that's what you had in mind?
11:50 MarkHofstetter importing the metadata is easy but keeping state is a little difficult, because there are no hooks (i am aware off) to plugin in the lending process
11:50 oleonard MarkHofstetter: OverDrive, for instance, has an API that allows browsing and checkout.
11:50 cait1 yes
11:51 cait1 or... Records something... oleonard help?
11:51 cait1 MarkHofstetter: there are only very few providers offering lending
11:51 cait1 usually for public libraries
11:51 oleonard MarkHofstetter: If the external service doesn't offer an API I don't think you can do much more than show the records in the catalog
11:51 cait1 Onleihe? *makes a guess*
11:51 MarkHofstetter the provider api (divibib) is not the problem, where to put it into koha
11:51 cait1 yeah ok
11:51 cait1 you can look at how the lmscloud fork has done it
11:51 MarkHofstetter it's onleihe yes
11:51 cait1 we only link to them
11:52 cait1 and lending is done on their portal - but lmscloud has a deeper integration
11:52 cait1 and you could look at how it was done for overdrive in Koha
11:52 cait1 the concept is pretty similar afaik
11:52 MarkHofstetter Ok that's interesting
11:53 MarkHofstetter are those implementation Open Source ?
11:53 cait1 overdrive is in koha community
11:53 MarkHofstetter ok but I am correct that ILL is the wrong place?
11:53 cait1 yes
11:54 cait1 ILL is for lending physical materials from other libraries
11:54 cait1 oleonard: is your library using overdrive?
11:54 tcohen morning
11:55 oleonard We don't use the API, we just load the MARC records
11:55 cait1 my impresison was that when yo usearch it shows the overdrive results and then you get a seaprate result list you could check out from, but all in the Koha OPAC?
11:55 cait1 ah ok
11:55 cait1 hi tcohen!
11:55 oleonard cait1: I think that's correct if I recall from testing.
11:55 cait1 thx!
11:56 cait1 Onleihe is a German thing, but I believe very similar
11:56 cait1 you lend DRM'd files for an amount of time, can place holds etc.
11:56 MarkHofstetter so lmscloud basically forked koha, that's something I'd like to avoid
11:56 ashimema sorry bug 5697 got stuck oleonard.. I really liked that one
11:56 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=5697 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Failed QA , Automatic linking in guided reports
11:57 cait1 MarkHofstetter: you could submit that back to community
11:57 cait1 but i'd also try to avoid forking :)
11:57 ashimema take inspiration from lmscloud and then submit it back to community :)
11:57 ashimema or look at it for inspiration for a plugin?
11:57 cait1 yep
11:57 MarkHofstetter I'll try I'd like to do it in a plugin,
11:57 cait1 exactly :)
11:57 * ashimema hasn't really got too close with OverDrive or other integrations yet himself
11:58 cait1 i hink a lot of libaries would find it useful
11:58 cait1 well... around here at least
11:58 MarkHofstetter btw had anybody the time/interest to look at[…]in-link2wikipedia
11:58 ashimema I know how I'd like to do eBooks but I've never had a chance to actually do it
11:59 MarkHofstetter ashimema, basically I'd want to like a seamless integration
11:59 ashimema that plugin looks pretty cool
11:59 MarkHofstetter thx feedback is very welcome
11:59 ashimema I'd love to see records added to koha (so we get searching natively inline)
12:00 ashimema but also having lending links and lending status displayed/accessed inline in the results
12:00 MarkHofstetter records aren't the problem, your second point is
12:00 ashimema yeah.. I don't know what options the API's have.
12:01 ashimema but that's the seemless approach i'd love ot see
12:01 ashimema I think at the moment the OverDrive stuff gives you a parallel search.. so you have two tabs to look at.. which, to me, doesn't seem as seemless
12:01 MarkHofstetter the onleihe api is somewhatr strange, the only thing I havent found is that the provide a download link
12:02 ashimema I bet it's all tied up in copyright ;)
12:02 MarkHofstetter I'll download the MARC files from them, import them with a fake barcode
12:02 ashimema my experience so far is that these things tend to be rather walled gardens and as such very difficult to work with :(
12:02 cait1 I think one problem was that there are providers wher eyour ebook collection might change a lot
12:03 cait1 you might add and remove records constantly... so that's hwen people prefer search over API (I ugess)
12:03 MarkHofstetter you'll get "Makulatur" List to remove those books
12:03 cait1 but we also do the metadata here more and I like that better personally (one result list)
12:03 MarkHofstetter API would be nicer
12:03 MarkHofstetter but it's not that dynamic
12:03 cait1 in our case they are maintained in the union catalog
12:03 cait1 and we get id lists for deleting
12:03 ashimema merging records into search results is hard
12:04 cait1 for Onleihe
12:04 cait1 but htat's a pretty unique solution i guess
12:04 cait1 ashimema: yeah, i think that's the problem
12:04 cait1 i think there was talk about similar concept to solr shards with elasticsearch?
12:04 MarkHofstetter the only thing I see so far you'll need to access their page is to actually download the ebook
12:04 cait1 that might make it easier, but don't know
12:05 MarkHofstetter I can(have to live with that
12:06 cait1 MarkHofstetter: I recommend looking at the code i posted before
12:06 MarkHofstetter I'll see to it in my nightshift - thanks a lot as always
12:07 cait1 sure, not sure we are always helpful, but always trying ;)
12:08 * ashimema tries to work out how to get to the author page in the opac and fails
12:08 ashimema I like the sound of your plugin MarkHofstetter
12:08 MarkHofstetter "the sound" ,-)
12:08 ashimema how about adding the wiki summary to the top of author search results too?
12:08 MarkHofstetter that'd be no problem
12:09 * ashimema is re-indexing his dev machine.. seems I haven't done that in a while.. hense things were showing funny
12:09 cait1 :)
12:11 cait1 hm just seeing that the german library conference is planned as hybrid event...
12:12 cait1 *sigh*
12:16 ashimema is there a bug in the opac on master at  the minute?
12:16 ashimema I'm seeing a random '1' character in the top right and the 'Skip to main content' link is alwayd visibile
12:17 cait1 i am not seeing that
12:17 cait1 but i have other display issues
12:17 cait1 bu toleonard went missing!
12:17 cait1 bug 27889
12:17 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=27889 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Form fields in OPAC are "out of shape" and pull downs in wrong font
12:17 cait1 oleonard-away: good you are back btw... even if away
12:18 MarkHofstetter same thing here with the '1'
12:18 cait1 hm let me see
12:19 cait1 i am not seeing it, but migh thave to do a git pull again
12:20 cait1 oleonard-away: i'd be really happy if you oculd have a look at bug 27889 as this is in stable releases
12:20 ashimema I think it's a very recent thing.. I didn't see it before today
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13:06 * cait waves
13:10 magnuse \o/
13:18 fridolin cait: hello, Bug 24359 i can revert if needed
13:18 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=24359 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, agustinmoyano, Pushed to stable , Remove items from Holds Queue when checked in
13:18 fridolin or maybe we need a good release note text
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13:24 oleonard I thought we fixed the issue with the pulldowns being the wrong font
13:28 cait Fridolin++
13:29 cait oleonard: it could be, but maybe not backported? i don't see the font one in master
13:29 cait but the length of the inputs is off overall in 20.11 and master
13:29 cait hm i thnk henry pointed out which bug the font one might be
13:29 * cait wishes she had properly written it down
13:29 cait oh, it#s on ht bug
13:30 cait bug 27566
13:30 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=27566 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , CSS rule not applying to HTML select / option -  displays with serif font ignoring rules
13:31 fridolin thre is a link with Bug 24359 ?
13:31 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=24359 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, agustinmoyano, Pushed to stable , Remove items from Holds Queue when checked in
13:31 fridolin strange, its not a UI change
13:32 fridolin cait:  ^
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14:04 oleonard $item->{pickup_locations} = 'Any library';
14:04 oleonard :|
14:07 oleonard Ah, tcohen beat me to it, bug 26999
14:07 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=26999 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , "Any library" not translatable on the hold list
14:19 cait fridolin: was more thinking it's a workflow change
14:19 cait oleonard: what do you think about this one?
14:19 cait the remove items from holds queue
14:20 oleonard About whether to backport?
14:21 fridolin oleonard: yep
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14:22 oleonard I don't know... I always to expect backports to be conservative, so I guess I wouldn't expect this one to be a candidate.
14:23 oleonard However, if the question is whether people would find it disruptive, I would say no.
14:23 oleonard ...because it's annoying that the holds queue doesn't update. :)
14:33 tcohen we are making the queue update faster, aren't we?
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14:39 tcohen the default frecquency for holdsqueue to update is hourly
14:39 tcohen this makes some cases update faster
14:48 cait oleonard: i think it's a good change, was just not sure about the disruptive bit
14:48 cait fridolin: so we keep it? :)
14:49 cait tcohen: i added a release_notes-needed tag
14:49 cait coudl you or Agustin take care of it?
14:51 fridolin cait: i'd say yes, 20.11.x is still young and it has been asked in 2020
14:54 cait cool :)
14:54 cait oleonard: thx for fixing up my follow-pu
14:55 oleonard I wasn't fixing your follow-up, I was adding more follow-up!
14:55 oleonard RE: RE: RE: FW: FW:
14:58 cait oh no :)
14:59 cait thx tcohen
14:59 tcohen :-D
15:10 ashimema huh.. did I miss a bug saying we would change the defaults for the holdsqueue builders in the cron?
15:10 ashimema didn't I daemonize that and add a lock?
15:10 * ashimema tries to remember..
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16:10 reiveune bye
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16:57 cait ashimema: i think you wanted to, not sure if you actually patched it :)
16:58 ashimema sounds like me
16:59 * cait drops the mouse and keyboard for today
16:59 cait bye #koha!
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17:00 ashimema see ya
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17:47 oleonard cait's back
17:48 oleonard cait have you seen this error  from the translation script, "misc/translator/Koha-pref.pot:5041:37: invalid multibyte sequence" ?
17:48 cait yes
17:48 cait but i have on idea about it :(
17:49 cait did you have a couple of fatal ones too?
17:49 cait well more than a couple
17:49 cait i had stuff like this too
17:49 cait msgmerge: found 4 fatal errors
17:49 cait misc/translator/Koha-messages.pot:11:35: syntax error
17:49 cait misc/translator/Koha-messages.pot:11: keyword "n" unknown
17:49 cait misc/translator/Koha-messages.pot:12: end-of-line within string
17:50 oleonard Mine were all "invalid multibyte sequence" when updating fr-FR.
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17:59 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
18:00 caroline 37th character is indeed è... I'm thinking maybe it's `+e instead of è? (or the other way around) it happens sometimes with data that I get from elsewhere
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19:44 caroline now that all circ rules are in circulation_rules, does that mean that we could have partial rows? like All/Books the fine is 0.25$ and Teacher/Books is maxissueqty 25, Student/Books is maxissueqty 10
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