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07:28 alex_a Bonjour
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07:36 magnuse \o/
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07:40 reiveune hello
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08:55 nlegrand bon matin!
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09:34 severine_q hello #koha !!
09:38 cait1 hi severine_q :)
09:39 ashimema
09:40 cait1 awesome!
09:40 severine_q hi cait1 & ashimema !
09:41 severine_q ashimema : seems december is going to be a great month !!! :)
09:54 magnuse yay!
09:54 magnuse ashimema: did you make it?
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10:02 cait1 it just got a whole lot better for sure :)
10:02 cait1 tcohen++ ashimema++
10:03 ashimema I got the structure set up, Tomas wrote the first article
10:03 * ashimema is editing it at the minute to clarify bits.. shout if you have any improvements
10:07 magnuse tcohen++ ashimema++
10:08 magnuse totally awesome!
10:17 ashimema the aim is to stick to 'How to' guides for creating plugins and integrations..
10:18 ashimema if you ahe any you'de like to read... or write... let me know magnuse :)
10:18 ashimema or anyone else
10:33 mtj hey #koha
10:34 mtj koha-advent, graet idea team
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11:09 tuxayo hi #koha :)
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11:52 Joubu Unable to update mappings for index "koha_kohadev_biblios". Reason was: "blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/12/index read-only / allow delete (api)];". Index needs to be recreated and reindexed
11:52 Joubu seeing that in ktd at the end of reset_all
11:53 Joubu I did a `koha-elasticsearch -d -r --rebuild kohadev` but it does not fix the problem
11:56 Joubu anyone else seeing that?
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12:26 tuxayo Joubu: Nope, (with KOHA_ELASTICSEARCH=1 and ES6)
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12:42 Joubu tuxayo: do you have the pref set to ES?
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12:56 Joubu hum weird, I rebuild everything (docker-compose down;prune;up) and it's working now
12:56 Joubu rebuilt*
13:01 tuxayo Joubu: yes, SearchEngine is set to ES
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13:04 alex_a Joubu, koha-elasticsearch is an alias dor reindexing ?
13:05 alex_a i do `perl misc/search_tools/ -r -b -a`
13:07 alex_a -d -b -a sorry
13:08 alex_a -r is for zebra, -d for ES :)
13:18 Joubu alex_a: it's a debian pkg script
13:20 Joubu ashimema: About the "Manual merge request" bz field, are we keeping it? Should we advertise it?
13:21 Joubu ashimema: also, there is no description, it has the default "a custom free text field" title
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13:27 ashimema what do you reckon
13:27 ashimema is it useful
13:27 ashimema as you say.. we could use the URL field..
13:27 ashimema but that not entirely clear what it's for
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13:27 ashimema really wish Bugzilla was still developed.. it seems to be a pretty static project at this point.. someone opened a bug to create URL custom fields 9 years ago
13:33 Joubu I am not sure it could be very useful
13:33 Joubu it will be useful for say 1% of the bug reports maybe
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13:39 ashimema perhaps just use the URL field then.. shared use is OK
13:41 Joubu ashimema: one thing I have in my "maybe one time" list is to have some JS code (greasemonkey) to highlight some comments, given the tag attached
13:41 Joubu like "important" would add a green background to the comment
13:41 Joubu or even add it top right of the screen
13:42 Joubu it could work with a "manual_pr" tag, making it float: right
13:45 ashimema I like that idea
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13:53 fridolin Bug 27125 my 2c
13:53 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=27125 normal, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, Needs Signoff , Show authority type for UNIMARC in authority search result display
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13:55 fridolin alex_a: here it is[…]elasticsearch#L40
13:55 fridolin simply launches search_tools/ indeed
13:57 oleonard o/
13:59 oleonard ashimema: I guess I didn't realize Bugzilla was stagnant... It does seem like it hasn't kept up with the times
14:01 ashimema well.. it has a release now and then.. though the last one was early last year.. so near two years ago.
14:01 ashimema but really it's just in maintenance mode as far as I can tell
14:01 ashimema even mozilla themselves have moved away from it I think..
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14:01 ashimema unless they've moved back again.. I thought they'd gone all out gitlab now
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14:05 Joubu Mozilla are still using bugzilla (a forked version)
14:05 Joubu GNOME moved to gitlab
14:10 ivandz @later tell kidclamp Hi! Can you confirm ES6 is the version used in 20.11? Thanks.
14:10 huginn ivandz: The operation succeeded.
14:12 ivandz Can we confirm ElasticSearch v.6 is the version used in 20.11? Thanks.
14:13 ivandz @seen kidclamp
14:13 huginn ivandz: kidclamp was last seen in #koha 1 week, 1 day, 0 hours, 35 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <kidclamp> Having worked with it a fair amount now, Zebra is pretty robust and can handle large quantities of records - indexing is slower and more difficult to tweak than ES. ES is the direction we are heading, but expect some changes/development we are still working out hwo to make sure everything works as (1 more message)
14:14 ivandz @seen ivandz
14:14 huginn ivandz: ivandz was last seen in #koha 52 seconds ago: <ivandz> @seen kidclamp
14:14 Joubu ivandz: yes i is
14:14 Joubu ivandz: yes it is
14:15 ivandz Joubu, I can install v.6 or 6.8?
14:15 Joubu yes, 6.8
14:15 oleonard Mozilla using a fork... the opposite of eating your own dog food?
14:15 ivandz Thanks!
14:17 ivandz Joubu++
14:21 Joubu oleonard: maybe it's just a theme, but it looks quite different from the one you have when you installed from their src
14:21 Joubu[…]bug.cgi?id=616771
14:21 huginn Bug 616771: could not be retrieved: InvalidBugId
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14:22 Joubu https://bugs.documentfoundatio[…]NFIRMED;version=?
14:22 Joubu LibreOffice is using a fork as well, I found some stuff there about preventing spam
14:22 Joubu (we don't have spam anymore actually!)
14:28 caroline_crazycatlady ashimema: I like the advent calendar :D very cool!
14:31 ashimema I wondered if you perhaps would want to add in a post about submitting plugins to your plugins catalogue ;)
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15:35 corilynn hola good people of koha
15:36 Joubu Hola corilynn
15:36 Joubu Why only the good ones?
15:37 corilynn well, I only know good ones
15:37 corilynn apologies for my absence. The covid made me part-time and billable work only :(
15:39 corilynn Does anyone know if the Bywater sandboxes are working?
15:39 corilynn kidclamp ?
15:39 wahanui rumour has it kidclamp is reply i guess kidclamp is the first RM not to be bribed
15:39 Joubu it depends
15:39 Joubu but I don't know on what
15:40 corilynn lol, they, appear to not be working
15:40 corilynn fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "cmd": ["/usr/bin/git", "fetch", "--tags", "origin"], "msg": "Failed to download remote objects and refs:  fatal: unable to connect to\[0:]: errno=Connection refused\n\n"}
15:40 Joubu try PTFS-e's
15:41 Joubu ha, the git remote url changed
15:41 corilynn yes, I noticed that
15:41 Joubu khall: ^ sandboxes need to be updated to use the new git repo's url
15:42 corilynn thx Joubu!
15:42 ashimema I told him.. and submitted the fix
15:42 ashimema the ptfs-e one's should work
15:42 corilynn they appear to be ashimema
15:42 ashimema :)
15:47 tcohen hola
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15:53 corilynn failure on the ptfs-e one too... but maybe it's my bug?
15:53 corilynn TASK [Checkout origin/master in docker container] ******************************
15:53 corilynn fatal: [localhost -> koha-bug24709]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "module_stderr": "", "module_stdout": "", "msg": "MODULE FAILURE\nSee stdout/stderr for the exact error", "rc": 137}
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16:10 reiveune bye
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16:31 ashimema interesting
16:43 corilynn appears to have worked the second try, ashimema
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16:46 ashimema excellent
16:46 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
16:50 severine_q good bye #koha !
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17:17 oleonard cait1 thank you for marking so many bugs resolved and closed!
17:18 cait1 did you get unwanted emais?
17:18 cait1 or just meaning the clean-up yesterday
17:19 oleonard I didn't get unwanted emails, but I noticed that many of my bugs had switched status
17:19 cait1 ah ok
17:20 cait1 hope i didn't catch any wrong ones
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19:12 caroline Is there something I can run to skip the web installer?
19:13 caroline I've gone through it a gazillion times and it always crashes at Selecting default settings
19:13 caroline I checked my db and they all seem to be there (auth values, marc frameworks, libraries, etc.)
19:22 tuxayo hi caroline , how did you install koha?
19:26 tuxayo Does anyone know what happened to the contrib repository? That was hosted there:
19:26 tuxayo​web/?p=contrib/global.git
19:26 tuxayo Not found in nor in GitLab
19:27 caroline tuxayo: it's a git install, I'm not exactly sure how it was installed
19:28 tuxayo caroline: If we found what happened to the above repo, it contains two datasample SQL dumps. MARC21 and UNIMARC
19:29 tuxayo I used to use the UNIMARC one but MARC21 worked also I think
19:29 caroline I have the samples already
19:29 tuxayo :D
19:31 tuxayo caroline: I used to do gunzip < dumps/koha-sample.sql.gz | mysql
19:31 tuxayo And then updatedatabase
19:32 caroline I tried update database yesterday, but it starts at v. 3
19:32 caroline and it's a bit scary because there are a million errors
19:32 caroline (the structure must have changed a lot since v. 3)
19:33 caroline It can't be normal that I can't go past the Selecting default settings in the Web installer?
19:33 caroline I get a 504 error
19:34 caroline I saw an old answer from mthompsett saying just wait it out, it's continuing to work in the background even though the browser expired
19:34 caroline but it hasn't changed since yesterday
19:35 tuxayo > but it starts at v. 3
19:35 tuxayo Oh, right I remember ><
19:35 tuxayo > It can't be normal that I can't go past the Selecting default settings in the Web installer?
19:35 tuxayo Indeed
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20:08 ashimema Is this an upgrade caroline
20:09 ashimema Of a rather old system?
20:09 ashimema What's the starting point... .3 seems ancient?
20:09 ashimema What.3
20:09 ashimema I'd be tempted to run updatedatabase from the command line instead.
20:10 ashimema See what it outputs and where it gets stuck
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20:20 caroline ashimema: I tried running from command lin e(didn't know there was another way)
20:23 caroline So what I have as I understand it is this : a git environment pointing to a copy of origin/master I used a homemade (not by be obvs) script to install the packages years ago, I usually simply "git pull" + updatedatabase to update it, but I wanted to try a new install to test the translation of the yml files
20:24 caroline I deleted my database (which I've done before), then recreated it and then started the Web installer from my browser
20:25 caroline It creates the tables, it fills them with the data (I didn't check everything, but auth values are there, class sources, marc frameworks, item types, sample patrons, sample libraries, etc. everything that is in the Selecting default settings page is there
20:26 caroline But I get a 504 error in my browser
20:26 caroline If I try to run the installer again, it starts from the beginning and crashes at the same place
20:27 caroline Like I said before, I tried running updatedatabase manually, but it looks like it starts at the beginning of time, with Koha 3
20:27 caroline How does it know where to start?
20:28 caroline Maybe that's the part that I'm missing
21:01 ashimema ohh.. so this is an entirely new install effectively
21:01 ashimema that sounds like a major bug
21:01 ashimema I will try to replicate it in the morning.. just about to head to bed
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22:13 dcook ashimema going to bed as I'm getting up
22:13 dcook Well I've been up for a couple hours >_>
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