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01:49 tuxayo mtj: tag pushed
01:52 mtj hituxayo, i cant see it
01:53 mtj aah, i see it :)
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06:04 kohaputti tcohen, hi, are you still working on the create, delete and update parts for bug 17371 ?
06:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=17371 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, ASSIGNED , Add routes for biblios [OMNIBUS]
06:05 kohaputti I'm interested in this feature so I could help with this
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06:24 marcelr hi #koha
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06:31 reiveune hello
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06:43 dcook allo :D
06:43 dcook hurray to marcelr for looking at bug 22417
06:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22417 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Add a task queue
06:44 marcelr hi dcook
06:50 marcelr dcook: just at first glance the initial setup raises lots of questions about vhosts, users and queue names etc
06:51 dcook marcelr: For sure
06:51 dcook Actually, I had forgotten about the user part...
06:51 dcook If you want to look into that further, you could look at the Rabbitmq Management API
06:51 dcook That might be the best way path for Koha >_>
06:51 dcook best path/best path forward*
06:51 dcook I couldn't figure out how I wanted to phrase that heh
06:53 dcook I suppose the current setup uses the default vhost, username, and password... (the queue names are less of an issue)
06:53 marcelr guest/guest ?
06:53 dcook Yeah
06:53 dcook From my perspective, we can get around the issue by just making it configurable and use the default configuration for the time being
06:53 marcelr and i see the memcache namespace ..
06:54 dcook Yeah, I dont like the memcache namespace thing
06:54 dcook At this point, I'm so keen to get this change in that I'd rather get what's done pushed, and then do follow-ups.
06:54 marcelr can queue names be nested ?
06:55 dcook I'm not sure what you mean by nested, but if I understand you correctly, no
06:55 marcelr like queue/A/B
06:55 dcook Yeah nope :/
06:55 dcook
06:55 dcook Under "Destinations"
06:56 dcook Or at least, Jonathan said "queue/A/B" wouldn't work
06:56 dcook I have wondered about this line from thos docs: "If /, % or non-ascii bytes are in the queuename, exchange_name or routing_key, they are each replaced with the sequence %dd, where dd is the hexadecimal code for the byte."
06:56 marcelr yeah thats the problem; you need to read a few encyclopedias before reviewing it
06:56 dcook I knew I should've joined the QA team... heh
06:56 dcook Honestly, I'm trying to use RabbitMQ in more of my other projects too
06:56 dcook Or message queues in general really
06:57 marcelr yeah it is a good thing
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06:57 dcook Yeah I figure it's a good thing for all us to learn
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06:57 alex_a Bonjour
06:57 fridolin hi people
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06:57 dcook hola
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07:03 dcook marcelr: My one thought about that work is that we try to get Joubu's patches pushed, and then more of us can contribute to follow-ups too
07:03 dcook I was playing around with Net::Stomp and RabbitMQ the other day for some other projects I have in mind..
07:04 dcook ashimema: I was also playing with Mojo::IOLoop the other day. That was fun. I'm back on my OAI hobbyhorse, and thinking that a Perl-based harvester using Mojo::IOLoop might work..
07:05 dcook Since we already have Mojolicious as a dependency
07:05 dcook Although I notice Mojo's methods change a lot between versions...
07:05 * dcook hopes it maintains backwards compatibility...
07:10 cait1 good morning #koha!
07:11 dcook And good night #koha :D
07:11 * dcook heads out for the weekend
07:17 magnuse \o/
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07:29 cait1 yes, the weekend is near :)
08:18 Joubu marcelr: attaching 2 follow-up patches
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09:07 marcelr hi Joubu
09:07 wahanui hi Joubu are you around?
09:07 Joubu yes
09:08 marcelr sorry but my comments will be based on what I started with
09:08 Joubu Hi marcelr
09:09 Joubu they are not going to be good? :)
09:10 marcelr its probably ok, but i generally dont like to qa on moving code
09:13 Joubu It's not really a code rewrite/move here, it's more about replacing a "tool"
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09:41 * marcelr should be hiding now
09:46 kohaputti dcook, what is the OAI thing you were talking about couple hours ago?
09:48 kohaputti dcook, regarding OAI-PMH I noticed there were some performance problems with the current SQL query for it, I managed to improve the query speed from 30 seconds or so to few seconds earlier, I have still the improvements logged in a chat with a friend and I'm hoping to contribute them to Koha later this year.
09:51 Joubu marcelr: do you think the conf should be done now? My idea was to have a "just work" first step, then improve it later, depending on the needs we have
09:51 Joubu arf
09:51 Joubu too slow
10:23 cait kohaputti: he is owrking on the ohter direction
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10:23 kohaputti ok
10:23 cait koha harvesting other sources
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11:15 oleonard Hi all
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11:18 tcohen hola
11:18 wahanui bidet, tcohen
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12:56 cait1 qa_team++
12:56 cait1 love to see the 16 in signed off - go team!
12:59 kidclamp cait++
13:01 cait1 kidclamp: did you forget to change the status on 26233?
13:01 cait1 you added a sign off line but no comment or status change
13:02 kidclamp was waiting to ask LukeG - he is the maint so if not working for him is an issue
13:03 cait1 does it have to do with the see also bug?
13:03 cait1 bug 26234
13:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26234 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to master , Default DataTables must know our own classes
13:04 cait1 and I can't do bug 20057 as I signed of (last one with that issue in the queue) - if you have time for another
13:04 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20057 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, glasklas, Signed Off , Auto-approve option for borrower modifications
13:05 cait1 kidclamp++ thx a lot for bug 26015
13:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26015 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Passed QA , Terminology: staff interface should be used everywhere
13:05 cait1 reading bug mail is fun today
13:21 kohaputti any idea how to get rest api plugins work in koha-testing-docker? I get "Can't locate Koha/Plugin/Fi/NatLibFi/Biblios/Biblios in @INC [...]" and with debian package install this works.
13:23 kohaputti that was old error... sorry, not the issue: the issue is "The resulting spec is invalid. Skipping REST API plugin for Koha for modifying biblios at /kohadevbox/koha/Koha/REST/Plugin/ line 92."
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13:24 kohaputti hmm, actually dcook/Joubu did some changes to the api/swagger-v2-schema.json today so maybe that could be an issue, I have not tried with a debian package that uses it yet.
13:25 kohaputti s/today/couple days ago/
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13:48 kohaputti solved the openapi schema change required some package updating: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…].cgi?id=23653#c44
13:48 huginn Bug 23653: major, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Pushed to master , Plack fails when is unavailable and schema cache missing
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13:59 lukeG good morning koha
14:00 oleonard Hi lukeG
14:00 tcohen equinox++
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14:14 tcohen kohaputti what do you mean 'required some package updating'?
14:14 kohaputti tcohen, the packages mtj mentioned in the comment i linked
14:14 kohaputti just "apt upgrade"
14:14 tcohen you mean this is fixed upstream?
14:15 kohaputti yes, it works, my issue was just that I had not updated the system
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14:15 tcohen well, we now have the schema bundled in Koha
14:16 tcohen and it will always work hehe
14:16 oleonard When a patron clicks the link in their registration confirmation email, what is changing in the database that invalidates the token?
14:18 oleonard My real question is: How can I test the registration confirmation template in the OPAC again and again without registering again and again.
14:19 kohaputti oleonard, not sure but see if something changes in borrower_password_recovery table
14:20 oleonard I see an entry there but it doesn't have the same borrowernumber as the newly-created patron
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14:24 oleonard Oh, it doesn't exist in borrowers, only in borrower_modifications.
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14:31 reiveune bye
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14:35 caroline cait++ (for bug 26308, but also in general! <3 )
14:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26308 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Normal view (vue normale) is not displayed in French
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16:08 cait kidclamp++
16:08 cait 11!
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17:58 kidclamp oh, no, the
17:59 kidclamp no idea what that was, just hit enter accidentally
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19:21 caroline why do I have entries in holds to pull but not holds queue (after running build_holds_queue), isnt holds queue supposed to show available items that have holds?
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