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02:16 koha-jenkins Project Koha_19.11_D10 build #55: SUCCESS in 33 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_19.11_D10/55/
02:25 koha-jenkins Project Koha_19.11_U20 build #50: STILL UNSTABLE in 39 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_19.11_U20/50/
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03:27 koha-jenkins Project Koha_19.11_U18 build #221: SUCCESS in 34 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_19.11_U18/221/
03:36 dcook Hmm anyone having problems installing Koha 20.05 on Ubuntu 18.04?
03:36 dcook I've heard that it's uninstallable
03:36 dcook Although if you upgrade to Koha 20.05 from an older version of Koha, then it's fine
03:37 dcook I haven't looked at the debian/control file yet but I think that'll be related..
03:37 dcook pinging mtj
03:43 koha-jenkins Project Koha_19.11_D9 build #228: UNSTABLE in 44 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_19.11_D9/228/
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06:30 reiveune hello
06:31 josef_moravec morning reiveune
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06:46 * dcook waves to people
06:52 Joubu hi #koha
06:52 Joubu dcook: uninstallable?
06:52 dcook Yep
06:52 dcook I sent an email about it
06:52 dcook With the error messages
06:52 dcook Although...
06:53 dcook The case of the Debian 8 to 9 upgrade was actually user error I think
06:53 dcook So it can be disregarded...
06:53 dcook Oh but the 20.05 o Ubuntu 18.04
06:53 dcook That was...
06:53 dcook https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25886
06:53 dcook Due to Bug 25886
06:53 Joubu your email got lost I think
06:53 dcook Joubu: probably for the best lol
06:54 dcook Btw, lots of thinking about RabbitMQ and message queues today...
06:54 dcook (And grand plans that probably won't go anywhere)
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06:56 Joubu[…]pelines/174687032 this is saying bionic is ok
06:56 dcook Admittedly, I didn't test it myself. It was a second-hand report given to me.
06:56 dcook I was just passing on that report on their behalf
06:56 dcook I'm happy to say "No it's fine" in response
06:57 Joubu dcook: try "deb stable main bionic"
06:57 dcook I was told that's what was tried
06:57 dcook But this was a few days ago
06:58 dcook Instead, they installed 18.11 and then upgraded to 20.05 from there and it was fine
06:58 * dcook shrugs
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07:02 * magnuse waves
07:06 dcook Joubu: Take a look at my comment at https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]gi?id=22417#c107?
07:06 dcook I'm about to finish up for the day, but it might be useful to you
07:06 dcook No worries if not. Can always think about it more in the future
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07:10 Joubu dcook: I am not sure adding complexity is a good idea for the first step
07:10 dcook Ok. I mostly just wanted to know what you thought
07:10 Joubu when it's complex it's too complex, when it's simple it's too simple...
07:11 dcook Ikr
07:11 dcook yeah, I'm happy to go with what you have right now
07:11 dcook I have additional ideas, but happy to implement them over time
07:11 Joubu I don't understand what it would bring
07:11 dcook Being able to schedule in the future
07:12 dcook Rather than having to process everything as FIFO
07:12 dcook But right now I think our needs are FIFO
07:12 dcook So don't have to rock the boat
07:12 dcook A scheduler would be good for things like running reports at night and such
07:12 dcook I think that's where 1993 comes from originally
07:12 dcook I have some other complex plans, but they're built more around microservices >_>
07:14 Joubu[…]es-with-rabbitmq/
07:15 dcook Yeah I've read that a few times, but it's been a while
07:16 Joubu it's delaying message, what you need
07:17 dcook I think it might be a bit limited in its abilities, but I'll ahve to read it again
07:17 dcook Anyway, I think I'm done for the day
07:17 dcook Good morning :D
07:18 Joubu good evening ;)
07:22 Joubu I'd like a quick SO and QA on bug 26162
07:22 Joubu pleeeaaase
07:33 ashimema SO done Joubu
07:33 ashimema pretty elegant solution
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07:46 TimothyAlexis I'm looking at
07:47 Joubu there is also a critical, bug 26134
07:51 TimothyAlexis What does title-string mean?
07:52 TimothyAlexis It has something to do with Datatables plugin for jQuery
07:52 Joubu to order correctly dates
07:52 Joubu (so yes, datatables)
07:53 Joubu you need to: <th class="title-string">Your date header</th>
07:53 Joubu then, <td><span title="[% your_date | html %]">[% your_date | $KohaDates %]</span></td>
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07:56 TimothyAlexis Oh
07:56 TimothyAlexis date-string would have made sense ^_^, is it used for something other than dates too?
07:57 Joubu yes, basically when you need to sort with a different order than what is displayed
07:57 Joubu but 90% of the time it's used for dates
07:57 Joubu koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/e​n/modules/catalogue/                        <th id="[% tab | html %]_enumchron" data-colname="[% tab | html %]_enumchron" class="title-string">Serial enumeration / chronology</th>
07:57 Joubu this is another example for enumchron
07:59 TimothyAlexis Hmm
07:59 TimothyAlexis So where is it defined? :/
08:00 Joubu koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/js/datatables.js
08:01 TimothyAlexis oooooh
08:02 TimothyAlexis So it sorts based on the title attribute instead of the cell content
08:02 Joubu that's it
08:03 TimothyAlexis Ok, so I noticed that widths are set inline on each <th>
08:04 TimothyAlexis <th class="nosort sorting_disabled" rowspan="1" colspan="1" style="width: 180px;" aria-label=""></th>
08:05 TimothyAlexis Hmm, this happens differently in 20.05.01 ...
08:06 TimothyAlexis In 20.05.01 it happens the way I wanted it to.
08:08 TimothyAlexis The thing was that in the version we're currently using (19.05.04), all the columns got the same width.
08:09 TimothyAlexis or... most columns
08:10 TimothyAlexis In 20.05.01 they seem to autosize
08:11 fridolin Joubu: Bug 26171 i added to your new invalid data check
08:11 fridolin https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=26171
08:11 fridolin wahanui: I'm I online ?
08:11 wahanui bugger all, i dunno, fridolin
08:12 TimothyAlexis Thank you Joubu for the help.
08:19 Joubu added a comment fridolin
08:26 fridolin oki thanks
08:26 fridolin oups UT of course ;)
08:32 TimothyAlexis Just to let you know. Everything works fine in 19.05.04, so it's something in the customizations for this library.
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08:32 cait hi #koha
08:34 ashimema mornin' #koha
08:43 TimothyAlexis Hmm...
08:43 TimothyAlexis [% FOREACH ISSUE IN ISSUES %] where is ISSUES defined?
08:44 TimothyAlexis (still in
08:44 cait you can check the .pl file
08:44 cait it probably sends issues to the template
08:45 TimothyAlexis I thought so too, but am unable to find it.
08:46 TimothyAlexis I'm trying to add a column for checked out date, before the "Due" which contains [% ISSUE.date_due | $KohaDates  as_due_date => 1 %]
08:46 cait you can probably just try with the db column name
08:46 cait it might just work
08:47 cait[…]e1633f95a6fe#l305
08:47 cait this is the line
08:48 cait where it sends to the template what was built together above from line 186 #get issued items ....
08:48 TimothyAlexis Oh thank you
08:49 cait we proably already send more informaion to the template than is used for display
08:49 cait as i said, I'd just try adding your column
08:49 cait i belive line 193 gets an issue object as a whole (all fields included)
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09:01 TimothyAlexis Thank you, you were correct, that made this a lot easier than I had expected.
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09:09 * ashimema hopes cait is enjoying vacation still
09:10 cait hm mostly
09:17 magnuse cait++
09:17 cait hm?
09:31 magnuse for helping with the item data thingy
09:32 cait oh
09:33 magnuse huh? in the default framework, 952$2 uses Authorized value = cn_source, and when editing the field shows DDC and LC as options, but when i check under Authorized values there is no cn_source category?
09:33 magnuse if i try to add it i get "The authorized value category 'branches', 'itemtypes' and 'cn_source' are used internally by Koha and are not valid."
09:33 Joubu it's like branches and itemtypes
09:34 Joubu /cgi-bin/koha/admin/
09:34 magnuse ah, i see
09:34 magnuse Joubu++
09:52 ashimema we have some really funky logic around 'Independant Branches' :(
09:52 ashimema pretty sure I just found a no-op in a template here
09:53 ashimema ah no.. it is an op.. but it can be simplified/clarified
09:55 ashimema opinions..
09:55 wahanui opinions are good, base for discussion
09:55 ashimema with the desks functionality being added (and the cash register to follow)
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09:55 ashimema We are adding in the ability to set 'desk' (and in the future cash register) from the 'Set library' page
09:56 ashimema so.. what should the links and page title say if the relevant prefs are enabled
09:57 cait hm
09:57 ashimema 'Set library', 'Set library and desk', 'Set library,desk and cash register', 'Set library and cash register' or something more concise like 'Set session details' but less directly clear about what is available to set
09:57 cait something like session settings maybe?
09:57 ashimema haha
09:57 ashimema totally where I was going with the question..
09:57 ashimema I just couldn't type fast enough
09:57 cait hm if you are influencing my thoughts somehow, please stop
09:57 cait enough mess up there
09:58 ashimema haha
09:58 ashimema I'm also now reconsidering the IndependantBranches code again and am a little more worried about this patch
09:58 ashimema :(
09:58 ashimema I have no idea how nlegrand intends it to work if you have that enabled :(
09:58 ashimema right now.. it just won't appear at all I think
09:59 ashimema also.. what happens if you actually only have one branch/library.. does the option to select a library dissapear and so will the options to select desks and cash registers
10:00 ashimema :confused:
10:09 cait hm interesting question
10:09 cait we might want to start talking about killing independentbranches officially
10:10 cait i think at least part of the functionality can now be better achieved otherwise... and it's quite buggy (see the bug with indybranches holes)
10:10 ashimema oh yes
10:10 cait but otherweise... session settings would still work? and just let desks for your own branch/cash registers show?
10:10 ashimema it's a nightmare piece of code to maintain
10:10 ashimema would be great to kill it
10:11 ashimema yup
10:11 ashimema otherwise I believe it all just works
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10:13 ashimema ok
10:13 ashimema translation question for you cait
10:13 ashimema what's nicer
10:14 ashimema 'Set library [% IF Koha.Preference('UseCirculationDesks') %]and desk[% END %]'
10:14 ashimema or moving the IF outside and creating the whole <a> element again with the two combinations
10:16 cait the latter is nicer
10:16 ashimema I thought it might be..
10:16 cait but in german both would work
10:16 ashimema coolios.. I'll do it that way then
10:17 cait not sure about other langauges
10:18 cait you endup with something like "Set library%sand desk
10:18 cait with the first
10:18 cait plus a space somewhere
10:18 ashimema I thought that was the case
10:18 ashimema ta
10:19 cait do we need the NO DESK SET? what if a library doesn't have desks at all branches?
10:19 ashimema so
10:19 ashimema if you don't have a desk defined at a branch I don't think the 'NO DESK SET' displays..
10:20 ashimema it's only if you have a desk defined at a branch but you don't set it that is will display
10:20 cait ah that's good
10:20 ashimema which you can't actually do..
10:20 ashimema I think I explained in my comment on the bug
10:20 ashimema I htink the only way to actually end up in that state is either just after you applied the bug whilst you were already logged in.. or if you enable the feature whilst logged in.
10:21 cait ok
10:22 Joubu ashimema: conclusion about indy branches?
10:23 ashimema with regard to desks..
10:23 ashimema or generally wanting to kill it with fire ;)
10:23 ashimema ok..
10:23 ashimema next question
10:24 Joubu yes, desks and IndependentBranches
10:24 ashimema also includes the link to change library (and thus desks)
10:24 ashimema but.. if depends on 'AutoLocation' as well as 'IndependantBranches' for display..
10:24 ashimema so..
10:25 ashimema is it OK that if AutoLocation is enabled then the Set library (and desks) link won't appear in that nav menu
10:25 ashimema basically.. the option to set desks at all will just dissapear if you have IndependantBranches enabled Joubu
10:26 ashimema so the feature won't expose itself
10:26 ashimema even though I believe it all does work as far as I can tell
10:26 Joubu but you see "NO DESK SET" :)
10:27 ashimema I'm feeling like the and .tt should be renamed to 'session-settings' or something now..
10:27 ashimema and then we should do more work on displaying the various pickers dependant on what settings you've got enabled
10:27 Joubu for now can we only update the condition when the link is displayed?
10:27 ashimema in effect 'AutoLocation' and 'IndependantBranches' are ways of disabling the library picker entirely
10:28 ashimema correct I think Joubu
10:28 Joubu we should indeed rename the script (after we have "cash register" is fine)
10:29 ashimema Why do I get the distinct feeling asking the IndependanyBranches question is leadning me down a rabbit hole :(
10:29 ashimema man it's too hot to think in my office today :(
10:32 cait it is one
10:34 ashimema ?
10:41 cait a rabbit hole
10:47 Joubu Today 39°C (feel 39), "sunny and very hot"
10:47 Joubu tomorrow 37°C (yeah!) (feel 39 erk!), "very hot with blazing sunshine"
10:48 Joubu ashimema: do you want to exchange your office with me? :D
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10:48 ashimema OMG that's hot
10:49 ashimema air con in your office>
10:49 ashimema * air con in your office?
10:49 Joubu nope
10:49 ashimema yowsers..
10:50 ashimema my office is around the same temps.. but it's not as hot outside.. 35°C
10:50 ashimema my office hits around 42°C last I checked
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10:55 ashimema hmm
10:55 ashimema AutoLocation looks weird
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10:55 ashimema 'Require staff to log in from a computer in the IP address range specified by their library (if any)'
10:55 ashimema I can understand that at login time...
10:56 ashimema though the pref sounds a bit weird..
10:56 ashimema feels like it would work out branch for you from your ip.. rather than the opposite.. it being a security check that they're coming from the right location.
10:58 ashimema hmmm
10:58 ashimema also.. why does it affect how the markup displays in the header..
10:58 ashimema <brand> vs two <span>s
10:58 ashimema bit strange
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11:00 Joubu brand?!
11:00 ashimema yup
11:00 ashimema I've never heard of it before
11:01 Joubu sounds like a typo, it's not a valid html tag
11:01 Joubu coming fromecf42ffbd0fd2e7366ac9cf68047637f867c30b0
11:01 Joubu it's blaming oleonard
11:01 ashimema lol
11:02 ashimema yeah.. I wondered
11:02 ashimema frankly.. I have no idea why you need to have different markup dependant on AutoLocation there at all.
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11:04 ashimema it pre-dates him actually
11:05 ashimema haha..
11:05 ashimema no it doesn't
11:05 ashimema it was him.. many many years ago
11:05 ashimema bug 9420
11:06 cait hm wahanui broken?
11:06 cait bug 9420
11:06 Joubu search for wahanui?
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11:06 Joubu bug 9420
11:07 Joubu still not
11:07 ashimema either way.. I'm pretty confident we can just drop the AutoLocation block there entirely.. and rely solely on the two spans
11:08 ashimema I also think you should be able to pick library even if AutoLocation is enabled.. you could have overlapping ip ranges for two branches for example
11:08 ashimema unless I'm missing something
11:10 ashimema I reckon AutoLocation does something entirely different to what it was originally intended now
11:11 ashimema it's clearly a security thing now.. but the pref name really makes me feel like it was a convenience feature to allow people to login without having to pick a location.
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11:15 ashimema lol
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11:16 ashimema can you really pick a different library as a superlibrarian even if running in singleBranchMode (which is no longer a syspref but a function to looks up if there is only one library defined)..
11:16 ashimema i.e.
11:16 ashimema why display a pick list without any options in it for superlibrarians when there's only one branch defined.
11:16 ashimema lol
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11:25 ashimema anyone still out there?
11:25 ashimema I have another conflict in how IndepenentBranches works
11:26 ashimema in most places we check IndependentBranches and !CAN_user_superlibrarian
11:26 ashimema but in the display of the 'Set library' link..
11:27 ashimema we check 'CAN_user_editcatalogue_edit_catalogue' instead of superlibrarian
11:28 ashimema cait
11:28 ashimema is there a reason that cataloguers should be able to switch branches?
11:30 Joubu c2015c710355a0ab81306515a70af29e6aef3504
11:30 Joubu Bug 6841 - A member with cataloging permissions cannot change branches (when independent branches is set on)
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11:32 Joubu ashimema: does not make sense to me however
11:33 Joubu Liz wrote in the commit msg: "I want to add that this patch was specifically written in response to chris_n's bug report. It may not be practical for these changes to be in mainline, but I haven't thought of any reasons why it would be e
11:33 ashimema lol
11:33 Joubu xplicitly bad. That doesn't mean there aren't some, though"
11:33 ashimema certainly as we also still check for circ permissions now
11:33 cait huginn is missing
11:33 ashimema so it should always get caught by the next line and fail for the case the bug report talks about.
11:33 ashimema right..
11:34 Joubu set-library has  39     flagsrequired   => { catalogue => 1, },
11:34 Joubu soooo.... :D
11:34 ashimema lol
11:35 ashimema I think that needs updating too
11:35 ashimema grr
11:35 cait Joubu: i think huginn is the one who reports the bugs
11:35 cait and back from lunch btw
11:35 cait any questions left for me? (saw her name in logs)
11:35 Joubu ashimema: what about adjusting the syspref's description? "don't work with indy branches"?
11:35 ashimema lol
11:36 Joubu I am serious :D
11:36 ashimema that's certainly the quick fix.. haha
11:37 Joubu you dug too deep, not sure we should handle all of that on the same bug report
11:37 Joubu we would clean everything on its own bug
11:37 ashimema haha.. more than happy to do that then
11:37 ashimema yeah.. deffo needs a followup some time
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12:04 * oleonard heard the sound of oleonard being blamed
12:05 oleonard It shook me out of a deep sleep
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12:08 oleonard ashimema, Joubu, that <brand> was definitely a subconsciously-generated typo triggered by Bootstrap class names
12:09 * oleonard will be back later
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12:30 TimothyAlexis In bootstrap-theme.oai.css we found this and we are wondering... why? @import url("//,400,700,400italic");
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12:30 TimothyAlexis body {
12:30 TimothyAlexis font-family: "Source Sans Pro", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
12:32 TimothyAlexis Only place I've found this stylesheet being used is in: koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/xslt/OAI.xslt
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12:46 lds '/msg NickServ checkverify
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12:48 tcohen TimothyAlexis that's because I borrowed the XSLT from DSpace and didn't notice that
12:50 TimothyAlexis tcohen I see :) Will you remove it? I'm wondering because we have a ticket in our backlog where someone wanted that.
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12:51 tcohen TimothyAlexis that's not even something I worry about haha
12:51 tcohen I can help you with QA if you submit a patch
12:52 TimothyAlexis ok
12:53 TimothyAlexis Which component is this?
12:53 TimothyAlexis OPAC?
12:53 wahanui OPAC is mostly translated
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13:01 TimothyAlexis https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=26179
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13:30 cait lds++ Joubu++
13:32 cait TimothyAlexis: should I add your sign-off line to bug 25906?
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13:33 TimothyAlexis Sure
13:33 oleonard Hi all
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13:36 cait hi oleonard :)
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13:56 Joubu ashimema: if indy branches is on I see "
13:56 Joubu edna | Midway | NO DESK SET "
13:56 Joubu "Choose desk:" is empty
13:58 ashimema odd..
13:59 ashimema I'm sure I tested that
14:02 ashimema I don't
14:03 ashimema I get 'Choose desk: ---' for a branch with no desks defined.. and it doesn't display 'NO DESK SET' when I'm set to that branch.
14:03 ashimema If I switch to a branch that has desks defined I get the option to pick a desk and the first disk is picked by default
14:04 ashimema and displays up to..
14:04 ashimema I can't select '---' for cases where a desk is available at the branch.. so never so NO DESK SET
14:04 ashimema however.. if I log out and log back in..
14:05 ashimema then I do see 'NO DESK SET' to start with.. as the branch that gets picked by independantbranches also has desks assigned to it.. but I didn't pick one at logic (because the option doesn't appear)
14:05 ashimema hmm..
14:06 ashimema I don't think I can get the option to appear at login as the js looks for the library your going to get logged in at on the page.. and that's not there with independant branches enabled
14:06 ashimema hmm
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14:09 Joubu ashimema: also if I pick a library without desk, the dropdown is empty. I save and I don't see "NO DESK SET". I don't know if it's expected
14:09 ashimema how do you pick a library without a desk?
14:09 Joubu I guess it's coming from a "" vs undef
14:09 ashimema have you got js disabled?
14:10 Joubu
14:12 ashimema so do you have any desks defined for the 'Liberty' library?
14:12 Joubu nope
14:12 cait bye #koha
14:12 Joubu If I click submit, there is *no* "no desk set" in the header
14:12 Joubu bye cait!
14:13 ashimema that's what I see
14:13 ashimema and that's what I believe is correct
14:14 Joubu should not we see "no desk set" if there is not desk set? :)
14:15 ashimema only if you manage to set no desk when there are desks defined for the branch
14:15 ashimema if you're working at a branch that has no desks defined you shouldn't give an angry message to the end user I think
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14:17 ashimema interestingly the code is slightly different for the collapsed menu
14:17 ashimema wierd
14:20 Joubu ashimema: ok agreed, there is no angry message if there is no desk defined at the branch (even when freshly logged in)
14:20 ashimema :)
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14:22 ashimema I've just added a followup to clarify that logic for the narrower viewport version
14:22 ashimema not sure why they were out of sync
14:24 Joubu is that supposed to fix the empty dropdown list?
14:24 Joubu for indy branches
14:24 ashimema no
14:25 ashimema the followup is only an attempt to clarify the logic of the header display..
14:25 ashimema it should be a no-op
14:25 ashimema ah.. I think I understand where you're coming from now
14:25 ashimema so.. what you don't like is having indy branches enabled
14:26 ashimema being allowed to go to the branch selection page to have a desk dropdown that's empty.. when the desk is all you can select..
14:26 ashimema is that right?
14:26 ashimema so.. I could perhaps replace the select with a 'No desks defined for this branch' message and a link to define desks perhaps?
14:27 Joubu I have a desk defined for the branch
14:27 ashimema oh.. but you still don't see it available to select?
14:27 Joubu the select is empty yes
14:27 ashimema feck
14:28 ashimema what kind of user?
14:28 Joubu not superlibrarian
14:28 ashimema looks like I was testing with a user with enough permissions to not have Indy branches kick in at that level
14:28 ashimema balls
14:29 Joubu 24             var selectedBranch = $("#branch"). children("option:selected"). val();
14:29 ashimema how does the system pick a branch if you're using indybranches btw.. I may be going mad but I can't see code for that
14:29 Joubu it's because of that JS code in desk_selection.js
14:29 ashimema ?
14:29 ashimema my brain isn't keeping up
14:30 Joubu open desk_selection.js
14:30 Joubu l.24
14:30 Joubu we search for the selected branch (the select does not exist in this situation)
14:30 Joubu and hide all the options if it does not match
14:31 ashimema oh....
14:31 ashimema of course
14:31 ashimema good catch!
14:31 Joubu A quick (and dirty) fix would be to have the select, with a single option, and hide it
14:32 Joubu otherwise we will have to juggle with this JS code (which does not seem very robust ;))
14:32 ashimema haha.. I was just contemplating that
14:32 ashimema :vsplit
14:33 * Joubu split himself
14:33 ashimema lol
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14:40 ashimema attached a followup I believe works
14:41 ashimema feels dirty, but certainly achieves the goal
14:44 ashimema I think I've worked out how Auth sets a default branch if indybranches is enabled..
14:45 ashimema it's inside checkpw_internal and it uses the borrowers branchcode
14:45 ashimema I could perhaps do the same for desks if it's enabled and then the only time you would ever so NO DESK is if you switch the pref mid session
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14:58 Joubu thx ashimema!
15:00 ashimema :)
15:00 fridolin left #koha
15:00 ashimema thank you for catching all the things :)
15:00 ashimema hope nlegrand is happy ;)
15:02 reiveune bye
15:02 reiveune left #koha
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15:08 lukeG1 Joubu: do think its best for me to just revert Bug 25968?
15:08 lukeG1 from 20.05
15:13 khall joined #koha
15:14 oleonard You didn't ask me but I'd say yes
15:14 oleonard lukeG1
15:14 lukeG joined #koha
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