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00:01 AnnaBoten \_o< quack!
00:01 wahanui oops, slipped over
00:01 oleonard !bang
00:01 AnnaBoten \_x< oleonard: 2 (12.45 seconds)
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00:11 wahanui oops, slipped over
00:11 oleonard !bang
00:11 AnnaBoten oleonard, you missed the duck!
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00:11 AnnaBoten oleonard, you missed the duck!
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00:14 oleonard !bang
00:14 AnnaBoten oleonard, you missed the duck!
00:14 * oleonard throws his gun into the lake
00:18 davidnind that's no way to get rid of the evidence...
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00:19 * oleonard doesn't see any evidence
00:19 davidnind irc logs are here forever! :)
00:24 oleonard History will remember only my greatest successes!!
00:40 oleonard 'night davidnind
00:55 davidnind oleonard: nigh! (the victor gets to write the history!)
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03:46 mtj ping ashimema: afaict, koha-stable on debian-stable is ok
03:47 mtj koha 19.11.01 on debian 10
03:50 mtj ...a demo/test instance seems to be functional, at least
04:13 mtj Joubu: you do know what the basic problem with deb10 and koha is, its some perl module problem?
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04:28 mtj hmm, BZ-22522 / Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI perhaps?
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08:35 ashimema Hi mtj
08:36 ashimema I'm not sure if I'm honest
08:36 ashimema OpenAPI is certainly one issue as a security problem which we need to resolve.
08:40 ashimema https://jenkins.koha-community[…]lastBuild/console
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08:40 ashimema I ran a D10 build on Jenkins
08:42 andreashm ashimema: working on a Saturday? =)
08:42 ashimema Not really, just saw I'd had a mention overnight 😉
08:43 ashimema Koha addict
08:58 mtj hi hi, i did bump into that error too...
08:58 mtj ' Error:  Can't locate JSON/Validator/OpenAPI/'
08:59 mtj hmm, perhaps we create a testing repo that we can get ready for deb10 builds
09:00 mtj say..
09:01 mtj we can update that repo, without having to worry about putting things live
09:04 mtj deb10 and master build
09:04 mtj s
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09:16 andreashm ashimema: hehe. =)
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10:16 ashimema Sounds sensible to me mtj
10:16 ashimema Though in reality, aren't the nightlies already serving that purpose?
10:20 ashimema[…]er/Dockerfile#L76
10:20 ashimema That's how the Jenkins builds work..
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10:21 ashimema So.. there is indeed already a testing repo effectively.. on abunchofthings.. i.e. mirkos server.. if I'm reading it right.
10:21 ashimema We can easily redirect that to another server though.. you have a testing one of your own don't you mtj?
10:22 mtj hiya, yep i do
10:26 ashimema Is that where your currently testing things... Or are you just building packages but not yet publishing them there?
10:27 * ashimema should really get better with understanding the packages..maybe next cycle I will move into a packaging role
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16:09 oleonard @later tell tcohen Is there a plan for a system preferences API?
16:09 huginn` oleonard: The operation succeeded.
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16:35 * oleonard is away: I'm busy
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20:26 vishal_ Hi... im facing a strange problem in a 18.11.12 package installation. my fines are not getting generated. finesmode is set to "calculate & charge"
20:27 vishal_ the cron job is definitely running... can see it show up in cron job log
20:27 vishal_ anyone here with an idea what i should look for?
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