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20:03 hayley hello, is there anybody online who may be able to answer questions about my new release maintainer role? :)
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20:12 urra[m] Hello. I have installed 19.05 stable version and I have been testing. We have an old 3.06 version in production. What's the best step now? Go to 19.11 or continue with 19.05 and the improvements 19.05.05? We want to dedicate computer staff to the new version, learn  and stabilize the service. 19.11 or 19.05?
20:12 cait 19.11 just got out
20:13 cait it's very newly released, maybe you'd want to make a jump to 19.05 first - you are already facing quite a big update
20:13 cait jumping form 19.05 to 19.11 should not be as big a step than later
20:13 cait oh
20:13 cait and always install the latest maintenance vresion
20:14 cait so 19.05.05 if that is the latest
20:14 cait if you plan for a longer time testing.. helping to tst out 19.11 could be nice as well :) depends a bit on resources and timeframe
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20:19 hayley side note for cait: hi! I am finding it difficult to make decisions on what should be backported to 18.11, I am looking at the 19,05 branch at the moment -[…]efs/heads/19.05.x would all of those bugs be the kind of thing I should backport?
20:20 cait hm let me see if i can help
20:20 cait did you already figure out where hte one before left of?
20:21 cait i'd usually go through the commits, looked at bugzilla to see if it was a bug (if not sure before) and if it depended on something not in my version
20:21 cait if it's a problem in your version and a bug, you should usually backport it
20:21 cait if soemthing doesn't apply and I was not sure how to fix, i'd push it back saying I needed a rebase
20:22 hayley I haven't figured out where it left off, that is very helpful, thank you :)
20:24 cait oh and please keep string freeze in mind
20:24 cait you should not push string changes after 15th
20:25 cait because translate updates on 15th and everything pushed after won't be translatable for that version
20:25 hayley cool, will not push string changes now. do I need to do an announce for that? I read that somewhere
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20:27 cait it's nice if you do :) it look slike the updates have happened, checking German right now
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20:57 urra hello everybody
20:57 urra I have been trying to install laste version of KOha and after many intents I finish qith this message Software error:  Can't call method "config" on unblessed reference at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/ line 56.
20:59 urra I have read the lists the interactions but I do not have a clear documentation or guide for installation that explains better the whole configuration of Koha
20:59 cait which version are you trying ot install?
20:59 urra 19.11
20:59 cait are you installing using packages?
20:59 urra yes
20:59 cait which step are you at?
21:00 urra in debian 9
21:00 urra I have followed this guide that is clear and simple[…]debian-9-stretch/
21:00 urra after testing the official one
21:00 cait it's always better to stick with the ofifical ones
21:01 urra yes I did it
21:01 urra I already installed koha
21:01 urra not problem with that
21:01 urra it seams that is something related with mariadb
21:02 urra the interaction koha and mysql
21:02 urra I am missing something
21:03 cait hm
21:03 urra but I do nost find a documentation that explains clearlly the whole issue of the configuration of Koha / MySQL / Apache2
21:03 cait there are currently some problems with mariadb
21:03 urra aja
21:03 cait but the error doesn't read like a db issue at first glance
21:03 urra ok
21:03 cait debian now ships mariadb
21:04 cait it's supposed to work - or a bug that we should fix
21:04 cait what are you doing when you get that error?
21:05 urra do you recommend to try with mysql instead of
21:05 urra I have been consulting the information already available but I do not advance
21:05 urra I tried with the passwords of mariadb
21:06 cait no, i wouldn't switch
21:06 urra ok
21:06 urra I follow you
21:06 cait which step are you at? have you run the web installer?
21:06 urra not yet
21:06 urra I can not arrive to it
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21:06 urra Can't call method "config" on unblessed reference at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/ line 56.
21:07 urra when I try to  go to local instance that is the message
21:07 cait I am sorry, I am not sure how to help - I susgest to ask on the mailing list
21:07 urra thanks cait
21:07 cait more people reading there and also you will get people form other timezones
21:08 urra thanks a lot
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21:44 urra How can I arribe to the webinstaller in the installation proccess?
21:44 urra arrive
21:44 urra I already installed koha 19.11
21:45 hayley once everything has been installed, going to the url where your koha will be accessed should take you to the web installer
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22:06 urra I receive this messaje
22:06 urra Software error:  Can't call method "config" on unblessed reference at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/ line 56.
22:08 hayley that means something has gone wrong in the installation process, I would suggest asking on the mailing list :)
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