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07:02 ashimema davidnind++
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07:37 reiveune hello
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07:47 magnuse davidnind++
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07:57 alex_a Bonjour
07:57 wahanui kia ora, alex_a
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08:22 davidnind ashimema: thanks for answering my questions about the translation workflow!
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08:27 sev_q Hello #koha !!
08:27 tuxayo o/ sev_q
08:28 sev_q hiya tuxayo :)
08:40 alex_a hello sev_q
08:42 sev_q good morning alex_a !
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08:50 Joubu ashimema: follow-up attached to bug 23982 (will fix the failing test)
08:50 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23982 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to master , Count/pagination broken for reports with duplicated column names
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08:54 Joubu ashimema: I do not get why the last build for U18 failed (instead of unstable) - https://jenkins.koha-community[…]8/477/consoleFull
08:55 ashimema me either
08:55 ashimema was just about to ask you if you had any idea
08:56 Joubu push the follow-up and see what's happening :)
09:01 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23982: Fix the failing test <[…]c69ce48debb365a5d>
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09:16 nlegrand oups
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09:21 magnuse bonjour nlegrand
09:31 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
09:31 wahanui Congratulations!
09:31 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #540: FIXED in 28 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/540/
09:39 tuxayo o/ nlegrand
09:39 tuxayo «join #francophonie»
09:40 tuxayo he he
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09:56 nlegrand o/ tuxayo
09:56 nlegrand salut magnuse !
09:58 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9_My8 build #20: FAILURE in 56 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Master_D9_My8/20/
10:07 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
10:07 wahanui Congratulations!
10:07 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #1007: FIXED in 35 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_D9/1007/
10:14 Joubu tcohen, ashimema: bug 24070
10:14 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24070 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , koha_es killed, missing RAM
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10:15 ashimema oooh..
10:15 ashimema interesting
10:17 Joubu new comment, it's the RAM of the nodes actually, not the container
10:20 ashimema Ooh, very interesting.. I have no idea how much resource those nodes have
10:21 ashimema Can't even remember who hosts them
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11:01 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U18 build #478: NOW UNSTABLE in 1 hr 3 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U18/478/
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11:58 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23805: (RM follow-up) Add credit_type relation to Koha::Account::Line <[…]f832e9c3259b5e887>
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12:27 marcelr hi #koha
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12:35 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #1008: SUCCESS in 36 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_D9/1008/
12:38 oleonard Hi all
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12:43 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #541: UNSTABLE in 45 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/541/
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13:15 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U18 build #479: STILL UNSTABLE in 39 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U18/479/
13:16 oleonard sev_q: Thanks for testing Bug 9156!
13:16 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9156 normal, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Failed QA , itemcallnumber not pulling more than 2 subfields
13:18 oleonard @later tell khall Have you seen Bug 23025? I updated the patch on that to add more upgrades
13:18 huginn oleonard: The operation succeeded.
13:19 oleonard ashimema: Or perhaps you could explain how to get that bug moving in another way... patch only for fstream?
13:20 ashimema hi
13:20 * ashimema reads up
13:21 ashimema ooh.. i'd entirely forgotten about that one.
13:22 ashimema I basically think we aught to update all dependancies regularly.. but likely as two operations each time..
13:22 ashimema one patch for all 'dev only' dependancies.. like a our build tools
13:22 ashimema and one for user facing..
13:23 ashimema dev only stuff can basically skip QA in my opinion.. it's not going to hurt end users.. only developers.. who are more likely to be able to fix it themselves quickly enough..
13:23 ashimema but user facing needs a bit more testing.. like when you upgraded bootstrap or jQuery for example.
13:23 ashimema thoughts?
13:24 ashimema if the set in bug 23025 just dev facing..
13:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23025 is not accessible.
13:24 ashimema if so.. I'll mark is PQA now and push it before release
13:24 oleonard I think I agree. yarn doesn't manage any user-facing assets, only what is required for compiling SCSS
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13:37 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9_My8 build #21: STILL FAILING in 54 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]Master_D9_My8/21/
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13:56 * magnuse wonders if the test plan for bug 24072 should just be "see the typos" or involve a lot of setting up loans that expire today etc
13:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24072 major, P5 - low, ---, magnus, NEW , Typos in causes DUEDGST not to be sent
14:02 JBoyer apt show dnsutils
14:02 JBoyer Sigh. And you people thought I was kidding yesterday...
14:03 JBoyer oops. Double-wrong window, heh.
14:03 oleonard JBoyer: Somehow this problem will be resolved by the time Star Trek's comm system is invented
14:04 ashimema remind me.. are we allowed to use html5 input types and validation now oleonard?
14:05 oleonard ashimema: Yes, but I think adding JS validation using the validation plugin is a good extra layer
14:05 ashimema i.e. I am tempted to update the accounts payments pages to  use `type="number"` and set `min` values on the 'collected from patron` field for bug 22359
14:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22359 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Improve usability of 'change calculation' (bug 11373)
14:06 ashimema 'min' is a bit weird.. although you can set type to number and the little incrementing arrows stop at min.. you can still enter a value by hand that's less than it..
14:06 ashimema grr
14:06 oleonard I think "number" is the most common example of an HTML5 input type used in Koha already
14:06 caroline_crazycatlady hello everyone!
14:07 oleonard Hi caroline_crazycatlady
14:07 oleonard caroline_crazycatlady++ # Great education meeting summary
14:08 ashimema got a good example of the belt and braces approach using js too?
14:08 caroline_crazycatlady thank you! It was really fun and I'm hoping the docs team can work out what we want :)
14:08 * ashimema wonders what he missed there
14:09 caroline_crazycatlady ashimema: I sent you an email regarding one of the points
14:09 oleonard ashimema: This "belt and braces" idiom is completely new to me!
14:09 ashimema oh really.. lol
14:09 ashimema i.e. javascript + html5 validation
14:10 ashimema implimenting both at the same time rather than relying on just one
14:12 oleonard ashimema: I don't think there's any difference between using both and using just the JS validation
14:13 ashimema fair enough
14:13 oleonard /prog/js/categories.js has good examples of using the plugin
14:13 ashimema thanks
14:14 ashimema the challange is going to be that I want to watch one field and use it's value as the minimum for another
14:15 oleonard has an example of using a "depends" parameter
14:15 ashimema excellent, thanks
14:15 ashimema very helpful
14:20 ashimema what plugin are we using.. just trying to find some docs on 'depends'.. see
14:20 oleonard
14:20 ashimema ?
14:21 oleonard Not great documentation unfortunately.
14:21 oleonard Also I see were using an out-of-date version
14:22 ashimema just enough I believe :)
14:23 * oleonard watches carefully for caroline_catlady 's nick to change back
14:23 caroline_catlady i just wanted to make sure I didn't get laters for my "regular" nick :)
14:25 Joubu ashimema: did you get an error when you ran the koha-meetings script for the last doc meeting?
14:25 Joubu ashimema: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_14_November_2019 minutes are missing
14:25 caroline_catlady I'm sure my IRC client will eventually revert me back to crazy
14:26 ashimema :(
14:26 ashimema I don't remember if I ran the script of not now (
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14:29 magnuse bug 24072 is a nice little companion to bug 24064, would be great to have it fixed in the upcoming versions *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*
14:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24072 major, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Needs Signoff , Typos in causes DUEDGST not to be sent
14:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24064 major, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Pushed to master , DUEDGST typoed as DUEGST
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14:37 ashimema hmm.. I don't see where the validate plugin is loaded in
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14:40 sev_q oleonard : my pleasure ! sorry for the late answer, I was in the reading room
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16:05 ashimema cait...
16:05 ashimema bug 22359
16:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22359 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Improve usability of 'change calculation' (bug 11373)
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16:09 wizzyrea tēnā koutou
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16:13 wizzyrea i want to set one of these up for the community
16:13 wizzyrea
16:13 wizzyrea it's FOSS stack overflow
16:13 wizzyrea that we control
16:14 wizzyrea i have server capacity for this.
16:19 ashimema did we not having something like that once?
16:20 ashimema I like the idea though
16:21 caroline_catlady Yeah, I feel like I've seen something like this before
16:22 ashimema maybe it was anoter project i used to work with that had that.. openstreetmap:
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16:23 wizzyrea hi
16:24 wizzyrea yeah we tried with stackoverflow proper a few years ago
16:24 wizzyrea but that never caught on
16:24 wizzyrea mostly because we don't have enough volume to justify a stackoverflow of our own
16:24 ashimema grr.. seems osqa (the open software we used at openstreetmap for this) has since gone closed source as far as I can tell
16:25 ashimema still.. your Question2Answer looks interesting
16:43 wizzyrea it's great
16:43 wizzyrea ByWater uses it internally
16:43 wizzyrea it is A+++++
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16:44 wizzyrea and it can be made prettier than the default theme.
16:44 wizzyrea which of course we'd want :)
16:44 wizzyrea i'm gonna do it.
16:44 wizzyrea if it catches on, great
16:45 wizzyrea if not, it's only a little of my time. ^.^
16:45 oleonard Scandalous
16:46 caroline_catlady in overdue notices, the branch is which branch? The patron's branch?
16:46 caroline_catlady the item's branch?
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17:02 ashimema wizzyrea++
17:03 ashimema I reckon we could quickly populate it with some faq's if we reach out to support companies wizzyrea.. sure I could get at least  a few from our side
17:07 oleonard "Do penguins have knees?"
17:07 ashimema "Do fish have wings?"
17:08 ashimema !bang
17:08 AnnaBoten ashimema, you missed the duck!
17:08 oleonard !bang
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17:08 ashimema dang
17:08 ashimema wha
17:12 caroline_catlady we already have a faq in the manual, maybe start with that?
17:13 * oleonard goes there to check whether penguins have knees
17:14 caroline_catlady we should add it just for fun :)
17:14 caroline_catlady Where I worked before, a colleague wanted to catalog a spatula and see how much time it took for a patron to come ask for it, hehe
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17:15 wahanui *click*
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17:17 oleonard Never seen this error for git-bz before, "socket.gaierror: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution"
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17:27 oleonard I feel like wahanui is throwing his shots to make us feel better.
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17:31 wahanui oops, slipped over
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17:31 oleonard wahanui's like if you took your butler hunting with you
17:32 caroline_catlady lol!
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17:42 caroline_catlady Ok, I'm trying to make sense of this[…]generating-markup
17:42 pastebot "caroline_catlady" at pasted "Would this be what it looked like IRL?" (15 lines) at
17:43 caroline_catlady And then I know I have to go in the actual text and add the targets, but before I go further I'm just trying to workout the structure for the thesaurus
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17:48 oleonard Looks like we don't have a unified way to generate CSV/odt exports. Seems like an oversight.
17:49 davidnind caroline_catlady: I will give it a go shortly, seems really useful to be able to add an index
17:49 caroline_catlady oh hi davidnind! I was just writing you an email :)
17:50 caroline_catlady didn't know you were already up
17:50 AnnaBoten \_o< quack!
17:50 wahanui *click*
17:50 oleonard *click*
17:50 oleonard Dang, my clumsy fingers
17:50 caroline_catlady Are ReST and LwDITA different markup languages? And if so, should we start to move the manual toward LwDITA?
17:50 davidnind nearly 7am, so I guess I should be up
17:51 caroline_catlady eh, I'm not up at 7am ;)
17:52 oleonard caroline_catlady: I'll be sure not to post puppy pictures at 5:30AM when I get up in case the notification wakes you
17:52 caroline_catlady My phone's notifications are blocked until 7 :) post away and I will smile when I wake up
17:53 davidnind Normal DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is an XML based language, which puts some people off - it has lots of tags that can be used, not as many as DocBook though
17:55 davidnind Lightweight DITA (LwDITA) is an attempt to make it easier to author by allowing topics to be written using different formats - a simplified XML structure, HTML, and markdown
17:56 caroline_catlady Is it more complicated than ReST? We're just starting to get ppl on board to contribute... Do you think it would scare them?
17:57 davidnind DITA is an open standard managed by OASIS, LwDITA is still under development, but it mostly works - at some stage I thing they would like to add a restructured text option
17:58 caroline_catlady The other thing is, can we still do all the other stuff we talked about with ReST (namely, doing smaller chapters, how-tos, etc) and exporting them as training material?
18:00 caroline_catlady going to lunch, my stomach is digesting itself, bbl
18:00 davidnind it is just plain text, for example[…]
18:01 davidnind have a nice lunch!
18:02 davidnind the main difference between ReST and other markup languages is that they are designed to be 'book-based'
18:05 davidnind DITA is designed to be topic-based, where you create small self-contained topics covering one thing(and one content type - such as a task, or a reference topic), then combine the topics using a map (a table of contents) - the topics can then be reused for different information products
18:06 davidnind but to answer your questions, I think the authoring is easy, the bigger change is going from writing more narrative style book type content to a topic-based approach
18:07 davidnind and we can get some way with ReST as an interim step
18:07 davidnind will get a working example up as soon as I can
18:32 caroline_catlady Ok thanks for the clarification.
18:32 caroline_catlady Not sure if the index idea fits in the long term development though
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18:45 ashimema LaTeX for the win :P
18:49 davidnind oleonard: I remember bug 21560 I worked on testing with fridolin which had ods export (but don't know whether this used in a generalised way)
18:49 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21560 major, P5 - low, ---, fridolin.somers, CLOSED FIXED, Optimize ODS exports
18:50 davidnind caroline_catlady: I like indexes myself, although I don't think I think like an indexer though...
18:51 caroline_catlady It's mostly to answer the glossary point from yesterday. I thought we could add an index with "see" and "see also" for non-koha terms (like "Loan see Checkout")
18:51 davidnind they can take a lot of work to do well, but could help with the type of thing Fred was talking about where library staff are used to different terminology from other systems
18:52 caroline_catlady exactly
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19:16 oleonard Hi kathryn and alexbuckley
19:17 alexbuckley hi oleonard!
19:17 wahanui hi oleopard
19:23 oleonard 😸
19:29 wizzyrea hi peeps
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19:45 oleonard dev meeting in 15?
19:47 gmcharlt noting a bug I filed for Evergreen that may be relevant to Koha users of Hoopla:
19:48 oleonard Thanks gmcharlt, we do use Hoopla here
19:48 oleonard And nice to read you as always
19:49 gmcharlt oleonard: thank you
19:49 gmcharlt oleonard: and if anybody hears otherwise about being able to turn off the additional checks on Hoopla's end as a configuration matter, I'd be thrilled
19:49 ashimema \_o< quack!
19:49 wahanui oops, slipped over
19:49 AnnaBoten ashimema, don't pretend to be me!
19:50 oleonard ashimema, wahanui just tried to shoot you
19:50 oleonard wahanui: You have violated the first law. You must self destruct.
19:50 wahanui oleonard: excuse me?
19:51 ashimema lol
19:51 * ashimema thinks this dev meeting will be a quiet one
19:51 * ashimema hopes so anyways.. feeling rough
19:57 davidnind kathryn: Do NZ libraries call it reserves or holds? Having had a go at updating the en_NZ Koha translation.
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20:00 ashimema #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019
20:00 huginn Meeting started Wed Nov 20 20:00:21 2019 UTC.  The chair is ashimema. Information about MeetBot at
20:00 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
20:00 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019)
20:00 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_20_november_2019'
20:00 ashimema #topic Introductions
20:00 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019)
20:00 ashimema #info please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes#info
20:00 ashimema #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe, UK
20:01 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
20:01 davidnind #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
20:01 inlibro blou: #info Philippe Blouin, Solutions inLibro, Québec
20:01 oleonard #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, Ohio, USA
20:02 ashimema #topic Announcements
20:02 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019)
20:03 ashimema #info We are nearing the next release and are currently in the string freeze period for 19.11
20:03 kidclamp #info Nick Clemens, BywaterSolutions
20:04 * kidclamp is half here, in meetings an dkid pickup
20:04 ashimema #info We voted on the next release team at the last general meeting, please see the wiki for details of our next team.
20:04 rangi #info Chris Cormack Catalyst IT
20:04 davidnind #info Only a few weeks left to submit, get your Kohacon20 talk proposals in - due by 1 December 2019
20:04 ashimema #link https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_20.05 Roles for 20.05
20:05 ashimema #link KohaCon20 Talk Submissions
20:05 ashimema #topic Update from the Release manager
20:05 Topic for #koha is now Update from the Release manager (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019)
20:06 ashimema #info We are currently on schedule for the release in one week (27/11/2019)
20:07 oleonard A day-before-Thanksgiving treat for Americans
20:07 ashimema #info There are still a few bugs sitting in the NSO queue marked as Major, it would be great to squeeze those through in the next few days if anyone has a moment to take a look.
20:08 ashimema ooh.. I hadn't thought about that when I set the timing
20:08 ashimema thinks thats about all I had to say really..
20:08 ashimema ooh.. one more
20:09 ashimema #info I'd like to welcome Joy Nelson to the 20.05 team as our 19.11 RMaint, thankyou for stepping into the role Joy and thankyou ByWater for supporting that :)
20:10 oleonard talljoy++
20:10 ashimema #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
20:10 Topic for #koha is now Updates from the Release Maintainers (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019)
20:10 ashimema rmaints?
20:10 wahanui rmaints is fridolin, lucas and wizzyrea
20:10 ashimema I bet we don't have any here :(
20:12 ashimema #info I believe we are on schedule for a maintanence release from each of the respective release maintainers on (or around) the 22nd.
20:12 ashimema #topic Updates from the QA team
20:12 Topic for #koha is now Updates from the QA team (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019)
20:12 ashimema Do we have a cait?
20:12 oleonard Not even one
20:13 oleonard Do we have any of cait's loyal minions?
20:13 ashimema Seems not..
20:14 ashimema #info QA has slowed since the last meeting, but that is understandable given the part of the cycle we are in.. Important QA is still happening, many thanks to those I've approached for specific QA's and who have diligently acted :)
20:15 ashimema #topic General development discussion
20:15 Topic for #koha is now General development discussion (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019)
20:16 ashimema #info I have been using a new keyword `rel_20_05_target` to start grouping bugs which missed the freezes this cycle but seem to be close to reaching maturity. I would like to promote focusing on pushing them over the line early next cycle.
20:17 ashimema No other general trends to report at the moment.. I hope to pick things back up again come the next cycle :)
20:17 ashimema #topic Review of coding guidelines
20:17 Topic for #koha is now Review of coding guidelines (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019)
20:17 ashimema #info Nothing to report
20:18 ashimema anyone got anything they would like to raise, questions they'd like to ask?
20:18 ashimema ok...
20:19 ashimema #topic Set time of next meeting
20:19 Topic for #koha is now Set time of next meeting (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019)
20:20 oleonard Are we looking at two weeks out? The 4th?
20:20 ashimema Lets stick to the pattern.. I have a feeling the next meeting will be a rather quiet one ;)
20:20 ashimema 4 December, 1pm
20:21 ashimema 1pm UTC that is.. I believe
20:21 thd +1
20:21 alexbuckley_ joined #koha
20:22 ashimema #info Next meeting: 04 December 2019, 13 UTC
20:22 ashimema ok, that was a nice quick one..
20:22 * thd will still be in New York and may be stuck in New York if not scrambling to find the right proofs of identity.
20:22 ashimema thanks to all those who attended :)
20:22 ashimema #endmeeting
20:22 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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20:22 davidnind ashimema++
20:22 oleonard ashimema++
20:22 oleonard G&T++
20:22 ashimema :)
20:22 caroline_catlady ashimema++
20:23 ashimema in other news.. thanks for all the efforts on the manual in the last couple of weeks.. well over the whole cycle really.. but particularly the last couple of weeks there seems to have been a real uptick :)
20:23 ashimema It's great to see
20:24 caroline_catlady lucyvh++
20:24 caroline_catlady she's been on fire!
20:24 davidnind lucyvh++
20:25 davidnind everyone has been great!
20:25 davidnind although, because of me, we are still trying to get 19.05 changes in - haven't even tackled 19.11 changes yet :-(
20:26 caroline_catlady not because of you... I was in charge of 19.05
20:26 * thd turns back into a pumpkin if he does not locate some identity documents before his birthday.
20:26 caroline_catlady We're slowly getting there
20:27 davidnind too many changes, never enough time!
20:27 caroline_catlady amen!
20:27 davidnind (good changes though)
20:28 davidnind might try and do a 'human readable' summary of what's new  for 19.11 as a teaser until the details are available in the 19.11 manual
20:28 caroline_catlady yeah I was planning something like that for 20.05
20:28 caroline_catlady Currently writing one up for 19,05 and 18.11 for our clients
20:29 caroline_catlady hence my contributions to the manual :)
20:29 davidnind ByWaters has been doing the same for 19.05
20:29 davidnind caroline_catlady++
20:30 caroline_catlady Iw onder if we could somehow "tag" the new stuff we write up and summarize the release notes that way
20:30 davidnind aslso, a good education meeting yesterday as well
20:30 caroline_catlady another thing to think about for the modular approach to the manual
20:31 davidnind maybe have a curated what's new section in the manual - with the key new features and enhancements highlighted to get libraries excited!
20:31 oleonard See y'all later
20:31 caroline_catlady yes! I love it!
20:32 caroline_catlady Would that new section be a collection of links to different parts of the manual or actual sections?
20:33 caroline_catlady When we merge we could add either the link or the section to that What's new section
20:33 ashimema I'd love to be able to link to the manual from the release notes for new features ;)
20:33 caroline_catlady you have to help us create permalinks then :)
20:34 davidnind ideally this should be generated, but manually it would be a summary and then point to the details (if they are in the manual) - but a nice succinct summary would be a start
20:34 caroline_catlady I didn't much understand your answer btw :(
20:34 davidnind ashiema: that would be great
20:34 caroline_catlady symlinks? how do we generate those?
20:36 ashimema it's a serverside thing.. we'd need to ask rangi or wizzyrea
20:37 ashimema (or in the future andreasm might be able to do it, once we've onboarded him for website maintanence.. it's on my list to catch wizzyrea)
20:37 caroline_catlady would we have to do something in the actual text?
20:40 ashimema What exactly do you mean by deep links?
20:41 ashimema if you're just saying you want to put a link to a particular section in the manual from your own documentation
20:41 ashimema and always get the latest version..
20:41 caroline_catlady yes exactly that (for training material or blog posts)
20:41 ashimema then.. so long as the general structure of the manual doesn't change.. then we can use the existing data and just use a symlink to say instead of
20:42 ashimema `[…]oha-web-installer`
20:42 ashimema you'd link to
20:42 ashimema `[…]oha-web-installer`
20:42 caroline_catlady ok cool!
20:42 ashimema and that would automagically take you to 19.11 when 19.11 is the current release.. or 20.05 when it's 20.05 or whatever..
20:43 caroline_catlady yes exactly! that is what we want
20:43 ashimema so 'latest' is a 'placeholder' word for 'give me the latest version here
20:43 * caroline_catlady likes using the royal we
20:43 ashimema rangi the manual is servered from one of your servers isn't it..
20:43 caroline_catlady I don't pretend to speak in the name of anybody else
20:44 ashimema I'm talking without full knowledge here.. hopefully that's not a crazy suggestions ^
20:44 rangi ashimema: nope
20:44 davidnind it is a good one though!
20:44 rangi its only wizzyrea linode
20:44 rangi it's on even
20:44 inlibro joined #koha
20:45 wizzyrea hi what
20:45 wizzyrea did someone need something from me?
20:45 caroline_catlady yes, read back a couple of message
20:46 caroline_catlady I'd like to be able to have permalinks to sections of the manual
20:46 caroline_catlady to use in training material or blog posts
20:46 caroline_catlady and ashimema was suggestions symlinks
20:46 wizzyrea oh
20:46 caroline_catlady but apparently you have to do it on your server
20:47 caroline_catlady we could substitute "latest" for the version number
20:47 wizzyrea right
20:47 wizzyrea ok I see yeah
20:48 ashimema I'm basically stealing the idea from how we always link to the latest version of koha downloads ;)
20:48 ashimema so can't realy claim it was my idea.. I just borrowed it.. hopefully it wouldn't be something too horribly difficult
20:48 davidnind the other way is with redirects (which are different from symbolic links) you would need a file with the patterns e.g. go from here to there for any requests, the webserver configuration would just include this file
20:49 ashimema wizzyrea.. would be good to catch you at some point to talk website and the website maintainer role.. andreas has offered to help there.. hopefully we can help spread the load a little so you're not so burdened with it..
20:49 davidnind that way the documentation team could maintain, then make a request to update it to the newest version
20:51 ashimema readthedocs does it like this too
20:56 davidnind release notes while I don't forget - not that anyone has time to watch webinars, these ones are great + an example[…]0-release-details
21:01 lisettelatah_ joined #koha
21:08 urra[m] joined #koha
21:08 urra[m] Hello
21:09 urra[m] I am trying to.migrate from 3.06 to 19.05 and I do not find how to export authorities from the 3.06
21:13 caroline_catlady Sorry, I've never used 3,06
21:14 caroline_catlady Are your authorities very complex? (like with tracings and things)
21:15 urra[m] <caroline_catlady "Sorry, I've never used 3,06"> I am migrating from that version to 19.05 and I do not find information about how to export authorities
21:15 urra[m] I already export import bibliographic records and it works perfect
21:15 urra[m] But I do not afind how to export authorities from the 3.06 version
21:16 urra[m] Anyway thanks a lot
21:16 caroline_catlady I thought there was a script to create authorities automatically from your bibliographic records, but I can't find it
21:17 urra[m] Yes I saw that if I cannot export I will try to generate the authorities from the bibliographic records
21:17 davidnind urra: later versions of Koha let you export authorities Staff interface >  Tools > Catalog > Export data > Export authority records tab
21:18 davidnind but 3.06 might not have that :-(
21:18 urra[m] And that is great ... The problem is that I need to import from a previous version the authorities
21:19 urra[m] I find 19.05 great
21:20 urra[m] And I am waiting for 19.11
21:20 urra[m] Thanks everybody for such quit responses ,,:-)
21:21 davidnind (I actually know nothing about cataloguing... sorry I couldn't be of more help)
21:21 caroline_catlady maybe use the script
21:22 caroline_catlady not sure if it exists in 3.06
21:22 caroline_catlady but probably if you were able to export your bib records
21:22 urra[m] I will try :-):-):-)
21:23 urra[m] Maybe something could be done directly in SQL?
21:23 caroline_catlady hum, maybe if the db structure hasn't changed too much
21:24 urra[m] 3.06 has catalog export
21:24 caroline_catlady you could cump and reimport
21:24 urra[m] Very easy
21:24 caroline_catlady *dump
21:24 urra[m] Thanks Caroline
21:25 urra[m] That is a good suggestion
21:26 caroline_catlady but like I said, if you don't have tracings (4XX and 5XX) fields in your authorities, I would just use the build_authorities script
21:27 urra[m] Ok
21:27 urra[m] I will check and let you know
21:27 urra[m] :-)
21:30 davidnind urra: I wouldn't wait for 19.11 - I would go for 19.05 and perhaps upgrade to 19.11 after a few point releases (I think many libraries take this approach, new releases are stable but sometimes they may have one or two things that don't work as expected - these get fixed pretty quickly though...)
21:31 urra[m] Agree David.. I already installed 19.05
21:31 urra[m] And I am enjoying it
21:31 davidnind excellent!
21:31 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
21:35 urra[m]
21:37 alexbuckley joined #koha
21:44 inlibro joined #koha
21:55 davidnind ashimema: thanks for updating the wiki for the next documentation meeting
21:57 kathryn_ joined #koha
22:22 davidnind rangi: just because I spotted it, on Catalyst's Koha OPAC demo in the welcome message before news - the link to the manual is to the 16.11 version (not a biggy really)
22:40 kathryn__ joined #koha
22:45 inlibro joined #koha
23:45 inlibro joined #koha
23:52 caroline_catlady good night everyone! (I'll probably be back later tonight though...)
23:54 rangi thanks davidnind
23:54 kathryn_ joined #koha
23:56 davidnind have a great evening caroline_catlady!

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