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06:59 cait ashimema: our comments just collided on bug 23890 - similar ideas i think :)
06:59 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23890 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, NEW , Plugins that utilise possibly security breaching hooks should warn
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07:37 reiveune hello
07:37 wahanui hey, reiveune
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08:00 alex_a Bonjour
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08:14 calire morning
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08:21 ashimema Indeed cait
08:21 ashimema I think a fair few of us are keen to see plugins go this route... Just none of us has had a moment to actually implement it. 😒
08:22 ashimema One for next cycle now
08:22 ashimema With any luck perhaps I'll find a moment to do it
08:22 ashimema What's our thoughts on bugs with sets of alternative patches btw...
08:23 ashimema I've seen a couple of cases now where they're set to patch doesn't apply which is wrong.. they just can't be tested on a sandbox
08:25 cait ashimema: i think it's not often enough to make it something we need to deal with at a high priority rigth now
08:30 * ashimema is grumpy
08:31 * cait hands you the jar with cookies
08:31 cait i have no time for being grumpy - 2 days before big vacation:)
08:31 paxed speaking of plugins
08:32 cait the tension builds up.... :)
08:32 paxed i've got code to allow value_builder plugins to eg. check field contents and then inform that eg. the field is filled incorrectly when trying to save
08:32 cait soudns cool
08:33 paxed proof of concept is isbn checking for 020a
08:33 cait I'd sign-off on that :)
08:33 ashimema Nice
08:33 cait yeah i think there is an old bug somewhere for implementing isbn/issn validity checking
08:34 ashimema Cataloguing plugins should be ported to the modern plugins system..
08:36 * paxed hears ashimema volunteering for it
08:37 magnuse hehe
08:37 magnuse yay for bug 22581
08:37 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22581 new feature, P5 - low, ---, agustinmoyano, Needs Signoff , Add support for Plaine & Easie musical incipits rendering in OPAC
08:42 paxed cait: i can't seem to find such a bug
08:42 cait have a meeting soon, but I will give it a quick try
08:43 cait bug 906 maybe
08:43 huginn Bug[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=906 enhancement, P2, ---, tomascohen, Failed QA , ISBN Check
08:44 cait I think having a plugin do it, woudl negate the problems noted there - can use it or not
09:04 paxed should i create a new bug (and reference that old bug), or add my patch to that old bug?
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09:06 sev_q good morning Koha !
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09:20 paxed cait: bug 23925
09:20 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23925 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, pasi.kallinen, Needs Signoff , Value builder plugin to check ISBN validity
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09:46 liliputech_asu morning :)
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11:35 oleonard Hi #koha
11:43 vfernandes hi oleonard
11:43 wahanui hi oleopard
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12:16 calire hi oleonard
12:16 wahanui hi oleopard
12:17 oleonard calire: Hey guess what: I was working from home last night and forgot to push my changes back to GitLab :D
12:17 calire shhhhh
12:17 calire who even does that
12:18 oleonard Luckily it wasn't mission-critical, but it means y'all will have to wait to see my version of a game controller for the Bridge icon set.
12:19 calire too much suspense
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12:24 marcelr hi #koha
12:29 oleonard jajm around?
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12:34 urra hello
12:34 wahanui bidet, urra
12:35 urra How can be imported the authorities from an old version of Koha to tyhe 19.05 stable version?
12:36 urra I have been looking around in the documentation but I do not find a clear answer about this thanks in advance
12:38 magnuse urra: how old is the old version? and do you want to move/copy the autorities from one install to another, or to upgrade the old koha?
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12:39 jajm oleonard, ?
12:39 wahanui oleonard, is this the cataloguing search or the main intranet catalogue search?
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12:40 oleonard Hi jajm. I wonder if you have used jQuery's $.getScript before? khall too?
12:40 khall oleonard I know I've used it before
12:40 jajm never
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12:41 oleonard khall, have you found it to work well? It seems to accomplish the basic functionality of require.js
12:42 khall yes, I remember it working well for me. I'm trying to recall what I used it for, but it was quite a while back
12:42 tcohen morning
12:43 khall oleonard I think I was using it to load non-Koha js libs, but that's just a vague memory ;)
12:43 oleonard tcohen: I'm playing around with jusing jQuery's $.getScript as a way to load the Verovio JS only when needed.
12:44 tcohen oleonard: cool
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12:49 * oleonard will continue on this path pending warnings not to
12:51 oleonard tcohen: As it is the load time for the OPAC detail page is way to long with the Verovio stuff
12:53 tcohen so you want to make it asynchronous, and happen after page rendering
12:57 oleonard Yes
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12:57 tcohen awesome, I'll ask amoyano to join IRC to talk about this
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14:01 oleonard tcohen: Do you know if Verovio is supposed to support multiple audio files on one record?
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15:25 bag !bang
15:25 AnnaBoten There is no hunt right now! You can start a hunt with the 'start' command
15:26 oleonard bag: I like how you burst into the room shooting :D
15:27 bag haha
15:28 * oleonard evangelizes:[…]?p=15724491796647
15:32 calire :D
15:35 oleonard (flash back to my last campaign:[…]p=15276880527860)
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15:57 magnuse bag: HI
15:57 wahanui hey, magnuse
16:00 reiveune bye
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16:21 corilynn lol, oleonard
16:46 oleonard Bugzilla should cut you off after you have marked X number of bugs as assigned to yourself
16:47 wizzyrea haha
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16:49 bag magnuse: HI
16:49 tcohen !bang
16:49 AnnaBoten There is no hunt right now! You can start a hunt with the 'start' command
16:55 tcohen hola @bag
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18:54 oleonard See y'all later!
18:54 oleonard *cough*[…]?p=15724491796647
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19:33 wizzyrea lol oleonard
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19:37 wizzyrea but also ahhmayzing
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