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05:38 _fraktik is down for some time?
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05:52 saa i have a question for inventory how to filter out withdrawn titles from inventory report
05:52 saa is it possible to mark manually last seen items so that the report can be generated easily before the last seen date
05:53 saa we have lot of withdrawn titles and we have added those numbers in a text file but we donot want those withdrawn items to be listed in the report
05:53 saa how to achieve this
05:56 davidnind[m] saa: reports re not my strong point, and I can't see your exact requirements in the reports library https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Library#Inventory.2F_Shelflists
05:57 davidnind[m] would post on general mailing list if you you don't get any response on IRC
05:57 saa can i manually set date last seen for every item
05:57 saa if yes how to do it
05:57 saa ok
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06:00 fridolin hi
06:00 wahanui what's up, fridolin
06:16 _fraktik saa: Maybe you can do it with batch tool, but if you do have acces to SQL: table "items", columns datelastborrowed ordatelastseen
06:17 _fraktik *access
06:17 saa from koha tools is it possible
06:17 saa can u tell me how to do through sql
06:25 _fraktik are you able to get your barcode list into some table in database?
06:26 _fraktik import it:[…]=mysql+import+csv or use some fancy command to work with local file:[…]-for-where-clause
06:28 * ashimema pokes the translation managers about
06:33 _fraktik saa:    update items set datelastborrowed="2019-09-09" from items i join TABLE_WITH_BARCODES_you_imported t ON t.YOUR_BARCODES_column_in_new_table=i.barcode where i.datelastborrowed>"2019-09-09"
06:34 saa can i also add itemstatus
06:34 saa in the query
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06:40 reiveune hello
06:44 magnuse bonjour reiveune
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06:53 _fraktik what do you mean by itemstatus? table items have just "new_status" column, as far as I know.
06:55 _fraktik Do anyone know, where "InProcessingToShelvingCart" and "ReturnToShelvingCart" went in 19.05? Our newly created items are no longer automatically placed into our shelves on return and those values I can see in 18.05 installation, but not in new one.
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07:05 alex_a Bonjour
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07:09 _fraktik OK, so I see where is problem, just dont know where exactly report typo in release note:  "On check in the item’s location is compared to the location on the LEFT and, if it matches, is updated to the location on the LEFT."
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07:11 cait hi all
07:11 cait _fraktik: that definiteyl sounds like a typo
07:11 cait should be 'updated to the right'
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07:12 _fraktik yep, i reported it to the original bugpage:  https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=14576
07:13 huginn Bug 14576: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, RESOLVED FIXED, Allow automatic update of location on checkin
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07:14 cait _fraktik: not sure if we can fix the release notes after release, but if it's something in koha, please always report a new bug an dlink
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07:16 _fraktik cait: I was not sure, if the page is generated automaticaly from source patch releases or if someone assembled it manualy - thats why I am asking here...
07:16 cait it's done with a script
07:16 cait it's part of the Koha files, but also published on the website
07:16 cait so it's in a lot of places after generation
07:17 cait the 'origin' of the problem was the false text in bugzilla - at the top on the right
07:17 cait Text to go in the release notes:
07:17 cait important woudl be that the pref description is correct
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07:30 _fraktik OK, thx. If I may, this change is not described correctly in manual everywhere yet, I think:[…]ingtoshelvingcart
07:30 _fraktik[…]ingtoshelvingcart
07:32 _fraktik + would expect, that upgrade of koha would a) make some automatic basic transformation between InProcessingToShelvingCart, & ReturnToShelvingCart >> updateitemlocationoncheckin
07:33 _fraktik b) offer some interface for semi-automatic transposition
07:34 _fraktik c) at least informed admin about those prefs. getting obsolete (I am new local admin for our library and I do not have a clue what and how it was configured before...)
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07:41 cait hm i think there was an update i tested that should make it work like your prefs did before
07:41 cait i hope i didn't miss anything there
07:41 cait the diea was 'unchanged behaviour' - this is always what we strive for
07:42 cait for the manual - you can file a documentation bug too - the manual team will try to get to it. or if you woudl like to you could do a merge request for the manual yourself.
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07:50 davidnind[m] _fraktik: a change was made yesterday to the manual yesterday for that bug, I'll double check it to make sure nothing was missed and reflects the updated release note ([…]locationoncheckin)
07:50 _fraktik will try to do it (not know what merge req. exactly mean yet, but i will learn) eventually . But for now I am more concerned with 2 weeks worth of books, which are both "in processing" AND in circulation. This "unchanged behaviour" did not worked in our case, obviously. :-(
07:50 davidnind[m] hi cait!
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07:51 cait hi davidnind[m] :)
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07:52 cait _fraktik: sorry to hear that :(
07:52 cait you could file a bug report maybe? we might be able to fix the update process or at least improve it to avoid the problem for others
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07:56 _fraktik I will, just do not know what to fill there exactly - is there some config export script (or gui)? Or some default archive of configs (so I could report my old/new config)?
07:56 cait hm
07:56 cait oh i got an idea
07:57 cait to find out your previous settings
07:57 cait if you haven't taken measures to delete it - it shoudl all be stored in your action_log table
07:57 cait everytime you set a pref int he gui it's logged
07:57 cait so that shoudl show what it was before
07:58 cait try something like: select * from action_log where info like "prefname%"
07:58 cait action_logs (with s)
07:59 _fraktik BTW: Hello Katherine, Hi David - let me introduce myself properly - I am replacement for Josef Moravec in Municipal Library Ústí nad Orlicí (CZ) - he went up in the chain to the bigger library and I was left here to fight my way trough those 3 local installations with cca 15 libraries (instances).
08:02 _fraktik ... so I imagine I will be bothering you quite often (I am no programmer or developer myself, so I can help just with reporting, questions or testing - later on, now I am still quite bussy when I am trying to get to know whole ecosystem and same time process couple last libraries to the koha).
08:03 cait welcome then :)
08:03 cait i was wondering about your umlaut
08:03 davidnind[m] hi _fraktik and welcome! Sounds like you have your hands full
08:03 cait do you know if Josef will be gone from Koha? He always was a gem on my QA team
08:04 cait just Katrin btw (much shorter)
08:07 _fraktik Yep, I expected that. I am born and raised in Czech Rep., but my german.... Ich habe Abitur in Deutsche sprache, aber ich sprache nicht... It was my main language in school (9y of GE in total) - but never properly used (and never much liked). So even when I lived in GE for a half a year and somebody spoke to me in german, I formulated answers in english and then tryed to "translate" them to the german...
08:07 cait i will spare you then :)
08:08 _fraktik Nope, Josef (Pepa - shorter) will be now invested even more in Koha and it's developement (at least I hope) - he is working on semi-national level now (and left 'county-level
08:08 _fraktik ' to me.
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08:14 cait _fraktik: glad to hear :)
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08:14 cait hi kohaputti - i was expecting more beginner level patches - looked like you had fun diving into the deep end
08:15 cait with rest api etc.
08:15 cait :)
08:15 kohaputti cait, oh yes, we had only couple new interested koha developers there
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08:49 fraktik_ select * from action_logs where module not in ("CRONJOBS", "CIRCULATION", "FINES", "AUTHORITIES", "CATALOGUING", "HOLDS", "MEMBERS", "REPORTS", "SERIAL") AND (info like "%InProcessing%" OR info like "%Shelving%" OR info like "%ItemLocationOn%") limit 5000          gave me just 2 lines (from more then 2M) without any usable info
08:49 fraktik_ 4934372015-09-01 12:52:251SYSTEMPREFERENCEMODIFYNULLInProcessingToShelvingCart | NULL 4934382015-09-01 12:52:251SYSTEMPREFERENCEMODIFYNULLReturnToShelvingCart | NULL
08:49 fraktik_ https://koha-usti.knihovna-uo.[…]/tools/ did not gave me even that.
08:50 _fraktik but i found at knihovna-UO Koha@IP/usr/share/koha/bin/admin/koha-preferences skript which could be what i was looking for
09:00 fraktik_ Do I do something wrong? I logged with koha-shell INSTANCE, then i run: @koha:/usr/share/koha/bin/admin$ perl koha-preferences dump -o /root/usti_preferences_config.yaml
09:01 fraktik_ but i got: 4x The given value does not seem to be interpretable as a Boolean value at koha-preferences line 71. (71 is some boo_value evaluation) + Cannot write to /root/usti_preferences_config.yaml: Permission denied at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl5/5.24/YAML/ line 106.
09:04 fraktik_ I see - i am not root anymore - saved to tmp just fine - now i would need to get the same from 2w old backup for comparision - is it some standart way how to get it? (i remember, part of upgrade step-by-step were some backups, but i do not remember where I would find them)
09:06 cait sorry, not sure how it's set up for you
09:06 cait someone else might be able to hlep
09:06 cait if you changed the prefs with sql.. that woudl not show up in action logs
09:06 cait but actually it makes an entry when something is changed. so it looks like you might not have used it?
09:07 cait if you have in circulation and processing...  - could it be that we are lookign for an acq feature?
09:08 fraktik_ acq?
09:08 wahanui acq is currently far too slow to be usable, so we need something quickly.
09:08 cait there is also: cqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceived
09:08 cait AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceived
09:08 cait AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenReceiptIsCancelled
09:08 cait acquisitions
09:08 wahanui somebody said acquisitions was one area I hope to get us working together on
09:09 cait there is multiple ays item values can be influenced by workflwos
09:09 cait but compareing your backups sould shed more light
09:18 fraktik_ we do not use ordering module => all those 4 named by you are (and according to log everytime were) empty.
09:21 magnuse backups made by the debian packages will be in /var/spool/koha/<instance>/
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09:41 fraktik_ thx magnuse - thats what I was looking for - just forgot that in koha-conf.xml is very very basic setup and everything from GUI is actualy somewhere deep in db (where?)
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09:42 fraktik cait: so, funny thing - in one instance PROC:_PERM_ was used by sestem, in other 4 instances (including our own "main" library") not.  Those setups are in general quite (or should be) close. Created from same template....
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09:44 ashimema welcome fraktik :)
09:44 ashimema and woop, woop.. more josef time too.. win win
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09:58 fraktik thx - must go serve as librarian at front desk for an afternoon. will create bugs later on (another idea is: why this WARNING - No system preferences matched your search for: InProcessingToShelvingCart cant say something as OBSOLETE, now use XYZ instead.)
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10:07 vfernandes hi #koha
10:13 cait fraktik sounds like a good idea
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10:54 magnuse fraktik: system preferences are in the systempreferences table, other settings like circ rules have their own table(s)
10:58 ashimema @later tell davidnind Ere has addded the begginings of a chapter on SRU/Z39.50 with Elasticsearch to the wiki (https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]0_and_SRU_Server).. it would be great to have someone in the docs team look it over and perhaps port some of it to the manual where appropriate.
10:58 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
10:59 fraktik ha, finally back ONLINE! :-)
11:00 ashimema I poked them earlier.. how long was it down?
11:01 fraktik cait, do you know id of bug, where you tested the transition  between InProcessingToShelvingCart, & ReturnToShelvingCart >> updateitemlocationoncheckin ? So I can link to it?
11:01 cait it was the original one
11:01 cait you had it earlier, it was part of the whole bug
11:01 fraktik >> 05:38 _fraktik is down for some time?
11:02 cait if you look in for the bug number (big file) you should see what it was supposed to do
11:02 cait yeah same here
11:02 fraktik ok. thx (14576)
11:02 cait it's lots of patches, so maybe easier to look up in the file/git
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11:15 ashimema cait.. do you think you might get a change to take a quick look at bug 23849
11:15 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23849 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Update the list of sysprefs to share with Hea
11:15 ashimema it would be nice to get a process in place for keeping HEA in sync with koha releases
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11:24 * magnuse wonders if Bug 20340 makes Bug 22706 superfluous
11:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20340 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Failed QA , Ability to use authentication plugin
11:24 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22706 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, magnus, Signed Off , Add plugin hooks to enable Norwegian national patron database
11:31 magnuse no, it doesn't, at all :-)
11:32 ashimema ooh.. didn't realise 22706 was in the qa queue
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11:36 magnuse would be super awesome if someone could qa 22706, lacking support for the norwegian patron database is one of the things that are holding public libraries in norway back from using koha...
11:36 magnuse * one of the few things
11:36 * ashimema is on it
11:37 oleonard Hi all
11:37 magnuse the other is norwegian ill, but the groundwork for that is already in place
11:37 magnuse hiya oleonard
11:37 ashimema is the password plugin check stuff all that's missing for the norweigen stuff?
11:38 magnuse yeah, at least for the basic functionality
11:38 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U18 build #407: STILL UNSTABLE in 57 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U18/407/
11:38 ashimema interesting.. I thought there was much more than that.
11:38 magnuse we might want to have a search box introduced somewhere, but we can deal with that later
11:38 magnuse there is lots of code, but that can all go in a plugin
11:39 ashimema question then..
11:40 ashimema shouldn't the password validity be checked before the call to store in the member addition routine?
11:42 magnuse hm, is that not what it does? i'll have a look
11:42 ashimema ooh.. this bug highlights a bug in our addmember
11:43 magnuse the password checking is just a side effect, though. It struck me that a plugin at the points where the patrondb needs it could also be used to check passwords.
11:43 ashimema also.. for the 'set_password' method.. should the check_password plugin not respect the 'skip_validation' flag that can be passed?
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11:44 ashimema does the plugin that uses this already exist?
11:44 ashimema would be interseting to see your exact use case..
11:45 ashimema not important if it private though.. I'm not that worried
11:45 magnuse
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11:46 magnuse guess i have not published the NNPDB plugin yet
11:46 ashimema all good
11:46 magnuse yeah, i guess it should respect 'skip_validation'
11:47 ashimema this approach does raise some questions for me
11:47 ashimema skip_validation being one of them
11:47 ashimema also how plugins would be expected to interact with koha sysprefs
11:48 ashimema does having a check_password plugin hook around the existing password validation preferences (i.e. works alongside them) or does it replace them entirely.
11:48 ashimema that can be worked around with documentation no doubt
11:48 magnuse yup, good question
11:49 magnuse you think the plugin-block should be before "$self = $self->SUPER::store;" right? that does seem to make sense
11:49 ashimema you could also have hooked into 'Koha::AuthUtils::is_password_valid' as an alternative hook point
11:49 * ashimema ponders
11:50 ashimema yeah.. i think it should be before the store call.. i.e. fail out before attempting to add to the database.
11:50 magnuse dunno why i put it below...
11:50 ashimema it worries me we don't seem to check password strength on adding borrowers at all in this class.. it's only in the set_password routine
11:52 magnuse that might be why i did not go for is_password_valid
11:53 magnuse feels like password handling and checking might need a bit of a refactor, to only do things in one place, but that is beyond the scope of 22706, methinks...
11:56 ashimema agreed
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11:56 marcelr hi #koha
11:56 oleonard Hi marcelr
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11:57 marcelr hi #koha
11:57 oleonard Hi marcelr
11:57 marcelr hi oleonard
11:57 wahanui hi oleopard
11:57 marcelr ashimema_: around ?
11:58 ashimema hi
12:00 marcelr hi ashimema i am still submitting another comment about the failing tests / hang on a bit
12:00 marcelr imo does not depend on mariadb version or so
12:01 ashimema ta
12:02 marcelr ashimema: my conclusion now would be to remove the constraint at least for now
12:03 ashimema hmm..
12:03 ashimema though having it highlights that we have issues
12:04 marcelr afraid that we would be testing in production systems
12:04 ashimema I'd really like to get to the bottom of those issues if I can :(
12:04 ashimema as for the mixing in schema changes.. that must have happend during a rebase at some point.. I'll pull those out into their own commit
12:09 marcelr ashimema: what about moving the constraint to not allow both fields to be filled? so A is null OR B is null ?
12:09 marcelr but allow both to be null
12:09 ashimema I've FQA's 22706 for now magnuse.. those minor updates shouldn't be too honerous and I've flagged it as rel_19_11_candidate so it won't miss the boat.
12:09 magnuse ashimema++
12:10 ashimema :)
12:10 marcelr magnuse++ for being grateful for FQAs
12:10 magnuse working on a revised patch now
12:10 * ashimema ponders NULL or NULL
12:10 marcelr yeah or no contraint :)
12:11 marcelr constraint
12:11 marcelr constrained about constraints
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12:24 magnuse gah, lost the signed-off line
12:25 ashimema I can put that back for you
12:25 ashimema I trust it still works (and will test as the final part of QAing it)
12:26 magnuse i snuck it back in
12:26 ashimema OK.. i've got the big guns out marcelr.. I'm running the tests under perl with DBIC_TRACE set to max to try and spot where it's trying to add bad data
12:26 ashimema I'm sure it's just the tests and not errant code now
12:26 ashimema oh man that's allot of screen dumpage
12:29 marcelr i cant find bad examples in the regular code too although that does not prove anything ;)
12:30 marcelr only that i couldnt find them.. ;)
12:30 ashimema nailed it!
12:30 marcelr oh oh
12:30 ashimema it's the 'pay' method in Koha::Account
12:31 marcelr ok and some stuff in the tests
12:31 ashimema I think I dropped the accounttype falling back to a default of 'pay' if nothing was passed.
12:31 ashimema ?
12:32 marcelr the examples on the bug report i gave you
12:32 marcelr hope you read them :)
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12:34 oleonard I'm getting an error when trying to get a biblio via the api:  Can't locate MARC/Record/ in @INC (you may need to install the MARC::Record::MiJ module)
12:34 oleonard (on kohadevbox)
12:34 marcelr you need a new module oleonard
12:35 marcelr apt-get install libmarc-file-mij-perl
12:35 ashimema reading
12:35 oleonard Is it something that would have been installed automatically if this were a newer installation?
12:35 oleonard Or does this highlight an omission?
12:35 marcelr shouild probably be added to the repo still
12:36 marcelr but it is in the dependencies list
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12:40 * oleonard doesn't understand what the output of GET /api/v1/biblios/{biblio_id} is... for?
12:40 oleonard ["application\/json","application\/marcxml+xml",​"application\/marc-in-json","application\/marc"] ?
12:43 marcelr seeing the same oleonard now
12:43 marcelr bit strange
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12:50 oleonard Pity the poor librarian who has to understand why  OpacBrowser,  OpacBrowseResults, and  BrowseResultSelection are all completely unrelated
12:51 ashimema thanks for purservering marcelr.. I have a bunch of avenues to look into now.. found a new field of bugs in this highlighted
12:51 marcelr ok ashimema waiting for your resolving them :)
12:52 tcohen hi alll
12:52 marcelr hi tcohen
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12:52 tcohen ashimema sommuned me
12:52 marcelr tcohen: read some lines back about api biblios
12:52 ashimema in short.. a bunch of these tests use raw sql inserts
12:53 ashimema but there's also a few other little things to clean up
12:53 marcelr yeah without the regular calls
12:53 ashimema tcohen++
12:53 ashimema marcelr++
12:53 tcohen MiJ is in debian, we just don't pull it (yet, eyes on mirko)
12:53 oleonard Hi wizzyrea
12:53 oleonard Hi tcohen
12:53 marcelr tcohen: and yeah what about the empty results only the lines oleonard pasted
12:54 ashimema there's a few bugs in Mirko's queue :(
12:54 marcelr or todo points
12:54 cait has someone emailed him?
12:54 oleonard tcohen: the output of GET /api/v1/biblios/{biblio_id}
12:55 tcohen when you make a request, and don't specify the expected content-type
12:55 tcohen depending on the API design, you might have a fallback
12:55 tcohen OR get a 406
12:56 ashimema i have cait
12:56 ashimema he's been on a break
12:56 tcohen 406 -> Not acceptable
12:56 ashimema I 'think' he's back now.. but it still overly busy catching up on other things
12:56 tcohen[…]b/HTTP/Status/406
12:56 oleonard Ah that makes sense tcohen. So the content-type should be a param?
12:56 cait ashimema: ok, sounds like he is ok then :)
12:57 tcohen the RFC for 406
12:57 tcohen
12:57 marcelr tcohen++
12:57 tcohen states that a payload with the list of accept-able mime-types should be  returned
12:57 tcohen I could've chosen to default to application/json
12:58 tcohen but, well, I didn't :-D
12:59 tcohen application/json will return biblios+biblioitems (with attribute names adapted to our conventions)
13:01 oleonard tcohen: How do I compose the request with the content type?
13:03 tcohen
13:03 tcohen you mean with Jquery?
13:04 tcohen it is the 'accepts' header/setting
13:10 oleonard tcohen: Thanks, I see now that Postman was looking for the "Accept" header
13:11 oleonard tcohen: As far as I can tell there's not a way to pass multiple biblionumbers at once. Is that correct?
13:11 tcohen that's correct
13:12 tcohen we could do it as query params
13:12 tcohen we can implement that of course!
13:14 oleonard tcohen: I'm just tinkering for now.
13:14 * oleonard is getting into the API mindset
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13:15 oleonard Hi WendyMaq
13:15 WendyMaq Mornin'!
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13:25 caroline_crazycatlady good morning everyone!
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13:34 kidclamp does fines mode of 'test' do anything at all>
13:35 kidclamp https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=21633
13:35 huginn Bug 21633: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Did finesMode = test ever send email?
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13:36 oleonard kidclamp:[…]kFCyCWI/giphy.gif
13:38 cait kidclamp: i don't know, but it woudl be good to answer that very old question
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13:41 marcelr Your branch and 'bug23049/bug_23049_inv' have diverged, and have 29 and 53 different commits each, respectively.
13:41 marcelr ashimema_: hope that this is a rebase ;)
13:42 Marie-Luce joined #koha
13:46 inlibro joined #koha
13:49 marcelr ashimema_: you said something about sub pay; where do you change it ?
13:49 marcelr ashimema
13:49 wahanui ashimema is the benevolent dictator
13:50 * oleonard forces a smile and recites, "Yes ashimema is our leader and it is good!"
13:52 marcelr so good and asleep ;)
13:52 ashimema back at you marcelr
13:52 marcelr pp[s
13:52 ashimema yes.. it's a rebase
13:52 marcelr ^^
13:53 marcelr sub pay..
13:53 ashimema though I just also added the DBIC pulling out of the first commit and pushing on top as a final commit (forgot that till just now)
13:53 ashimema as for pay.. i was wrong.. it wasn't in pay at all.. i misread the line
13:53 marcelr ok good
13:53 ashimema it was still in tests as a Koha::Account::Line->new call
13:53 marcelr right
13:54 marcelr well you almost convince me. final look..
13:55 ashimema :)
13:55 cait marcelr is a tough qa person :P
13:55 marcelr qa disclaimer: i said almost ;)
13:55 cait i noticed that
13:55 ashimema it's good.. he caught stuff :)
13:57 ashimema I am still debating the > 0 thing in my head...
13:57 ashimema thinking of that in combination with the credit_types bug which follows this one..
13:58 marcelr yeah >=0 ??
13:58 ashimema at the moment I'm erring on >= 0 means it was once a debit.. as far as I can see so far it's really debit having been 'corrected to zero'.. not seeing cases of credits getting that treatment in the history
14:02 marcelr ashimema: one test only fails now; almost !
14:02 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 13937: (follow-up) Fix searching with UTF-8 characters. <[…]8778f8e0c685cc406>
14:04 ashimema i.e catching 0 and greater than 0 instead of just greater than and making them 'debits'
14:04 ashimema ooh.. one still fails..
14:05 marcelr ashimema: i think that >=0 might indeed be better to prevent problems with the constraint
14:05 ashimema grr
14:06 ashimema yeah.. it's taken me a while to dredge through the history to come up with that conclusion..
14:06 ashimema I was worried there might be other cases.. but in reality it seems there really shouldn't be.
14:06 ashimema as for the failing test.. I see.. interesting one
14:09 ashimema that's really odd..
14:09 ashimema it passes the test but still spits out the error to screen.
14:09 ashimema I thought throws_ok should catch that
14:09 calire left #koha
14:12 marcelr yeah was looking at the same thing
14:12 marcelr but the exception is correct
14:12 cait left #koha
14:12 ashimema indeed
14:14 marcelr just didnt like the stderr stuff
14:14 ashimema agreed..
14:14 ashimema wondering if I've seen this elsewhere now
14:15 ashimema the way I'm testing it looks the same as other cases where we're using try/catch/rethrow blocks
14:15 ashimema school run.. brb
14:20 khall joined #koha
14:23 cait joined #koha
14:24 tcohen marcelr, ashimema: we usually set PrintError = 0, but it stopped working and we don't know why
14:24 marcelr hmm
14:25 marcelr i am on the track now that it is a chain of exceptions somehow in a nested call of txn_do ..
14:26 marcelr $SIG{__WARN__} = sub {}; # FIXME: PrintError = 0 not working!
14:26 marcelr Patron.t
14:27 ashimema So the trick to give them doesnt work any more.. at least I'm not going mad
14:27 marcelr tcohen: i also suspect txn_do is our bad guy
14:28 ashimema At least the test passed.. even if it is a little noisy
14:28 marcelr ashimema: i guess you should concentrate on the other failing test
14:29 marcelr this one passes with noise we should get rid of somewhere else
14:29 tcohen sometimes it works:[…]oha/Object.t#L312
14:29 tcohen sometimes it doesn't and we do:[…]f89bd68c364848R80
14:30 tcohen marcelr: I also suspect txn_do
14:31 marcelr ashimema: i think that adding $schema->storage->dbh->{PrintError} = 0 in Koha/Account.t should work too
14:31 marcelr at least it did once..
14:32 ashimema Indeed.. well get back to it was soon as I've got the girls from school..
14:34 marcelr tcohen: open STDERR, '>', '/dev/null'; is indeed not the nicest way
14:36 tcohen if Jonathan opted for that option, I'm sure there's no way to avoid the noise, which we know will be thrown, and we already catch to throw our own exception
14:36 tcohen better approaches are welcome of course
14:38 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #934: SUCCESS in 34 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/934/
14:38 khall joined #koha
14:46 inlibro joined #koha
14:46 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #471: STILL UNSTABLE in 43 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/471/
14:57 marcelr htg
14:57 Joubu marcelr: we do not want to display expected output to stderr, so why we throw it away
15:02 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D10 build #39: STILL FAILING in 15 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D10/39/
15:08 reiveune bye
15:08 reiveune left #koha
15:11 cait koha... i don't get you
15:12 oleonard cait: I guess file a bug report?
15:12 cait if i would understand it
15:13 cait i am trying to see how a price is calculated in koha
15:13 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
15:13 wahanui Congratulations!
15:13 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U18 build #408: FIXED in 34 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U18/408/
15:13 cait so... if i have the list price excl tax... do i first substract the discount and then add the tax.. or
15:13 cait but no matter what i do, I don't get to waht koha says it shoudl be
15:13 ashimema acq prices are a mystery to all of us cait ;)
15:14 cait doesn't help me answer this support ticket
15:14 cait so my price exclusive tax is 61.90
15:14 cait discount 18 and tax 7
15:14 cait what is the replacement cost?
15:15 cait ah sorry, not replacement
15:15 ashimema can I call a friend?
15:15 cait although that is a mystery too... it's the same as the list price.. but we actually pay tax... so it should not be
15:15 cait i am not sure you have this joker anymore
15:16 cait it makes me want to cry
15:16 ashimema marcelr.. did you ever tell me what db you were running..
15:16 ashimema I'd love to be able to see these tests fail myself :(
15:17 ashimema but I can't seem to get koha to run on a recent enough version of mysql or mariadb
15:24 cait ... so invoice price is without tax... configured
15:24 cait but koha adds tax
15:24 cait that's fun.
15:25 cait ahsorry, got confused
15:26 cait l
15:26 cait hm actually
15:26 cait yeah, it doesn't make sense
15:26 cait if the invoice price is set to 'with tax'... should i knot enter it ... with taqx?
15:27 cait oh... it does... it substracts... this is too confuing, sorry all.
15:27 ashimema got it..
15:27 cait it's still way too confusing :(
15:27 * ashimema now has koha running under mariadb 10.2.27 inside koha-testing-docker
15:27 kidclamp the setting implies how you will enter prices, koha will calculate the one you didn't entee
15:27 ashimema acq is eye watering stuff cait
15:28 cait kidclamp: yeah i think i got it now
15:28 cait actuaqlly going to send the library an excel sheet
15:28 cait so she can look at the formulas
15:28 cait apart from the usual 1 cent problem it kind of makes sense
15:34 oleonard Joubu around?
15:36 cait but... took long to answer that one
15:36 cait if you set list price and invoice price to different settings things get really confusing
15:46 inlibro joined #koha
16:00 fridolin left #koha
16:16 alohalog` joined #koha
16:16 moo_ joined #koha
16:34 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23793: Unit tests <[…]2651cce89e35384ae>
16:34 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23793: Add an EmbedItems RecordProcessor filter for MARC::Record objects <[…]b7be996e1239efae3>
16:36 tcohen wooo
16:38 * oleonard likes tcohen's Halloween enthusiasm
16:40 tcohen :-D
16:40 tcohen also bug 23793 pushed
16:40 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23793 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Pushed to master , Add an EmbedItems RecordProcessor filter for MARC::Record objects
16:45 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D10 build #40: STILL FAILING in 10 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D10/40/
16:46 inlibro joined #koha
16:51 tcohen do we have a guideline (implict or not) for FK fields names?
16:51 tcohen borrowernumber vs. patron_id
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Make funds endpoint tests more robust <[…]7507271ad4c100bfd>
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Add mapping to Koha::Acquisition::Fund <[…]7d53cdda3b6d352a0>
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Add mapping to Koha::Acquisition::Bookseller <[…]fc57c1858e8f7a010>
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Add mapping to Koha::Item <[…]b98073d794dcd6c4e>
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Add mapping to Koha::Patron <[…]fa3efa2ed599a50c7>
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Add mapping to Koha::Library <[…]87a34803edc3aaf2d>
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Add mapping to Koha::Hold <[…]2871a67300b6c535d>
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Add mapping to Koha::Club::Holds <[…]a7da27cc5befd5a64>
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Add mapping to Koha::Checkout <[…]dec3c0ce02133907b>
17:04 huginn News from kohagit: Bug 23843: Add mapping to Koha::Account::Line <[…]a42431db7ebac49f7>
17:08 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #935: UNSTABLE in 34 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/935/
17:35 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D8 build #472: STILL UNSTABLE in 26 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D8/472/
17:38 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D10 build #41: STILL FAILING in 3 min 15 sec: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D10/41/
17:43 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U18 build #409: SUCCESS in 57 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U18/409/
17:47 inlibro joined #koha
18:10 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_D9 build #936: STILL UNSTABLE in 32 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_Master_D9/936/
18:19 caroline_crazycatlady I'm testing various parts of 19.05 and I noticed that if you partially pay a fine, you have to write the amount collected twice (once in "amount being paid" and a second time in "collected from patron") is that the intended behaviour? It seems like it's two steps where it could be just one
18:19 caroline_crazycatlady If you only write the amount in "collected from patron", it pays the whole thing
18:25 oleonard "Your branch and 'origin/master' have diverged, and have 3 and 2486 different commits each, respectively."
18:25 oleonard Don't hassle me git, I'm doing my best
18:33 chris_n` joined #koha
18:40 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U18 build #410: SUCCESS in 57 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U18/410/
18:47 inlibro joined #koha
18:53 khall joined #koha
19:05 khall_ joined #koha
19:06 corilynn_ yo, kidclamp, when you've got a minute can we discuss the discussion on bug 18823?
19:06 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18823 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, In Discussion , Advanced editor - Rancor - add ability to edit records in import batches
19:10 kidclamp Sure, what is up?
19:11 cait joined #koha
19:28 corilynn_ it works the way *I* expect it...
19:28 corilynn_ I hate to suggest that it's a feature that is off by default, but whatever to get it going through
19:29 corilynn_ we *really* NEED this feature
19:29 corilynn_ i really need this feature, or I'm stuck administering 16+ different instances of Koha
19:30 corilynn_ and while it would be enought to justify my existance, kidclamp, I'm not sure it'll make me a happy camper, eh?
19:31 corilynn_ I don't know the process for getting a feature out of "In Discussion"
19:34 andreashm joined #koha
19:44 kathryn joined #koha
19:44 kidclamp You can respond and switch it
19:45 kidclamp I don't think any of the issues were blockers
19:45 corilynn_ sweet, thx
19:45 kidclamp But usually one or two other opinions is a good step
19:46 corilynn_ ok.. I know cait (I think it was cait) had weighed in on it as well
19:47 corilynn_ "Katrin Fischer" from comment 89
19:47 inlibro joined #koha
19:52 kathryn morning :)
19:54 cait oh sorry, was not paying attention her
19:54 cait e
19:54 cait reading back
19:55 cait which bug? I think I missed the beginning of the discussion
19:56 cait corilynn_: that would be me :)
20:10 corilynn_ cait, do you mind weighting in again with bug 18823?
20:10 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=18823 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, In Discussion , Advanced editor - Rancor - add ability to edit records in import batches
20:11 corilynn_ there's some question over how the interface works with deduping.. I get now better how the "Koha" way works
20:14 cait tbh - i didn't quite understand the use case the first time i looked at that
20:14 cait and also got confused by the gui
20:14 cait not sure if it changed since?
20:14 cait i can try to weigh in until next week, but probably need to have a closer look
20:15 corilynn_ I admit the gui is confusing... but I didn't design it... i feel like no one did
20:16 corilynn_ you can't weigh in until next week, cait? is that what you are saying?
20:18 cait behind on my qa work... so trying not to promise anything
20:18 corilynn_ ok
20:18 cait for gui questions oleonard is also  agood person to ask
20:19 corilynn_ looks like he's out
20:20 cait hm yeah maybe a little late
20:20 cait i see it's in discussion now hm
20:20 cait corilynn_: not sure - maybe there is already a comment
20:21 cait but you mentioned earlier you need it not to have to take care of many instances
20:21 cait is that described on the bug somewhere? the use case?
20:22 corilynn_ no, but most cataloging interfaces have "active files"
20:22 corilynn_ places where you put records before they are ready for human consumption...
20:23 corilynn_ I recently discovered that the LibLime Koha has this feature as well
20:23 cait not going there to check
20:23 cait i think it might be different for us here
20:23 cait i haven't seen a system that does this efore
20:24 cait our workflows are probably quite different because of the union catalogs - we don't do catalouging in Koha
20:24 cait well, only a little bit
20:25 cait and things like fans and laptops
20:25 corilynn_ you catalog fans?
20:25 corilynn_ OCLC has this feature, as does ITS
20:26 cait we use niether :)
20:27 cait I am in Germany - in case you didn't know - so our infrastructure is different
20:27 caroline_crazycatlady I love how you ask "you catalog fans" as if it was a sports team or something
20:27 corilynn_ I mean, I'
20:28 corilynn_ ve never cataloged any... I can't remember the term... regalia?
20:28 cait summers have been hot.. they lend it to students
20:28 cait i think they put rfid stickers on too
20:28 cait locker keys
20:28 cait libraries can get quite creative
20:28 cait oh
20:28 cait anatomic models
20:29 corilynn_ cait, I *did* know you were in Germany... and I was there for a few weeks in the summer, it was HOT
20:29 corilynn_ and no A/C or barely any
20:29 corilynn_ just enough to cut the edge off...
20:29 cait yeah, we are ont big on ac
20:30 corilynn_ I'm from Alaska and live in New England (Connecticut), so I'm big on A/C
20:30 cait just trying to say, workflows are different. Always interested to learn and understand - so explanations help :)
20:30 cait for context
20:31 corilynn_ Anyway, i'm not sticky on the interface as long as we can save/edit the records into the import_batch
20:31 corilynn_ through the "Advanced Editor"
20:32 cait so you prepare batches before they are imported... right?
20:32 cait like a... draft area?
20:32 corilynn_ right
20:33 corilynn_ but we hack that system in other cataloging interfaces to seperate out the different client records
20:33 corilynn_ because we catalog for hire
20:34 corilynn_ and some clients want 5 subject headings, and some want 3 and some want "$vJuvenile fiction" and some want to have 650 1 for juvenile
20:34 cait interesting
20:36 cait ok, so you need a way to edit records organized in batches
20:36 cait create, edit, delete etc. from the batches
20:37 cait do you also need tomove records between batches or in and out of the catalog?
20:42 corilynn_ right
20:44 corilynn_ and... we need it soon
20:44 corilynn_ (ish)
20:47 inlibro joined #koha
20:49 wizzyrea hi
20:53 corilynn @later tell oleonard I'd like his input on the interface implimentation of Bug 18823
20:53 huginn corilynn: The operation succeeded.
20:53 corilynn I guess I did that right, for once
20:57 davidnind[m] corilynn++
21:02 davidnind[m] Any people around for the development meeting?
21:06 davidnind[m] #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 23 October 2019
21:06 huginn Meeting started Wed Oct 23 21:06:14 2019 UTC.  The chair is davidnind[m]. Information about MeetBot at
21:06 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
21:06 Topic for #koha is now  (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 23 October 2019)
21:06 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_23_october_2019'
21:06 davidnind[m] #info Agenda https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_23_October_2019
21:06 davidnind[m] #topic Introductions
21:06 Topic for #koha is now Introductions (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 23 October 2019)
21:07 thd joined #koha
21:07 davidnind[m] #info David Nind, Oamaru, New Zealand
21:07 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
21:08 hayley joined #koha
21:08 davidnind[m] I feel that it will be probably be a quick meeting...
21:09 thd Good, otherwise I have to leave early.
21:10 davidnind[m] cait or ashimema around? (it is probably late where they are...)
21:12 davidnind[m] I'll give it a few more minutes...
21:12 davidnind[m] hi thd
21:12 cait sorry, bit distracted
21:12 thd hello
21:12 wahanui niihau, thd
21:12 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
21:13 davidnind[m] no worries cait
21:13 cait ashimema_? ashimema?
21:14 davidnind[m] #chair cait
21:14 huginn Current chairs: cait davidnind[m]
21:14 davidnind[m] #topic Announcements
21:14 Topic for #koha is now Announcements (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 23 October 2019)
21:16 hayley #info Hayley, Catalyst IT, Wellington New Zealand (sorry bit late)
21:16 davidnind[m] Roles open for 20.05, to be decided at next General IRC meeting
21:16 davidnind[m] #info Roles open for 20.05 https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_19.11
21:16 cait :)
21:16 cait please sign up!
21:16 cait lots of roles still open
21:17 cait davidnind[m]: i tink you got the wrong link
21:17 cait i got excited for a second :)
21:17 davidnind[m] #info Roles open for 20.05 https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_20.05
21:17 cait yes, we definitely need more people
21:17 davidnind[m] I did, just corrected :)
21:18 davidnind[m] Will post to the general mailing list nudge people along? If so I'm happy to do that.
21:18 cait yesterday was a Koha hackfest in Finland - but don't know enough details for an #info
21:18 cait i tihnk it would be good
21:18 cait thx for offering!
21:19 davidnind[m] #Action davidnind to post to general mailing list for 20.05 roles
21:19 davidnind[m] #info Koha Hackfest held in Finland
21:20 cait hayley: also saw that applications for the academy have started again - when will it be?
21:20 davidnind[m] No release manager, so I guess we should just skip ahead to Updates from the QA team
21:21 hayley cait: 6th-17th January 2020 :)
21:21 cait #info Calayst's open source academy to take place from 6th-17th January 2020
21:21 cait moving on?
21:21 davidnind[m] yep
21:22 davidnind[m] #topic Updates from the QA team
21:22 Topic for #koha is now Updates from the QA team (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 23 October 2019)
21:23 cait oops that's me
21:23 cait since the hackfest in Marseille numbers in the queue have been a bit higher, hope to get them down soon
21:23 davidnind[m] don't think we have any release manager or maintainers present, so skipped ahead :)
21:23 cait there is a rel_19_11_candidate keyword used by the RM to prioritize
21:24 cait you can search for the bugs tagged in bugzilla using the advanced search
21:24 cait #info rel_19_11_candidate keyword in Bugzilla is used to prioritize
21:24 cait #info Freeze dates have been announced and added to the Koha calendar on the website
21:25 cait #link Koha calendar
21:25 cait #info First is feature slush (features must have passed QA) on 30th November
21:25 cait davidnind[m]: that's it from me I think
21:25 davidnind[m] thanks cait!
21:26 davidnind[m] #topic General development discussion
21:26 Topic for #koha is now General development discussion (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 23 October 2019)
21:26 davidnind[m] If there is anything to discuss...otherwise will change to next meeting
21:27 davidnind[m] #topic Set time for next meeting
21:27 Topic for #koha is now Set time for next meeting (Meeting topic: Development IRC meeting 23 October 2019)
21:27 cait 2 weeks?
21:28 davidnind[m] I think so
21:29 cait will you?
21:29 davidnind[m] 6 November 13:00 (normal time), unless daylight savings has kicked in for you
21:30 cait they will soon
21:30 cait but not sure what difference it makes
21:30 davidnind[m] will leave as normal time then for the moment
21:30 davidnind[m] #info Next meeting: 6 November 2019, 13:00 UTC
21:30 cait hould probably be ok in both directions
21:30 cait 11 am currently
21:31 davidnind[m] #endmeeting
21:31 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
21:31 huginn Meeting ended Wed Oct 23 21:31:05 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)
21:31 huginn Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community[…]-10-23-21.06.html
21:31 huginn Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community[…]9-10-23-21.06.txt
21:31 huginn Log:            http://meetings.koha-community[…]23-21.06.log.html
21:31 cait i might have miscalculated... but it will probably be still ok
21:31 cait have to go to sleep now :)
21:31 cait davidnind[m]++
21:31 cait good night all
21:32 davidnind[m] thanks everyone! (thd, cait, hayley)
21:32 hayley thanks davidnind[m] !
21:32 davidnind[m] thanks cait!
21:32 thd thanks all
21:32 hayley night cait :)
21:32 hayley left #koha
21:33 * thd must help the extra short people for a few hours before returning to Koha.
21:34 davidnind[m] good night cait!
21:47 inlibro joined #koha
21:48 khall joined #koha
22:27 wizzyrea do I know anyone here who has solved the problem of Koha's aggressive duplicate checking causing timeouts when biblios are saved?
22:27 wizzyrea for example, a record with a title, but no author or ISBN
22:28 wizzyrea takes ages to save when the duplicate checking is on
22:28 kathryn hi hi wizzyrea :) this rings a bell so I think you probably know someone :)
22:29 kathryn but you know me, it could be totally something else I'm thinking of...I'll do a lil search
22:30 kathryn wow we have a lot of tickets regarding duplicates...
22:35 kathryn no joy finding anything useful
22:47 inlibro joined #koha
23:29 bdonnahue joined #koha
23:44 matts joined #koha
23:48 inlibro joined #koha

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