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06:38 reiveune hello
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06:56 alex_a Bonjour
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07:24 * magnuse waves
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09:56 fridolin kidclamp: hi US
09:57 fridolin no Lucas aroud ?
09:57 fridolin big problem on Bug 23309 backprot
09:57 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23309 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to oldstable , Can't add new subfields to bibliographic frameworks in strict mode
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11:28 oleonard Hi all
11:30 ashimema Hi guys
11:30 ashimema oleonard.. remind me. what icon set we've been using for the staff client main page again?
11:30 ashimema I'm back onto trying to find a till icon for point of sale
11:31 oleonard I think they're all from
11:31 ashimema thats the one.. thanks
11:34 ashimema do we list the attribution somewhere for these.. just reading the terms to grab one now
11:34 ashimema and trying to work out how to impliment it.
11:34 ashimema thinking this one[…]egister&i=2191004
11:34 ashimema any hints welcome ;)
11:35 oleonard Attribution is on our about page
11:35 oleonard That icon looks like an angry robot
11:36 ashimema haha.. I hadn't noticed
11:37 oleonard I don't know anything about your development, but are you sure it belongs on the home page? Is it not a subset of circulation or patrons?
11:37 ashimema lol.. now you've put that in my head most of them look like angry robots
11:38 ashimema it's a point of sale system.. i.e. using Koha to sell stuff.. not nessesarily linked to patrons or circ
11:38 ashimema or anything else that I can think of.. feels like a top level module to me
11:38 oleonard I see
11:38 oleonard Selling library swag and coffee and whatnot
11:39 ashimema yup
11:39 ashimema if you fancied a 1 minute look you're more than welcome.. my dev server is all setup with it and is open
11:39 ashimema http://mrdev-zebra-staff.koha-[…]/koha/
11:40 magnuse well, hello there Mr. Dev! ;-)
11:40 ashimema lol
11:41 ashimema I'm aiming to demo it at hackfest
11:41 liliputech_asu hi ashimema what are the credential? test/test? :)
11:42 ashimema beware.. that server is full of chuff anonimized data whih gets nuked frequently as it's my random dev test system
11:43 ashimema bug 13985 is the collector bug for all that's applied there so far
11:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=13985 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, NEW , Cash Management - Koha as 'Point of Sale'
11:44 liliputech_asu ashimema: oh, ok :)
11:44 oleonard Looks pretty slick ashimema
11:46 oleonard ashimema: On the editable "quantity" table cell you might try making it <input type="number"> to add the little increment arrows
11:46 oleonard (in the "This sale" section)
11:46 liliputech_asu ashimema: means you'll be there @marseille for the hackfest then? :)
11:46 ashimema yup
11:46 liliputech_asu (obviously, yes) \o/
11:46 ashimema oh,, good idea
11:46 ashimema :)
11:47 liliputech_asu can't wait to be there as well ;)
11:47 oleonard (´;︵;`)
11:47 liliputech_asu oleonard: can't be there? :/
11:48 oleonard Not this year... saving up for KohaCon 2020
11:49 ashimema I particularly like the side effect of adding a refined refund workflow which wasn't intended but ended up happening as part of resolving feedback from the sponsors
11:49 ashimema that still needs a little refinement but is a really nice feature
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11:50 liliputech_asu oleonard: :) hope I'll be able to go there, but from france it's litterally the opposite side of the planet (I may start digging a hole actually...)
11:51 oleonard The only people who get to "casually" go to KohaCon 2020 will be Australians and New Zealanders, so it will require a lot of tunneling
11:52 * oleonard wonders if it's simple hop from the Philippines
11:54 liliputech_asu ashimema: on the cash_register page I don't get what are the different columns, the namings are a bit ackward (default? initial float?)
11:54 ashimema I need to write proper documentation still..
11:55 liliputech_asu ashimema: I like the way to create the list of available items for sale with authorized values
11:55 ashimema Initial float is the amount of money a till should have in it at the start of every day.. i.e so you can give change
11:56 oleonard I've never heard that term before... but I've never worked in retail
11:56 ashimema Default is a per branch setting.. you get given a list of tills to assign transactions from in paycollect and the point of sale page.. making a till the default just means it's the option that initially selected for any transaction
11:57 * ashimema doesn't like that workflow much.. I have other ideas but the customer wanted it this way.. I wanted to link it to the user..
11:57 ashimema do you use a different term oleonard
11:57 liliputech_asu that's been my guess... never worked in retail either but I thought that kind of "value" would be defined by the agent at the beginning of each day or shift
11:57 ashimema float is pretty much the norm here
11:58 liliputech_asu liliputech_asu: ok :)
11:58 ashimema the workflow here is that at the end of each day you perform a 'cashup'.. where you take all the money bar the float out of the till to put in the bank
11:58 ashimema but you leave the float there
11:58 liliputech_asu ashimema: yup, good security
11:58 * ashimema also thought it made sense to record a float added each day but apparently that's not how they usually work
11:59 ashimema I'd be happy to do it as an enhancement though..
11:59 liliputech_asu meh... works very fine that way :)
12:04 ashimema the spec was refined by 6 customers with different requirement to start with.. so it's been refined a fair bit.. and has been in use for nearly two years in various forms
12:04 ashimema so.. hopefully it's half decent and will work for most with minor enhancements required over time as we learn more about verious use cases
12:12 oleonard ashimema: The other thing about the icons... There is a sprite in SVG format which you'll have to modify and export to png format. I'd be happy to help with that if you need it
12:13 ashimema Yeah, I can't remember how that works at all so was going to seek your help 😁
12:13 ashimema But first.. lunch time 😋
12:14 * oleonard from six hours in the past says coffee time
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12:30 * magnuse says almost dinnertime
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12:47 oleonard Hi cait
12:47 cait hi oleonard
12:48 fridolin kidclamp: yo, no Lucas aroud ?
12:48 fridolin big problem on Bug 23309 backport, must be seen before release
12:48 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23309 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to oldstable , Can't add new subfields to bibliographic frameworks in strict mode
12:56 * ashimema is back
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13:04 * cait waves :)
13:04 cait fridolin: seen?
13:08 oleonard fridolin: Possibly occupied with koha-us conference?
13:11 fridolin ok I mail
13:12 ashimema any tips of getting the green copy of the icon oleonard..
13:12 ashimema seems I'd need to sign up to a pro subscript to download a green version to match out green
13:13 oleonard Get the svg, edit in inkscape
13:15 * ashimema is feeling dumb..
13:15 ashimema I use graphics tools so infrequently these days..
13:17 oleonard Send me the svg file
13:25 ashimema http://mrdev-zebra-staff.koha-[…]gister_797518.svg
13:25 * ashimema brain is slow today.. trying to multi-task whilst in company meeting :)
13:25 ashimema thanks oleonard
13:26 * ashimema hopes that still clear and less of an angry robot :P
13:27 ashimema whilst I tihnk about it.. now we use nice columns in the about page.. do you think we could do similar for these bug buttons on the main page.. wondering if that would improve the look when verious different permissions are enabled.. keeping it more even more often
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13:29 magnuse have fun #koha!
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14:24 oleonard ashimema: See if this works for you[…]-SVG-sprite.patch
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15:36 lisetteslatah oleonard we don't have much to talk about for koha-us development meeting today and Todd forgot we were meeting in person and zooming with you.
15:36 oleonard Oh yeah me too :D
15:37 lisetteslatah That is fine. We are training people to do sandboxes for signoffs here!
15:37 oleonard Excellent
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16:36 reiveune bye
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