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06:08 liliputech_asu welcome back fridolin :)
06:08 fridolin yoooooo
06:08 fridolin thanks liliputech_asu ;)
06:08 fridolin I'm a little bit rusty
06:09 liliputech_asu u'r welcome! that's why vacation are for ;) hope you had good time :)
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06:36 marcelr hi #koha
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06:45 * magnuse waves
06:45 * cait waves
06:45 marcelr o/
06:45 cait on trains today and on Thursday, training a library in between
06:46 cait and not sure I will get the QA email out before I got to leave.... maybe later today
06:47 marcelr no worries :)
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06:48 cait just shouting into the room, bit frenzy with packing :)
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06:51 cait bye all
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07:02 alex_a bonjour
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08:55 janPasi certificate has expired on saturday
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09:41 fridolin ld
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11:20 oleonard Hi #koha
11:31 kidclamp hi oleonard
11:31 wahanui hi oleopard
11:32 oleonard Hi kidclamp. Is it back-to-school time for you?
11:32 kidclamp Tomorrow
11:32 wahanui i think Tomorrow is the hard part - serials and acq
11:33 kidclamp we had an end of summer party last night, the kid gets to enjoy his last sleep in today
11:33 * oleonard feels for the poor guy
11:33 oleonard This is my kids' third day back
11:34 kidclamp how are they taking it?
11:35 oleonard Pretty well. My son started middle school, so that was anxiety-provoking. But so far so good
11:39 kidclamp the most awkward of school
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11:58 oleonard vagrant status "gurumeditation" :|
12:02 skimsk hi all! im having problems removing a hold on a book. when i click the red x on the books details page to cancel the hold and 'OK' to confirm the cancellation, it drops me to error page saying 'Software error: Duplicate ID'.
12:02 skimsk in 'intranet-error.log' i found a line like this:
12:02 skimsk [cgi:error] ... DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY' [for Statement "INSERT INTO `old_reserves` ...
12:02 skimsk dont know if its related to this, but after the hold was placed, i dist-updated from 18.05 to 19.05 and kept my old 'koha-sites.conf'.
12:03 skimsk can someone give me any advice how to get this working?
12:06 oleonard skimsk: If you go to About -> System information, do you see any warnings there?
12:09 skimsk oleonard: actually  there seems to be this: The following ids exist in both tables reserves and old_reserves: 1, 2, 3
12:09 skimsk should i remove them manually using mysql from command line?
12:11 oleonard In short, yes. Here's more: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]uto_increment_fix
12:12 skimsk i did this once for books, not for holds. it was long time ago, but i expect it to go as smooth as last time. thanks for pointing me to right direction!
12:13 skimsk i report back once i had tried it! :)
12:18 magnuse that problem has nothing to do with the upgrade
12:23 oleonard magnuse: Is that important to know when looking for a solution?
12:25 magnuse nah, just saying
12:26 magnuse well, and indirectly it kind of has. the autoincrement problem occurs when mysql is restarted, and it was probably restarted because of the upgrade?
12:26 oleonard Anyone around who wants to give an opinion about my last comment on Bug 23501?
12:29 magnuse oops, cert on bugzilla expired
12:42 oleonard makes git bz problematic to say the least
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13:28 skimsk oujeah!! i got the holds system working! just deleted the conflicting entries from old_reserves table like oleonards link suggested
13:29 skimsk thanks for help with that! also thanks for verifying that the problem was not with the old configs and update
13:29 skimsk you are the best! :)
13:35 oleonard Glad to hear it working skimsk
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13:41 tcohen morning
13:41 tcohen magnuse: any clues on how to fix the thumbnails problem?
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14:05 skimsk hmm.. now i noticed that my problem didnt quite vanish yet.. there is still two entries in holds queue, that i cant find from reserves or old_reserves. these dont show as reserved in the items details page or anywhere in gui where i could delete them... :/
14:06 skimsk there is no warnings in system information tab
14:06 cait holds queue gets regernated every hour
14:06 cait by a cronjob
14:06 skimsk aah.. oke that explains, thanks again!!
14:06 cait well every hour by default if you haven't changed it
14:07 cait so it might still have the data in its temporary tables - in theory that shoudl clear up by itself
14:07 skimsk ok. i'll wait. thanks
14:11 oleonard Hi cait
14:11 cait hi oleonard :)
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14:38 wizzyrea gmaharlt, about?
14:38 talljoy or gmcharlt?
14:38 wahanui i heard gmcharlt was usually lurking much earlier.. hense ashimema's pointing him out
14:38 gmcharlt talljoy: what's up?
14:39 talljoy Wizzyrea has a question re security cert
14:39 talljoy
14:40 wizzyrea yes I do :)
14:40 wizzyrea do you have access there looks like letsencrypt didnt renew
14:41 gmcharlt I do; taking a look now
14:41 wizzyrea gmcharlt++
14:41 wizzyrea oarsome thank you
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14:45 oleonard <emoji src="🚣‍♀️" alt="Woman Rowing Boat" />
14:47 gmcharlt wizzyrea: talljoy: I've updated the certs for bugs.*, splitter.*, and dashboard.*
14:48 oleonard Splitter is working again??
14:49 gmcharlt oleonard: dunno about fully working, but the website is at least up
14:49 oleonard :)
14:53 wizzyrea gmcharlt++ thank you ever so much
14:53 talljoy Thanks!
14:56 tcohen gmcharlt++
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15:39 oleonard Anyone around who wants to give an opinion about my last comment on Bug 23501?
15:39 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23501 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, ASSIGNED , Drag-and-drop hold reordering in the staff client
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15:57 wizzyrea oleonard, what about something like the sysprefs have
15:57 wizzyrea (modified)
15:57 wizzyrea to remind you to save
15:57 wizzyrea the wording would be the same as the sysprefs if you tried to navigate away, people will get that
15:58 oleonard I don't think that would work visually inside the table...
15:58 oleonard (I'm also hung up on the fact that technically more than one hold has probably changed priority, but that's pedantic I guess)
16:08 oleonard wizzyrea: This is where I'm at right now:[…]?p=15668356947248
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17:52 kidclamp could you use the API to update the hold immediately oleonard ?
17:52 kidclamp then you wouldn't need the text
17:53 kidclamp http://localhost:8081/api/v1/.[…]t-holds--hold_id-
17:53 oleonard I did some tests of that over the weekend and it was promising
17:53 oleonard Then I got distracted playing around with DataTables' rowReorder plugin, but that hit a dead end
17:53 oleonard (currently using jQueryUI's Sortable)
17:53 kidclamp that being said, I think the text is fine the way it is
17:54 * kidclamp would buy you a beer forjsut getting thwe drag and drop working, using the API upgrades you to a scorpion bowl
17:55 * oleonard does love himself a bowl full of scorpions
18:00 oleonard kidclamp: Do you happen to know if you can delete a hold through the API the same way?
18:01 kidclamp http://localhost:8081/api/v1/.[…]e-holds--hold_id-
18:01 kidclamp it should be possible
18:02 kidclamp that's on master
18:02 oleonard I can't seem to get that link working in my system
18:04 kidclamp kohadevbox? or testing docker?
18:04 oleonard devbox
18:04 kidclamp I wonder if some config files need updating
18:04 * kidclamp summons tcohen
18:05 * oleonard has probably been through this before...
18:05 * kidclamp runs away for now :-)
18:06 tcohen hi kidclamp
18:07 tcohen oleonard: DELETE /api/v1/holds/{hold_id}
18:07 tcohen oleonard: point your browser to http://localhost:8081/api/v1/.html
18:09 oleonard Sorry I'm pretty sure I've asked you all this before.
18:09 oleonard "client denied by server configuration: /usr/share/koha/api/v1/.html"
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18:15 tcohen is plack enabled?
18:15 tcohen that's weird!
18:15 tcohen use the same FQDN you usually use?
18:17 oleonard For the staff client, yes
18:18 oleonard plack is enabled
18:25 oleonard It works on our production system (18.11.08) so I can look there tcohen
18:25 tcohen awesome!
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