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07:07 Frank_P morning everyone =)
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07:29 Frank_P Morning #koha - Im install koha 18.11.05 on debian 9.9.0 (stretch). I have set up my library db and created my domain, however when trying to access the domain it is redirecting me to completely the wrong site.
07:30 Frank_P my library is "csx" and my domain name is "" ( is for south africa) when accessing it redirects me to an internet provider??
07:32 Frank_P sorry
07:32 ashimema So, do you own
07:32 ashimema The domain name
07:33 ashimema You need a DNS server out there in the big wide world to translate the DNS name to the IP address for your server
07:35 ashimema If you don't want to buy the domain name then you could use a free dynamic DNS provider like or something and have an address like and
07:36 ashimema For demo purposes that would be perfectly reasonable I would think
07:36 Frank_P i dont own nope, i thought i could select any domain as long as its not in use. and i have no idea why afrihost (the website it redirects to) would own that domain. During the installing i saw that there was 2 ways to set up the domain, but i could only see the setup for "small networks" and i couldnt see the setup for DNS
07:36 Frank_P https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ain_name_for_Koha
07:36 ashimema Hope that helps Frank_P
07:37 Frank_P oh wait, i do own a domain though
07:37 Frank_P but im using it for a website
07:37 Frank_P could i use that?
07:40 ashimema You should be able to yes
07:41 ashimema So long as you can access the DNS controls for that domain
07:41 ashimema You want to add cname records for the two subdomains you want to register for koha
07:42 ashimema I.e. if you own you'll want to add and records to map to you Koha servers up address
07:43 ashimema DNS isn't too complicated once you wrap your head around it
07:43 Frank_P im not sure if i have access to the DNS, i have access to cPanel for the domain, in order to install plugins like wordpress etc. but this sounds quite complicated... so i may just use the free one that you linked above for now
07:43 ashimema As for why some isp own it.. isp's often pre-register loads of domains to sell on to you
07:44 Frank_P lol decision decisions... tough one. let me login to my domain and see what i have access to
07:44 ashimema Cpanel has a DNS module if I remember corrrectly
07:46 ashimema[…]cords-via-cpanel/ looks like a promising guide for cpanel dns managrment
07:46 ashimema Sorry I can't be of much more help there.. it's years since I've used cpanel I'm afraid..
07:47 ashimema Though an X Koha dev (still a lurker here) worked for cpanel for a fair while after she left us.
07:49 ashimema A quick scan of that article makes me think I mislead you on cname.. I think it'll be an 'A record' you'll need to creat for each subdomain.
07:49 ashimema Good luck
07:50 Frank_P thank you soooo much for your help. Im on the phone to my IT guy who helps me with my site. Ill let you know how it goes
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08:37 Frank_P ashimema: hey, so i managed to set the two sub domains. and i can access "" but i cannot access "" although the same process was applied to both
08:39 ashimema So, that sounds like an issue back on the Koha server end now..
08:39 ashimema First place I'd check is the Apache vhost definitions under /etc/Apache/site-enabled
08:40 ashimema There should be a conf file in there for your site.. it'll contain two directives.  One for staff one for opac
08:41 ashimema Check the servername for the staff one matches the name you gave it on the DNS system.
08:41 ashimema If it doesn't, make it match and then restart apache
08:41 ashimema I'm about to dissapear for the rest of the weekend I'm afraid, last day with the kids before being away for kohacon for a week
08:42 ashimema I'll be online tomorrow no doubt though.. glad to see your getting closer and closer though now. Well done for hanging on in there
08:42 Frank_P thank ou. before you go though
08:42 ashimema Fire away
08:42 Frank_P that file youy mentioned is empty
08:43 Frank_P no text
08:43 ashimema Huh.. what
08:43 ashimema The directory /etc/apache
08:43 Frank_P sudo nano /etc/Apache/site-enabled - Directory does not existy
08:43 ashimema Sites
08:44 ashimema And I think it's Apache but it might be apache2
08:44 ashimema Not at my pc right now to check I'm afraid
08:45 Frank_P the whole directory doesnt exit "[Directory '/etc/Apache' does not exist]
08:45 Frank_P >.<
08:45 Frank_P lol ill spend some more time on this. dont worry go enjoy your day with the kids =)
08:45 ashimema If your seeing the opac it must exist somewhere
08:46 ashimema 'cd /etc/ap' then hit the tab key . That should then cycle through options that are available there with an autocompletion
09:27 Frank_P Hi all, I have installed and setup a Koha server, and i have successfully connected it to a domain, however how do i access the web installer? when i load the page it takes me to a page titles "Apache2 Debian Default Page" and says  Apache server was installed correctly, but I was expecting to see the Koha web installer
10:21 ashimema 'sudo a2dissite default' followed by 'sudo service apache2 restart' should do the trick
10:21 * ashimema goes back to kids
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10:36 Frank_P thanks ashimema, i did that and then i got to the "System Maintenance The Koha online catalog is offline for system maintenance. " page. Now ive installed lynx which isnt in the Debian guide
10:38 ashimema not sure why you installed Lynx?
10:38 ashimema so the 'system maintanence' page comes up on the OPAC when you need to do a db update (or follow the online installed) in the staff client
10:39 ashimema just head to the staff client URL in any browser and login using the mysql username and password
10:39 ashimema I believe in your case
10:39 Frank_P I searched for my error and came across this: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]#Web_Installation
10:40 Frank_P yes I did what you said as above but i still get "System Maintenance The Koha online catalog is offline for system maintenance. We'll be back soon! If you have any questions, please contact the site administrator"
10:40 Frank_P lynx also didnt work unfortunately
10:40 ashimema feels like you're still not hitting the staff client then..
10:41 Frank_P well when i did the original setup, i used the wrong domain - could there be residual files referring to that that i havent changed?
10:41 Frank_P i checked in /etc/hosts ive checked in /ports.conf
10:42 ashimema could well be
10:42 ashimema `/etc/apache/sites-enabled/koha-instance_name.conf would be where
10:44 Frank_P ahh, my apache folder is apache2:   /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
10:47 Frank_P strange
10:48 Frank_P /etc/apache3/sites-enabled/koha-instance_name.conf says that would be a new file (no text yet) rofl... i dont know how i could have messed this up... installation was smooth until trying to access the web installer
10:48 Frank_P sorry apache2*
10:48 ashimema apache2
10:49 Frank_P yea it says the directory exists but no koha-instance_name.conf
10:49 Frank_P i also tried koha-instance_csx.conf
10:49 Frank_P not sure if "name" was a reference
10:50 ashimema see what file are listed in the directory
10:50 ashimema `ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled`
10:50 ashimema `instance_name` was meant to be replaced by you by what you called your koha instance ;)
10:52 Frank_P may i ask a favor. I may have confused an instruction on the /etc/hosts list - i have tried various different interpretartions but none have worked. but it could still be my error. Can you explain exactly what lines I should have. Ill explain quikcly
10:53 Frank_P one first load of /etc/hosts I had: 1) localhost 2) CSX.
10:54 Frank_P Instruction said after "local host" input 2) server IP, name of your server
10:55 ashimema your average /etc/hosts file need only contain
10:55 ashimema       localhost.localdomain   localhost
10:55 Frank_P but the example was different from my default so i think i took out the wrong line
10:55 ashimema nothing else.. as you're using DNS you don't want/need to have anything extra listed within hosts
10:56 ashimema so.. very quick lesson in name resolution
10:56 ashimema when you head to in a browser (or anything else for that matter).. you're computer will first look at `/etc/hosts` to see if there's an entry for it.. and if there is it will use that.. next it will go out to the internet and ask a DNS server for what the name should resolve to
10:57 ashimema so.. if you have stuff in hosts it will overrule a public DNS entry
10:57 Frank_P understood
10:57 ashimema hense the 'just stick to the bear minimum in /etc/hosts' advie
10:57 ashimema :)
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10:58 Frank_P okay, almost there. in reference to these instructions: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ain_name_for_Koha
10:58 Frank_P  # The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts ::1     ip6-localhost ip6-loopback fe00::0 ip6-localnet ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix ff02::1 ip6-allnodes ff02::2 ip6-allrouters
10:59 Frank_P the bottom following lines i added in: fe00::0 ip6-localnet ff00::0 ip6-mcastprefix they were not there by default - should i remove them
10:59 Frank_P and
11:00 ashimema yeah.. debian will have setup any ipv6 stuff correctly at install time if you have ipv6
11:00 ashimema if it's missing it means debian probed for an ipv6 address at install and didn't get assigned on by your local network
11:00 ashimema all good
11:01 Frank_P it said after localhost i should add ""
11:01 Frank_P but thats for small mnetworks not DNS correct?
11:01 ashimema I wouldn't bother personally
11:01 Frank_P so i can remove those lines now?
11:02 Frank_P lastly, you said mine should have 1 line saying " localhost.localdomain   localhost"    - but in the guide never said to change "localhost line"
11:02 ashimema either remove it or replace with
11:03 ashimema is an internal address
11:03 Frank_P yeah mine is
11:03 ashimema well.. leave the localhost line that you have in there
11:03 ashimema I wasn't sure whether you'd replaced it so I gave what my systems get by default
11:04 ashimema try doing a `sudo ifconfig` and seeing what you're external ip address is
11:04 ashimema the one you'll have used when adding the DNS rules?
11:04 ashimema that's the address you need if you want the second line
11:05 ashimema your.external.ip.address
11:05 Frank_P interesting part on that: mine doesnt tsay eth0 or wLan like the guide
11:05 Frank_P mine says enp0s3:
11:06 Frank_P um so you have 1)
11:06 Frank_P amd 2)
11:06 Frank_P i used the 2nd one
11:10 ashimema `curl` should give you the external address
11:12 Frank_P curl:command not found]\
11:13 ashimema wow.. you don't have curl installed.. i thought that was always installed these days.
11:15 Frank_P when running `ls /etc/apache2/sites-enabled` i get [csx.conf] which is correct
11:17 Frank_P [First place I'd check is the Apache vhost definitions under /etc/Apache/site-enabled] cant find anything here. gonna try the cycle with tab as you mentioned
11:18 Frank_P ive tried /etc/apache/site-enabled
11:18 Frank_P ive tried /etc/apache/sites-enabled
11:18 Frank_P ive tried /etc/apache2/site-enabled
11:18 Frank_P ive tried /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
11:19 Frank_P nice!!! i found it and theres wrong info =D haha let me change it and see if it works
11:20 Frank_P virtual host is supposed to be 80 or 8080? and where does 8081 come in? As i havent seen that port listed anywhere
11:25 Frank_P It working!!! =D thank you ashimema. I am in the web installer
11:25 ashimema Well done
11:38 Frank_P i owe you. KohaCon 2020. I goto meet you =P
11:46 ashimema Haha, I'll hold you to that 😉
11:47 ashimema New Zealand next year
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12:15 gk Ubuntu 18.04; Koha 18.05.1 using debian packages; Circulation Rules defined;  Item types marked; manually run; but no update of fines accrured as per circulation policy
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