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10:49 cait @wunder Konstanz
10:49 huginn cait: Konstanz, Germany :: Overcast :: 40F/4C | Wind Chill: 32F/0C | Sunday: Considerable cloudiness with occasional rain showers. High 41F. Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 50%. Sunday Night: Cloudy. Low 38F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph.
11:42 cait hola tcohen
12:08 ashimema Mmm, rosehip wine making day.. my house smells amazing
12:08 ashimema Hi cait
12:10 cait hi ashimema :)
12:10 cait what's pu today
12:10 cait you all here to do qa too? ;)
12:10 cait rosehip wine sounds amazing
12:10 cait can we try in Dublin?
12:11 ashimema Haha, nah, I just thought I'd check in.. might do one or two QA whilst Millie enjoys a sit down after all her hard work on the wine
12:11 ashimema Unfortunately, rosehip wine takes at least a year, I'd not 2 to mature
12:12 ashimema Could bring some blackberry and sloe perhaps though
12:12 cait ok :)
12:13 cait I've never had any of those, so I accept
12:15 ashimema You should come for a Beaujolais Nouveau evening next year.. it's been a good year for making this year 😉.. Plum, Blackberry, Rosehip, Apple, Pear, Hedgrow
12:15 ashimema Pineapple and Peach too
12:15 ashimema Hehe
12:15 ashimema Make it a weekend of course, family would love to meet you cait
12:16 cait :)
12:17 cait hedgerow?
12:17 cait i looked it up, but none the wiser
12:18 * ashimema just realised how much of a drunk that makes him sound... Oops
12:18 cait lol
12:18 cait more makes you sound liek someone who loves to make things
12:20 ashimema Hedgerow just means any fruits that come from hedges.  All mixed together... So in our case.. blackberry, raspberry, sloe, hawes (from hawthawn), damson
12:21 ashimema Thanks for the OPUS correction
12:21 ashimema Was about to put patches on the history fix big too and wanted rangi to give that the once over for me too.. would be interesting to get the first five committers on there too
12:21 cait np, easy for me
12:22 ashimema They're all under rangi in git
12:22 cait c... d alene had a koha confernce and people from gothenburg i met last week :)
12:26 cait did you submit changes to history yet?
12:30 ashimema Not yet..
12:30 ashimema Wanted to split them into a few commits to make it clear how I arrived at the new list
12:30 ashimema I fixed whitespace issues and ordering at the same time
12:31 cait be careful
12:31 cait i thnk it expects a tab
12:31 cait or simiar... to work on the website
12:32 cait i forget what it was, just that we broke it a few times
12:33 cait but i think the website has an outdated one anway
12:33 cait not sure where it points to
12:34 cait
12:34 cait not too bad, september2018 :)
12:35 ashimema Oh, does the website and koha use the same history.txt file.. wasnt aware of the website having that at all
12:36 ashimema Looks bang up to date to me 😀
12:38 cait it is based on same file... but not sure about the mechanics
12:38 ashimema Izzy is in there already
12:39 cait :)
12:43 ashimema The encoding on the page is a bit naff though.. lots of bad characters show for me
12:45 ashimema Be nice to try and fix some of the ??? too
12:47 * ashimema goes back to entertaining the kids.. have a great afternoon
12:47 cait hm file is probably correct, but something in the process breaks it
12:48 cait you too, cya tomorrow!
12:54 cait if any of you get a moment... I am stuck on Bug 21581        - Matching rules for authorities do not respect 'Search index' setting
13:01 ashimema 1114300800, 1118620800, 1119484801, 1125014400, 1127174400 all have issues.. and a few more by the looks..
13:01 * ashimema will investigate later.. now it's time for a wander
13:02 cait hm
13:02 cait so turn on strict mode, i added /etc/koha/sites/kohadev/koha-conf.xml  <strict_sql_modes>1</strict_sql_modes>
13:02 cait and restart_all
13:02 cait but i can't get things to break
13:02 cait what am i missing?
13:18 tcohen cait: try adding a manual credit
13:20 cait was trying to test a patch for acq
13:21 cait works...
13:21 cait it should NOT work
13:21 tcohen ah
13:21 tcohen sorry
13:21 tcohen shouldn't talk to the wife and chat here at the same time
13:21 tcohen he
13:23 * cait waves to the wife
13:25 cait help me break my installation! ;)
13:25 cait taking a break i have a spaghetti squash that needs to go into the oven
13:25 cait my first! :)
13:54 cait back
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17:06 cait morning nz
17:08 cait @later tell oleonard Can I have a follow-up for bug 20966 plz? Would love to have that :)
17:08 huginn cait: The operation succeeded.
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17:30 alexbuckley hi #koha
17:36 cait hi alexbuckley
17:38 alexbuckley just looking at fixing up bug 15565, thanks for the feedback :)
17:38 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=15565 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, Failed QA , Place multiple holds at once for the same record in OPAC
17:39 cait oh
17:40 cait is it the right bug?
17:40 cait if you adopted it, maybe change assignee
17:40 cait i was thinking it was the other alex' :)
17:41 alexbuckley we have both done patches for 15565 :)
17:42 alexbuckley so either of us could work on the fixup now I imagine
17:42 cait this one is confusing :)
17:42 cait but it might be because i have been staring at bugs all weekend
17:43 cait trying to have a big clean-up before the freezes
17:45 ashimema cait++
17:45 alexbuckley cait++
17:46 alexbuckley yeah this one is about being able to place multiple item-level holds on a record, i.e. replace the radiobuttons with checkboxes on the reserve/ page
17:51 cait but opac, right?
17:51 cait because it already does that in staff?
17:54 alexbuckley Yeah it allows you to place multiple item level holds in the
17:56 cait ashimema: did you see Bug 21496?
17:56 cait bug 21496
17:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21496 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes. at /usr/share/perl5/DBIx/ line 273.
17:56 cait being case sensitve huginn? :)
17:56 cait it#s reported against 18.05
18:02 ashimema Hmm, nope I hadn't spotted it
18:02 ashimema I'll try to remember to take a look tomorrow.. ta
18:09 cait someon know what the bis here means?
18:09 cait Bug 21389        - Javascript error on article requests page bis
18:09 cait looking for release notes, wonder if it should be removed/rephrasaed
18:09 cait rephrased
18:53 alexbuckley I think I've addressed your points cait, my qa test tool is playing up atm in that it was not picking up missing filters (even though it is up to date as I have fetched and checked out master qa test tool) so I went through and diff to identify where filters needed adding
18:59 alexbuckley I'll be offline for an hour while I walk to work :)
19:04 cait have a good walk :)
19:05 cait alexbuckley: check it's pointing to the gitlab repo
19:05 cait we switched a while ago, if it's still pointing to the old one, that could explain (had that happen for a few other devs)
19:57 rangi ashimema: the first five are all in there already
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20:04 ashimema Interesting.. am I being thick then not seeing them..
20:05 rangi except simon
20:05 ashimema Yourself, Olwen, and Glen?
20:05 rangi steve tonnessen
20:05 rangi yeah just didnt number until 5
20:06 rangi we could number them, I have no objections :)
20:06 ashimema Cool, so mentioned, just not directly as committers. Cool
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20:08 ashimema I'm interested in switching out the comitters with first comitters dates into its own file and then merging I to the history for the timeline.. hoping to make maintaining that a but easier/more automated at release times.
20:09 ashimema Reusing that one for for the history, the block we have for all developers and possibly even the sponsors section
20:09 ashimema Lunch time fun 😉.. kohac history is strangely addictive reading
20:10 cait hehe
20:10 ashimema Silly phone really doesn't like letting me spell today
20:12 rangi yep
20:28 alexbuckley hi again :)
20:30 cait wb alexbuckley
20:30 cait haven't checked it yet :)
20:30 alexbuckley no worries, whenever you have time :)
21:16 cait alexbuckley: did you check the repo you use for qa tools?
21:17 alexbuckley yeah it is pointing at gitlab repo
21:17 alexbuckley and it is including 'filters' in the test output but they are 'OK' when there are missing filters
21:17 alexbuckley it's very strange
21:18 cait hm
21:18 cait i am updating mine
21:18 cait missing_filter at line 438 (                                                        </table> <!-- / #copiesrow_[% bibitemloo.biblionumber %] -->)
21:18 cait missing_filter at line 439 (                                                </div> <!-- / #hold-options-[% bibitemloo.biblionumber %] -->)
21:18 cait is the left over complaints
21:19 cait i think i will just change the comments a bit to not break jenkins, if you are ok with that
21:19 alexbuckley yeah sure thanks
21:19 cait or we could filter them
21:19 cait i guess
21:20 cait alexbuckley:[…]qa-test-tools.git
21:20 cait last commit from september 21
21:21 alexbuckley yup that's the most recent commit on my qa test tool as well
21:22 cait odd
21:39 cait alexbuckley: i tihnk there is an issue with the patch
21:40 alexbuckley do you mean with the qa test tool patch on 21 sept?
21:43 cait no, with the logic
21:43 cait i am awriting it up
21:43 alexbuckley thanks
21:46 ashimema Wow.. red hat just got acquired by ibm
21:47 ashimema Or rather.. announced their intention..
21:47 ashimema Yowsers
21:50 cait 34bn or something?
21:50 cait alexbuckley: posted, sorry!
21:55 alexbuckley no worries I am taking a look at your findings now
22:03 alexbuckley btw if anyone is looking for fairly straightforward patches to test bug 21241 and bug 20844 might interest you (both apply on master - just tested)
22:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=21241 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Set suggestion notices message_transport_type to sms if patrons has no email but smsalertnumber set
22:03 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20844 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Needs Signoff , Reset a hold when it is missing after allocation
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23:05 alexbuckley hey cait, I have written a followup patch which addresses your points, 1 question though in point 3 in the opac-reserve after selecting 2 item checkboxes I see that all remaining item checkboxes are greyed out (disabled), are you referring to the OPAC interface for point 3?
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