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06:31 reiveune hello
06:32 alex_a bonjour
06:32 wahanui bidet, alex_a
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06:55 gaetan_B hello
06:55 wahanui what's up, gaetan_B
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06:55 fridolin hi there
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08:11 gveranis hi all from greece
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08:30 tuxayo o/ gveranis
08:30 tuxayo hi :)
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11:53 oleonard Oh no, I'm selfishly sad about gaetan_B leaving!!
11:55 gaetan_B oleonard: don't be! we'll meet again somewhere, and i might very well keep being a very occasional contributor ;)
11:56 oleonard Please at the very least appear randomly on IRC from time to time
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12:42 oleonard Anyone around who knows some stuff about authorities?
12:43 oleonard I don't know what the  AuthDisplayHierarchy preference is supposed to do.
12:43 oleonard How are hierarchies defined?
12:49 * oleonard wants to cut the jstree plugin from the OPAC but doesn't know how to correctly replace the functionality
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12:53 oleonard I would like to be able to click on the AuthDisplayHierarchy on Hea to get to the OPACs of the 424 libraries who have it turned on.
12:56 cait hi oleonard
12:56 wahanui hi oleopard
12:56 cait it gives you a tree on top of the authority record
12:56 cait shwing the other records int he hierarchie
12:56 cait hierarchy
12:56 cait I know i left a catalouging example on one of the bug, let me look for it
12:59 oleonard https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]g.cgi?id=8523#c19
12:59 huginn Bug 8523: normal, P5 - low, ---, jcamins, CLOSED FIXED, Authority hierarchies only support UNIMARC
12:59 oleonard ^^ Looks like it's that?
13:03 caroline Good morning!
13:03 wahanui well, it's morning somewhere, yes
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13:11 cait hm there is an earlier one
13:11 cait for marc21
13:11 cait hm or maybe you are right
13:12 oleonard cait: I think i'm getting it now
13:13 cait oh good :)
13:25 oleonard Y'all should sign off on Bug 10659!
13:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10659 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Upgrade jQuery star ratings plugin
13:48 tcohen morning everyone
13:48 tcohen hola Joubu
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13:49 oleonard cait:
13:50 oleonard How about just that?
13:55 Joubu tcohen: hola
13:55 wahanui salut, Joubu
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13:55 cait looks ok to me - but we are not using the feature
13:56 cait maybe worth asking the mailing list again
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14:41 oleonard Oh gee I hope the OPAC's emoji jQuery plugin keeps working great because it was last updated SIX YEARS AGO.
14:42 cait ouch
14:43 cait but still new to koha...
14:43 oleonard For some reason I don't have the option to approve or reject emoji tags
14:45 oleonard Koha considers each single emoji submitted as a tag to be identical to any other single emoji, so it won't let you submit two separate single emojis as tags.
14:49 oleonard The approval problem seems to just be me though. It works in a demo installation.
14:50 Joubu check the charset and collate of your tables
14:51 Joubu oleonard: by any chances, did you already work on a black theme for Koha?
14:52 oleonard No, but it'll be so easy once Bug 20427 is pushed ;)
14:52 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20427 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Passed QA , Convert OPAC LESS to SCSS
14:53 oleonard Joubu are you developing a theme for 1337 h4x0rs?
14:53 reiveune bye
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14:58 Joubu oleonard: Karen is learning css/html and I have a local "black theme" which is very bad
14:58 Joubu so I'd like to let her improve it :)
14:58 Joubu[…]m/
14:59 Joubu this is what produces the "dark is better for my eyes" theme from userstyles, which usually work great, but for Koha...
15:01 gaetan_B bye Koha ! talk to you soon !!!
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15:23 cait bye all - talk to you soon too, but not from work for the next 2 weeks :)
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15:36 Veronica make a reservation cancel in a day, thank you
15:37 caroline Veronica: just one reservation or all reservations?
15:37 caroline Veronica: maybe look at the system preference  ReservesMaxPickUpDelay
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15:55 kellym hi #koha I am looking for some z39.50 targets for a library that would like French records.  Any suggestions?
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16:48 tuxayo kellym: do you mean having z39.50 targets where one could get French records?
16:54 kellym yes tuxayo
16:54 tuxayo kellym: maybe this one: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]igure_SRU_targets
16:55 kellym great tuxayo ! I will give it a shot!  I appreciate the help!
16:56 tuxayo kellym: this is also the one of the BNF in this demo: https://intranet-demo.biblibre[…]
16:57 kellym thanks any chance you know of an aribic one?
16:57 kellym arabic*
16:59 tuxayo kellym: nope, sorry
17:00 kellym thanks for the recommendations !
17:04 tuxayo kellym: thanks for confirming that this newly created wiki page is useful.
17:04 tuxayo Could you complete it with at least some of the servers that you successfully setup?
17:04 tuxayo It's only two days ago that I first configured a Z39.50/SRU target and I haven't used other on than  swissbib.
17:04 tuxayo *one
17:04 tuxayo Wait, I can add the BNF, that will make two! :D
17:05 tuxayo I also renamed the page to group Z39.50 and SRU
17:05 tuxayo https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]39.50/SRU_targets
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17:11 kellym on that bnf2 I am not getting any titles in the preview results page, but when click for marc, they appear.
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17:16 tuxayo kellym: I get results on https://intranet-demo.biblibre[…]g/
17:16 tuxayo Maybe the config that I put in the wiki page is incomplete compared to https://intranet-demo.biblibre[…]
17:17 tuxayo Are you on a MARC21 instance? I'm not sure whether the preview results page shows something when the MARC flavor mismatchs
17:17 kellym this set up does not have encoding picked…I picked one.
17:17 kellym so maybe I should leave mine blank
17:17 tuxayo kellym: I also found that stange that the encoding is blank
17:17 tuxayo But the select can't let you pick none
17:17 kellym I can’t leave my blank….I will try another encoding
17:18 tuxayo I'll try multiple in the demo to see which is actually the right one
17:19 tuxayo kellym: BNF uses UTF-8, good :)
17:20 tuxayo kellym: wrong encoding just breaks non ASCII chars though, that won't solve you issue
17:21 kellym :(
17:27 tuxayo kellym: the demo is a working example, so there is not reason that BNF's server can't be configured elsewhere ;)
17:27 tuxayo You could double check you indeed configured a Z39.50 and not an SRU target
17:28 kellym I did.  I am going to try to do it on the Bywater Demo
17:29 tuxayo kellym: good idea
17:30 kellym https://intranet.bywatersoluti[…]guing/
17:30 kellym It just looks wrong.  Not sure why
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17:37 kellym koha to marc mapping and frameworks are different in the biblibre demo, so that is why it is displaying dfferent.  hmmmm, I wonder if I need a different Koha set up for this.
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17:53 tuxayo kellym: Maybe that prevents UNIMARC and MARC21 to cooexist
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18:14 oleonard Happy weekend #koha
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21:52 caroline Bye all!

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