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06:37 reiveune hello
06:38 ashimema Good morning 😀
06:39 calire hullo
06:45 ashimema Mornin' #koha
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07:05 ashimema OK.. did I somehow break on chrome 😞?
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07:06 calire ashimema it's not loading for me on Firefox either
07:06 ashimema oh really..
07:06 ashimema it loads perfectly for me on firefox..
07:06 ashimema but fails to load on chrome
07:06 ashimema how strange
07:07 ashimema what version of firefox are you using?
07:07 ashimema I'm on 61.0.1
07:07 calire 61.1.0
07:07 ashimema oh.. interesting
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07:09 fridolin hi tehre
07:10 ashimema does dashboard load ok for you fridolin?
07:12 fridolin ashimema yes looks ok
07:12 ashimema interesting
07:12 ashimema dashboard isn't available on https
07:13 ashimema infact.. it displays a 'api docs go here' page if you attempt to go there and claims an insecure certificate
07:15 ashimema @later tell rangi There's some interesting issues with now I'm afraid.. no idea why but it's failing to display for some users in chrome and others in firefox.. also noticed there's no https certs for it and if you manually try to go to https and accept the cert manually you end up on an `api docs go here` page
07:15 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
07:15 * ashimema hopes it wasn't his patches... can't really see how it would have been :(
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07:34 fridolin indeed i see it on HTTP but HTTPS says cert is for
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07:40 gaetan_B hello
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09:18 ashimema .
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11:39 Joubu hi #koha
11:40 josef_moravec hi Joubu
11:40 Joubu ashimema: it's not you, it's the list of devs that is broken. I guess rangi forgot to comment it back when he applied your PR
11:41 ashimema phew :)
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11:50 oleonard Hi #koha
12:09 eythian hi oleopard
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12:27 calire hi oleonard
12:27 oleonard Hi calire
12:28 oleonard I'm officially on the arrivals/departures page!
12:28 calire hooray :)
12:29 calire I've moved house and can now apply for an ESTA
12:30 oleonard I had to look up what that was and my country is garbage.
12:30 calire but it's special cos it's a visa waiver... so you know...
12:30 calire I dunno
12:40 cait oh interesting
12:40 cait dublin vs stockhom
12:42 ashimema they added it in the end did they
12:42 cait yep
12:44 * ashimema quickly corrects 2017 to 2019
13:14 cait ?
13:16 ashimema they'd mistakenly said they were applying for Kohacon2017.. ;)
13:16 cait aah
13:16 cait copied from the old one maybe
13:17 ashimema indeed
13:18 tcohen hi
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15:06 reiveune bye
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16:15 cait hm e found a bug in the patron label creator that kills the server...
16:15 cait 100% cpu
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16:58 kidclamp ooh, did you file cait?
16:58 kidclamp I think we saw that recently
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18:52 Joubu oleonard: what about a .inc per .js for the strings?
18:52 Joubu members/    [% Asset.js("js/members-menu.js") %]
18:52 Joubu we could have a inc/str/members-menu.js
18:53 Joubu we could have a inc/str/
18:55 oleonard I don't understand Joubu
18:56 Joubu oleonard: 94b2b6c4f946f4f43e6255cb582fc272c85d8872
18:56 Joubu Bug 20805: Update child to adult patron process broken on several patron-related pages
18:56 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=20805 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Stable , Update child to adult patron process broken on several patron-related pages
18:57 Joubu we redefine all the JS vars in the .tt, because they cannot be translated in the .js
18:57 Joubu these vars are all used in js/members-menu.js
18:58 Joubu my suggestion would be to move the initialisation of these vars to inc/str/
18:58 Joubu and only have the include above the [% Asset.js("js/members-menu.js") %]
18:59 Joubu make more sense? :-/
18:59 oleonard Yes
19:00 oleonard And I think your idea makes sense
19:00 oleonard And now I will say goodbye for the day
19:00 oleonard Goodbye for the day!
19:00 Joubu bye ;)
19:58 rangi commented out the new devs bit again
20:07 rangi https fixed too
20:16 cait rangi++
20:17 cait oh shiny build statuses
20:17 cait rnadom bug broken too?
20:17 rangi hmm yeah looks like it
20:17 cait hm and bug statuses
20:18 cait hm actually a lot - needs sign off too for me
20:18 rangi will fix
20:20 rangi fixed
20:21 cait much better:)
20:23 rangi khall: you have a typo on one of your boxes git set up
20:23 rangi Author: Kyle M Hall <>
20:23 cait already told him heh
20:23 rangi oh did I?
20:24 rangi well its still there :)
20:24 cait no me
20:24 cait probably was not the first patch then that I spotted
20:24 rangi yeah there are 18 at least in master now
20:24 cait ouch
20:24 cait definitey not the first one then
20:27 ashimema Thanks for fixes rangi 😀
20:28 rangi reordered the page a bit too
20:28 ashimema Cool
20:33 * ashimema was oh so tempted to run tidy against the main template whilst I was in there.. but I decided people wouldn't like that much 😉
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20:54 Joubu rangi: Hi! It seems that the graph is missing
20:58 rangi yeah i deleted it
20:59 rangi xss protection kicked in on the bugs server cos i change the site to https and I couldn't be bothered adding an exception
20:59 Joubu k
21:02 rangi oops
21:46 Joubu Does people pay a lot to see a png with a red point on it to locate their books/shelves?
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21:57 ashimema Lol
22:07 Joubu it was a real question, if a lot of Koha libraries are doing it, they should hire a Koha dev instead ;)
22:19 rangi :)
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